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JUst Grin And Bear It

I bought myself a computer earlier this year, and it wasn't long before I found my way into all the porn sites I could handle. One day I was visiting a site that had free links to anything and everything that had to do with sex. As I scrolled down, I noticed a link called dogsex, intrigued I had to check it out. That's when I saw my first beastiality picture, it was a really sexy woman getting fucked from behind by a big dog. I can't remember ever being so instantly arowsed. After that I was hooked, I sought out...


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Sweet Revenge trilogy. Chapter 2

*Author's note-This belongs to me. This is chapter 2 of the Sweet Revenge trilogy. If you have not read the first, I suggest you do so. I hope you enjoy, and as I've said, this part contains the non consent. I do no condone it, and I do not suggest you go out and do it. '...' thoughts Chapter 2 - Payback is a Bitch, Ain't it? It's been almost a year since I was fired and my life practically ended. I used to be a well paid psychology professor at the local High school. I was caught blackmailing and fucking...


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A Campers Dream

A Campers Dream It had been a long hard winter in Michigan, so my wife and I agreed to get away from home for a few weeks. I took two weeks off from work, loaded up the camper, hooked up the truck and we were on our way. It was late spring so we decided to go south to enjoy some nice warm weather. My wife Miko is from Japan, 40 years old, 5 ft. 6 in. tall and about 120 lbs. Her breasts are not big, but she has a nice tight and slender body. I think she has a...


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Poppy Chapter 2

The next morning, she awoke to bird's song and the sun streaming in through the window. As she stretched under the heavy comforter, she was reminded that she had slept nude. Normally this wasn't a big deal, but she would insist on panties at least. Now she smiled to herself at the thought of her sleeping totally nude, taking comfort in knowing He liked it that way. She was going to enjoy pleasing Him. She got out of bed, and stretched some more, then padded across the sun-warmed carpet to her bathroom. She began preparing herself for Him with a shower...


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Mama's Girl

Living in the projects of Chicago is exactly how it sounds. A nightmare. To make matters worse, my mom’s usually fucked up on whatever drug she can find half the time, doing some unsavory things in order to maintain her fix. We’ve all had to do things we’re not proud of to survive in this hell hole, myself included. Being a small, pale skin, “sissy” white boy in a place like this has made me an easy target. Especially without a dad to protect me, he left a long time ago. It’s bad enough that I’m constantly confused for a girl...


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The Medieval Marine Part Twelve

CHAPTER LVI Luke was anxious to get home. Everyone just assumed that he just wanted to get home to fuck his hot girlfriend and even hotter wife and he did have to admit that was part of the reason. Ok a big part. The main reason though was that he knew that they were scheduled for invasion soon and from the spies that Marion had sent into Norway, he knew that the historical invasion was still on track. Luke wanted to get back so that they could get ready for it. Before he could leave through, he had to deal with...


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Learning to eat cum 6 / Final

Learning to Eat Cum 6 / Final The following morning I woke up next to Lynne. The duvet had fallen to the floor; she lay on her front with her gorgeous arse in full view. I was so tempted to bury my head in it but thought I had better not wake her. I went downstairs and started to make myself a coffee. The door to the kitchen opened and in walked Emma. She was wearing a white housecoat which was untied and as I looked her up and down I could see her flesh through the gap. ‘Thanks for last...


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The friday after thursday night football

That morning I took a long hot shower. I couldn’t shake the memory of Heather dominating me like no BBW has dominated me before. I also kept thinking that I really needed to get my sunglasses but I was worried that it was going to be awkward. Since it was Friday and I could wear jeans I really didn’t put to much thought into what I was going to wear. I got dressed, packed the kids up and dropped them off at daycare/school. As I was pulling away from the school I gave Heather a call. No answer. Shit I thought...


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One summer I decided to visit my cousin. Upon arriving at his house, I rang the door bell, but no one came to the door and decided to go to the back way. The sliding door was open and called out, “Cousin, are you in?” I heard the shower running and then my cousin, Johnny, shouting, “What the fuck, who is here!?’’ I laughed, told him, “Me bro, hey what ups? It is me, Jose.” I approached the bathroom door in hallway, when suddenly the door opened and he stood naked before me. His strong, dark brown, muscular body dripping...


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Visiting Nikki, A Filipino Ladyboy

Several months ago, I met a girl online through one of those paid web-cam site, and she was more than just a girl. She went by the name of Nicole and I knew she was a transsexual, because at the time I was very curious about being with one. She was a very attractive, and passable girl with a great body. Nicole was about 5'6”, weighed about 120 pounds, had dark hair, dark eyes, nice little perky tits with hard little nipples, great legs, a great, and a pretty face, especially when she smiled. I never thought I would be so...


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