A sea of bodies undulating, writhing together. Nude flesh, sweaty and slippery and coated with sex mesh and merge into a mass of pure hunger. Mouths on cocks sucking, on pussies licking, on nipples biting, penetration...violation...desecration in every conceivable way. Bodies pressed against her and rubbed on her. She felt wetness from a woman straddling her leg as she was fucked doggy style...their sex dripped on her.

Her other leg was pushed up and she felt her lips parted, first by probing fingers, and then by the head of a cock. She shifted to accept it in her and it pressed into her wet pussy gently...parting her. It was a huge cock, she was stretched and pulled as just the head entered her and then the first bit of the shaft. As wet as she was he couldn't just slide in, he pulled back and thrust in again, allowing her pussy to adjust to take him. He pulled back and then slid in again, inch by inch he stretched her open until finally she felt his balls press against her ass cheeks.

She could feel her own juices dripping down the crack of her ass. Squished out and spilled as his massive cock began to fuck her slowly. She moaned and tried to arch her back against the fucking but there was a weight on her. Two bodies were sliding onto hers, mouths began to devour her nipples, sucking and biting and nibbling her. She cried out as the sensations began to merge but as she opened her mouth, someone else made use of her.

The cock was not as big as the one fucking her, it slid into her open mouth easily and she began to suckle it. A hand grabbed her hair from behind and began to push and pull her head to suck the cock, guiding her...controlling her sucking. She was just flesh in the ocean of flesh being used.

The balls began to slap her cheek as she took the full length into her mouth and the hand guided her to suck it in time with the cock fucking her. She could feel her cum squishing out and down and making a puddle of sex under her ass and as she was fucked harder and harder, her ass cheeks wiggled in it, slid in the wet mess. Then a cry next to her and a splash of hot sticky liquid across her belly. Cum...didn't matter who's...cum coated her flesh. Hands rubbed the slippery/stickiness all over her and coated her with sex.

The women sucking her breasts were being fucked, she could feel the rhythmic pulse of the fucking as they pushed forward and then back. The sounds in the air, wet squishing, flesh slapping together, spanks, moans, groans, cries as orgasms rippled through the sea. She was lost into the sensations.

The woman straddling her leg shuddered and cum spilled from her pussy...hers and the man fucking her...it flowed down and covered her leg and pooled under it. As her ass slid and her leg was coated, she felt like she was just sliding in a layer of sex...coated and covered and filled with sex. The cock was fucking her so hard now that her whole body shook from the impact.

The cock in her mouth twitched, pulled against the roof of her mouth twice and then the hand pushed her face down all the way as it exploded. She couldn't swallow it all, it squirted blast after blast of hot cum into her mouth and she swallowed and sucked but couldn't finish it off. It squished out her mouth and down her chin as he kept fucking her face through his orgasm.

The cock pulled out and a kiss replaced it. Warm, soft, sensuous lips and the woman's tongue probed her mouth, shared the tastes of sex. Teeth bit her nipples as a woman moaned loudly and fingers dug into her flesh. Someone else was cumming close to her and she shared it through touch. She couldn't hold back any more.

She began to cum and felt like her body was on fire...too many sensations. She exploded and burned and felt herself dripping out her wet cunt...squishing out of herself and drizzling down her own ass. She was lost to the swirling feeling of her body burning up...being consumed. The cock began to pump her full of cum, she could feel the huge length filling her, stretching her, using her to get off. She was trying to scream as the woman kept kissing her, the mouths kept biting and sucking her, fingers played with her clit that felt so good, they hurt.

She was burning beyond control. Slippery and wet and on fire, hands all over her. Fucking all around her, she could feel it all. Feel every cock sliding into a warm wet waiting pussy...pressing and penetrating asses...stuffing mouths full. Fucking every where. She felt it all as she burnt up and the mouths and hands consumed her. She simply ceased to be...flowed into the wet sex on the floor...became part of the mass of flesh.

A sea of bodies undulating, writhing together. Nude flesh, sweaty and slippery and coated with sex mesh and merge into a mass of pure hunger. Mouths on cocks sucking, on pussies licking, on nipples biting, penetration...violation...desecration in every conceivable way. She was one with it all. She was sex. She was pure, raw, hungry fucking. She was just flesh.

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