Distant Love - Part 6.5 - Let's think for a moment here

Distant Love - Part 6.5 - Let's think for a moment here

I came back from the bathroom and fell on the bed between both Alex and Mark, I actually had no idea I'd end up remembering my first boy crush...anyway...I had to continue the story....

"Let's skip sometime...." I said.

"Why that!? What happened in the morning?" Alex asked.

"Nothing that important....we woke up, talked about the night, had breakfast...I stayed for lunch and then I went home..." I said.

"Boooring.." Alex said.

"Why do you think I'm skipping time?" I asked looking at him.

"Alright...continue.." he said...Mark was probably half asleep....no matter...I'd continue talking anyway...I know how to be mean sometimes...


-6 months later-

We continued doing those stuff, of course...after all that time we grew up and everything, not to mention we started working out togheter and I started to take on Kendo lessons downtown, occasionally he'd show up, either to "pick me up" or only to watch me fighting.

I'd say we got incredibly closer, at the point we could hit eachother in the balls in public and laugh at it, we looked like a couple of weirdos as some girls put it, Lucas' main sentence when he heard that? "I don't give a damn! This guy is my bro!", embarassing....but funny...some also started to think that we were dating or something...and I actually didn't know....ok...we were brothers but, brothers don't do all the stuff we do...at least that's what I thought...I didn't know if we were dating or if we only...did stuff...not that I didn't like doing stuff with him...I loved it, I was almost sure that I loved him...that made me remember one paticular moment when we were changing togheter...in his room in one of the many sleepovers he invited me to.

"You know..." Lucas said. "There are only two things I think that are girly about you..." he continued...

"Continue.." I said with narrow look.

"Your waist, you have girly curves" he said pointing at my waist.

"My waist!? What the heck man! It's not that different from yours..." I said.

"Second thing are your feelings..." he said.

"My feelings?" I asked.

"Ever since I knew you, I got to save you from provocations and all sorts of stuff man...you seem to get hurt everytime someone says something about you..." he explained in a matter of fact way...he was actually right...I knew I was like that...

"You shouldn't care about what people say...I mean look at me! I'm as slim as you and I'm not that attractive neither but I pass by with what I have" he said pointing at his eyes.

"Your luck you have pretty eyes....I got nothing..." I said actually disappointed.

"What do you mean you got nothing? You know how to use a sword, you speak english fairly well to be the best in class in this subject, you are cool and look at yourself, look! Look!" he said getting near.

"What about me?" I asked.

"Wow man...hang on..." he said lifting my sleeves and oressing my arms. "Are these your biceps growing? Huh? Huh? Wow man....you gotta feel yourself sometimes..." he said. That actually made me feel better with myself, he knew how to do that...

"Hey! Not strong enough near to you!" I said poking his belly, he forced it making a 4 pack appear, it was funny, we laughed at the situation and after that I decided that I'd take care of my own back, regardless of the fact that Lucas was there to help me...and I actually ended up pretty well, except for the fact that I was still as shy as I could be.

As the weeks passed, Lucas made several attempts to get a girlfriend, constantly disturbing the girls, it was...irritating...I don't know if I was jealous over him or anything but when he'd get closer to someone else I'd panic because I actually was used to being ignored...but not by him! I even thought that I was boring, if we weren't "WE" then why should I care? There it was...I actually fell in love with him... I wasn't sure of how to deal with the pain in my chest...how to tell him I actually loved him, how to react if he said yes...if he said no...if I ended up losing his friendship....or even advancing to a next stage of relationship...he even joked sometimes about us being boyfriends but he'd always flee from the topic after I made any comment about it...

I decided to talk to him once we were all alone... so after a good english class before snack...I kept him in class as everybody left.

"I have to talk to you" I said, actually serious.

"Sure, what is it?" he asked.

"I guess...we should talk in private...but definitely today" I said.

"Ok...pass by my house today later then...." He said picking up his wallet.

"Sure...I'll be there.." I said as I left with him.

Later as I promised, I showed up at his house, I met with his mom just leaving with his father, they told me to "take care of him", obviously, they don't know what happens on school...but I said "ok" and went in, he was playing on his PS3, shirtless as usual, I sat there awkwardly waiting for him to end the game, and once he did, he looked at me putting the controller down.

"So...what did you want to talk about?" He asked.

"About us..." I said. "I know we are like brothers but...what about now...? I don't think brothers do what we do...what are we?" I asked.

"You want to know if we are...dating?" He asked.

"Yeah..." I answered...I was nervous to answer his answer...on the worst possibility...he'd put me out of his house and tell me never to look at his face again...

"No..." He said getting up. "We are not dating..." he continued getting closer, I looked down a bit disappointed...he continued getting closer and sat on the bed near me.

"Sorry but we are not dating...but....that doesn't mean...that I don't like you for real bro..." He said putting his hand on my shoulder.

"But I...I...like..." I tried to say.

"You love me...I know...I know..." he said outting his hand on his head and scratching it....

"You do?" I asked.

"Of course I know....and...In my own way...I do love you...but I'm not there yet..."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean that you may love me now...but it won't be from me that you will be listening 'I love you'....if you want...I can even help you finding that person...being it a boy or a girl...but...I'm not ready for a relationship...at least...not...one like this..." he said.

"I got it..." I said.

"Still...as I said...it doesn't mean...I don't like you..." he said getting near again and kissing my lips, then he broke it. "I do love you...but in my own way...." he said.

"I love you anyway you know.." I said as I pulled him for another kiss...romantic? Yeah.. New? Yep! Hot..? Of course!

He began undressing me as I did the same lowering his shorts and his boxers...and in no time...we were naked...one on top of the other...his body was incredibly warm....I liked it...how good it felt on mine...how his tongue always made a perfect way inside my mouth, how his dick was always pulsing against mine....I decided to do it...I turned myself around, my head facing his dick before I could engulf it with my mouth...it felt awsome...smelled awsome....tasted awsome...so that's what passion is...

I kept sucking and sucking, then I felt him also taking my dick inside his mouth and sucking it, I couldn't help but let out a moan, he ran one hand on my back sliding down to my ass and squeezing it, the other hand was on the back of my head forcing me closer against his dick, I was almost gagging...but it was so good I couldn't stop....I grabbed his dick and started licking it up and down, from his balls until the head taking in as much precum I could, I could tell he was loving each second of it...and I was too....

The next thing I felt was his finger slowly sliding my buttcrack and going inside...deep...deep...I moaned with that intense feeling as I sucked harder and harder, I could tell he was nearing...he sucked and finger fucked me for more 5 minutes before I couldn't stand anymore...I came on him and he took his finger out of me, got me on my hands and knees and touched the tip of his dick against my ass...I actually though that he was going to fuck me right there....but no...he rubbed his dick there...and then started to jerk as he came on my back....it was...unexpected...but it was pretty good...

"Why...didn't you..." I asked, panting hard.

"I'm not....the one...and you know that..." he said falling on bed panting as well.."But...was it good...?" he asked.

"It was...pretty good..." I said.

"What do you wanna do now...?" he said getting up.

"Take a bath..." I said feeling my sticky back.

"Yep! Good choice!" He said as he helped me up and walked me to the bathroom.

Sometime later, after the bath, we played a little and then I was ready to go home...The following weeks went up normally...that's when my dad got the job offer in San Diego...so we were going to move once the school was over....I got depressed over that...I knew I wan't going to see my friends anymore...specially Lucas...I told him that...and he got kind of sad too...but he was trying to be tough for both of us...

The end of school was pretty near...and once I was done with school I still had to end the Kendo classes downtown with a regional tournment...my family and friends were there to cheer for me...I ended up beating up every guy that stood against me...maybe luck..maybe I was actually good...but it doesn't matter anymore....I won the tourment...and I got my prize...a Black Sword made of steel, from the celebration party we were going straigth to the airport...that's when Lucas and I said our good byes...

I was standing at the departure entrance...Lucas came to me...he was actually the only one that insisted in coming with his parents...his parents were talking to my parents, I was alone talking to Lucas...

"So...I guess this is it..." I said.

"Don't make it sound as if we're not going to see eachother again..." he said.

"My mistake..." I said smiling at him.

"Don't forget to train...you have a future with that sword...and...don't forget to work out, so you get stronger..." He said.

"I won't forget it...I promise..." I extended my hand at him...he simply came closer and gave me a hug...I had a feeling he was crying...it was actually the first time I saw him crying...

"And don't forget about me..." he said.

"As if I'm going to forget my big brother..." I said.

".....Remember...when...I said I couldn't be yours..?" he said backing off.

"I do....and I'm ok with that...for real..." I said.

"I am nervous...I am not ready for a relationship...but I'll tell you something..." he said.

"I'm listening..." I said.

"If I ever want to go out with a boy...I'll wait..." he said. "Because I want you to be my first...not now....but in the future...." he said. That made me get utter happy!

"Sure! And when you get ready for that...let me know...deal?" I asked extending my hand at him again.

"Deal!" he said shaking hands togheter with me. I felt something getting into my hand...he looked at me and winked.... I let go and put my hands in my pocket..it was time to go...we said our goodbyes and I could finally enter the plane...

During my long...LONG trip...when my parents were sleeping...I got the chance to finally read what that note was....I opened it and I smiled with what was written there...


"What did he write?" Alex asked. I opened my wallet and took the note from inside to his and Mark's surprise.

" ' I do Love you...but in my own way...' " Alex read the note outloud, I smiled at that...

"He must really like you..." Mark said.

"I still talk to him...I can only see him as my big brother....nothing more...at least...not anymore..." I explained.

"Really? Are you sure?" Alex asked.

"Yeeeeah....but now you know why I don't tell you stuff from my past..." I said.

"Yeah...because you were boring...." He said hitting me with a pillow.

"You little..." I said throwing the pillow against him and taking back the note.

"Ah! You want war!? Ok then! Mark! Get him!" He screamed.

"2 on 1? Ok...Bring it!" I said throwing myself against them tickling them until they let go of the pillows.

"Game over" I said as I got between them and pulled the covers over us holding both still. " Time to sleep!" I said as they argued and struggled against me...man...I love these boys...

-=Next Part: Back to the original Plot!=-

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