School Daze chapter 6

School Daze chapter 6

School Daze chapter 6

Linda and Richard cleaned up and got dressed. It was now almost two o'clock. After obtaining information as to the location of Sea World, Richard drove with Linda, down the main highway and got off at the Sea World off ramp.

After purchasing their tickets they walked in and began looking at some of the different shows and exhibits. Richard was surprised when Linda hesitated walking through the underground shark tank. It seems as though she had seen "Jaws" when she was a little girl, and had formed a distinct phobia about them. As they walked through the underground exhibit, she was very nervous and held on to him tightly. As soon as they were out she said,

"Thank God that's over. I hate those things."

"I guess that precludes us swimming in the ocean then," said Richard.

"No. You can go as much as you want. I'll be happy to watch you from the beach. I have to work on my tan anyway."

Next they went to the penguin exhibit, and Linda laughed at the antics of the little water birds, then she whispered,

"Richard, I was laughing so hard, that I almost peed my pants, and I think I'd better go to the restroom."

When she came out of the ladies room, she said she was hungry and wondered if they could get a bite to eat. He agreed and they went looking for a restaurant. After checking the internal map of Sea World, they found a hot dog stand where they served giant, Kosher Hot Dogs.

They ordered two, one with chili for her, and one with sauerkraut for him. With their two sodas, they sat on a bench under a tree and ate. Linda looked at the Hot Dog, which was enormous and said,

"I wonder where I could pick up some of these?"

"You like them?"

"There great and when we are not together, I could really use one. They are almost a big as you. I think I would like to pick up about a dozen."

"With a dozen of those things, you won't need me anymore."

"They’re not all for me. On a slow weekend in the sorority house, I can sell them to my sisters for ten bucks each. These are so much better than vibrators or dildos. These are almost like the real thing. Richard, pull out the "hulk" so I can compare the size."

She then laughed like a schizophrenic who had just told her other self a joke.

"The only problem with this is when I suck on it, all I get is chili."

When they finished eating they walked toward the "Skytower ride". While waiting in a very long line, a young San Diego State football player was talking very loud and using every obscene word he could think of, apparently to impress his buddies.

"So what happened then Brad?" One of his friends asked,

"I just fucked her again," said the overweight athlete. "When her mom came into her room and caught us, I asked her if she wanted to join in. She ran out of the room crying. It was the funniest thing you have ever saw."

"Have ever seen," said Richard correcting Brad.

"Who the fuck are you old man?"

"Do I have to be someone to correct your poor speech?"

"You better be more than just what you look like," said Brad.

"Bradly there are a lot of women and children around to you. Maybe you should quiet down a little, and use fewer obscenities."

"Hey bitch," said Brad looking at Linda, "Is this yo' daddy. Did he finally bring his little girl to Sea World after all these years? Why don't yo' come with me and I'll show yo' a good time."

"Apologize to her immediately," said Richard quietly in a stern voice.

"Or what you gonna' do old man?" asked Brad looking at his buddies for adulation.

"Well first I'll have your so called friends take you to the restroom and change your diapers. I've never seen anyone so big act so much like a baby. What's the matter Bradley, don't Mommy and Daddy let you out very often?"

"Fuck you old man." Bradley said as he cocked his arm back as though he was going to throw a pass.

Linda said, "No Richard don't." As she fully expected the three hundred ponder to knock Richard down. Brad then let loose with a right jab, however as his fist came within a foot of Richard, the ex- NAVY seal moved his hand so fast that nobody saw it. Richard caught Brad's hand in mid flight. It sounded like a baseball bat connecting a fastball with a solid whack. As Richard kept Brad's hand from moving in any direction, he said,

"Now Bradley I want you to apologize to the young lady … in fact I want you to apologize to everyone who was offended, by your just being here. I giving you this last warning Bradley … do it now."

"You know old ma…"

Suddenly Brad was down on his knees screaming like a three year old that had been sent to bed without dessert. Richard was bending his fingers back, and the only sound anyone could hear besides Brad's crying was Brad's knuckles cracking as several of the bones broke.

"You don't want me to ask you again; do you Bradley?" asked Richard calmly.


"No … what Bradley?"

"No Sir?"

"Very good. Now what were you going to do?"

Tears were streaming out of the oversized young man's eyes as he said,

"I'm sorry?"

"For what Bradley?"

"I'm sorry … for … for the way I acted, and what I said."

"And you will never ………"

"and I'll never do it again?"

"Very good Bradley," said Richard. "Now apologize to the young lady."

"I'm so sorry mam. Honestly I really didn't mean to offend anyone. Please forgive me."

When Linda nodded her head and frowned at the football player, Richard let him stand slowly. He then got close to the young man and whispered to him seriously,

"You are very lucky you didn't anger me, as I might have killed you."

Brad just looked at Richard with fear in his eyes holding his broken right hand with his left.

'Guys," said Richard to Brad's two friends, "I think he hurt himself. Maybe you should take him to the doctor's office. Somebody should really look at his hand."

His friends said nothing, but nodded their heads in agreement and told Brad they had better go. Quickly they headed for the main gate at a very fast pace. Richard looked at the Skytower ride and said,

"I believe it is our turn now Linda."

Some of the crowd around them began to applaud. Richard took Linda's hand and said,

"I'm sorry sweetie. Sometimes it is just too much to take. Boys who act that way should on occasion be shown that being a moron, might be detrimental to their health."

"Richard you were wonderful. Don't ever apologize for coming to my rescue."

They boarded the skytower ride and sat down. The giant machine slowly began to rise, and turn around the shaft, allowing everyone to see for a hundred miles in all directions.

Except for the fifteen minutes, Richard was on the phone with Mister Yackamura, setting up a meeting time for the following day, they spent the remainder checking out the park. They saw the "Killer Whales" which included "Shamoo" and several others being put through their paces.

They rode on the skyride over the bay and saw the sea otter show. When Richard saw Linda yawn he suggested they leave, and return to the hotel. As they left Linda wondered if Bradley's hand would ever function again properly. She bet that he would watch his mouth in the future, as he would never know if somebody might turn out to be another Richard.

Arriving back at the hotel at six fifteen, Richard said,

"I want you to wear that new black dress we bought in Laguna, with those black high heel shoes. I made reservations at the restaurant, for eight."

Linda was told to take her shower first as they didn't have any time for naked games. She reluctantly went into the bathroom and took her shower. After she got out Richard took a shower and quickly began to get dressed. It was seven forty-five as they waited for the elevator to take them to the restaurant. Richard looked at Linda and said,

"You are so beautiful … I."

"Thank you Richard you look very nice also. I like your suit. The black goes so well with your lime green shirt and matching tie."

The elevator took them to the top floor, where the maitre d' seated them. Richard looked at the menu and asked, if Linda liked Chateaubriand? When she looked at him quizzically, he said, It's a double thick, tender center cut of beef tenderloin, similar to Filet mignon, only in my opinion much better. They prepare it for two; with bake potato and roasted asparagus, and a small salad if you like; crème Brule for dessert."

"Sounds wonderful Richard."

"Then I'll order for the two of us … okay?" Linda nodded her head and reached for a French roll the waiter had placed on the table. In just a few minutes the waiter took their order, and ask if they wanted wine. Richard said they would like a bottle of “Dom Perignon” 1998 vintage.

When the wine arrived the wine steward poured each of them some in a tall flute glass. There was no mention of Linda's Identification, as she was dressed to the hilt and looked to be at least twenty-five. Richard raised his glass and said, "To the girl of my dreams."

Linda mumbled, "Thank you," and touched glasses with Richard. The two glasses coming together made a beautiful chime sound, which hung in the air as they sipped the fine Champagne. She would remember the sound of the crystal, the rest of her life.

In just a few minutes, the salads were there and they began to eat. The food was some of the best she had ever eaten, and she now had new admiration for this man. When dinner was complete, they went back down stairs. It was nine thirty-five.

Richard went to the desk clerk and picked up his reservations for a ten o'clock cruise. The “Bahia Belle”, a turn of the century Mississippi-style sternwheeler boat featured dancing, live music including swinging blues and great dance music for everyone to enjoy. The boat cruises the waters of Mission Bay, making stops at the Bahia and Catamaran Resort Hotels during the evening.

The evening was balmy as Richard and Linda stood on the pier, waiting for the boat to dock. When they got onboard he took her to a seat by the bar and ordered two Pina Colada's, a drink for which the boat is famous. As the boat pulled away from the pier, the live band began to play and a gorgeous African American girl started to sing.

"I don't usually like vocals, however she is very good," said Richard sipping his drink. "Would you like to dance?"

"I would love to dance with you Rickey."

He stood and held out his hand. The bay was very calm and without looking at the passing lights on the shore, it was hard to tell the boat was moving. The singer did a very good impression of Ella Fitzgerald, and crooned to the slow sensual beat.

Richard held Linda tight, his hand just two inches above her beautiful rounded butt. As she didn't want to show a panty line she had worn no panties, and he knew it. Pulling her in close to him she felt the hulk, rubbing against her tummy. She was getting hot also and her pussy was becoming very moist.

The music ended and they went back to their table. The Champagne was going to Linda's head, and she was feeling very good. She knew she would feel better later, when Richard's cock was deep in her, fucking her hard. She had to be careful, as without panties, there was nothing to stop her juice from dribbling down her leg. She was pleased she was wearing a black dress.

"Did I mention how lovely you are?"

"Thank you Rickey. I had to look good, as you are very handsome. Do you know that you are getting me very hot," she whispered leaning in close to him.

Richard leaned toward Linda and kissed her. Not just a quick peck, but a wet French kiss that made her neck tingle, and gave her goose bumps. The kiss would go into her record book as one of the best she had ever had. His tongue was welcomed in her mouth, and she sucked on it, as she would have done to his thick penis.

"Rickey," she asked, "How long will we be on this boat?"

"Why aren't you enjoying the cruise?"

"Oh yes, but I had in mind another "ride" I would like to be on with you." She said with a faint smile, her deep dimples giving her motives away.

"The boat goes to the Bahia Resort Hotel, then back to the Catamaran, where we will disembark."

"She leaned in to his ear and whispered, "Disembark … is that another word for fuck?"

He just smiled and shook his head almost imperceptibly from side to side. She looked at him with an innocent, quizzical gaze and asked,

"What, did I say something wrong?"

The band was really getting into it and playing a Dixieland jazz piece, that the "Firehouse Five plus Two" band had made famous years ago. There was just one young couple on the dance floor, doing the "jitterbug" to the music, however most of the couples remained in their seats.

Linda was having a difficult time struggling with her thoughts remembering the wonderful felling of Richard's mouth on her bare pussy, sucking her clit, and licking her pussy lips. Recalling his tongue darting into her cunt.

Suddenly Richard reached out and grabbed her arm. She hadn't felt anything however she was about to fall out of her chair.

"Are you okay, beautiful? No more drinks for you. Can you walk?"

"I think so. Why?"

"Come on," said Richard standing and holding out his hand. "You need some air."

He walked her to the nearest exit and they went out on deck. The cool salty breeze of Mission bay, touched her face in an affectionate manner, as she breathed the musky air deep into her lungs, her titties bulging out another cup size.

"I'm sorry Rickey, everything was too much I guess. The drink, the Champagne. I guess I'm just not used to so much booze."

"It's okay sweetie. How do you feel now?"

"I'm alright now. The air out here is wonderful. Is that the Bahia Resort?"

The boat was coming into the pier where a large group of people, dressed in tuxedos and evening dresses were waiting. Then Linda realized that there was a young girl in a very white flowing wedding dress. She had a tight grip on a young man, who was wearing a rented tuxedo.

She knew it was rented, as it was much too large for his fragile frame. The girl was smiling from ear to ear, however the young man had the look of an inmate, from death row walking slowly toward the green door.

Richard suggested they move to the front of the boat and out of the way of the crowd. Except for the groom, Linda had never seen a happier group. They went inside, and Linda felt bad for the young man as he looked toward her with fear in his eyes, subconsciously begging for somebody to intervene on his behalf. She truly believed that the last time he would ever make a decision was this afternoon, when he said, "I do."

She then looked up at Richard and knew in her heart, he would never get married. There was no real need for it, and there were too many other things to take into consideration. She knew that he enjoyed their life together and if she had broached the subject of marriage, he would probably have said,

"Well thanks, but no thanks."

Who knows she thought, maybe somewhere down the road? She knew it was just too soon, right now. As the boat pulled away from the Bahia pier she felt like a little girl who was promised a trip to Disneyland, but was moving toward the fun at three miles an hour.

Linda's pussy ached for Richard. Couldn't they do it there in the front of the boat, or down in the engine room. It would be easy she thought after all she wasn't wearing any panties to get in the way, not that panties ever stopped them before.

"Richard can we go into the bathroom or somewhere? I really need you."

"We will be back at the hotel in about forty-five minutes. You will be all right. Just relax and try not to think about it."

Easy for him, he wasn't a young girl who needed a cock. He didn't have a dripping pussy. She felt that it was the woman's fault over the centuries that they had not told the men how much they really wanted and needed sex.

Sure some married ladies were whores in their bedrooms with their husbands, but most men always thought that women really were doing them a favor, or they were doing it to have children, and didn't want or need the pleasure of it. No wonder there were so many people who were screwed up in the world. Linda held onto Richard's strong arm as the boat glided across the bay.

"Linda, look at the lights of the buildings reflecting in the water. Beautiful aren't they?"

'Yah … right she thought … lights. That would take her mind off his nice thick hard cock and mind-blowing sex. Damn this boat is slow, she thought as it agonizingly slid toward their hotel and her eventual satisfaction. God she thought, she loved fucking Richard and everything connected with it.'

As the boat pulled up to the pier, Linda felt she could jump the last fifteen feet with Richard on her shoulders. She was so hot and horny; she thought everyone could see it, however she was outwardly cool and collected. The boat docked and they alighted. She was walking fast toward the elevator when Richard said,

"Slow down baby, we'll get there."

"You had better hurry," she said smiling, "or I'll start without you."

They stepped into the elevator, and Linda grabbed him, her arms around his waist, pulling him in tight.

"Sweetie," he said, "let me go a second. I can't reach the floor button."

"Oh, all right … Hurry."

The elevator door closed much to slow for Linda, and then droned and she felt it slowly pull upward. It wouldn't be long now she thought, except it stopped on the third floor. Two passengers got on and Linda looked at them with daggers coming out of her eyes. Didn't they know how bad she needed to get to the room?

The doors closed again slowly, and Linda moaned aloud. She hadn't been aware of it until the older couple looked at her in a strange manner. The elevator finally arrived at their floor and she grabbed his coat sleeve, attempting to pull him through the opening elevator doors.

Richard looked at the couple, smiled and mouthed the word,


The older couple smiled and nodded their heads understanding the poor girls plight, they believed. She stood at the door to their room, breathing hard, staring at Richard with pain in her narrowed, bloodshot eyes.

She had the appearance of someone who required an exorcist, but he knew she just wanted some really good sex. Richard lifted his wallet from his jacket pocket and removed the key card.

"Come on Rickey, hurry." She said with a frustrated groan.

As the door opened she pulled him by his sleeve, almost not letting him close and lock the door. She dragged him with her to the couch not wanting to waste any time going into the bedroom. She sat on the couch and as he stood in front of her, she unzipped his pants and pulled them to his ankles. She then jerked on his jockey shorts until they also fell down. He felt a little silly standing there; wearing his suit coat, dress shirt and tie, while the lower section of his suit was around his ankles.

Linda grabbed his penis, which was not erect due to all of her wild activities. When she realized it was flaccid, she moaned loudly as though a friend had died. Quickly she grabbed hold of it and began to jack him off, then as it started to rise a little, although not fast enough for her, she took it in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could.

When it began to rise significantly, she let go of it and took hold of the hem of her dress, pulling it up to her waist. When he saw her gorgeous pussy wide open and wet, he moved down and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her vagina.

As it touched the opening she groaned, with a frustrated cry and came, grabbing the couch and closing her eyes.

"Oh God Richard," she said almost in tears, "shove it in me and fuck me … please … fuck me hard."

Richard did as instructed and began moving deep into her. She reached up and loosened his tie, then pulled it over his head, catching it under his nose. As he continued moving in and out of her, he struggled to take off his suit jacket, and shirt. Her pussy was tightening around him when she came again.

However as she was still not completely satisfied she reached around and sunk her nails into his butt muscles, and at the same time wrapped her legs around his. In her enthusiastic manner her ass lifted off the couch as she fucked him back as hard as she could. They continued for another half hour, and after three more orgasms, Richard squirted inside of her.

She was relieved and had she smoked, she would have had a cigarette at that moment, however she just pulled him down on top of her and kissed him long and wet in appreciation of what he had done for her.

"Thank you ... I really needed that," she said, kissing him again.

"I could tell," he said smiling. "I don't think you will be having anymore alcoholic beverages. You are enough for me without being artificially stimulated."

To Be Continued ...

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