Boarding Troubles Pt 1

Boarding Troubles Pt 1

(More background then anything. Let me know what you think. If positive I'll post more. My first story so please comment!)

It’s supposed to be the best years of your life but my first year of University started off rough. I was disowned by my family. They didn’t understand my desire to go to school for the arts. My father said that majoring in English Literature meant nothing. I could already read so why pay thousands of dollars to get a piece of paper that said I could. They wanted me to settle down, find a man that could help my father out with his plumbing business but I was determined to go. They said they wanted nothing to do with me if that was the road I chose to take and so I was moving to the city alone.

The first problem was of course money but so many problems spurred off of that. First and foremost I had nowhere to live. I made friends with a security guard when I first visited the school and she let me stay on residence, which was used as a hotel until the school year started. I found myself a job at one of the local Mcdonalds and started saving up. Even with skipping meals so I could save more money I knew there was no way I could afford to live on res. That’s when I started apartment hunting.
A place of my own would have been ideal. I longed for the independence being away from home gave me but single bedroom apartments were running upwards of 650. It was way out of my budget so I looked at renting a room from a family. I spent every night on the school computers looking up rental rooms praying for something cheap enough.

It was the wee hours of the morning, about 2 weeks from the beginning of the semester when I found a rather ambiguous ad. It was vauge, but revealed enough to pique my interest


It had just been posted so I dialed the number on the site. This had been the routine for the past month. Often times I was too late so I wasn’t taking any chances.

A man picked up on the second ring. His voice was deep and gruff and slightly unsettling.


“Good evening sir, My name is Rebecca Fitch I’m sorry to call so late but I was hoping I could speak to someone about the room you have available?” My words tumbled out as nerves got the best of me. The deadline was drawing close. I needed a place as soon as possible.

“Uhhhh yeah. Dave here. My wife is makin me hold interviews tomorrow morning. Can you make it?” I eagerly agreed and wrote down the address. I realised after I had hung up that I didn’t know how much “cheap” was. Oh well something to discover in the morning.

The next day I stood in front of a rundown house on the outskirts of town. The bus stop wasn’t too far and I got free fare since I was a student so the location -while inconvenient- didn’t bother me. I knocked on the door and a young man opened the door. He had thick curly brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He looked to be about my age. It didn’t take long to realise I wasn’t the only one checking out the new person. His eyes ran up and down my body, never meeting my eyes. I suddenly became conscious of how my clothes draped around my figure. The ill fitting low cut tee shirt kept dipping a bit too low showing a flash of my black bra that supported by c cup tits. I had lost a lot of weight since moving here 2 months ago so nothing fit properly. My pants were a few sizes too big and I was worried he would notice their tendency to slide down as I walked. My brown hair lay around my shoulders, framing by big green eyes but his eyes never reached that high.

“I’m here about the apartment?”

He nodded and gestured inside. Finally prying his eyes off of me to turn and walk into the house. I took that as my cue to follow him.

I followed the young man into the living room where another man was sprawled out on the couch. He too failed to make eye contact, instead staring at my chest.

“My wife had to go to work but you can go see the room. It’s at the end of the hall.”

I was startled at his informality but gladly walked down the hall, escaping the prying eyes of the men. The room was perfect. It had a big bay window that took up most of the wall, a small desk, dresser and bed were all that were in the room.

“Rent is 150 all inclusive. Food, internet, everything” I was startled to say the least at the voice behind me. I jumped and quickly composed myself. I didn’t like the family but at this point I needed a place and 150 was the cheapest I’d found anywhere.

“Really? I think I’m interested in it”

The man smiled and said “Well then come sign the papers. And hurry it up I have places to be.”

I couldn’t believe he wanted me to sign already. He didn’t know a single thing about me nor did I know much about the apartment. “Oh well is it a full year lease? I don’t have anywhere to go during the holidays so...” he nodded with a smile and I shifted uncomfortably. Something just made me queasy here and if I weren’t so desperate I might have taken it slower but my hand grabbed the pen signed the paper. “When can I move in?” I asked tentatively

“Now” he said gruffly. Joel can drive you to pick up your stuff.

I didn’t have much stuff so it took no time at all to pack up and place my suitcase in the car where the young man was waiting for me. I made him stop by the bank so I could get $300. Nothing had been said about first and last but I assumed that was what was expected. There wasn’t much talk between me and the boy. He spent more time on his phone texting then looking at the road.

I dropped my stuff off and ran out the door. I was late for work and had to catch the next bus. I had waited only long enough to hand Dave the rent money and make sure the door would be unlocked when I came home that night. After assuring me it would be I left for work, soon casting the strange living predicament I had gotten myself into.

I came ‘home’ well after midnight. It had been a long shift and I was so tired. The door was open and I eagerly closed the door to my room, stripped down to my underwear, too tired to find my pj’s in my bag and curled up into bed, drifting off almost immediately.

A heavy weight on my body woke me up. A hand clamped over my mouth and another pushing my bra up was the first thing that I noticed. Dave straddled my waist his heavy form pinning me to the bed. It was dark but I could feel his hot breath on my neck, and fingers pinching my nipples. I tried to buck my hips, to throw him off but he was too heavy and I ended up just grinding my hips into his crotch. Reflexively my hands went down to push his hips away. I grabbed something long, thick and warm. It took a moment to grasp that it was his cock I had wrapped my fingers around. I heard his chuckle and I let a muffled yelp of disgust before jerking my hands away. “I knew you wanted this you whore” he mocked. My nipples were hard from fear and the mauling was making them incredibly sensitive. His hot tongue ran its way up my neck and circled my ear. I tried shaking my head to wake up from this nightmare but the tongue continued exploring my body. There was no escape. The only sound in the room was our heavy breathing and the occasional moan of pain from me when Dave squeezed too hard. This could not be happening.

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