Poppy Chapter 2

Poppy Chapter 2

The next morning, she awoke to bird's song and the sun streaming in through the window. As she stretched under the heavy comforter, she was reminded that she had slept nude. Normally this wasn't a big deal, but she would insist on panties at least. Now she smiled to herself at the thought of her sleeping totally nude, taking comfort in knowing He liked it that way. She was going to enjoy pleasing Him.

She got out of bed, and stretched some more, then padded across the sun-warmed carpet to her bathroom. She began preparing herself for Him with a shower, making sure to scrub everywhere well. She found all she needed to shave her legs and armpits and took care of them carefully, making sure not to cut herself or miss anywhere.

She found all the best shampoos also, and washed her hair twice. When she noticed the conditioner on the shelf, she thought of her pubic hair and His instructions to shave it off. She dutifully lathered up her hair and, while letting it do its work, she lather her pubic area, massaging it in. She found herself more than just sexually excited, she felt almost giddy, and yet nervous. She wasn't sure what to expect today, this being the first day of her training, but she was looking forward to it. She stood there in the shower, just out of the spray thinking about her life before this.

She had always gotten the attention of men, but never seemed to keep the right kind. Either they were married or expected her to put out right away or only wanted her for sex. She could remember falling for almost everyone of them, and falling hard. She wanted to believe they loved her for her not her body, she wanted to believe they wanted to stay just to be with her. None had.

She remembered one in particular, she always would. Peter had been different. She met him through a friend. He swept her off her feet, not that it wasn't hard, for she craved the attention. He treated her like a queen, when he could get away from work. He was loving, romantic, passionate and sensitive. Then, after they had begun having sex, his visits got further and further apart. She thought it was her, that she wasn't pleasing him. She tried to do better, it didn't seem to matter. She decided to surprise him, by bringing lunch to his work. He froze when he saw her through his open office door. As she entered his office, her smile faded. He acted like he didn't know her. Then as he pushed the door back open to escort her out, she saw it. A wedding band on his finger. She couldn't hold it in and the tears started to fall. She stopped in the middle of the open door and looked at him as her world and her heart began to break apart. She could read it on his face, anger, embarrassment. The picture on the wall behind him confirmed it. Him and obviously his wife, sitting in autumn leaves with a big Irish Setter. She left. Never went back.

Getting back home, she took the bottle of wine out of the picnic basket and got herself drunk. Between crying and drinking on the kitchen floor, she made herself promise not to put herself through this again. And she hadn't. She decided there wasn't anyone for her and went 10 months without seeing anyone.

The shower was getting cold. It brought her back from her daydream. She adjusted the temp so the water warmed back up and rinsed her hair, careful not to let the water wash away the conditioner below.

Placing her foot on the tub edge she used the razor to shave off the last of her hair. She usually kept herself trimmed neatly down there anyway so it didn't take much. She wanted to make sure she was totally hairless though and ran the cold razor all over her sex.

Shutting off the shower, she wondered just what He had in store for her today. She toweled herself dry and hand dried her hair, combing it back into place the way it was when He commented that He liked it.

Stepping out of the bathroom, still nude, she noticed a food tray had been left for her. Its legs were shorter than the average TV tray and it was sitting on the floor. She knew that meant she was, also, supposed to sit on the floor. That suited her, she could sit in the morning sun while she ate, and look out over His large backyard.

Several weeping willows swayed gently in the morning breeze and she could see several flower beds of all colors flanking a stone path that led to a gazebo. She felt very much at peace as she finished her light breakfast of fruit and croissants. The sun warmed her and helped dry her hair. Just as she was finishing, she heard footsteps approaching.

She immediately stopped eating and lowered her head.

The first thing He saw entering the bedroom was her naked form, on her knees on the floor, her feet under her. He could see the pink soles of her feet under her butt and her full naked back. He could see her hair was just drying and would smell wonderful.

"Ahh, Poppy, good to see you up. You have showered?" He asked in his slow, calm voice.

She nodded once.

"You remember your instructions from yesterday?" asking as He sat on the bed.

In response, she stood, hesitantly faced Him, and dropped her hands to her side. Her eyes remained on the floor.

He got up off the bed and knelt in front of her. "Lets have a good look, now." He got eye level with her sex and looked her over.

"Spread," He ordered calmly.

She took a tentative half-step to the side revealing more of herself.

He gave her a look that told her He knew she could do better. She took another half-step to the other side, totally revealing her shaved pubic area for His inspection.

"Very good. I like it." Again she couldn't help but smile.

He stood and sat on her bed. "Today you will begin training. You won't be pushed much today, but know that it will build as time passes and you are expected to respond well. You must follow my directions exactly. Do you understand?"

Keeping her head lowered, she couldn't help but look quickly into His hazel eyes. She nodded respectful.

"We shall start with your experiences. I want to know what you have done, whether you were forced to or not." She continued to stand with her hands behind her back, not sure if she was being given the opportunity to speak or not.

"You may sit." He commanded in His quiet tone. She promptly sat on the floor. Again she felt drawn to Him and rested against His leg.

"Have you ever been with another woman?"

She shook her head.

"Have you performed oral sex?" He gazed down at her large, dark eyes.

She nodded.

"Did you swallow his ejaculate?"

She paused but then nodded.


She paused again, then shook her head.

He sighed and stroked her hair. "I will teach you to enjoy it. What about being anally penetrated?"

She lowered her head even further, embarrassed to admit it, but still making eye contact with Him. Slowly she nodded.

He could see the faint traces of a sadness in her eyes.

"Toys, fingers, or penis?" He questioned in his low, calm way.

She raised her head more, looking to Him, wondering if He was waiting for her to actually respond.

"You may answer." He replied, reading her mind.

"Penis." she said quietly. For some reason, it was embarrassing for her to say the word. Here she was, well known for being turned on by dirty talk during sex and to Him she could hardly get herself to speak about even so clinical a word as 'penis'.

"I take it not willingly?" He asked calmly.

Her head automatically bowed. She didn't have to answer, He knew. She chastised herself for the tears beginning to well in her eyes. She sniffed hoping He hadn't noticed.

Instead she felt His warm hand lift from her shoulder. Strong fingers wrapped around her chin and turned her face toward Him.

"I shall make you beg to be penetrated there, and not because you think I want you to. You shall enjoy it. I shall teach you."

She believed Him. She took comfort not only in the love He showed her now, but in the loving and tender ways she knew He would display His affections to her later. This was exactly what she craved.

"To that end, you must be prepared, Poppy. That begins now. Are you ready?" He still held her chin.

"Yes," she whispered, fear and excitement colored her speech.

To begin with, He explained she must be ready to receive anything into her body. Of course that meant making room. He showed her to another bathroom with a large, vinyl covered wedge laying in the middle of the floor. Hanging by a hook on the wall above the toilet, was a large hot water bottle with a hose that touched the floor. She knew what she meant, but dutifully stood near the wedge, not moving until He told her to.

Once He came in and walked past her, she heard Him go to the counter behind her and heard the snap of rubber gloves.

"Position yourself on the wedge so I can access your behind." He watched her get into position, laying with her head on the thinnest part of the wedge near the floor and her hips just hanging over the edge. With her knees on the floor, she was in a perfect doggy-style position, ready for Him.

"I will be giving you an enema to make sure you are ready to accept things. You are to hold it as long as you can." He instructed. He gathered up the end of the hose and inserted a long narrow nozzle. She realized on the wall directly across from her was a large, floor-length mirror. She turned her head and watched Him. He reached for a small bottle that sat in a base on the counter. Realizing it was lubricant for the nozzle she wonder about the base on the counter until He explained.

"I will be inserting the nozzle now. I know it is hard, but you are to relax. Tensing will only make the muscles resist more. The lubricant is warmed so the initial shock should not be as great."

She couldn't help it and did flinch slightly when she felt the tip touch her rear entrance, but He kept it there, just barely touching for her to get used to it. He was extremely gentle and she could barely feel it when He begin to penetrate her. The nozzle slipped in slowly, He taking his time. She used His calmness to calm herself and knowing He wouldn't hurt her she was able to relax and allow it to happen.

Gradually, she realized she was getting drowsy and had almost relaxed herself asleep. She felt no fear from Him.

Several minutes had gone by, according to the bathroom clock, and finally He leaned forward to her.

"Its all the way in. Being so small I doubt you could feel it enter, but I want you to realize that taking it slow and using plenty of lubricant makes penetration easier. I am now going to open the clamp. You will feel the warm water enter you. Once the bag is empty, I will remove the nozzle. You must hold it as best you can."

She gave a short nod to indicate that she understood and was ready. Slowly she felt a warmness in her butt and felt her tummy distend slightly. He hadn't used much water, just enough to get the job done. She actually found it pleasant.

She hardly noticed when He removed the nozzle. She continued to lay in that position for a few more moments.

"You may void now." He instructed her. She hated to move, but she obeyed, sitting down on the toilet. He left while she finished. After she was done, she re-washed her backside making sure she was ready for whatever was next.

When she was finished, she stood waiting in the middle of the bathroom. She knew it was not her place to go looking for Him. When He wanted her, she would be ready, even though her heart was pounding, wondering what He might have in store for her.

Eventually, He came and escorted her to another room. This room was obviously His playroom. He had all sorts of tools hanging on the walls. Restraints, shackles, chains, all were displayed on the walls. She couldn't help but shiver as she glanced around her.

He saw. "Most of this is display only." He assured her.

In the center of the room, was a large table, three feet off the ground and five feet long, covered in black vinyl with a black Velcro strap at each corner. On top was a large, vinyl covered box.

"Position yourself on the box, as before." He pointed to the table. She walked to it, and finding a small step, climbed on top. It was thickly padded and she walked on her knees to the box, bending forward at the waist to lay across it. She knew she could be restrained on this table in this position, and it sent a thrill through her.

Stepping behind her, He could see her tight, brown star waiting for Him. He barely could control himself. He wanted to show her the pleasure of a good anal reaming, but knew she must be properly prepared first.

She heard the squeak of something being wheeled to the table behind her. She wanted to look behind her, but knew better.

She was surprised that she actually kept her nervous curiosity in check and maintained her stare forward. She heard Him moving what looked like a tall cart up behind her. She felt it bump the table as she rested on the large box doggy style. Then she felt His warm hands on her ankle.

"I'm going to strap you in, Poppy." He matched His words with actions as He slid her bare leg closer to the edge of the table. She felt the Velcro strap at the table corner wrap around her ankle. He firmly strapped it down keeping it in place. Next He restrained the other ankle. Moving in front of her, He smiled at her, knowing what was coming next, as He strapped down her wrists. She knew it wasn't good behavior but gazed at Him, studying Him as he worked. He was careful with her, not making the straps too tight. She was ready for anything, she would not let Him down.

Moving back behind her, she heard Him squirt something onto His hands.

"This will help you relax." He said as she felt the heat of His hands on her backside. He rubbed His hands gently on the small of her back, slowly dragging them down her rump. As His hands ended up on each of her cheeks, He began to lightly kneed them, squeezing and massaging them. She couldn't believe how good it felt!

His hands worked slowly and every move was calculated to make her feel the deep pressure on her muscles. Relaxing her almost into a trance, she suddenly snapped awake as she felt His thumbs come together on either side of her crack. They traveled up all the way to her back, giving her a tingle as they brushed against the outer edge of her pubic lips and rear entrance. She was actually becoming very turned on. It had been a while since anyone had touched her there. She felt His touch was almost electric. Sliding His oiled hands back down her butt, the thumbs again in her crack, she tried to push back.

He noticed her becoming more relaxed and beginning to enjoy it. He purposefully stroked close to her sex and her anus but barely touched them. She was starting to strain against the straps, savoring His touch on her sex. He smiled from behind her and suddenly lifted His hands away from her.

She froze, immediately aware He had stopped. Had she done something wrong? She kept herself in the last position, locked back, working against the straps. Maybe she wasn't supposed to move. She didn't dare move forward and settle back down on the box. That would be her acknowledging that she had been moving with His rhythm, enjoying His touch.

He stood back watching her with a grin and shook His head. He knew He had her, she would doing anything He wanted. He was pleased.

"Back on your box, Poppy." He said with a chuckle as He smacked her butt, making more noise than normal because of the slick oil on her cheek and His hand.

She settled with a sheepish grin that her long hair thankfully hid, after a startle, and got comfortable. It never crossed her mind that she was totally helpless, lying there strapped to His table. She trusted him implicitly.

Now there was more squeaking of wheels behind her. She got serious, ready to serve Him.

"This is vibrator is the smallest I have found. It was specially made for anal virgins. You will lay they and let it penetrate you. It will slowly begin to warm up and will slide into a little at a time. The mechanism is made to take almost half an hour for it to slide all the way into you. That way you will become used to it. It is also perforated and will lubricate you as it slides in. Do you understand?" He asked.

She has tensed at "anal virgin", not know what it looked like still didn't stop a ever-growing fear about being painfully entered. She tried to slow her breathing and responded with a nod. She understood, and forced herself to resolve to make Him proud.

She kept her head up, staring at a leather mask that hung on the wall opposite, staring back at her. She tried to smooth out her breathing as she heard the hum of the anal vibe start behind her. She tried not to tense her muscle back there and forced herself to relax, telling herself to just let it happen. She felt His finger teasingly trail down her crack to her hole and stay there. She thought He meant to penetrate her Himself with His finger, the heat of His finger still rested between her cheeks, then she realized as she heard Him walk forward and face her that He had left a gob of warmed lubricant on her anus.

"Once all eight inches of the vibrator are all the way inside your anus, it will begin to slide in and out. The speed will increase and so will the pleasure. Your muscles are totally capable of taking so small an object so you must relax and enjoy it. I have had several persons tell me it was the most erotic and satisfying experience they have ever had." He smile at her as He walked away, and she tried to tell if it was a smile tinged with just a hint of evil delight.

She thought about what He had told her, waiting to feel something. She knew He wouldn't lie to her, so she told herself to enjoy this experience. A clock on the wall nearby allowed her to follow the vibrators progress.

After a full minute, she could still only feel the warm presence of the lube. Only by shifting her hips back and forth could she tell the vibe was even inside her at all.

At the five minute mark, she could feel it had worked to a point in her anus that made her feel she needed to go to the bathroom. But the slight, constant pressure soon faded. After ten minutes it felt like a good 3 inches was inside of her, but it was so small she could only feel a slight, muffled presence. If she hadn't been concentrating on it, she could have forgotten that there was a toy slowly working its way inside her.

By fifteen minutes she was resting her head on the cushioned box, pleasantly enjoying the slight pressure she could barely feel from her anus. It was warm and snugly deep inside her. If she didn't move she wouldn't have felt it all. She made herself wiggle every now and then to feel it push against the sides of the anal passage.

After that, she stopped paying attention to the clock. She was blissful resting on the block, almost ready to fall asleep. The vibe was buried in her butt, and she had felt no pain at all. She was turned on with how it felt, happy that she had taken it so well, and proud that she would please Him when He checked on her.

Suddenly the machine slowly thrusting the vibe into her stopped. Her head lifted off the cushioned and she tried to turn to look. She could feel the pressure had changed, it began to lessen. Then she remembered once it was all the way in, it would begin to pump, fucking itself into her anus.

She gave a short gasp as it began to slowly shove its way back in. She gasped again as it slowly withdrew. Her anal passage seemed to be trying to keep it inside, sucking the vibe back into her.

This time as it was pushed in, it went faster.

A full hour later, He came to look in on her. He couldn't help but smile slyly as he approached the playroom. He could hear the machine still rhythmically pumping into her.

He wasn't surprised, as He approached her, to see that she had apparently passed out. He stopped the machine and slowly withdrew the vibe from her anus. Pushing the table aside, He turned to inspect her.

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