Bobby and Jonnie Were Sweethearts

Bobby and Jonnie Were Sweethearts

She was seventeen and still had never been kissed, except when she met Bobby. He was seventeen also and, although he had been kissed several times by the ladies, he had never got to second base much less third or home. But they were in love, puppy love anyway, and to them it would last forever. Bobby and Jonnie were juniors in a Midwest high school right in the middle of farm country so they knew what sex was all about. But when it came to actually experiencing it, neither one of them had the foggiest clue where even to start.

They had gone together since the spring of the freshman year and had always told each other that they would refrain from having sex until they were married. But as time went on, that vow became harder and harder to keep. It was in the spring, in about April, when Bobby asked Jonnie to go to the Prom with him. Of course she said “Yes” because they were a couple and everyone expected them to go as a couple.

Bobby was a gangly kid of about 6 feet in height but weighed in at only 145 pounds. He was good looking, not great but it would not hurt anyone to look at him either. Jonnie was the looker of the pair however, being real short, maybe 5 feet even but not weighing more than 90 pounds. She had blonde hair that she wore down to her shoulders, beautiful blue eyes and a petite little body that would stop a train. Her breasts were small but perfectly shaped and her little rear end was so compact that you would swear that she worked out with free weights.

They had talked and planned to go to the Prom together and the subject of what they were going to do after the dance came up between them but neither of them made any commitments. But now as it was getting closer to the date, Bobby decided to bring it up again with Jonnie.

“I was wondering about the Prom and stuff and if we had decided anything about what we are going to do afterwards,” he said as casually as he could. He knew what he wanted to do but he didn’t know what she thought about it.

“Oh Bobby, I know what you want me to say but I just don’t know. It’s such a big step,” she said hesitatingly. “Do you think we are ready for that next step? I mean I do love you, Bobby, you know that don’t you and I really want to but we did take a vow that we would wait. But now I’m not sure if I can.”

“I know Jonnie, I know. We’ve been going out for a long time and it seems like the natural next step, but I know what you mean, we did take a vow and now when we get older, we start to wonder if we made it too quick,” he rationalized his thoughts to her.

She thought for a moment and then suggested, “We can make arrangements for that weekend and everything just in case we decide to go through with it but not really committing to it.”

“Yeah, we can always cancel if we decide not to,” he said enthusiastically. “I can make the reservations and we can make up our stories so we can tell our parents what we are doing that night. We can always tell them that we are going to spend the night at the school at the “Night Out” arrangement.

The High School always provided a “Night Out” event at the school after the Prom. It was a supervised function, chaperoned by a group of parents where they locked the doors at midnight and didn’t allow anybody to come in or leave and they checked for alcohol and drugs at the door before allowing you to enter. It would be a good cover if they needed it and maybe if they didn’t, they just might attend the function anyway.

Bobby made the reservations at a motel in his name only, giving them a deposit to hold the room. They told their parents the story of them attending the “Night Out” at the school so everything was ready. But now all they had to do was to make their decision.

As the time grew nearer to the night of the Prom, Bobby would look at Jonnie for an answer and Jonnie would scour Bobbie’s face for an indication of where he was leaning. They still had not made up their minds on the eve of the dance and when Bobby phoned her house, he told her that if he was going to cancel the reservation and get his deposit back he had to do it tonight.

She hesitated because she didn’t know what to do or to say and neither did he. He thought about all of the ramifications for a second and then blurted out, “Let’s do it.”

She was suddenly silent for the longest time and he thought that she was getting cold feet and just as he was about to withdraw his decision, she said, “Okay Bobby, I love you so much, let’s show each other just how much and do it tomorrow night.” They hung up and each of them started shaking with excitement and apprehension.

The next day was a Saturday and Jonnie spent the entire day getting ready for the Prom. There was her hair that she had to style and her nails. Then she had to get her makeup just right and she had to try on her gown for the umpteenth time. It was a full length evening gown made of silver sequins and a black felt fabric as an accent. The black felt flowed over the bodice up from her right shoulder and across her trim little body to stop at the back of her left hip. It became the strap that held it up over her right shoulder because it was totally backless accept for the tiny little black strings that laced together leaving 9 or so inches of nothingness between her shoulder blades and her waistline. The skirt portion had a slit up her right side that stopped just below where her panties started to show. It was tight across the tummy and all in all, it looked fabulous on her and so, so sexy.

Of course he wore a tuxedo with a light grey bow tie and cumber bum and they looked quiet the pair as they made their way into the dance. They had arrived in a limo that he had rented just for the evening because he had already parked his car at the dance that afternoon. They had intended to leave the dance early to go to the motel so they wanted everything to be ready for their quiet exit.

They both had such a good time at the dance that they each secretly began to second guess their decision about leaving it early. He kept caressing her upper arm as he held her close during the dances and she kept pressing into his body to show him of her love. As a song would end, they would look into each others eyes and smile to express their love for each other, thus keeping their decision a secret to the rest of their friends.

After about an hour or so, Bobby pulled her close and whispered into her ear, “Do you want to go through with this? If you do, then we should be leaving soon.”

She looked up into his questioning eyes for a moment, slightly bit down on her lower lip and then smiled a nervous smile and nodded her head to indicate that she was ready. He slowly pulled her into him and gave a warm gentle hug and as he took her by the arm, they walked off of the dance floor and blended into the crowd as they exited the dance and walked to his car.

They were both shaking from their nerves as they drove his car towards the motel and as he pulled it around to the back, he turned it off and looked over at his girl friend. His eyes told her that she had one more chance to say no if she was so inclined but her desires would not let say that one word. He opened his door, walked around the car and opened the passenger door to help her out.

He had already checked in at the front desk and had requested a room on the back side of the motel, just in case someone would drive by and recognize his car. He had already gone into the room and prepared it for tonight’s activities by pulling all the shades and turning on the night light next to the bed so as he opened the door, he turned to follow her in.

She held her shoulders in a nervous sort of way as she walked around the bed and looked into the bathroom. As she walked back out into the room, she looked shyly at him as if to say, “Now what?”
He slowly started to slip out of his jacket and remove his clip on bowtie but his eyes never left hers. He bent down to remove his shoes and socks and then his hands went up to his trousers as he began to open them up.

Jonnie just stood there starring at him disrobe, feeling a sudden sense of panic take hold over her body. She could feel the redness come out in her cheeks as her temperature started to rise, but when he had opened his pants up completely and he was sliding them down his legs exposing his underwear to her eyes, she could feel the embarrassment grow in her face as she suddenly started to shake uncontrollably. She knew that her turn was next and she didn’t know if she could go through with this.

He stopped at the point of removing his boxers as he pulled back the sheets and crawled in under them. He propped up his head on the double pillows as he looked towards his Jonnie in anticipation. It was now or never and both of them knew that this moment would mean if they went through with it or not. She stood there like a statue, not moving a muscle for the longest time and then she moved one foot out and slipped her shoe off of her foot and then removed the other one.

Her hands went up to her left side of the dress, just under her arm pit and started to unzip her dress from her tiny little body. Bobby’s cock stirred with the though of seeing her remove her outer garment but as she got the zipper down as far as it would go. She clutched her hand at her chest and held the bodice up in place as she slowly slid the one shoulder strap off and it fell down around her other arm. She looked into his eyes and he could see that she was nervous about showing him her naked body but then her hand let the bodice loose and allowed it to slowly slide down her body.

The dress had two cups sown into it to give her the support of a bra and as it made its way down over her small little breasts, they both jerked back up into place and proudly suck out to be recognized. Bobby’s breath stuck in his throat at the his first sight of the perky little mammary glands that he so did want to fondle and as the dress made its way down over her hips and legs, it left a trail of his tears of excitement until it finally gathered at the floor in a heap of fabric. She quickly slid in under the covers next to him but not before exposing her tiny little see through panties to his eager eyes.

As she lay there beside of him, clutching the covers up to her chin and nervously waiting for his next move, Bobby realized that this was the very first time that they had ever done anything like what they were about to do. They hadn’t even felt around with each other’s bodies so he didn’t know how to start his manual exploration. He thought for a second and then, raising up to place himself over her trembling body, he slowly lowered his naked body down to make contact with her naked body and as he felt her warmth of her embrace, he bend down and gave her a slow, sensuous kiss on the lips.

Her arms went up around his neck and twisted herself under his weight, pulling him down on top of her. They kissed the most passionate kiss that they ever had experienced. It was one of desire, of giving and receiving and of lust for what they were about to do. They kissed with open mouths for the first time as they ground their lips together in a mad joining of their souls. They kissed with their lips, with their mouths and with their tongues; they kissed the most breathless, passionate kiss of their young lives and as they came up for air, they both began to explore the other with their hands.

He scooted out of the way of his hand reaching up to feel her warm breast. Her tiny nipple poked right into his palm as he ran it around on her little mound. She inhaled a little breath as she made a noise of understanding of the sensation that it was causing her to feel and he felt her hand go down his back to find a resting place right on his left cheek of his butt. She pulled it into her crotch as she suddenly raised her hips up to meet his.

Sliding between her two out stretched legs and scooting downward, he placed his face on her breast area and as she gasp out her surprise, he took a nipple in between his lips and began to kiss and suckle her like a baby suckles his mother. The sensation was much better however, because as her brain settled on the unbelievable sensation that it was receiving, she groaned out loud and raised her chest up to meet his open mouth.

“Oh Bobby,” she moaned.

But as he switched to the other one, he moved his hand down to her crotch and began to exert pressure into her most sacred treasure. She vocalized her shock with a rather loud, “Oh my God Bobby?” but her legs remained wide apart and she didn’t try to stop his invasion. But her hand sough out something to grab but all that she felt was the waistband of his boxers so she inserted her fingers and started stretching out the elastic. This cause a sudden rush throughout his groin so he instinctively moved himself back up her body and allowed her fingers to go down further into his underwear and make contact with his hairy crotch. He felt euphoric at the touch and as her fingers made their way around his rock hard cock, he moaned loudly as she grasped it hard in her small little fist.

They continued to let their emotions manifest themselves into a groping, fondling festival of sensory manipulation as they each got hotter and hotter and much more receptive to the others manual explorations. She was sliding his raging hard cock up and down in her fist and he was pressing the fabric of her panties into her soft spot between her legs. Both of them were panting quite heavily as they gave and received their manual stimulation.

He rolled to the side of her and pulled her on top of him in one motion. She spread her legs out over his body as she came out from the covers and was sitting upon her perch free of any covering at all. She no longer cared about her naked body being exposed to his eyes, she had one thing on her mind and that was to see his massive cock with hers.

She slid down his boxers over his hips as he raised his butt off of the bed and she removed them completely from his body. Looking down at his erection, her heart skipped a beat as she whispered to herself, “Oh my
God, that thing is huge!”

He wasn’t really that big but he was bigger than normal in length and had a matching girth. She all of a suddened wondered how she was going to fit that thing into her small, virgin little vagina. She got a little chill just thinking about it but his groping hands on her breasts took all doubt away. Somehow she would make it fit.

She moved herself up on his body on all fours, crawling up over his hips and straddling his tummy. Looking into her eyes and giving her an erotic smile, he placed his palm down between her legs and extended his fingers up into her well opening as she closed her eyes and moaned. He felt the desire down deep within his loins and he knew that he had to take it easy if he was to make this last as long as possible.

He pulled her chest down into his sucking mouth as he took one entire breast into it and closed his lips around her mound. She cried out with enjoyment as he released it out except for the nipple as he sucked it hard with his lips. She shuttered with glee as she arched her back into his mouth and he switched to the other one. Repeating the process completely, he pulled down onto his mouth but at the end this time, he pulled her to one side and rotated himself so as to land once again on top of her wide spread legs.

He was immediately on his knees between them and his cock was rubbing on her slit under her panties. He looked down at her crotch and for the first time he noted that her panties were see through and he could clearly see her two puffy lips hiding under her sparsely covered light brown pubic hair growing down between her legs. He had a sudden desire run through his body as he groaned through his open mouth and moved his fingers down to touch her wanting little pussy.

He ran his middle finger along her slit the entire way as she tensed up her hips in reaction. He knew that he had to discover and see her treasure that she kept hidden under her two lips so he grasped the waistband of her panties and slowly started to move them down over her abdomen and hips.

They came down slowly as she raised her hips from the bed, exposing her soft pubic mound to the damp night air. They got caught up in her crotch for a second but with a little tug, they came out of her crotch and gave way down her thin legs. The look on her face was of embarrassment as she realized that we were both naked and exposed to the other and that we were about to consummate our relationship in the most intimate way possible.

He opened her legs and crawled up between them until he reached her crotch. He looked down into her eyes as he gave her one last chance to stop what they were about to do. “Are you ready?” he asked.

She just nodded her head as she bit down on her lower lip and closed her eyes. He touched her lips right at her opening and they twitched a little from the contact. He ran a single finger up between them to make contact with her hooded node and gave it a little caress. This contact caused her to recoil away from his finger by jerking her hips back into the bed so he slowly ran it down to her opening and inserted it barely into her confines. She humped her hips into this stimulus and groaned a little as if begging him to continue.

Grabbing his cock and placing it directly at opening, he paused for a moment before entering her. He rotated his cock around her opening, getting as much of her moisture applied to it as he possibly could and then sticking it into her vagina just a half inch, he slowly started to press with his hips as he felt it start to go in.

It felt unbelievably tight and confined as he made his way in. It was as if he was stretching into a tightly fitting latex glove that was fighting him every inch of the way. She was well lubricated but he could feel her muscles stretching out to allow his penetration into their midst until he felt a stiff barrier stop his progress and a cry come from his lovers throat.

“OH STOP BOBBY! IT HURTS WHEN YOU GO ANY FURTHER! You’ve reach my hymen and you’ve got to take it easy for a second while I adjust to the pain,” she said, calming down a bit. She rested under him for a moment or two then he felt her start to move her hips rubbing back and forth against his cock. Then, with a sudden jerk up with her hips, she let out a sharp cry of pain and pushed his cock right through her membrane and gave up her most cherished and coveted possession to her soul mate.

She cried real tears as she surrendered her virginity, both from the pain of the breakage and the knowledge that she can never get it back. But the tears became ones of pure joy as she continued to put the pain behind her and started to rejoice in the act of making love with that one person in your life that you truly loved.

They began to slide it further in to her vagina until it was completely buried up to its full length. Her eyes were wide open and her lungs were full of air and she made a little “OH” with her mouth. Then, releasing the air out of her lungs and tightening her vaginal muscles once again, she spit him out of her like she had a bad taste in her mouth. He came flying out under the pressure that she exerted but he made it stop before he exited her opening and as he slid it back into her, she inhaled until it she took it totally into her once again and she let out a soft moan as she said, “Oh my god Bobby, I love the way you make me feel and I love you more than you will ever know. Please make love with Bobby, please do it to me.”

That was exactly what he had in mind as he began to pump it into her vagina faster, deeper and with greater urgency than he ever knew that he had. He was slapping his balls against her open crotch as he repeatedly rammed it in and out of her. She was grabbing him by his butt and pulling his thrusts into her as hard as she could. They were both building and building into a giant orgasmic release and as it came over them like a tsunami of emotions, she threw her feet back down into the mattress, raised her hips towards his as far as she could raise them and let out an unworldly sound that indicated she was in the midst of the most wonderful feeling that she had ever experienced.

He was ramming his groin into her hers with a total disregard to her comfort as he shot out his first of many ropes deep within her womb. He could feel it splash off of her cervix and ricochet back onto his slamming member as he repeatedly rammed in home into her wanting opening. He tightened up his butt cheeks, rose up on his toes and pumped his hips like he was a jackhammer into her pulsating little vagina as he finally felt his release reach its pinnacle.

They both came down from their once in a life time experience at about the same time as they slowly lost all consciousness. They lay there, Bobby on top of Jonnies wide spread legs, gasping for air as they relished in their first afterglow. They each felt their own sense of fulfillment as they slowly fell asleep in each others arms. They had given something of themselves that they could never give again, their virginity, and knowing it made this moment even more special then they could possibly realize but now it was time to rest because they would have more experiences that evening and more in the weeks and months to come. For you see, that was the very first of many nights of blissful times together over the years because after high school, Bobby and Jonnie got married and they remain to this very day, so much in love.

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