Dangerous 2

Dangerous 2

Dangerous 2

There they lay for what seemed like an eternity in just a few minutes. She in a trance like state from her ordeal, he just happy to be there, with his plaything; this woman. His face in her hair as she lay on him almost drifting into sleep as she relaxed more with this man, who had so taken her almost to the edge just previously. He was enjoying this moment; he could feel her warmth, smell her perfume, intoxicating him
He could lie here with this woman forever, breathing in her scent, feeling her
warmth. But that's not why both of them were here. He gently moved her to one side as he slid off the bed, she protesting drowsily, her eyes still closed. He smiled at her even though she could not see it. She was indeed beautiful and he thought himself lucky to be here...but so was she. He pulled the white ropes from under the bed and gently fastened them around her wrists. Still she dozed, oblivious to the preparations going on around her. Only at the last possible second did he pull the rope tight so her arms were pulled spread eagled against the bed. The blindfold now removed, her eyes snapped open and she squealed like a young girl, pulling at the restraints. To no avail she was tied to the bed her arms almost flat to the sheets. She appeared to be angry and a snarl escaped her lips as she demanded he let her free….but there was no way he was going to do that; and she knew it. But still she protested as the rope at the bottom of the bed was revealed. He reached for her ankle but she pulled it away from him. Again he reached and again she pulled back. With a sneer he turned and picked up the leather tool he had previously. As soon as she saw it she struggled more against the restraints and moved her legs away from him. He just laughed and climbed on the bed, pushing her legs down and sitting on them, he was too strong for her and the ropes held her arms securely no matter how much she struggled. “Naked and helpless we are little girl; you had best behave or this will have to be used to…persuade you to be still.”
She wasn’t totally naked as her suspenders stockings and shoes remained, but no more need to be removed for what was to happen next. She thought about this for a moment before ceasing her struggling and submitting to this man, her master of pleasure; her tormentor. “Good, I see we will not need this anymore”. And he placed it on the table, still within reach. He climbed off the bed and grabbed one of her ankles, she did not protest as he tied the rope around it and pulled it to the edge of the bed, merely watched with her reddened eyes, face streaked with makeup from the tears previously. Just as he went to grab her other leg she pulled it away to meet the first leg. “I see, obstinate and disobedient we are today…you will pay for that lady”. He picked up the leather implement and raised it, a whimper escaped her lips before it was brought down on the offending leg, swish..smack!! The leather streaking across her delicate nylon covered leg. A cry emitted; even before she had finished yelping like a little lost puppy a second swish and smack as the leather once again whipped across her skin stinging, burning, reddening. Another cry before he grabbed her legs firmly and pulled them roughly apart. Still resisting but not so much as before. With one more hard pull her legs were wide enough apart for him to kneel in between and finish the last restraint. “There we go little girl, little Clair. That wasn’t so bad was it? We had best be a good girl, no misbehaving or the punishment will only get worse”.
So there she lay, trussed up by wrist and ankle, spread out, ready to be used, to be abused, to be ..taken.
He stood back and admired her. A vision of submissive beauty, tied for his (and her) pleasure. He walked back and forth and around the sides of the bed, his hand thoughtfully rubbing his chin as he thought about what to do next. Completely at his mercy she was, and her eyes followed him. Breathing slowly, expectantly, fearfully even. What was he planning? What was he going to do?

She needn’t have feared as this was all for show. He knew exactly what he was going to do. He had known for a long time. This moment had been planned to the tiniest detail for days before and he smiled to himself as her eyes followed him up and down the room. He leaned over her face, only a few inches from hers, looking deep into her gorgeous eyes. The makeup smudged and not so perfect any more. He felt his pulse race, his excitement increase, his breathing quicken. He was also aroused by this, he wanted her and he would have her, oh by god he would take her; but not yet. There was much to do, much to give to her, to force on her, and she wanted it. He gazed at her, mouth fixed in a defiant sneer “OH HO!! Still some fight left in you is there lady? Still want to disobey me, still rebel against me. Stil……” She raised her head and spat in his face; a last act of defiance; and instantly she regretted the action as he recoiled and his face grew sombre. His eyes became piercing as he wiped the wetness from his face. He nodded to himself as he rolled up his shirt sleeves, his eyes burning into her as the mood changed. Once again his face hovered above hers and he grabbed her chin hard and twisted her face towards his. “You will fucking regret that Claire, so help me you will” and darkness descended on her once more as the blindfold was replaced. She whimpered as this man, took away one of her senses and left her devoid of light.
He turned and walked to the dresser; he smiled to himself, at that last act of defiance; spitting into his face. That had made his decision for him….how far would he go tonight? How many of his pre-planned actions would he perform tonight? How much degradation would this woman experience? After that last defiant behaviour; he had made his decision; he would not stop until all had transpired. Until everything which he had been planning for so long had been performed. “Yes,” he smiled to himself “Everything”.

Beneath her blindfold she could see through the bottom part just a tiny sliver of light, and whilst his back was turned she sneaked a grin. They both knew the act of defiance was a signal. A pre arranged action to let him know she wanted him to continue, to push her further than she had ever gone before. The previous session had taken her to the edge and she had almost had to use the other signal, the safe word. But she had endured, suffered and experienced the most intense sensations she had ever had. Now she wanted more, the burning dark desire within her was growing ever higher. How much more did she want? How much more could she take? This was dangerous territory for both of them. But it was the danger and the fear that gave her; gave them both the gut wrenching dark sado-masochistic pleasures known only to the enlightened few. She pulled against her bonds, there was no escaping. She was naked, she was already bearing evidence of being flayed; she could feel it still. It burned, it was raw and the throbbing from her skin only served to further increase her desires, to fulfil her lust and needs.
She didn’t know it, but the next few hours were going to test her, to push her and take her so close to the edge, that there was a danger she would fall into the abyss.

He removed the items from his bag and placed them all on the table. Smiling to him self as he too became more excited and aroused as his fingers touched each item and he thought of how he was going to use them. Once all items were arranged the time had arrived to begin, to make her pay for her actions. He turned to look at her and his pulse raced, dark intentions growing within him. He had dreamed of these moments, had thought about such situations every day of his life. He never thought anyone would actually let him act out his fantasies, let alone a woman such as this, beautiful, sexy, wanting; yet defiant. Oh yes, and that defiance would ensure that she would pay. He needed to be careful; he hadn’t told her just what he used to dream about, just how far his fantasies would go. He must remain in control at all times because if she really knew how dark were his dreams, then she wouldn’t be here……at his mercy. He laughed to himself “Oh Claire, I hope you are ready for me”.

She heard the first swish and flinched expecting the sting of leather, but he was teasing her. He swung the new whip, the long handle tipped with 5 strands of leather and the swish through the air made her whimper. Swish, swish, swish as he walked round the bed. She involuntarily pulled back from the sound. Expecting each swish to finish with a stinging lash, but still he teased her, raising her pulse, raising her…fear. He touched her skin with the weapon and she felt the delicious sensation as he gently stroked her with it. From her toes, up her legs, over her mound, her tummy her breasts and then her face; she could smell the leather and it made her moan out loud. He smiled at this sound as it only served to encourage him, and he lifted the whip and brought it down on her skin with a smack, her head went back and she cried out as the leather once again released its power, the burning on her breasts increased as he repeated the lash.
Again and again the whip descended and again and again her soft skin burned and stung with the delicious sensations from the punishment. He stopped, letting the pain turn to pleasure watching her skin redden and the welts rise, he leaned in and blew on them, causing a moan to escape her lips.
The whip was his control, he used it on her to control her and every time he heard the thwack of leather, each time her skin was lashed, each time he knew that the pain she was feeling was the result of his dark desires, he felt pleasure. Oh it wasn’t an agonising pain, it was fucking delectable and he knew she was loving every single lash. But it was enough to make her cry out, first at the pain then at the instant pleasure it gave. The leather streaked across her breasts, then across her tummy, then across her mound and legs.

He stroked up her flayed body, each time he touched a reddened area he watched her face contort as the skin was more sensitive. He reached her red welt covered breasts and let the leather caress her nipples. He watched as they hardened and so tempting were they, he wanted to taste them right now, so wanted to suck them and circle them with his tongue. He hardened at the thought, but resisted. Instead he went to the dresser and returned with new items. He squeezed them in his fingers and placed one over each nipple and released the spring. She took a sharp breath and cried out as the clamps squeezed her sensitive nipples hard. He laughed at her as the skin was pinched and he flicked the clamps, further increasing the pain and making her cry out again. But he knew it was enjoyable, knew the sensation would soon turn to pleasure. She writhed on the bed as the clamps bit further into her, nothing could she do, nothing but endure the cruel devices.

She pulled against the restraints, arching her back as the clamps squeezed ever tighter as her nipples surrendered, she wanted to pull them off, wanted the pinching to stop, but she could not reach them. She had to feel the pain, feel the pleasure. Once again she smiled to herself. Why was this so good, why did she want this? Why? She didn’t care, she was so alive right now, and every nerve in her body was electrified and wanting more. She saw him return to the bed, just a glimpse through the tiny gap. What did he have in his hand? What was it?

She trembled as she waited for the next action…nothing, just silence…then a crackle, what was that? Her breathing fast but quiet as she waited. Then…something hot poured on her bare skin on her tummy she screamed expecting the pain to be too much, but it wasn’t it was instantaneous, a burn then delicious sensation as the wax cooled. She smelled the candle as he dripped the wax onto her. The feeling as the wax hit her skin causing her to flinch each time the hot liquid splashed on her skin and instantly cooled. Oh it frightened her but she knew that the wax would not burn; it was just hot enough to hurt just enough to cause the reaction. He dripped it over her body, each splash releasing its heat into her skin. She writhed as the liquid hit, ran then hardened instantly. Her tummy, her legs, her breasts all receiving the burning splash of hot wax. Then he held it over her face, she could feel the heat from the flame, smell the candle, hear the crackle as the flame melted the wax. She was scared now, not her face, not her face! She turned away quickly, her face against the pillow. He laughed at her and proceeded to drip more of the hot wax onto her arms, then her legs, on her tummy, down the side which made her squeal. It burned; it hurt, but just enough. Not too much. He extinguished the flame and returned to her. He peeled the wax from her tummy, the feeling from this action was strange but felt good. He peeled it from her breasts, from her legs, sometimes pulling at small hidden hairs, making her flinch, her skin slightly sore from the hot liquid. He removed all the wax from her and returned to the dresser. She felt something cool on her skin; he gently wiped the remaining wax from her with the cleaning wipe. Cleaning her legs, her tummy, her breasts and her face. He wiped her arms and all over her until she was cleansed. She felt cool as the wetness dried on her skin. From hot and burning to cool.

He looked at her again, still not believing he had this woman all to himself. He licked his lips as he thought about his next action, but couldn’t resist looking at her closely. He moved to the side of the bed and gazed at her. Saw her red lips flushed and quivering, saw her chest rising and falling. Her nipples still squeezed by the clamps. He released one causing pain to shoot through her nipple and she cried out…he let it clamp again, once more causing her to cry out. Again and again he released and closed each clamp on her so pink and swollen nipples, each time cries emitted from her….and groans, groans of pleasure as the delicious feelings of this erotic torture coursed through her.
She writhed around as he tortured her, enjoying every single second of what he was doing. Still she pulled against the rope, still she could not react to anything he was doing, she was his and only he could allow her to leave.

He left her and retrieved yet another item from his cache; she tried to see but could only make out him and something else, what was it? He stroked her with something, ran it up her legs and over her skin, touching her mound, her tummy up to her tortured breasts then her lips. He pushed against them and she opened her mouth as the long thick sex toy was pushed into her mouth. She sucked it greedily when she knew what it was. Lashing her tongue on it and making sucking sounds as she performed actions she would usually perform on the real thing. He removed it and switched on the toy, its powerful vibrations breaking the silence in the room. He touched it to her shoulders and gently stroked her skin with it. She groaned as he moved it to her breasts and it buzzed against the clamps. Circling each breast, round and round; he moved it to her tummy all over and down the sides, then past her mound and over her legs. He stroked it up and down her fantastic nylon covered legs, from her toes to the top and down again. As he did this he looked at her as she enjoyed his actions, smiling to himself; he was also enjoying this.

He moved the vibrating toy close to her sex and she raised her back from the bed as he began to circle her pussy. Round and round he stroked the item over the top of her legs over her mound, the circles getting smaller. Round and round he teased, closer he moved, but not touching any part of her now swelling pinkness. Her skin was flushing and she pulled against the ropes as he got closer with the toy. He touched it to her outer labia and she groaned as the vibrations finally touched a part of her sex. Lightly he moved it in a circle only faintly stroking the outer lips. She groaned as he teased her and she whimpered “Please”. Pleading with him her head lifted from the pillow. He smiled to himself, only making her wait a little longer. He circled her sex again and again the vibrations raising her pulse and lust to a mind numbing level. Around the outside, over her mons and then down to the bottom tickling her forbidden opening which was now wet as her juices ran down from her sex. He pushed a little making her groan and push back…no not yet, he thought we will save that for later.

He moved the device, powerful vibrations coming from it all over her crotch, sliding easily now as her body responded to the sexual ministrations. Struggling against the restraints, trying to push herself higher onto the toy. Her breathing fast and becoming desperate. “Come on! COME ON!!” she cried. He almost laughed at her desperation, her frustrated cries and frantic writhing as he continued to tease her pink inflamed pussy. Round and round the toy buzzed against her skin, now touching the inner folds of wet petals, only gently, teasing, deftly. Claire was almost screaming now, thrusting up against the restraints, arching her back from the sheets, tugging at the rope so hard that it bit into her skin, but she didn’t care, she wanted, needed craved the final touch. He circled her opening now, still only lightly, not giving her the satisfaction she so badly wanted. Round and around her opening teasing her with the vibrations. He could see her wetness increasing, see the enraged flower open and ready, her scent reaching him as her body released its powerful chemicals designed to attract the male. It was working, he was so hard now that he wanted to fuck her, fuck her so hard and so fast, to bury his cock deep inside this woman; and he almost tore off his clothing and did so. But not yet, not yet. He must remain in control.
Still he used the toy on her, circling her gaping entrance, still she writhed in agony and ecstasy. Her breathing so fast, her mouth open, her lips quivering. Then he plunged two fingers deep inside her, arching them back to find the area behind her clitoris, pushing his fingers hard into the right spot and at the same time pushing the vibrating device into the hooded area at the very top of her sex, pushing it against her clitoral area. She arched off the bed head thrown back, mouth wide open in a silent scream as instantly her peak crashed through her, the waves of pleasure coursing through her whole body making her shake and convulse, her body clamping down hard on his inserted fingers as her orgasm exploded upon her, upon them both. He was shocked by the force of her peak and could only watch as her body twisted and tensed repeatedly. Every muscle in her body tensed, her body forcing against the ropes which were taut, the restraints increasing her orgasm substantially, until her peak began to subside. Slowly her muscles released and she began to stop shaking. He removed the vibrator but left his fingers still inside as she relaxed and settled back down onto the bed. Her breathing ragged, her pulse beginning to slow. Her breasts rising and falling quickly, the clamps having being torn off by her powerful convulsing writhing. Never before had he seen a woman come like that and he looked upon her with a new found awe. He removed his fingers dripping wet with her juices and took them in his mouth…oh the taste of this woman was incredible. He plunged his fingers in again and then pulled them out and touched her lips with them. Instantly she opened her mouth and took his fingers into her mouth sucking and licking them greedily. The feel of her tongue against his fingers making him harden.
He removed his fingers and lowered his face to hers…and kissed her lips. She returned the kiss, gently a total opposite to what this was about. They kissed for several minutes, their lips bringing pleasure to them both and their tongues betraying the lust they both felt. Because above all, this was about pleasure, sexual pleasure which they both craved of each other.
He wanted her now and once again he had to fight his desire. So instead he lay between her legs and inhaled her scent then tasted of her….

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