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True Story

Incest in Sicily

It was a scorching hot afternoon, Donna and Milam and her children, and little bill had taken an excursion out of Catania to the coast line and a small alcove known by the locals as the Cyclops. They had found a nicely shaded spot, had a picnic lunch and after the children played furiously for half an hour they were tired out from the heat and sleepy from a full meal and one by one lay down and took their customary nap. Donna was gathering up a towel and maneuvering her flip flops on her feet, when her son was suddenly...


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Memories of a Deviant: Prologue and Ch. 1: Family Reunion_(1)

No matter where you go in the world, one thing that is almost universally considered to be a taboo is incest, and as you can see from the title of this new series even I, after all that's happened, still consider it to be such. The only difference between myself and the rest of the world is that I no longer care if it is taboo or not. What follows is the true story of how I entered into a deeply committed relationship with my cousin whom we will call Tiffany. Obviously that is not her real name and in order...


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My wife's friend_(0)

This is a true story of my time with one of my wife's friends. I have changed the names for the reasons you would think. It takes place in the year 2011. She is 66, about 5'2 maybe shorter, about 105 soaking wet. She was a bleach blonde hair with tiny tits, which i love. I think her tits are 34 B maybe even A's I loved the way she wears her jeans, they are always nice and tight.I have always wondered if she wore regular panties or thongs. She worked with my wife for years. My wife would come home...


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Brought up to be a good woman!

My father has always told me and my sister that from a time when he was very young he knew he wanted daughters to love and raise correctly. When he was 30 he met our mother, a drug addict and immediately got her pregnant with me, then a few months after my birth she got pregnant with my sister. He used the excuse she was a drug addict to take full custody and moved us in with his father. My father and grandfather raised us from the beginning to be good women and serve men completely and without question as was...


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Caught With Sister's Best Friends Dirty Panties

Caught With Sister's Best Friends Dirty Panties I was always keen on one of sis's friends, in fact her very best friend. They did everything together. The were either shopping or gossiping about the guys they had a crush on. Sis and her friend both stood about 5'6 roughly 110 lbs each and had dark hair, beautiful skin and the nicest bodies. They were the hottest girls in the neighborhood. Anyone would expect each of them to be stuck up, self absorbed girls yet they were both really down to earth. I heard them refered to as old souls, they just...


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James & Janie

I grew up in a typical suburban neighborhood in the late 60's early 70's. I wanted to write about my first ever experience for a long time and now, finally…. When I was 11 and my sister was 9, we hung around with another brother and sister, James and Janie. We used to just goof around the neighborhood, play in the park or kick a ball around, but that day would turn out to be a lot different. James was kind of a young surfer punk looking guy, dirty blonde hair in his eyes all the time and he and I...


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Our Sexual Experience

This follows through on Part one on the cruise liner of the sex scene where my wife and myself indulged in on deck of the ship. On getting back to our cabin, we had now somewhat cooled off from the fantastic oral, pissing, anal stimulation and cum swallowing fun. We were a bit tired, but not tired enough to have a shower and change into night clothes and do some relaxation before retiring to bed. My wife (Sandy) excused herself as she wanted to use the bathroom. I switched on the TV and set back awhile to watch some soapy on...


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My First Time, Twice

My First Time, Twice By: Ariel Levy When I was fourteen years old, I decided it was time to lose my virginity. Precocity had always been my thing. As an only child, I spent most of my youth around adults, which made me sound sort of like one. By early adolescence I had become so accustomed to being told I was mature, it seemed obvious to me that this next benchmark had to be hit early in order to maintain my identity. I was curious about sex. But mostly, I had a reputation to uphold. (I was pretty much the only...


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The friday after thursday night football

That morning I took a long hot shower. I couldn’t shake the memory of Heather dominating me like no BBW has dominated me before. I also kept thinking that I really needed to get my sunglasses but I was worried that it was going to be awkward. Since it was Friday and I could wear jeans I really didn’t put to much thought into what I was going to wear. I got dressed, packed the kids up and dropped them off at daycare/school. As I was pulling away from the school I gave Heather a call. No answer. Shit I thought...


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Days in the Dorm-Part 1

Well I live in a college dorm so you can imagine that I see, hear about and have a LOT of sex. I've never been a whore but I do appreciate the male body. One of my favorite fuck sessions actually happened in the first month of college with my best friend, Mike. I've been friends with him since my freshman year of high school and our friendship is one I highly value. I came up north (to northern California from southern California) to go to school in August of last year. I was pretty lonely in my dorm since I...


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