Tits And Ass At Its Finest

Tits And Ass At Its Finest

Tits And Ass At Its Finest

I was totally amazed when I got the Physical Education job at a private all girl’s school. I was fresh out of college and it was my first teaching assignment at only twenty-five. They were highly impressed with my Master’s Degree from Cornell University.

I was to report a week early for orientation. All of the faculty reported along with me. The first day we got our room assignments in the faculty housing and put our stuff in our room. It was actually a small apartment with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and a small kitchen. All of the rooms were the same according to the older teachers. I was assigned the very last set of rooms on the very top floor. They figured that I was in the best shape to climb the stairs everyday. I laughed about it but figured that they were right. There was an elevator but I knew that I could beat it climbing the stairs every time. Besides my room was right next to one of the emergency stairways.

After we had put our stuff in our rooms we had to report to the gymnasium. I was impressed when we were given a Physical Fitness Exam. It turned out that I was the only man on the entire faculty. We were told to put on swimsuits and the women all went into their changing room. I was told that I would find a school uniform in the men’s dressing room. When I went in I was impressed. It only had six lockers and I opened up the first one. There was a small Speedo type bathing suit that fit like a rubber glove and sure showed off my cock my balls. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. Then I went out into the gym and stood there waiting for the female teachers to come out.

Wow was the first word to escape my lips. The other teachers were in one-piece suits that matched mine. They fit like a rubber glove too and it was very impressive. Every woman had a fantastic camel toe, showing off her pussy perfectly. Their tits seemed smashed in but their nipples showed nicely and even the cute crinkles around their nipples were visible. I could see who had body piercings in their nipples, belly buttons, and even in their pussies. I got hard immediately and they all noticed and giggled. I had gotten erections in Speedos before and knew that there was no hiding it. Like they say, relax and enjoy it.

The Head Mistress had us swim laps. We were to swim one lap as the breaststroke followed by the sidestroke, backstroke, butterfly, and free style. Everyone was required to get through the first five laps before they could drop out but we were told to go on as long as we could. After a while there were only four women and I swimming. It had become an unofficial contest. After a hundred laps we were told to stop and get out of the water. A couple of those women could really swim and they sure looked good too.

Next we were to shower and change into our gym uniforms. I enjoyed my shower and got into my gym shorts and a tight T-shirt. Everything was in the school colors and had the school name and crest embroidered on them. Since the women had already seen everything that I had to offer I didn’t put on an athletic supporter or any underwear. I went out to wait for the women again. Several were already there dressed just like I was. I liked the tight T-shirts on them because it didn’t smash their tits in as badly as the tight swimming suit had. I was looking forward to seeing the high school girls in their outfits too. Oops that caused a tent in my shorts. I knew the women would think that they had caused it and just smiled at them. They all smiled back at me. One even ran her middle finger up and down her pussy as I watched. That sure didn’t help any.

We had to do some running, some weight training, and some sit-ups. We were paired up and I got probably the prettiest, sexiest, and biggest busted one there. I was in love or lust immediately. She was one the swimmers that kept up with me. As she did her sit-ups I held her ankles down for her. As I watched her sit up and lay back I noticed that I could see right up her leg opening. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy was shaved bald. I had a fantastic view and swear that I could see some moisture forming in her slit. Then it was my turn. Crap! I had the hardest erection that I had ever had in the past and every woman there knew it. I was clearly the center of attention and I know that I had turned bright red. I just grinned and started doing my sit-ups. I did more than any of the women, but my erection just would not go down. I figured that it was because my partner was looking up my pant leg to see my balls flexing each time I sat up. It didn’t help that I was staring at her swinging breasts in that T-shirt as she leaned over. After that we were told to shower again, get dressed, and report to the cafeteria. Just as I removed my shorts and T-shirt in walks my busty partner carrying her clothes.

She said, “Hi! My name is Bethany, I’m single, and the lady’s shower is completely full with a long waiting line! Can I join you?”

Of course I said, “You most certainly can any time you want too!”

Then I simply watched as she undressed to be as naked as I was. She was fucking gorgeous and stacked like the proverbial brick shit house. She gave me another instant erection but this time I didn’t care. We went into the shower and turned on the hot water. The water sprayed out of a dozen showerheads at the same time but Bethany seemed to like the one that I was standing under. I sure as hell didn’t mind.

Bethany said, “Since I gave you this problem I believe that it is my duty to take care of it!”

With that said Bethany knelt down before me and sucked my cock into her mouth. It almost hurt when she pulled it down to her beautiful lips. I was so damn hard that I actually had to bend at the waist in fear of her breaking it off. She was one very talented cocksucker though and took care of me in short order. However it just wouldn’t go down! I was starting to get worried! This sort of thing had never happened to me before, but apparently it had happened to her in the past. Anyway Bethany stood up, leaned toward the wall grabbing the support railing, and told me to stick it in her. That had been my dream from the moment that I had laid eyes on her. Once more I had to lean over her back to get it lined up with her pussy. I had a hold of the base of my cock and was trying to bend it over far enough when I felt her hand come up from between her legs and grab my cock head. She forced it down to her opening and inserted it for me. All I had to do was push. As wet as we both were I had to force it into her vagina. She was very tight. I knew that I wasn’t all that large. Anyway that was what my cock wanted all along. I know that at least ten minutes had gone by before I felt that familiar urge to cum. She must have felt it too because she started rocking back at me meeting me thrust for thrust.

Bethany said, “Oh that was nice! I needed that just as much as you did! I’ve been here for two school years and worked both summers in between! I can’t tell you how badly I need you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

All I could say was, “I’m glad that I could be of service!” I knew it sounded dumb but she sure liked it. We finished taking our shower and I got to wash her fantastic tits. She said that she wears a 36-DD bra when she wears one, which is most of the time.

When we dressed and got into the cafeteria everyone else had gotten their food and sat down already. Bethany and I got our food and sat together at an empty table. She said that she had helped coach the girl’s swim team last year and was wondering if the Head Mistress would assign her to do it again this year. God I hoped so!

After lunch we had a tour of the campus buildings including the girls housing. The faculty housing was much better. The girls were assigned two to a room with a community bath at the far end of the hallway. Bethany said that it brought back memories. She herself had been a student here not all that long ago. There was a faculty suite right off the main entrance to each student housing unit to serve as a guard at night. There was a bed check, lights out, and of course the doors were locked for the girl’s own protection. Yeah! Right! We all knew that it was so that they couldn’t enjoy themselves too much.

Then we had dinner and were sent to our quarters to get settled in. Bethany had the room right next to mine. I was in 416 and she was in 414. We were on the forth floor and on the even side of the hallway. We had a shared balcony so we could come into each other’s rooms if we left the doors unlocked and no one would see. Unless of course someone was out and about when they shouldn’t be. Bethany sure liked the idea of being next to me, like I didn’t love the idea myself. I’d kill for another opportunity to fuck her again.

Bethany said, “Let me introduce you to my twin sister Tiffany! She has the room across from you in 415!”

So we went over and Bethany knocked on the door. Tiffany answered and the girls hugged as Bethany pushed Tiffany back into her set of rooms so that we could get out of the hallway. Tiffany was also one of those women that swam so well. Tiffany and I were introduced and Bethany wasted no time at all in telling her twin about our fuck in the men’s shower. Tiffany was jealous. For twins they sure didn’t look all that much alike. Bethany was about five feet eight inches tall and had brown hair while Tiffany was about five feet six inches tall and had blonde hair. They must have weighed about the same because Tiffany was slightly heavier looking for being two inches shorter. Tiffany also did not have 36-DD tits either. She admitted to being a 36-C though. We sat down and had a nice cup of Chai Tea together. It was delicious made the traditional way and sweetened with honey.

As we were leaving Tiffany said, “I wouldn’t mind a threesome every now and then!”

I looked at her and smiled as I said, “I’d like that very much!”

Bethany said, “Me too! I’m tired of eating her pussy all by myself!”

I must have had a shocked look on my face because Bethany said, “How did you think we got through the last two years here without a man?”

Tiffany said to me, “You are going be in serious demand in a few months when these women finally get horny!”

I just laughed and left with Bethany. I managed to get all of my stuff unpacked and was just thinking of going to bed when I heard my balcony door slid open. In walked both Bethany and Tiffany.

All I heard was, “Threesome anyone?”

Then I was swarmed by two very eager women. I didn’t even think about resisting. Like any man in my place would!

I let them undress me, head me to my bed, and do as they wanted to with me. I got to grab a tit, ass, or pussy frequently and I didn’t even care which sister it belonged too. Shortly I had one pussy sitting on my face and the other pussy sitting on my cock. I knew right away that I was going to enjoy this job! Soon they traded positions and I ate out the other sister while one fucked herself with my cock. When I did cum they rolled off and got into a sixty-nine like two kittens playing. I realized that Tiffany had received my prize this time and that Bethany wanted every drop of it. Needless to say watching them got me hard again. This time I had them lay back on my bed side by side and I got to fuck them this time. I took turns but since Tiffany got my cum the last time I gave it to Bethany this time. They got right into that lovely sixty-nine again and cleaned each other out while I rested.

I told them, “I’m good for maybe one more time but you girls don’t seem willing to share me! Suppose we do this again tomorrow!”

Bethany said, “Tell you what Tiffany! It’s your turn now so I’ll let you sleep with him tonight and I’ll get him first thing in the morning!”

Tiffany said, “Okay! Good night Bethany!”

When Bethany left I asked, “Don’t I get anything to say in the matter?”

Tiffany said, “You sure do! You get to say okay!” So I said okay and made love to her falling asleep right after I came.

In the morning Bethany was sucking my cock hard so that she could sit on it. Tiffany just watched her. When she was done the two girls rolled into that now famous sixty-nine and did their thing while I watched. I paid special attention to Bethany since she was eating my night old cum from her sister’s pussy while her sister was eating a fresh batch. Neither girl seemed to care in the least so why should I. The three of us showered together then I shaved and dressed for the day. I even got to shave their bald pussies too. The girls went to their rooms to dress then met me in the hallway so that we could walk to breakfast together.

I seemed to be the center of attention as we entered the cafeteria together. After breakfast we were sent in different directions for more orientation. Later that day I received my list of students. I noticed that I had thirty-six girls at a time in my PE classes. I did not have any free periods either. A note at the bottom said that I had swim team practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a swim meet every other Saturday. It also said that Bethany would be my assistant for the swim team. Okay!

Bethany had the same notation on her schedule but I noticed that she only had twelve girls in each of her classes. As an English teacher Bethany had a free period at the end of the day for students with problems to get extra help. Tiffany was a History teacher with the same free class at the end of the day. However she had all of her evenings free. She offered to help Bethany and I with the swim team. I said that it was okay with me and then Bethany said the same thing.

That evening we skipped dinner in the cafeteria and went right to my room. I fucked them both then took them out to get some pizza. Later I fucked them both again and sent Tiffany to her own bed so that I could sleep with Bethany that night.

The next three days of orientation went about the same. Then the weekend came. By then we had all purchased some food for our kitchens but since our meals were included with our salaries we only needed snack food, alcohol, or something special. Bethany bought three cans of whipped cream.

The weekend was not at all like I had expected. The sixty-three women in my building all got together and decided to auction me off. What! That’s right! It seems that the school holds fundraisers occasionally to raise money for various occasions and charities. The women decided that since I was the only man among all those horny women that I would be a good source of income. Apparently Bethany and Tiffany had put a bug in their ears about my sex drive.

Anyway Saturday morning I went for a hundred dollars and got to have sex with one of the teachers in her rooms for as long as I was willing. She was attractive and very willing too. Like the twins she had worked the entire summer and hadn’t gotten laid in quite a while. So I scratched her itch, three times. I did her on her back, doggy style, and standing up in the shower. She gave me the hundred dollars and her panties. She smiled as she handed them to me. I had her write her name on them for me. She asked me if I wanted a picture of her wearing just those panties. Yes of course I did so I went to get my camera. She gladly posed in them for me and also out of them. Fantastic!

I started a scrapbook for my panties and pictures and a spreadsheet in my computer to record the sex. I listed her name, the date, and the amount. I even recorded the various sex positions under remarks.

Bethany asked if I was willing to do it again that evening and of course I was. So this time word had certainly spread as to my sexual prowlness and I went for two hundred and fifty dollars this time. However I said that a hundred dollars was more than enough. Again I went to her set of rooms. As she removed her panties she automatically posed for pictures, signed them, and then handed them to me. I was only able to make love to her twice but it was more than enough for her. It took me a lot longer to cum in her and she got more orgasms out of it. When she gave me the hundred dollars I took it and thanked her.

The next day I explained that a hundred was more than enough for any damn charity and that I thought that I could have sex with nine women every week. All they had to do was come up with some way to give every woman a fair chance at me. Of course I was only thinking about fucking them all about every seven weeks. The women wanted it more often than that and counter my offer with twenty-five dollars a fuck. They decided that I could fuck three times a night during the week and probable six to eight on weekends. At about thirty fucks a week they would only have to wait two weeks to get at me again. I was in favor of anything that got me laid, especially with sixty-three different women.

Bethany and tiffany did not want to be cut down to just one fuck every other week so I suggested that they take turns sleeping with me and that I would give them a morning fuck every other day. They liked that idea better. Then some wise woman shouted out that I had a lunch hour and that I had time right after school too. Bethany figured that I was good for five a day even if her sister and her took one every morning. That way I was up to about forty fucks a week.

Then someone asked, “What would the Head Mistress think if she finds out?”

Another women said, “We’ll just tell her that we are keeping him drained so that the students will be safe!”

I said, “That would be no lie!”

However when I looked at the girls in my very first class that Monday I got an instant erection even though I had been fucked crazy all weekend and that morning before breakfast. I had been warned that the girls would not wear any bras or panties once they saw me, and they were right. I saw hard nipples everywhere and plenty of pussy up those starched shorts. The swimsuits didn’t help one bit either. Every single girl wanted to try out for the swim team. The twins and I put in extra hours just giving them each a tryout. Of the two hundred and fifty students I picked ten girls for the swim team plus three alternates.

That first week with the students there I was very glad that the other teachers were willing to help me out sexually. I was looking forward to getting laid at lunch and right after school as well as before and after practices. I was fucking more teachers than I had originally thought that I could thanks to all of those sexy students, I was hard all of the time. All I had to do was knock on the door of the next teacher on the list.

I was really beginning to like Bethany more than Tiffany but I didn’t tell them that.

By the end of the second week of school I had had sex with every woman in my Faculty Housing unit at least once and had nude pictures of each one too along with their panties to prove it. I had also made sixteen hundred dollars for this unknown charity so I lowered it to ten dollars a pop. The women would have paid anything that I asked for though.

A month later I was called into the Head Mistress’ office. I still hated being called to the Principle’s office. She wanted to give me my thirty-day review and to tell me that I was doing a great job with the girls.

Then the Head Mistress added that I was doing a great job with all of the horny teachers on the Faculty too. She asked me how much money was in the Charity Fund. I choked a little but told her that it was about twenty-two hundred dollars but that I had reduced the contributions significantly.

The Head Mistress smiled and handed me a ten-dollar bill and her panties.

The End

Story Conversion Chart:

Bra Sizes:
U.S.U.K.France Australia Inter National Japan
36C36D95D14C 80D C80

5 feet 6 inches =167.64 centimetersor 1.6764 meters
5 feet 8 inches =172.72 centimetersor 1.7272 meters

The End
Tits And Ass At Its Finest

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