Sarah's new start part 3

Sarah's new start part 3

I put on the rain coat and went to the dressing mirror. A surge of energy shot thru my body as I watched myself in the mirror standing there naked wearing the coat and my black stockings and nothing else. My nipples were erect and tender and I felt like a sexy sensual woman, the entire picture was so erotic. I went to the office and got only my keys to the office and went back into sit and wait for the limo with Lance and Michigan. After a few minutes Lance’s phone rang and we got up and we left the office, I checked the door this time to make sure it was locked behind us. Standing between Lance and Michigan in the elevator I felt like the slut Lance had turned me into. Here I was on this elevator with two black men that had been in my pussy and had their cocks in my mouth and I loved every minute of it. Electricity was running thru my body at the realization that I was truly becoming a slut for black men to fuck and use. Michigan spent the entire elevator ride massaging my ass and teasing my pussy thru the rain coat, I was wet just feeling his strong hands on me.

We got to the first floor lobby and as we walked by the security check in desk the security guard asked if I needed him to call my driver to take me home. I quickly explained that I was going to celebrate the new contract with my two clients and that I would be riding with them and not to worry. We left the building through the front entrance and walked to the parked limo. Lance opened the door for me and as I leaned in to the door Ricky moved over to the other seat and sat next to Gordon, they both had shocked looks on their faces as I got into the center of the adjacent seat. Lance came in behind me and the door on the other side of the limo opened and Michigan got in so I was between Lance and Michigan.

Gordon looked at me then at Lance, still shocked that I was there and said to me, “Miss Gordon, I had no idea that you were going to join us tonight.”

“I hope that’s ok Lance persuaded me to come celebrate with you guys,” I said smiling at him.

I was nervous and excited, I had been thinking all this time that Gordon and Ricky were at some club and that we were going to meet them, I was not expecting the other two to be in the limo. I was immediately consumed with lust and desire at the possibilities. That must have been what Lance was smiling evilly at me for before our showers. He knew exactly what was going to happen. He was going to share his slut with his other boys. Tonight I was going to be used by four handsome black gangsters as their little fuck slut. My stomach was churning and my pussy was stimulated like no other time. I thought I might just have an orgasm right then.

“Definitely that is ok,” Gordon replied with a big smile, “this is an unexpected surprise.”

I looked at Lance and then Michigan with a smile and then looked at Gordon and Ricky. I paused for a few seconds, and then slowly began undoing the knot in the rain coat belt. I slowly opened the raincoat to show my naked stocking covered body. My nipples were rock hard and I opened my legs to show Gordon and Ricky a shot of my used wet pussy.

“Actually the surprise is that Lance has turned me into his black cock slut and has told me that I am to give myself to his boys. Michigan and Lance have been fucking me and letting me suck their beautiful black cocks since you two left and now it’s you two studs turn to take me.” I said as I slid off the limo seat and got to my knees and removed the rain coat, with Lances help.

Gordon and Ricky sat there stunned with their mouths open and their eyes locked onto my naked body.

“Holy shit you are sexy as shit girl,” Ricky said as he licked his lips.

I bent over and reached for Ricky’s crotch and began working his jeans open with my hands and Gordon began running his hands all over my body.

“Damn Lance you said this bitch was hungry for black dick!” Gordon said has he traced my body contours with his hand and massaged my breast with the other.

“Hell yeah Bra, this little slut is crazy for black dick, she was just playing with us earlier, I knew this slut wanted my dick so that’s what she got when I went back up to the office,” Lance said as he looked at my tight pink pussy lips pushing from my cunt as I was bent over with my head in Ricky’s lap.

In no time I had Ricky’s cock free and was sucking his cock. He was not as big as Lance or Michigan but his cock felt good in my mouth. I sucked him for a few minutes and Gordon then had his cock out of his pants so I would alternate between the two cocks, sucking one and stroking the other in my hand. Gordon had the longest dick out of the four of my new black lovers; he had to be twelve inches long. When I started deep-throating Ricky and Gordon, Gordon’s I had a hard time taking it all in my throat. Lance and Michigan took turns licking and sucking my pussy and clit as they fingered me. I sucked both Gordon and Ricky as the limo drove thru the streets of New York for their hotel. I was completely overcome with passion and lust, here I was sucking two new black cocks after being used all evening by two other black men. My mind was racing and the tingling and electricity that surged thru my body as my mind told me what a slut I was and that I was a slut for these men’s cocks, and I was their servant for sex made me want to take their cocks all night long.

Ricky soon exploded into my mouth and I took his cum down my throat. Gordon held on a little longer and but not much and as we pulled up to the hotel he shot his cum on my face and in my mouth. Gordon and Ricky put their cocks back in their pants and Lance ordered me to get my coat back on. I did as I was told and used my fingers to clean Gordons cum from my face and I ate and sucked my fingers clean. I grabbed a napkin and dipped it in the ice bucket and cleaned any excess cum from my face. We all got out of the limo and walked to the front door. The hotel was a high priced five star hotel and had an old white guy at the door. He opened the door for us and said his pleasantries but when he made eye contact with me and had a disgusted look on his face. That really turned me on knowing what was going thru this door guys mind. I was the slut these black men were going to fuck all night and morning while he froze his ass off here in the streets of New York. We walked through the lobby and with each step I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I was about to let these four black men fuck me and take me in any way they wanted.

When we got on the elevator Lance leaned into my ear and said, “We gonna take your shit all night slut. All four of us is gonna fill you up with black cock, you ready for this slut?”

He talked loud enough that I knew the other three heard him and I responded as I turned and faced him, “Yes Daddy, I am ready to be used like the white slut you have made me into. I want a black cock in me all night.”

“Fuck, Lance how the hell you get these girls all worked up for black dick, bra?” Gordon said as he massaged my ass through the coat.

“No shit, you were right Bra, this little bitch was ice cold before, acted like she was going to have a heart attack being in the same room with us,” Ricky said as he smiled at me.

“Ah hell, I just know this shit. I knew this little slut was aching to have some black dick. I knew she was gonna be on this cock tonight, she just needed a little convincing,” Lance said as he smacked my ass with his tick hand.

“Ah hell, you should have seen this bitch” Michigan said as he looked up from my ass to his friends, “this little slut had already been dicked good by Lance and his ass was passed out on the sofa and this little sexy white slut was on her hands and knees sucking on that black dick. I watched her suck on Lances cock for five minutes then walked in and told her to get on my cock. She crawled and begged for me to put my shit in her mouth. I did and she swallowed my shit deep in her throat. Little bitch is hooked on black dick.”

The guys all laughed and chuckled and talked about how good it was gonna be filling me with cock. The elevator got to our floor and we got out and walked down the hall to the suite. Gordon opened the door and everyone went in the living room area and sat down. Lance ordered me to remove my coat and to go to the wet bar and fix four Crown and Cokes. I did as I was ordered and went and made the drinks. When I came back all the guys had gotten naked and were laying around the living room on chairs and sofas. I handed out the drinks to each man and as I did they would either grab my ass or my tits and cop a feel. The feeling of their hands on my body was getting me wet and I was tingling knowing that I was nearly naked, only wearing black stockings and high heels, as I served these four black men their drinks and letting them touch me anywhere they wanted. I brought Lance his drink last and he immediately put his finger between my pussy lips and began pushing and pulling his finger along my pussy.

“Um shit that pussy is good and wet slut, you ready for some more black dick slut?” Lance said as he grabbed his drink with one hand and teased my pussy with his finger.

I moaned softly and answered, “Um, Daddy I want all of these black cocks in my pussy. I want to be used like a black cock slut should be used by her black Daddies.”

“Well get on your knees and get these dicks hard then slut, cause you aint getting no black dick until you get them all hard,” Lance ordered.

I immediately went to my knees and took Lances cock into my mouth, I sucked him tight and fast, bobbing up and down his dick. Lance grabbed my head and forced my mouth down his shaft until his cock was deep in my throat. The other guys were jeering Lance on to fill my throat full of black cock. When his prick was fully erect he ordered me to move over to Michigan and suck him hard. I did as ordered and began sucking Big M tight and fast. Pleasing his cock with my tongue, mouth and throat. Gordon came up behind me and started licking my wet pussy and sucking on my clit. This made me suck Michigan harder and faster. Lance had left the living room and was shortly back and sat down and ordered me to suck Ricky’s cock. I moved to Ricky as Gordon continued to suck on my clit. Ricky was already hard but I loved the way his cock felt in my mouth and throat. He was the smallest of the four and I could easily take him all the way down my throat. After I got Ricky’s dick covered in my spit I moved so that I was in a 69 with Gordon and he continued to lick and suck on my clit and pussy as I devoured his big black twelve inch cock. Lance had his phone and took a picture of me sucking Gordon’s cock and then showed it to me as I continued to suck his friends dick.

“Damn little slut, and you never had black dick until tonight and now look at you sucking on black cock like you were born to do it.” Lance said as he showed me the pictures.

I loved the ones where he zoomed in on my mouth and lips locked onto Gordon’s thick shaft. My red lips tight on his black rod looked so fucking hot; I was sucking these cocks and loving every minute. I was their slut and was being used by them.

Lance sat back down and ordered me to come to him. I crawled off of Gordon and stood up and walked slowly to Lance, my eyes fixated on his long thick black dick. He pulled me close and kissed me and then lifted me up where I was standing on the sofa. Lance began sucking and licking my pussy and then slowly started sliding his fingers into my cunt. Michigan and Ricky stood behind the sofa each to a side of Lance and I began sucking their cocks in turns. I was completely taken with lust and passion. I sucked both cocks with a vigor and hunger like I had never had before. Michigan walked to the side of me and ordered me to stroke his cock. So for a few minutes I would stroke the two cocks with my hands and suck the other as Lance pleased my pussy with his tongue and lips and fingers. This scene continued for about ten minutes and then Lance ordered me to turn around. He handed me a tube of K-Y and instructed me to coat his cock with the jelly. I did and he took some on his finger and slowly slid it into my tight red ass hole.

“Daddy, I can’t…” I said in a trembling voice before he quickly cut me off.

“Bitch shut up and get ready to have this cock in your ass. If not then we’ll throw your ass out and you’ll never get no dick from any of us.” Lance ordered as he pulled on my hair.

“Yes Daddy, please just go slow I have never had a dick in my ass hole.” I begged.

“Shut up slut and turn around and then squat on this dick.” Lance instructed me.

I was trembling from fear and anticipation. I have never had anything more than a finger in my ass and was terrified at the pain that I was about to experience. I straddled lance and slowly began to lower my hips lower and lower. I was glad that he at least brought out the K-Y so maybe it wouldn’t hurt so badly. Lance placed his hands on my hips and talked softly and sweetly to me as I squatted lower until his big head was pressing on my tight red sphincter. I took a deep breath and bit my lower lip as I began pressing my hips down on his cock. My asshole rim strained at the pressure of his head pressing into my ass and the sensation was different but not painful. Lance was not pulling me down his cock like he would if he was trying to enter my pussy so I sensed he wasn’t wanting to hurt me and that, at least for now, I was in control of the insertion of his cock into my ass. I pressed a little harder but still his head strained to get into my ass. Suddenly his head popped past my asshole rim and entered my ass, the feeling was sensational but painful and it made me take a gulp of air and I squealed.

I immediately raised up with my legs and tried to pull his head out of my ass as I squealed, “Oh fuck that hurts baby! I can’t do it, I can’t!”

Lance held my hips tightly with his hands to prevent me from pulling his head out of my ass and softly said, “No baby, you’re all good. Let that fat cock head sit in your ass until the pain goes away. Let it stretch you open.”

“Daddy it won’t fit it’s just the head and it hurts so bad!” I squealed trying to pull my hips up again.

Lance continued to hold my hips and with each passing second and the pain in my asshole began to subside. I slowly began realizing that the pain was going away and I stopped pressing with my legs and just sat there, my arms behind me on the top of the back of the sofa as I stayed motionless as I squatted over Lance’s thick black cock.

“Um, it’s not hurting as much Daddy. I think I’ll try to take some more,” I said in a calmer voice.

“Yeah that’s what I told you slut, Daddy don’t want to hurt my sweet little white slut so take your time sliding down this thick dick,” Lance said as he pulled his hands from my hips and brought them to my breasts and began tweaking my nipples in his fingers.

“I’ll help ease the pain too,” Ricky said as he knelt in front of me and began licking and slurping on my clit and pussy lips.

As Ricky began licking and slurping on my pussy and clit waves of energy and pleasure coursed thru my body. I felt the pleasures from my pussy and began pressing my hips down again. The sensation and pain started as the thicker parts of Lance’s black cock passed the rim of my asshole and I stopped again after squealing as I took about an inch more of Lance’s dick. I paused but did not try to get off his cock.

Lance knew I was trying to get him deeper and just needed to let my ass stretch so he did not try to force me down his cock and continued to massage my breasts as he kissed and licked my back. Ricky began fingering my pussy with his fingers as he continued to suck and lick me. I caught my breath and pressed my hips down again and took Lance to the widest part of his dick. I paused again and let his prick stretch my asshole wider and I just stayed still as Ricky pleased my pussy with his fingers and tongue. Soon the pain was replaced with the throbbing of pleasure his thick black cock was producing in my asshole. So I pressed down again and got most of his cock in my ass before I felt him pressing into my gut and colon. This sensation was much different, like I had a golf ball stuck in my ass that I couldn’t shit out. I let that pain subside and tried pressing deeper but a sharp pain shot through my back and I let out a yelp. I sat for a few seconds and then pressed down again but the pain did not change. I continued pressing down his black cock even though the pain was still there, I wanted all of his cock in my ass. I was feeling so many strange sensations from having Lances cock in my tight red asshole. The feel of his size in my ass was tingling and throbbing and burning and I had the feeling of wanting to take a big shit. After a few minutes more I had him completely in my ass, my tight little hole stretched to the breaking point. I tried to pull up slow but Lance brought his hands back to my hips and just held me on his cock.

“Nah bitch, let that dick set in that ass. Let it stretch you open before you start climbing up and down this shit.” Lance said as he held my hips tight.

I did as I was told and the feeling of Lances cock in my ass and the feel of Ricky slopping his fingers in my wet cunt, which was flowing more from the excitement of having Lances cock in my ass, and his slurping and sucking on my clit was so intense. Soon the pain was gone and the sense of pleasure throbbed from my ass up my body. Lance moved his hands under my tight ass cheeks and slapped the bottoms of my cheeks and so I slowly pulled with my legs up his black cock. The sensation of his cock withdrawing from my hole was amazing and like nothing I had ever felt. Lance moved his hands back to my hips and pressed down and so I pressed my hips back down his cock. I went too fast and pain shot thru my ass and I stopped. Lance patted my ass again and lifted me off his cock. He told me to hold out my hand and I did and he spit on it, then told me to spit in my hand and I did. He then ordered me to let Michigan and Gordon spit in my hand and I did as was told but was disgusted with my hand full of spit. He then ordered me to spread it on my head and I did as I was told. There was some shit from my ass pressed on his cock but he grabbed a Kleenex and wiped his cock head clean. I placed the spit on his cock head and then repositioned my ass over his cockhead.

I pressed my hole onto his head and when his cockhead popped into my ass I let out a high pitched squeak. Lance now was pressing down on my ass and hips with his hands so I continued to take more of his cock in my ass. I was going almost as slow as before but a little faster and quickly the thickest part of his cock pressed into my ass. I then slid down his cock and took him all the way into my ass. I pulled my ass up to his head and then pressed back down his black shaft going a little faster. After a few minutes of this my ass was stretched wide from his cock and so I began pulling and pushing my ass up and down Lances cock. Ricky was still sucking and licking on my clit and fingering my pussy. I bent forward, my arms on each side of Ricky’s torso grabbing the edge of the sofa with my hands to help keep my balance.

Lance grabbed each cheek in his hands and grabbed tight as he used my ass cheeks to hold my ass as he pulled my hips up and down his cock. Lance still was pushing and pulling my ass up and down his cock slowly but the pleasure and at times shots of pain from his cock in my ass was feeling good now and I knew I was going to love anal from a black man. Gordon straddled his legs each to a side of Ricky, standing directly in front of me, and pressed his hard black cock against my pouty red lips. I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking his cock slow, moaning and squealing as Lance filled my ass with his thick cock and Ricky sucked and licked and fingered my cunt.

After a few minutes of sucking on Gordon’s cock Ricky crawled from under Gordon’s leg and went and sat in a chair. Lance stopped pushing and pulling my ass up and down his cock and scooped me into his arms and pulled me off his cock and sat me to the side. He ordered me to apply more K-Y onto his cock as he stood in front of me and then ordered me to stand. Lance pulled me in front of him and placed me in-between himself, at my back, and Gordon who was already sucking and licking my nipples. I felt Lances cock press against my tight asshole and he pushed my back with his hand to about a 45 degree angle to get a better angle into my ass. I grabbed Gordon’s cock and began stroking him as Lance’s cock head popped into my asshole. I bent over more so that I could take Gordon in my mouth and I sucked his cock hungrily. Lance began slow at first stroking his cock into my ass but with each thrust he began picking up his speed and soon was stroking deep in my ass hitting my colon on occasion making me squeak as the short and sharp pain of cock pressed my colon.

I was in pure ecstasy with Lance fucking my ass and having Gordon’s cock in my mouth. Now I truly felt a slut having a black cock in all three of my holes so far that night. The passions and desires flowing thru my body were overtaking me; the feel of cock in my ass and one in my mouth was pulsing thru me. I was a sex slave for these four black men and I loved it. I loved the feel of black cock in my pussy, I loved black cock in my mouth and I loved feeling black cock in my ass. And my body was racing with electricity knowing that soon I would have three big black cocks in each of my holes being used like the slut I was being turned into.
Lance stood me up, Gordon’s cock popping out of my mouth. He pulled my head up and to the side as he stuck his tongue into my mouth, still rolling his hips making his cock stroke in and out of my asshole. Lance pulled his cock out of my ass and scooped me up, my back still to his chest. I felt his cock head pop back in my ass as Gordon moved in close between my spread legs. I felt his cock pressing into my pussy and he slid easily in my sticky wet pussy. As Gordon filled my pussy inch by inch Lance filled my ass in the same way. Soon I had both black cocks deep in both my holes. I was wishing for that dressing mirror so that I could see what I looked like sandwiched between two black bulls as they filled me with black cock. Lance and Gordon would trade off pulling me up and down their cocks. I was almost in another state of mind, I just let these black cocks fill my ass and pussy as I bounced up and down between my black lovers. I was moaning and panting and squealing from the pleasures my ass and pussy were shooting to my brain. It was only a few minutes before my pussy began squeezing and contracting on Gordon’s cock. The orgasm instinctively made my ass muscles contract and squeeze Lances fat black cock in my ass and he let out a deep groan.

“Mother fucker, I love it when a tight white slut cums when I got dick in her ass. Fuck that shit squeezes so fucking tight.” Lance growled.

“Hell yeah this bitches cunt is squeezing and pulling all on this black cock, and covering it with her sticky shit too,” Gordon said as he continued stroking into my pussy.

I was in such ecstasy I couldn’t even understand what they were saying. All I wanted was them to fuck my ass and pussy all night and keep fucking me.

“Hey Big M take a picture of this shit Bra, this bitch loves seeing herself getting fucked by black dick so let’s get a picture for her,” Lance asked of his friend.

Michigan took a picture and showed it to me. I was already somewhere else in my mind. I was completely satisfied having these black cocks in me, using my ass and cunt. When I saw the picture on Big M’s phone I let out a heavy moan. After a few minutes Lance pulled out of me and told Gordon to sit on the sofa. He did and then Lance lowered me onto Gordon’s lap and I slid onto his cock. Gordon pushed me completely down his twelve inch cock and held me on his dick as Lance pressed his cock into my ass again. Soon both men were fucking and stroking their cock’s deep then shallow in my two holes. Michigan came around the back of the sofa and fed me his black cock. This was what I had been waiting for. Now I was truly a slut. I was riding Gordon’s black cock as Lance fucked my ass and Michigan slid his cock between my lips. Ricky took another pic of the scene. Michigan soon erupted into my mouth and I swallowed his cum.

Michigan pulled his cock from my mouth and Ricky quickly filled my mouth and I sucked him tight and fast with my mouth. I cam again just from the thoughts that I was in this room getting fucked in all my holes by three black cocks, as I cam the massaging of my pussy walls on Gordon’s cock made him erupt in my pussy. After I quit hopping up and down on Gordon’s spent cock Lance began fucking my ass hard and deep and in a few minutes he filled my gut with his cum. Lance and Gordon lifted me up and crawled off or from underneath me and sat me back down, the whole time I sucked Ricky’s cock. After another few minutes Ricky pulled out of my mouth and shot his cum all over my face. After all four men had deposited a load of cum into me or on me I sat there panting and trying to catch my breath. Michigan had made ten Jaeger bombs and the guys gulped theirs at the mini bar as they talked about how sexy I was and how they loved fucking little white sluts. Ricky brought mine to me and I killed both shots immediately. I then went to the rest room and let cum ooze out of my ass and pussy into the toilet. I cleaned up and went back in the room with the men.

For the rest of the night I would suck cock on command. Or I would be taken from behind as the men stood around me watching their friend fuck me hard and fast. Once, in the cold New York air, Lance and Ricky took me on the balcony and double fucked me and then came all over my body. Each hour for about three hours I would take a few Jaeger bombs to keep me awake and go back to fucking and sucking my black Daddies. Lance passed out completely on a sofa and the others ordered me to suck his cock as each one mounted me from behind and shot their cum in my ass or pussy. A few times my black conquerors would lay me on the table and fuck my mouth and pussy and then turn me over and fuck me doggy style and fuck my pussy or ass and shove their cocks in my throat. Michigan was the next to pass out so Gordon and Ricky fucked me two more times and in-between the fucking they would have me suck their cocks until they were hard again. Gordon went to sleep about an hour before the sun came up and Ricky, who seemed to be a machine, fucked me doggy and then missionary and finally cam in my pussy as I rode his cock. He passed out immediately afterwards and I fell asleep on top of him.

At about twelve o’clock the Saturday afternoon, Lance woke me up and told me to go shower. I did and he joined me but I was so exhausted still and soar that he soaped me, rinsed me and then dried me off and then took me to his bed room and put me to bed. At about six that evening all the guys were still sound asleep when I awoke. I was buck naked and laying next to Lance and at first I felt as I had had a crazy sex dream. As I became aware of my surroundings I noticed Lance beside me and that fear and churning feeling shot through me. My head was pounding and as I scrambled out of bed the pounding in my head got more intense when I stood. I looked at Lance in the bed and then everything came back to me, the rape and then the evening with Lance that turned into late evening with Lance and Big M, the ride in the limo as I sucked Gordon and Ricky and then the entire nights fucking in the hotel. The fear quickly went away and I walked into the living room and found Big M and Ricky still laying where they had passed out. As I scanned their thick black bodies and looked intently at their black cocks; a voice in my mind said contently, you are a slut for black cock.

I smiled and went to the mini bar and got a water out of the mini fridge. I was so thirsty and I drank the bottle of water in a few gulps. I sat in a lounge chair and dosed off to be awakened by Ricky eating my pussy. I was soar but the waves of pleasure rolled over me and soon I was bent over the coffee table taking Ricky’s cock from behind. He shot his load into my mouth as he finished with me and ordered me to wake Gordon up. I looked through the rooms and found Gordon sleeping naked on his back so I sucked him until he awoke and got hard then I mounted him. As Gordon and I were fucking Ricky ordered me to reverse cowgirl on top of Gordon and Ricky climbed on the bed and fed me his cock. After Gordon cam in my pussy Ricky fucked me doggy on the bed and Michigan came in and fed me his cock and cam down my throat. Ricky shot his load all over my back and so I took another shower and then went in to wake up Lance. I sucked his cock and then climbed on him and we fucked for about thirty minutes before he had me suck his cock and eat his cum.

After each man had taken me at least once; I went and showered from head to toe and went into the living area, there was food brought by room service and I greedily devoured a hamburger and a beer. The men had stopped talking about me in every sentence and talked about this and that. A few times they would talk about me saying how much of a slut I was or talking about how snobby I was at the meeting and how they turned me into a bitch for black cock. After we all ate Lance handed me my coat, and I felt a great flash of disappointment in my stomach. I put on my coat, the stockings were ripped and torn so I threw them in the trash. I thought for sure he was going to take me down stairs and tell me to get lost. But as we got outside we began walking down the street until we came to a Victoria’s Secret. Lance had me try on about ten lingerie outfits.

I picked a full body cat suit and a new set of stockings and bra. Lance paid for them and we went to another more bolder store and I got a tight latex outfit that Lance wanted me to get and a few more stockings and braziers. I also got a dress that was low on my breasts and high on my thighs, it was very sexy and looked great with thigh high boots. I put that outfit on and wore it out of the store. All in all Lance blew about a grand on new sex outfits for me and my dress and tight thigh high boots. My outfit turned Lance on so much that we went into an office building and into a rest room where he bent me over and took my pussy hard and fast. Before he came all over my new dress I got on my knees and sucked him until he came down my throat.

After about two hours of shopping and the quickie fuck in the office building we went back to the hotel. I smiled a big evil smile at the same old door man as he looked at me loathingly but smiled a fake smile as he opened the door for us. It was almost nine at night when we got back and only Ricky was in the suite. Ricky wanted a show of me in my new outfits and so I went and tried on each outfit. He loved them all and I could tell because his black cock was fully at attention so I went to my knees and started sucking his cock in the living room. I heard a knock at the door and thought it was only Michigan and Gordon coming back but it was three of Lance’s friends. As soon as they entered the suite they saw me on my knees sucking Ricky’s cock. All three of the new guests were black and dressed in gangster clothes and immediately circled me and Ricky. Without being told all three of them had their pants pulled down and their cocks in their hands as I sucked Ricky’s fat black dick. I was very nervous but I didn’t stop because Ricky told me to keep sucking his cock and that he had invited them over and wanted to show them what a sexy slut I was for black cock. The idea of being ordered by Lance or Ricky to fuck these three new men scared me a little but more than that it sent a shock of excitement thru my body.

Lance introduced me to each of the new quests and I took Ricky’s cock from my mouth and said hello and then immediately started sucking his cock again. Lance then ordered me to suck his new friends cocks and I did as I was told. I worked on all three new cocks taking them deep in my throat and sucking them with the same vigor and passion as I had with every black cock that had been in my mouth since twenty four hours before. They all had nice sized cocks and after about ten minutes of me sucking them Lance and Ricky joined in. My pussy was burning to have cock in it, the idea that here I was with three black men I didn’t even know and two I barely knew sucking all five cocks in turn was so fucking taboo and erotic and sexy that I was aching to have a cock in me. All five cocks filled my mouth with cum and the men sat and relaxed for a while as Lance ordered me to wait on them and get them drinks. I did as I was told, still aching to have cocks in me. I took a few shots of Tequila and then went and sat at Lance’s feet. Lance and Ricky told the three new comers how they met me and how stuck up and rude I was at the meeting the day before. Lance did not tell them that he got me into fucking them by raping me but that he immediately took control of this white slut and had her fuck all his boys and how they used me all night long.

Each man’s cock became erect from the stories of the night before and I was ordered by Lance to let his three friends to use me anyway they wanted. I obeyed him and for the next hour I was passed from one black man to the next and had each of their cocks in my mouth and took their cum deep down my throat. I continued to drink my Tequila shots and soon one of the new comers got up and bent me over the sofa and started taking me from behind. The feel of his cock in my pussy was fulfilling me completely and soon one of the other men was sticking his cock down my throat. I was in complete lust and ecstasy as these new black cocks filled me and I sucked them. At some point Ricky and Lance had left and here I was with three new black cocks all by myself being used as the white slut I was becoming.

Over the next few hours these men would double and triple team me and shoot their load in me or on me. I was going crazy at the sensations of black cock filling me and using me. Between the fucking I was told to get drinks and as they talked about things, mostly how they loved Lance’s new sexy white slut. I would sit with them and either stroke one of their cocks in my hand or suck and lick on their cock and balls. Then one would tell me to mount them or would bend me over or scoop me up and fuck me right there for their friends to see. Gordon and Michigan came back in as two of the guys had me doggy style and Gordon and Michigan would have me suck them and as the three new guys had filled me with cum or shot their loads on me Little G and Big M took their places and fucked me a couple of times. Another knock on the door and two new black men came in. The two new men double fucked me after I sucked their cocks erect. So for most of that night I was passed around to any black man that came into the suite. When Lance and Ricky got back I fucked them both in front of the other seven black men that I had fucked that night.

After Lance and Ricky had filled me with cum I went and showered and redid my makeup and went back in the room. All nine black men just sat in the room talking about rap or recording or fucking me or some other slut. For about an hour I just waited on the men and got them drinks. After everyone had a sufficient rest all of the men gang fucked me one more time. It took about two hours for all nine men to have me suck their cocks or fill my ass or pussy with black cock. The five new men that I met that day left and my four Daddies spent the rest of night taking me as they pleased. They used me as their slut until about four in the morning and finally I passed out from exhaustion and alcohol. The next morning I fucked each one of the men again and then Lance and Michigan took me back to the office. The limo driver was black and so I had to give him his tip by sucking his cock before they walked me up to the office. Lance asked for my address so that he could have my new clothes and outfits sent over to my house so I gave it to him. After a few minutes of chit chat Lance and Michigan left and I cleaned up the office and then went home to rest for work on Monday.

Over the next four months every weekend I at least spent a Friday or Saturday night with at least two of my black masters. And at least once a month I was in the center of a group gangbang for Lance, Big M, Gordon and Ricky and anyone else they allowed to join, over an entire weekend. Sometimes there would be new faces in the hotel room and as per usual I would let the new faces take me as my Daddy Lance had ordered of me.

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