The Coven Part 1 - Reed_(1)

The Coven Part 1 - Reed_(1)


“HELP ME SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!” a young woman yelled as she was dragged in through the front door by a grinning Jackson. He had her by the neck of her collar as everyone in the bar type area laughed and grinned at the pitiful woman.

She was attractive, with dyed blonde hair cut into a messy bob, and huge brown eyes. She was in some sort of uniform, but it was torn up so bad that nobody could make out for sure what it read.

She panicked, looking around the room at everyone, hoping for someone to save her. But nobody gave a shit.

Some of the larger guys were playing darts near the bar. Gabriel being the largest, was obviously winning. The others were afraid of him. His pal Grant was smiling and patting him on the shoulder as he got another bull’s-eye; 15th one in a row. But this wasn’t out of the ordinary; as our aim is much more accurate than of a mortal.

“P-PLEASE!” the woman yelled as Jackson threw her into the middle of the room. It was lit with a dim red strip of lights, giving it a smoky, dark, lustful feel. Just right I guess.
“Shut up bitch.” Jackson told her, grabbing her cheap sneakers and pulling them off.

He threw them into the fire that was lit in the corner, his accuracy immaculate. They started to smoke, slowly burning and then melting into the ashes.

I could see her badge now, Brook. Her name was Brook. It was a nurses badge, and as I took a closer look, I realised that her uniform was a torn pair of scrubs. Jackson had torn her up bad, there were large scrape marks all over her legs and arms, blood seeping through. But I wasn’t the first to notice the blood, not in the slightest.

“What have we got here?” Grant grinned, tussling his curly brown hair. He walked over from the bar into the middle of the floor, were Brook was lying terrified.
“A present.” Jackson replied, pulling off the woman’s socks and stroking her bleeding leg. She pulled away, her brown eyes huge and frightened. “For my darling friend Minerva.”

There was a shriek from the bar as Minnie stood up. She looked stunning tonight, as always. She was in her early twenties when turned I guess, her body was mature but her face was still youthful.

Her skin was snow white and stood out perfectly against her tight black jeans and corset. Her high shoes made her legs look even longer than usual, if possible. Her long, brown hair fell down to her waist in waves like silk as she stood, she was truly beautiful.

“For me?!” her blue eyes lit up. Jackson nodded. “Oh darling, you shouldn’t have!”
“No problem baby cakes.” he replied, kissing her on the head as she wrapped her arms around him. Even with her lengthy legs and high heels, she still wasn’t quite as tall as Jackson.

Jackson considered himself the…leader of the coven, but really he was like a high school bully. He had friends, and people he didn’t care for. He liked to drink, gamble, kill and fuck. And that was pretty much it.

The worst thing was, he could do all that. Women and men fell into his traps so easily it was sickening. But standing at 6” 2 he was not one to mess with. He had olive skin, shortish dark hair, and slight stubble. His eyes were a vibrant green, huge and intense. This was partly the reason why he got women so easily. But the most of it was his body. He was perfectly sculpted, chiselled abs and muscular arms and legs. I certainly, was not going to mess with him anytime soon.

I wasn’t unfit, or un-attractive, I just wasn’t stupid enough to challenge Jackson. I mean, I was Reed, the 23 year old college student. Standing at 5” 11 I wasn’t a huge guy, but I wasn’t small either. I have reddish brownish hair, that’s long, but sticks out, paleish skin and dark grey eyes. I have muscles sure, but I didn’t flash them about as much as Jackson.

My attention was drawn back to Brook as she screamed. Jackson was bent down next to her, holding her to the floor so she couldn’t move.
“P-PLEASE! What are you doing to me! Hello! Anyone! Help me! Can you not see what they are doing! HELP!”

Minnie grinned, her ruby red lips parting as she crouched down next to the woman, giving me a great view of her perfect ass. I could see a hint of her black lace thong poking out of the top of her jeans, and bit my lip as she leant further foreword.

She started to rip of the remains of Brooks top and then her pants, leaving her in just her generic white bra and panties. She was slim, not skinny, just slim. By my guess she was a B cup, nothing special.

The red blood was more visible, and more people were paying attention now. The guys from the bar were all watching intently, wondering what Minnie’s next move would be. Some people from the other rooms of the house had come in, wondering what all the commotion was about. One of them being, Casey.

Casey was Jackson’s younger sister, and for 15 years old, damn she was attractive. She was small, about 5”2 and had long blonde hair that was thick as wool, but obviously much more beautiful. She had the same olive skin, and bright green eyes, again a huge attraction. She was curvy, with a perfect hourglass shape. She had a small slim waist, but huge DD boobs and a round sexy ass. The fact that she was wearing a tiny strapless red tube dress did not help the men in the room contain themselves. But everyone knew, if they touched a single hair on her head that they would have Jackson to deal with.

Minnie straddled Brook, lifting one of her arms and licking all the blood off of it.
“It’s okay baby.” she grinned. “I only wanna play.”
Brook glared at her, tears rolling down her face.
“And when I DO kill you, I’ll be sure to make it fast… okay?” Minnie’s voice melted into the air like chocolate.
“AWW! Come on babe, lets make her suffer!” Jackson chuckled.
“PLEASE NO! I have, I h-have a s-son!” she sobbed. “I have a little four year old boy. H-his daddy is g-gone. He n-needs me!” she wailed. I felt sorry for this poor woman. She was desperate for her life.

Minnie pinned both of Brooks arms down as Jackson stood and walked over to the bar, pouring himself a drink.
“Well…” Minnie chimed. “We could come to some sort of arrangement…”
Minnie grinned again, standing up and wiping the blood off of her jeans.

Jackson sat down at the bar, obviously now bored of his little charade, letting Minnie do as she wished. He started to converse with the barman Max, but I was too interested in Minnie’s next move than to pay attention to his gossip.

“Take off your underwear for these lovely men and women here.” she giggled.
Minnie sighed. “Okay then, I thought you wanted to live, but you obviously don’t. I guess I’m just gonna have to slice you up into little pieces…”
“That’s what I thought.”

I shifted my position on the couch, placing my book on the coffee table. I was directly in front of the floor space were the action was happening, and pretending to read was pointless now.
“Can I sit down?” a small voice asked.

I looked up to see Casey, smiling down at me.
“Um, yeah, sure.” I smiled, pulling my legs off and placing them on the coffee table, making space for her to slide onto the other side of the couch. I watched her as she crossed her bare legs and smiled at me.
“Interesting night?” she asked, pointing to my book.
“It’s getting… intriguing.” I glanced at Brook, sobbing as she slowly unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor.

“THAT’S RIGHT YOU LITTLE WHORE!” Minnie yelled. “Wait… let me help you out.”
She moved slowly, straddling her again, moving her mouth to Brooks. She forcibly shoved her tongue in her mouth, grabbing her small breasts and moving up and down on the woman.

Brook tried to scream, but her voice was muffled by Minnie’s mouth. There were shouts and wolf whistles from men throughout the room, enjoying the sight, but to be honest it disgusted me. Not the fact that it was two women, the fact that Minnie was abusing and humiliating a poor innocent woman. Not that I hadn’t done it before, if I said that, I would be a hypocrite.

Minnie pulled away, slapping Brook across the face.
“YES YOU LITTLE BITCH!” she screamed, sliding down her legs and ripping her panties off in one swift stroke. A small mound of hair was revealed, maintained, but not shaved off, and a small slit between her legs.
“UGH! You DIRTY little girl! This has to come off!”

Minnie pulled a small pocket knife from her jeans pocket and Brook screamed.
Minnie held her down with one hand by her throat, making sure she was sitting on her legs so she couldn’t move them. She placed the knife blade onto her pussy and cut upwards, removing the hair like a razor blade. She missed a few times, cutting the skin and causing Brook to scream in pain. If she thought this was bad, she didn’t know what she was getting herself into.

I suddenly sucked in a breath of air as I felt a hand snake onto my jeans covered thigh. Casey was smiling at me, her huge emerald eyes inviting and playful. She placed her other hand on my black hoodie, tugging at it slightly.
“Reed?” she mumbled, her perfect pink lips inviting and delicious.
I nodded, my eyes wide.
“I’m bored of this…” she yawned, sliding her hand up and down my thigh now.

I looked down, her tiny dress hugging her breasts tightly, barely covering her bottom. She pulled on my hoodie again, leaning her head towards mine.
“You wanna… come to my room? I mean, you speak French right?”
I nodded again. “You see, Samuel is teaching me French at the moment and it’s SO hard. I just REALLY suck at it.” she giggled at her self made pun. “I need some help from someone that I can relate to that is…experienced.”

She squoze my leg and I bit my lip. My eyes darted over to Jackson, who was deep in conversation. Pretty much everyone else was transfixed in the goings on in the middle of the room. Minnie seemed to be randomly cutting parts of Brook’s arms and legs, licking them and making them sting from the acid of the alcohol on her tongue.

“S-sure. I mean, yeah. W-here is your room again? I mean this is a REALLY big house.” I managed to mumble.
“I’ll take you there… top floor.” she smiled innocently, taking my hand in hers.

But before I knew it, she placed it on her bare thigh, guiding it up and down. It was so soft, like silk. She shuddered with excitement, slowly guiding my hand higher and higher up her leg, then inside to her inner thigh.
“Cas-” I tried to complain. I mean, anybody could be watching. Luckily, they weren’t.
“NO. You will do what I say.” she beamed. Guiding my finger tips closer and closer so I could just barely feel something in between her legs… soaking, wet, lace.

“F-for me?”
She nodded, moving her hand to my crotch. I was so horny I could have blown a load there and then. She was such a fucking tease! But then I remembered, not only was she the little sister of JACKSON, she was also a fifteen year old girl. FIFTEEN!

“No, Casey we can’t do this. It’s wrong. Your fifteen, I’m 23! And Jackson would kill me, literally.”
She pouted and pushed away from me slightly, placing her own hands on her lap as mine retreated back to grip the bottom of the couch.

“Reed. You have been a vampire… what a hundred years? And me and my brother… well we have been here longer than you, like almost 300 years. So therefore… I am older than you. I’m an older woman! Not an infant!”
“But I know that, it’s the fact that you are in the body…” I glanced down, getting an instant hard on. “Of a teenage girl, and that is just wrong in society these days.”
“I’m not a virgin.” she stated.

I looked up into her beautiful eyes as she grinned.
“Neither was I, when I was turned. In fact, I lost my virginity to the wonderful man who turned me…well… it WAS rape, but who cares. I was 15, and I have fucked MANY people since then. I am older than you by a couple hundred years, and therefore I have the upper hand in this situation.”
“Did you ever find the guy?”
“What?” She looked confused.
“The guy who… raped you, and then turned you. Did you ever find him?” I asked her, knowing what I would have done to him if I were in his position.
“Yes…” she shuffled about for a minute, picking up a glass of wine from the coffee table. I didn’t even notice she was drinking it before. “And I thanked him.”

This shocked me. She was hurt, raped, murdered, at just 15 years old. And then given a horrific immortal life of massacre. How could she thank him for the evil of a vampiric life?
“Because now, I can have whatever, whomever I want. And I can have these things and people, for as long as I want. Because I can have them forever. And I know it sounds bratty and childish, but I always wanted to be a princess. And now I am, and I love my life.”
“And what did Jackson do?” I asked fearfully.
“Oh he killed the bastard. He does love me an awful lot to be honest.”

This didn’t shock me in the slightest. Typical Jackson to kill a guy who raped and murdered his beautiful little sister Cassandra. But now, 300 years down the line, she was dressed like a sexy grown up woman, fucking god knows who, and what was he doing… turning humans into puppets so his friends could have a laugh.

She sighed, turning to me. “That reminds me, we better hurry before sunrise. Because he won’t want to see us going up to bed together when everyone goes to their rooms.” she patted me on the arm.
“I will help you with your French, and then I will go to my own bedroom. This is a mansion on the outskirts of the city Casey, I think everyone should take advantage of the fact that they have their own room. And I have stuff I need to catch up on.”
She nodded, knowing she would find some way to tempt me when we went upstairs.

I looked over to the floor space in the middle of the room. Minnie was now watching Grant fuck the poor, bleeding woman. And as vampires have the ability to move faster than any mortal, this was seriously damaging her insides.
“UGH! UGH! UGH!” Grant was grunting as he fucked the woman at super speed. His clothes were now nowhere to be seen…

Jackson was still chatting to Max about random things; drug dealings and other shit. This had struck Gabriel’s attention, as he was in the trade, and he was sitting with the men, drinking an extremely strong drink. I could smell it from my place on the couch, but I couldn’t make out what it was.

I took Casey’s hand, as she stood up, walking towards the open doorway. We edged past cheering men and women, smelling of blood, alcohol and sex. But all was better when we got into the cool hallway.

I followed Casey up the great spiral staircase, round and round and round. When we got to the third floor I almost stopped to go to my room, then realising we were going to her own. I had never been past the third floor, so as we went up, I got more and more excited.

When we got to the very top, I wasn’t tired, more inquisitive.
“Here we are.” she smiled, pointing to a small corridor. There must have been six doors. All leading to the end, a GRAND double door, make of thick oak. The seventh door. The kings door.

We walked past a door on the left, finding out hers was the second.
“After you.” she said, pressing on the door as it slowly creaked open.

I was surprised when we entered. Her room was much, much bigger than mine, almost four times in fact. But that was not what had shocked me. It was the fact that hers was very much like a typical teenage girls bedroom.

She had a large double bed on the back wall, a dressing table, with lots of perfumes and brushes and hair products. She had HUGE closets full of clothes and draws full of shoes. She had posters of bands and artists that she liked. Shelves of books, a chess set, rugs, teddy bears, mirrors. She even had a computer desk, with a laptop, and her facebook page up. A vampire… with facebook? The whole room was painted a deep purple, obviously… no windows.

I smiled as she lit a row of glistening fairy lights above her oak bed. She sat down and pulled off her shoes, picking up a French book.
“Bonjour monsieur. Ca va?”
I sat down next to her, taking her hand in mine and kissing it. She giggled, just like a teenage girl. And something about this young side of her, it fucking turned me on.

Still in a French accent she whispered very sexily, “Is that for me?” pointing to my throbbing erection. She slowly placed her hand over the bulge in my jeans and I shuddered.
“Oh fuck, lets skip the French crap!” I growled, feeling the beast of my true self fire up inside me.
“Ooh baby, I was hoping you would say that!”

She ran over to the door, bolting it shut, before coming back to sit next to me on the bed. I kicked my converse off and pushed her down, making her slide so she was the right way round on the bed, her feet touching the foot board.

I straddled her gorgeous body, taking her head in my hands and pulling her face towards mine. I slowly, pressed my lips to hers, and electricity flew through me. Suddenly, my fangs sprouted, I was too turned on, I couldn’t help it. She released hers too, and she looked even sexier.

I felt her hands clawing at my clothes, pulling my hoodie off and tearing my white t-shirt off from underneath. She traced her fingers over my abs and my pale skin, smiling. Then she pulled down my jeans, lifting my ass slightly to pull them completely off, then my socks. So I was sitting on top of her in my tight black boxers.

“Oh yeah baby, you look so fucking hot!” she squealed.
I pulled her from under me, placing her back against the headboard and ripping off her dress, it was in pieces on the floor.

My mouth dropped. Her beautiful, huge, firm, DD tits were bouncing freely before my eyes. Just in her lacy black thong, I had to bite my hand to stop myself from cumming there and then. I winced at the two holes I had made in my hand, knowing they would be healed and gone in minutes.

I pressed my mouth to her right nipple, my hand reaching to cup and squeeze her other breast as I sucked hard on this one. She moaned at the touch of my wet mouth against her now hard nipples.

I could feel her hand snaking down to grab my aching cock through my underwear, FUCK I was so turned on. With her other hand she pressed my face tighter and harder onto her breast, making me even more eager to pleasure her. I moaned into her nipple as she stroked harder and harder, biting at it and flicking the tip with my dancing tongue.
“YES BABY! Yes! Fucking yes!” she screamed, using both hands to pull down my boxers.

I pulled back from her breast, sitting up on my knees on the bed so she could pull my underwear off easier. When she had successfully freed me, she gaped as my 8” erection stood out in front of her.
“Oh baby…” she grinned, stroking the head slowly with her soft, beautiful hands. “I want it. Can I have it? Pwetty please.” she pouted, her tiny fangs sticking out like little white triangles over her bottom lip.

I didn’t answer her, simply pulling her head down towards my cock. She did not struggle. Slowly she rolled her tongue along the throbbing pink head, sending shivers all over my body. I wanted her bad.
“SUCK IT YOU FUCKING WHORE!” I yelled, grabbing her blonde hair and dragging her head closer.

She didn’t answer, more squealed in excitement, as she took the head in her warm, wet mouth. Slowly her head bobbed up and down on my big, hard cock as she slid her tongue along the shaft, playing with my balls in her free hand. I moaned as she moved more and more of my erection into her small mouth, completely filling her until she was forced to take me into her throat.

“YES!” I yelled, moaning and grunting loudly as she pleasured me in ways I had never been pleasured before.
She moved faster now, going up and down, taking my whole cock. Her breasts were moving up and down also, making me want to touch her smooth and tempting body even more.

But I didn’t have time, I could feel it coming. The fluid was building up inside me, the acidy cum of a vampire. Vampire sperm is not the same of that of a human male. It is more intense, hot as hell and comes in much bigger quantities. It would burn the insides of a mortal woman, and sting her mouth with a burning taste.

Casey was pleasuring me at vampiric speeds now, fast as she could, appearing as a blur. I felt my balls tightening as I yelled out in ecstasy.
“GOD! OH YEAH! OH FUCKING HELL! YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” I moaned as vast amounts of frothing white liquid squirted from my cock into Casey’s eager mouth.

When I stopped, after several minutes of one of the most intense orgasm’s of my life, I fell backwards onto the bed, hitting the foot board with my head. I was too tired to even move, so I just lay there, covered in heat and sweat and cum.

I could hear Casey swallowing the last of my cum, lapping it all up off her sheets. She giggled, sliding down the bed next to me, resting her head on my bare chest as I placed an arm around her.
“You taste so good.” she whispered, opening her mouth for me to see the last drops of cum. But I didn’t look. I kept my eyes closed, thinking of things I would have been doing right now.

I would have most likely gone upstairs, because I wouldn’t want to watch the ending sequence of the erotic display in the main room. That woman would be dead by now, unless they were gonna milk her for her blood, in that case she would last another couple of days tops. I would of then read my book, go on my computer, play my piano, slowly tiring myself until the morning came. And then would I get into my warm, double bed, kiss the photo of my little sister goodnight, and sleep through the day.

“Your still hard you know.” Casey said in her sweet voice, touching the end of my leaking cock. “And we haven’t even made love yet, it’s not fair if you get all the orgasms.”
“I know, I know.” I replied, stroking her head with my thumb.
“I will be gentle with you baby.” She kissed my chest, using her tongue to lick up and down my stomach, over my six pack and back upwards. I shuddered as her tongue rolled over my nipple, wet and hot and sticky.

I sat up and it was HER that straddled me this time, placing her boobs at face level. I sucked on her left nipple this time, placing one hand on her bare back, pushing her closer and one hand on her left breast, squeezing it for all it was worth.
“Yes, yes, yes. That’s right baby, right there. Mhm. Oh yeah.” she mumbled, clearly enjoying herself as she moved her hips foreword and back on my crotch.

“WAIT.” I said, pulling away. She looked confused, but I reassured her with my eyes, pulling her black lace panties off to reveal and beautiful hairless pussy. There was a pink slit between her beautiful thighs, and I pushed it apart to reveal her big puffy pussy lips.

That’s what I liked, a real woman, with a real pussy. Not perfectly symmetrical or all tucked in. A woman with a beautiful cunt, and what a huge clit she had. I grinned, stroking it with my index finger. She shuddered, biting her bottom lip.
“Your beautiful.” I whispered.
“Thank you Reed.”
“You wanna make love?”
“Yes please.” she giggled.

And with that I placed my hands on her beautiful, round ass, one on each cheek, pulling her upwards. Then I lined the head of my cock with her opening, letting her slide herself down onto me.

We both moaned at the same time as she slid right down, filling her whole pussy with my cock. She was so tight, and warm, and wet. We kissed for a few minutes, gently rocking back and forth as she got used to the size of my cock inside her.
“Mmm” she moaned into my mouth, pushing her beautiful, big tits against my chest.
“Yeah baby. You wanna go faster?” I mumbled into her lips.

She just nodded, moving up and down on my rock hard dick. Faster and faster she went, tightly sliding me into the walls of her wet pussy. We both moaned for quite some time, as we rocked at vampiric speeds. Sex that only two vampires could ever have.
I could sense her reaching an orgasm, and I wasn’t far off. Even though ten minutes ago I had squirted a huge load I was now ready for another. Her pussy started to tense, her breath quickening as her climax approached.
“Mmm! Baby I’m gonna fucking cum. I’m gonna cum all over your big fat cock! YES! YES!” she wailed in pleasure.
“UGH!” I moaned, this was seriously intense.

She pounded up and down on me, the sound of her ass slapping against my thighs loud and wet. Her whole body shook for a minute, before she screamed out in orgasm, letting her pussy juices run all down my tightened cock.

That was enough to set me off. Again I could feel the rush, the heat inside me. I went light headed as sweat trickled down my forehead. My whole body was shiny in moisture, and so was Casey’s. Snarls ripped through my fangs as I growled, grabbing her ass so hard my fingernails dug into it, making it bleed.

She screamed in pain, her eyes huge and green, but I didn’t care.
“W-what’s goin on… Reed? REED! Your eyes, they are white! Where are your pupils! REED!” she yelled, trying to get off of me, but I pulled her tighter, closer. I fucked her so god damn hard that she screamed so loud, everyone in the fucking building heard.

I sank my fangs into her left nipple, feeling the fresh red blood pour from it into my mouth. She screamed again, pushing into my body, wanting me to take all of her. I suckled ferociously on her tit, never stopping fucking, and eventually it was all too much to handle.

Load after load of hot, frothy cum filled her body, running back down my cock and leaking out of her tight pussy. My eyes were still rolled and I couldn’t see a thing, only feel the intense passion and lust of my body inside hers. I snarled again, this time clawing at her back, ripping through her soft skin.

Slowly as I returned, I realised that Casey had passed out on top of me, my semi- hard cock still inside her. But this I did not mind in the slightest. I pulled the crimson soaked sheets over us both, me lying against the foot board, with her slumped across me. Our naked bodies entwined, hot, wet, sweaty, blood stained, cum stained and in pure pleasure.

Lying there, I felt more at home than I had in years. I felt so tranquil. After the rage of a storm, we were now setting sail for calm, sandy shores. And then, I closed my eyes, and let myself drift off, into a serene and tranquil slumber.

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