Camping Gone Right ch 2_(1)

Camping Gone Right ch 2_(1)

I watched Ary’s ass shake as we walked up the side ramp of the church, my mind kept flashing with the memories of the retreat. We had talked off and on through Facebook over the past few weeks, though we talked about random things the conversation always drifted back to the subject of sex. We both knew it was taboo, but the experience had brought us closer, that last wall was broken and there was no going back.

I was lost in thought and almost bumped into her when she turned around. “were you staring at my ass again?” she said

I shook my head “me?” I said slightly sarcastically “never.”

She grinned at me “sure.” She turned back around flipping her hair at me. It was almost like a game, our odd way of flirting.

We were moving boxes from the children director’s office in the back house to the office in the chapel. As usual I was here because someone asked for my help but why Ary was here was a mystery, especially since she made me carry all the boxes.

“you’re a man, right?” she had goateed me. I didn’t mind doing all the work since it gave me a chance to watch Ary through the clear boxes I had stacked up.

When we finally got up the stairs to the office she had me put the boxes down in a corner then patted me on the head “good boy.” She said in a cutesy voice.

I decided to get her back and caught her off guard by kissing her neck. It was not out of character for me to poke at her sides or the back of her neck, but I felt extra bold today. She gasped and glared, I was sure if she had heat vision she would have burnt me to ashes. I ran for the stairs, but she grabbed me from behind, pressing her large breasts against my back. She then reached around and grabbed my dick. I got hard very quickly, from all the time we spent talking about our sensitive spots she knew just which buttons to push.

“do you like that?” she whispered in my ear. I nodded, I heard footsteps near the stairs, so she let go and moved away from me. “Let’s go get the other boxes.”

She started down the stairs leaving me with my mouth ajar and my dick aching. I followed while trying to adjust my pants so my hard on was less noticeable, I couldn’t help staring at her butt again. She swayed her hips more seductively, most likely to give me incentive to keep moving.

She helped me carry the desk across to the office then sat on it. “almost done.” She said.

I leaned on the side of it. “yeah but then I won’t be able to look at you anymore.” I said resting my hand on her leg.

“well there is a lot to look at.” She said grabbing her belly fat. I couldn’t figure out why girls were always so self-conscious.

“that only means there is more of you to love.” I got up and climbed next to her on the desk.

We got closer and I started to nibble on her neck while reaching under her shirt yet again we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I sighed and quickly we got back up lifting the desk to move it into the new office.

As we walked back down I looked at her and she shrugged in her cute way. If only we had more time, I know it would end in another session. She shook her butt more seductively now, I couldn’t help it right before she went down the last step I grabbed a handful of her butt and squeezed. She looked back, and I thought she was going to slap me but instead she just pushed me back. I fell back onto the step she offered her hand to help me up.

She pulled me back up but then pulled me close “careful, someone might see you getting too comfortable.” She said and right before she stepped down she ‘accidently’ rubbed against me.

We finished helping around the church, so we sat down in the Chapel and talked for a while. “So, you never told me, how did you get away with jerking off someone in the front seat of a school bus?” I asked.

“well I can show you,” she whispered and ran her finger now my chest. “but let’s go to the youth house.”

Just the thought of it gave me a boner. She noticed and smiled at me, we walked down the side stairs and out the backdoor. After cutting through the parking lot we got to the house that they remodeled to use as a hangout for the middle and high school kids. It was empty today since they already cleaned it up. We went into the middle room that had a large conference table and cushioned chairs, she pushed me onto one and got on her knees to unzip my pants. She pulled my dick out from behind my underwear.

She started to jerk me off then licked the underside from the middle to the head. It sent a shiver down my spine, it didn’t take much longer for her to start sucking on the head. I could tell she had to have done this before, suddenly she stopped.

“Why’d you stop?” I asked confused.

“I got an idea you might like.” She said and pulled her shirt off, unclasping her bra she tossed both on the table.

She got back down on her knees but this time instead of jerking me off with her hands she used her tits. The soft skin of her cleavage felt almost as good as her pussy, she added to the pleasure by sucking on the head of my dick. It wasn’t much longer before I felt my balls start to tighten, she must has felt my dick swell because she increased her suction and started to jerk me off again gripping tight. I couldn’t take it any longer and came in her mouth. I almost expected her to swallow it but instead she grabbed a few tissues from the table and wiped her mouth, but not before sticking her tongue out which was covered in my cum. After we cleaned up, we sat on the table and talked a bit.

“where did you learn to do that?” I asked her laughing.

“I told you, I’ve done somethings I’m not proud of in middle school.” She said with shrug.

I put my hand on her shoulder. “it doesn’t matter now.” I said and smiled at her.

“you know; I wouldn’t mind doing this again.” She said

“how about we hang out sometime.” I said

“let’s do it.” She smiled seductively at me.

I drove Ary home, then I went back to my house. We ended up messaging later, and decided to get together later that week. I cleaned my garage and straightened out my futon in the corner.

The week passed by quickly from then and Friday came around.

That evening Ary arrived with her backpack. She had on a T shirt and a pair of pants that the more I looked at them the tighter they seemed to be.

“it’s about time.” I said and guided her inside.

“This is pretty nice.” She said tossing her bag on the floor and plopped down on the futon. “So, what now?”

I sat beside her “I guess we could watch Netflix.”

We sat for a while with Ary laying against me while I had my arm around her. After a while I suggested that we lay out on the futon, so I opened it and adjusted it, so the foot was facing the Tv.

When we laid down we continued to watch the show. With everything we’d done so far it felt like there was a lot of tension. It felt almost awkward.

"comfortable?" I asked.

"Getting there." She whispered.

I made circles on her leg watching her reaction which she looked at me then back at the TV and I think she wanted to see what I was up to. I worked my way up her thigh, I felt like she would grab my hand and call me out, but she didn’t instead she just pretended to keep watching the TV. Finally, I reached her stomach, I knew this was one of her most ticklish spots. I lifted her shirt slightly and started rubbing around her belly button. I moved back down to her pelvis, I rubbed all over starting to get a more sensual reaction from her. She parted her legs a bit and I took it as my signal to move on. I furiously rubbed her pussy through her pants as she panted.

Then I got an idea and started to nibble on her neck. We once talked about our most vulnerable spots and this was her’s.

Suddenly she stopped me “It took you long enough.” She smiled at me snarkly.

“You could have started it too.” I stuck my tongue out at her.

She got on top of me and we started to make out. “how’s this for starting it?”

We rolled back over so I was on top, I started to fondle her breasts through her shirt. We rolled so I was on top and I started to become more aggressive. I rolled up her shirt and started to kiss her cleavage and then I went back up to her neck and softly licked it. She gasped, and I went back down to continue playing with her breasts. I pulled them out of the bra and started to lick her nipples.

It didn’t take long for her to start moaning, “is someone enjoying themselves?” I smirked at her.

“someone is really having fun, I can tell.” She retorted.

I pulled her shirt and bra off and tossed them aside, I went back to playing with her breasts until she stopped me and pushed me down onto the futon.

“My turn.” She said as she unzipped my pants releasing my dick.

At first, she stroked it lightly making me grimace “come on, where’s all that talk about making me cum so fast.” I said.

She gripped me tighter and then without warning she started to suck on the head sending electricity up my spine.

Looked at me smiling with her eyes, I sat back and enjoyed the sensation. After a little while I stopped her and had her get up.

“let’s try 69.” I suggested, and she agreed so she took off her pants and climbed on top of me.

She went back to sucking my dick, I just stared at her wet hole for a few second. Even with the slight bit of fur it was enticing, I must have stared for too long because she stopped and complained at me.

“Are you just going to stare at it?”

I spread open her lips and gently licked up. It was a pungent yet sweet taste, I started to lick faster as well as pushing a finger in.

“that’s more like it, keep that up.” She said before going back to sucking.

This went on for a few minutes I felt her pussy tighten around my finger I also felt my balls start to clinch. I increased my speed and so did she, almost like it was a race to see who would make who cum first.

I had won, as her pussy clinched my finger and I felt her juices flow onto my face. Not even a second after my balls clinched and I came in her mouth, I assumed she was going to spit it out but then I felt her suction increase. She was drinking it and that only made me cum more, when I finally stopped we sat next to each other and wiped off the mess on our faces.

“you’ve been holding out on yourself all week, haven’t you?” she laughed

“I just didn’t expect you to drink it.” I grinned.

“oh, you liked that?” she winked, she got up “so what’s next?”

“You’re letting me decide?” I asked

She winked at me and stuck her tongue out.

“Fine lean over the arm.”

She did as I said and spread her legs, I pushed into her wet pussy feeling her muscles invitingly grip me.

“Oh yes, took you long enough.” She taunted

I pushed in as deep as I could then pull out almost all the way working in long fast thrusts.

“how do you like that?” I said increasing my speed and pushing in upward strokes.

“Getting Better.” She said back

As I continued to thrust I grabbed hands full of her butt and start to squeeze softly rewarding me with a moan and her pussy tightening up.

“go harder.” She said moaning a little.

I started to thrust more forcefully slapping our pelvises together. I felt the familiar tingling in my dick “I’m going to cum soon.” I said.

“just a little more, keep going.” She moaned, I reached under and started to grope her breasts. I played with her nipples trying to get her off quicker.

I pulled out and she complained “why’d you stop?”

“switch positions, sit on the edge.” I said, I put down the arm and she sat on the edge.

I pushed back in getting deeper, I worked a steady speed again and she wrapped her legs around me.

“oh, this is so much better.” She moaned as I leaned down to suck on her erect nipples.

I felt myself getting close again and I started to pound harder

“I’m gonna cum.” I said but she kept holding me, so I pounded a few more times deep and then pulled back as much as I could cumming closer to the entrance. I felt her pussy start to squeeze me as I sucked her nipple a little harder.

we laid back on the couch exhausted

“Not bad.” She said as I got up to get a wipe.

I wiped my cum off as it dripped out of her and cleaned out as much as I could.

We sat and watched Netflix together still naked, while we watched I’d continue to rub her leg or play with her pussy while she jerked me off. We ended up back in the 69 position after we both came again we just sat there leaning on each other.

“ready to go again?” Ary asked with a mischievous grin. I nodded.

“you get on top this time.” I said

I sat down and watched her as she got up and climbed into my lap, my dick got harder from just the sight.

She lowered herself onto my dick and I felt her muscles get almost a vice grip on me. She started to bounce immediately, and I watched her tits bounce up and down with her. I grabbed them and again played while we fucked.

After a while I could tell she was getting bored of this position, so we switched, and she leaned over the front of the couch again. As we started to fuck again I leaned down to start to kiss her neck this made her moan even more. When I was getting close she stopped and had me sit down again.

She got on her knees and started to jerk me off with her tits, rubbing them up and down then she started to suck the tip again.

It sent me over the edge “I’m cumming.” I grunted, and she sucked the whole head into her mouth again. I came right into her mouth and she drank it.

“you are one kinky girl.” I smiled at her and she stuck her tongue out at me, I could still see a bit of my cum on her tongue.

After that we laid under the blanket spooning, whenever I got hard again one of us would move and we’d fuck just like that till we both fell asleep.

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