Like a Good Neighbor - 2

Like a Good Neighbor - 2

Over the next couple weeks Linda visited a few times to talk and usually to help herself to my thick 7" cock. I picked up some more sturdy loungers for my deck as they were getting more of a workout than just me reading and relaxing. Seeing Linda's sexy body strolling over from her yard now always had my cock twitching in anticipation, as I knew it likely that it would soon be buried in her tight pussy. This might happen whether or not her husband Jeff was home, although usually when she was alone for a few days. They'd worked out an arrangement between them where she could get the sexual release she needed with me, but would be available to attend public events with him as his wife. It seemed strange to me, but I was getting laid regularly at least.

A day after Jeff left for his latest business trip I looked up from my book to see Linda walking my way. As she reached my deck she pulled her shirt over her head exposing her now nude body.

"Ted, we have all afternoon. I've never sunned in the nude, I thought that would be fun. I can get rid of these tan lines."

"I kind of like your tan lines, but sure, let me pull over the other lounger and we can enjoy the sun together, but be careful of burning on the lighter parts."

"OOh I was hoping you'd help me with that", while waving a bottle of lotion.

"My pleasure."

I stood and removed my shirt and shorts, watching Linda take in my mostly tanned body.

"Looks like I may need to help you prevent a burn on some parts too, Ted. And that would be my pleasure."

"And definitely mine too."

My cock was hanging at the moment, but much more of this talk would cause it to rise and thicken which would probably delay the tanning for awhile. Linda set the lounger so that she would be almost flat then lay down on her back. I took the sun tan lotion and squirted some onto my hand. I worked my way down from her shoulders. Massaging and rubbing on the lotion. I spent extra time on the untanned portions which fortunately included her D cup breasts which rested on her chest flattening out just a bit. I spread the lotion and worked it around and around covering every bit of her enticing tits as she made low moaning sounds from my attentions. Inhaling just a bit as I rubbed her nipples, circling round, then continued down across her stomach, just a slight swell at her belly, out across her hips, lower to her mound, slipping a finger between her lips...

"Oh, much more of that and I'll forget getting a tan."

I applied lotion on her thighs and kneaded it in and down her nice legs, getting every bit down to her toes. Satisfied that Linda was fully covered I lay on my stomach on the other reclined lounger, turning my head to admire her nude form.

"That felt so nice Ted. Do you want me to get your back?"

"No, that's ok for now. Relax and get some sun."

"MMm, this feels so free. I love how you appreciate my body. Pay attention to every bit."

"It's quite a nice body. It would be a shame if it wasn't given attention."

We chatted like this for awhile. Even though we'd been lovers for a few weeks the unusual circumstance where we weren't really together much made each time almost like it was brand new.

"Time to turn Linda."

"Ok, but I am going to make sure one part of you doesn't get burned." When I rolled over my cock was resting on my leg. Linda got some suntan lotion on her hand and proceeded to generously apply it to my cock. She enjoyed watching how her hands sliding up and down caused me to rise to attention.

"I'll never get used to how big and thick it is in my hands."

"That feels great, but let me get your back." Linda laid down on her stomach and I got behind her on the lounger, my glistening cock sticking out in front of me. As I leaned forward to massage lotion into Linda's back she wiggled her ass as my cock leaned against it.

"Someone is still at attention."

"Massaging nude women will do that." When I got to Linda's butt I spread lotion on her cheeks so she was as glistening as my cock. Then with lotion on my fingers I slid my hand between her ass cheeks.

"Mmm, nice."

Taking that as encouragement I continued until I reached her pussy. I tickled around her opening then back up. Taking a chance I poked at her puckered anus with a slick finger managing to get up to one knuckle before she clenched down on my finger.

"Have you ever done this Linda?"

"No never in my ass. But I'll try it if you want me there. But are you too big?"

"It should work if we go slow. Tell me to stop at any time."

In answer Linda raised herself onto her knees presenting her shapely ass to me. I applied more lotion and continued working a finger into her ass letting her get used to the sensation, gripping my finger then relaxing a bit, then a little more of my finger, then finally relaxing enough that I could slide one finger in and out.

"Oh, that's a different feeling. Not like in my pussy. I've never put anything in my ass. Ooh, that's kind of nice. It's making me horny, rub my pussy with your other hand."

So I kept finger fucking Linda's ass, while reaching around and circling her clit with my other hand. The double stimulation had her panting and moaning in no time. I moved to fucking her ass and pussy with my fingers, working her over faster as she gripped the lounger and thanked me and god and who knows what else as she tensed and released and rocked through multiple orgasms.

"Oh fuck Ted, try putting your cock in my ass. Fuck my ass."

I applied more lotion to my cock, got it good and hard and slick then pressed the head against her anus. With my earlier work I was able to push just a little in before the obvious difference in size caused her to tighten up. I massaged her ass, her hips, her back, to relax her as I slowly pushed just a bit more in. Once my head had popped in I stopped to let her get used to the feeling, then pushed, easily...

"Oh fuck, that's so big. Go easy, it's stretching my ass, not hurting, just, oh, ok, a little more."

I gave her a little more. Watching my cock slowly fill her virgin ass was making me feel harder than usual. What a turn on. This fine 30 year old woman who was just a neighbor I'd wave to a few weeks ago now giving me her ass, fucking me regularly. Damn. I pushed, now a couple of inches in, so much more to go if she could take it. My cock stretching her more, another inch disappearing, Linda now just a series of moans and ooohs as I slipped more cock into her. It seemed she was going to be able to take it all. She was fully stretched. I held her hips and pushed the remaining inches into her. I was now pressed against her ass, my full hard cock buried inside.

"That's it Linda, you've gotten it all. Ready for what's next?"

"Oh hell yes. Fuck me, but slow at first."

So I pulled about halfway out, then pushed all the way in again. Then most of the way out and all the way in. It seemed she was ready, so I held her and began rocking back and forth. Alternating between short thrusts and deep plunges. Pulling her ass to me or rocking back and forth myself. The tight grip on my cock massaging its length each time.

"Oh fuck Ted this is amazing. Keep going, keep fucking me. Take my ass. Its yours, fuck me."

"You amazing ass is so tight. I'm going to fill you. Soon."

I increased my thrusts, rocking in, out, in, then holding her tight against me as I felt my balls tighten, my cock thicken, my body tensing, then my semen rushing the length of my cock and exploding into her bowels, spurts of semen filling her. My eyes closed, head back, trying to push further into her as I gave her every drop I had. Willing myself to try to give her more. Then finally, drained, I leaned forward, kissed her back, holding her to me. She collapsed forward onto the lounger, my cock falling from her ass, my semen leaking from her no longer tightly puckered asshole. I kissed her neck, the side of her face.

"Thanks Linda, for giving yourself to me like that."

"Oh thank you for showing me possibilities I didn't know about. Let's just say anal doesn't have to be a one time thing."

"Sounds good to me", as I lay back on my lounger. "Let me get some wash cloths to clean us up."

Once we'd thoroughly cleaned ourselves Linda joined me on my lounger, enjoying our nudity, relaxing outdoors as we usually did. Linda lay alongside me rubbing her hand up and down my body.

"I like how fit you are. I didn't think about it until I was putting the lotion on but all that bike riding, your legs are so strong and firm. I get hot just holding you."

Her hand had now found my cock. She lifted it and placed it on my stomach, ran a fingernail along the underside, then circled the head.

"And this cock. I can't get enough of it."

She then lay down between my legs, her head facing my crotch. She licked my balls and the underside of my cock, then my balls again, taking first one, then the other in turn into her mouth, gently rolling them, tickling them with her tongue. Holding them up she licked beneath my balls almost down to my crack, then up again. By now my cock had hardened and was lifting up off my stomach. Linda grasped it and held it up as she licked its length. Kneeling up she took the head into her mouth and sucked on the tip all the while fondling my balls with her free hand. Dribbling spit down my cock she lowered her head and took more into her mouth until reaching the back by her throat, sucking on it she lifted her head until it popped free.

"Sorry, Ted, but I'm not a deep throat girl. No way I can get all this in my mouth."

"I have no complaints about what you're doing", I said with a smile.

Linda returned to bobbing her head up and down my shaft fitting what she could then holding my cock as she licked up and down the length. She grasped my cock with two hands and slid her hands up and down several times before returning to kissing and licking and teasing me with flicks of her tongue under the tip. Grasping my balls and giving a bit of a squeeze she looked at me.

"I want this load all in my mouth. I want to feel your cum hitting my throat. I want to taste you and savor your semen. Don't warn me, just shoot that load when ready."

Then Linda began sucking and bobbing on my cock while stroking what didn't fit in her mouth. Faster and harder she sucked, licked, down, up, sucking, balls tightened and I came. Large spurts of come flooding her mouth. She swallowed, but some escaped, she swallowed again trying to keep up with the surge as I grunted and spurted a third time. She sucked the remainder from me, squeezing my cock as if she could wring more from me, then licking any that has escaped, ensuring she got every drop. Then she sat up and looked at me.

"So much and after you had cum earlier." She smiled.

I couldn't help but smile in return. That was a great blowjob and this after she had let me fuck her ass earlier. Too good to be true. We relaxed a bit longer then decided we'd had enough sun and covered up. I brought out a couple of drinks. So far all our activity had been on my deck and I wondered if these were unspoken boundaries. I put the lounger back in an upright position and sat back, my feet on the ground either side. Linda sat back against me and stretched out her legs. We sipped our drinks. She laid her head back against my shoulder and looked up at me.

"So comfortable. I know it's a weird setup but I go over there and live my normal everyday life, then I can come over here and be treated like the sexiest woman alive. You revive me and fulfill me. I hope I do the same for you."

"Oh definitely. My life had large gaps in it. I worked, went for rides, worked out, but was not complete. Now you come over and brighten my days, sharing yourself with me. You definitely have kept me from wondering if I was starting to get old."

"Get old? Damn you have the stamina of a much younger man."

I rewarded that comment by cupping her left breast, feeling it through her shirt, coaxing her nipple into hardening.

"Mmm, the simple part of this is that it's easy. I like talking to you, but if I'm over here and if you welcome me over, then the sex is free and easy. No games. No questions. My body is yours. Yours is mine."

"Yep that is good to know, cause right now I feel like playing with these very nice breasts."

I lifted her shirt to get access and began circling her nipple with my finger. Then pinching her nipples, squeezing just a bit to see how sensitive they might be.

"Oh you can squeeze them a bit. I don't mind just the tiniest bit of pinch."

I kissed her neck, fondled her boobs, let my hand wander about on her stomach. I nibbled at her ear, pulled at both nipples, lifted her breasts in my hands. She leaned back giving me access to her mouth, I met her, tongue leading, probing, kissing deeply, passionately, my hand working its way down, down finding the thin hair over her mound, lower, my middle finger splitting her lips as I kissed her, mouths locked together as my finger dipped into her wet pussy then retreated to her clit, circling, teasing, rubbing. She moaned into my mouth, we separated for a moment. I nibbled at her mouth, pulling her lower lip, biting gently, tasting her, sharing her breath. Two fingers now, either side of her clit, squeezing, rubbing, tickling. She pressed her mound into my hand. I return my tongue to her mouth, kissing harder as my fingers work more frantically on her clit, along her slit, back to her clit, then as she tenses, I go for her clit fully, she moans and cries into my mouth as her orgasm rocks her, her hips bucking, I grip her mound and press my hand on her clit as she rides a wave, breaking from my mouth so she can beg me to stop, but no don't stop, more, oh please more. She rubs her pussy against me, my fingers finding her opening and fucking her as she presses into my palm. "Oh fuck, oh fuck. ooh, oooooooh." Then she collapses, spent on top of me. Breath in spurts, eyes closed. Head against my neck. I return to lightly caressing her breasts.

"Oh damn, Ted. If I stay right here will you continue pleasuring me forever?"

"I could be tempted. Especially when I get a reaction like that."

We stayed that was for awhile. Then as the sun went down behind the trees I got up and put some burgers on the grill. When they were ready we did something on the deck that wasn't sexual, for a change.

"MMm, and you can grill a mean burger too."

I laughed. "I'm a man of many talents."

"I'll say." Then she licked a dollop of ketchup from her left breast.

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