After the swimming party

After the swimming party

After the swimming party.

Last spring, I was invited to the wedding of a friend and was requested to stay for the reception; I did not know why but stayed anyway. I did not know anyone except my friend Fred and his new wife.

I was setting at a small table drinking some Ice Tea and munching on crackers and cheese when this lady came by and ask if she could set down for a few minutes that she had been on her feet ever since she got their.

We chatted a little, I told her my name was Merl and she said her name was Nancy. She told me she knew of one other person besides Mary, the bride and that she did not feel comfortable being their and thought she would pay her respects and head for home and get out of her hot clothes. We chatted a little longer, exchanged phone numbers and she left.

About two weeks later on Monday, I received a phone call from Nancy. She told me that early that day, she had been invited to a beach party being held by one of the girls at work for most of the people she worked with and was told that I could bring a friend if I wanted. She remembered having my phone number and wanted to know if I would like to attend with her. She did not know of anyone else that she could ask.

I ask her when it was and she told me that it was to be an all day party next Saturday. She also said she thought I would like that a lot better than the wedding reception we had attended. I told her I would like very much to attend with her, as weekends around my place are mostly nothing to do but watch the tube, log onto the Internet or sleep.

She said “great and to pick her up about 9:00AM and gave me her address”.

I arrived about 15 minutes early and found her ready to go. I told her I needed to stop by the sport shop and get some swim ware.

We got to the place where the party was being held. A large house on about 2 acres with a very large pool. She introduced me to many of the people she works with and I over heard her tell 2 of the girls to keep their hands off that I was off limits. She told me later that they were both single too and were always looking for some one to spend the night with.

There were 3 long tables set up next to the fence with all kinds of food and a very large punch bowl on the middle table.

She told me she was going to change into her swim ware and was told that the men were using the guest cottage in the back to change.

When I got back to the pool, she was already in and motioned for me to join her. I noticed that her swim suite was very brief and that she looked great. When she rose up, her top looked almost transparent. She moved down to one of the lower steps with the water just below her neck so I sat down beside her. After about 10 minutes or so, she put her arm around mine and told me she was glad I was able to come to this with her and I was the first and only person she had even wanted to have a date with in over a year.

We swam some then got out, dried off, loaded a plate of food and got a glass of punch. Found a place to set down so that we could eat without having to stand up.

Later in the afternoon, the party got a little wild and we noticed that a lot the girls including the hostess had removed their tops and wanted all the other girls to do the same. Several of the men in the group had removed their swim ware and were swimming in the nude. Three of the girls including Nancy and I refused and told the hostess that maybe some other time.

Nancy leaned over and whispered that she thought it was about time to leave if it was ok with me. I told her that I thought so too. We changed back into our cloths and said goodbye to the hostess and left.

As we left, she told me she would like to go some place and have something to drink that was a little stronger then the punch. I told her that I had the necessary items at my apartment if she didn’t mind going there. She said that she would like that. She asks me to stop by her apartment so she could change out of the hot dress she had on and to check her e-mail. Then ask if I would be unconvertible it she wore just enough to be covered in all the right places. I said it was ok with me and told her she could check her mail on my computer if she wanted and that’s when I found out that we had the same ISP and many of the same programs

When she came back down, she had on white hip-hugger short shorts, a light blue very thin halter-top and her brief case. I noticed right away that she did not have a bra on. She said she had a couple of programs that she wanted me to look over and to give her some advise on them.

When we got to my apartment, we found it to be over 80 degrees inside; I had forgot to turn on the air conditioner before I left. I turned on the A/C and said that I was going to get out of this suite and told her where the computer was.

I changed into some cut off jeans and a t-shirt and went into the room I had my computer in. She was watching a DVD porn movie I had left in the machine and told her that I was sorry about that. I had forgot it was still in it. She told me not to worry about it as she had several at home she liked to watch some times when she would be using one of her toys.
She mentioned that it was still very warm in there. She was perspiring a lot and asks if I minded if she removed her halter. Before I could say anything, she was removing it and then hung it on the back of her chair. Boy did she have a nice set of tits. She said that she did not like to ware a bra and only did so when she needed to and that she did not feel unconvertible being with me and hoped that she did not make me unconvertible. Told me that she wore very little when she was at home alone and sometimes nothing at all and winked at me. Nancy mentioned the wedding and told me one of the reasons she called and wanted me to go with her was that I was the only man at the wedding that did not hit on her and that she felt like I was a very nice person she would like to be with. She also mentioned that she really liked being with me and hoped that we could see each other often.

I told her that what ever she wanted ware or not ware was OK with me and that she was an attractive young lady. I pulled off my t-shirt, as it was already getting wet from the perspiration and sat down in the other chair beside her at the computer.

We continued to watch the DVD. I put my arm around her and cupped my hand over one of her tits. She put her arm around my neck, pulled me to her and gave me a hug and a long kiss. By that time, it was almost 7:00, the apartment had cooled down some and we were both getting hungry. I ordered up some food from the deli and it was delivered about 20 minutes later. I had a couple of bottles of wine in the fridge. The food was very good and later had the wine to top it off.

The only furniture I had was a couple of large chairs besides the two computer chairs. I sat down in one and figured she would set in the other one but she came over and sat on my lap and put her arm around my heck, leaned over and gave me another big kiss. She said again that I was the nicest gentleman she had ever met. Told her I was beginning to have a problem with her setting on my lap.

She changed her position and then continued kissing and rubbing my chest and hugging my neck. She said that this has been a very great day for her and that later, she would like to do more than hug, kiss and rub each other’s chest. I ask her if she would like to stay and have breakfast with me in the morning. She giggled and said that she had not ever heard it ask that way and yes, she would like that very much.

We watched another disk and then she said it was time to take care of some things in the bedroom. She slipped out of her shorts and I noticed she did not have panties on under her shorts. Also that she was shaved very smooth and has a fantastic body.

My dick had gotten very hard and I was sure glad to get my jean shorts off. She grabbed my hand and lead me to the bed and told me she would like for me to do what ever else I wanted to do to get her juices flowing and she would suck on me. When she started sucking on my cock, I told her to swing her tail around so I could have some dessert too. She told me that when I was about ready to cum she wanted me inside her. Also told me not to worry that right after she had called me, she called her doctor and got on the pill, hopping something would happen. She got on top and took my dick in her mouth and started moving her head up and down in a slow pace. It had been about a year since I had been with a woman. I pulled a pillow under my head to have better access to her pussy. I started licking and sucking on her clit and she started humping on my face. After about 30 minutes, I told her that I was getting close so she turned around and eased down on my dick. I flipped us to get her under me so I could bury myself deep in that very hot pussy. About 15 minutes later, she wrapped her arms and legs around me, started shaking, and seemed to be having a very strong orgasm. About 5 minutes later, she had another one and I thought she was about to pass out. I had tried to hold off as long as I could but it was not to happen. I don’t think I had ever unloaded so much cum as I did into then. She asks me what I had done to her. That was the hardest, longest double orgasm she had ever had. I started to slip out but she told me to please keep the big fellow inside her, and then hold her close until she could come down off of cloud 9.

A while later I rolled off of her as I had gotten soft and slipped out. She put her arm across my chest and said she needed another big hug. We both went off to sleep that way. The next morning she woke me up asking me where things were in the kitchen that she was going to make breakfast for us.

We showered to gather and I got down on my knees and told her I needed some of her sweet juice before breakfast. When I finished, she told me that it was her turn. She made me cum in about 10 min and swallowed most of it. We then each dried off and she headed for the kitchen. I put on a robe and went out to get the Sunday paper. When I entered the kitchen, she was still naked and said she was fixing sausage, hash browns, and toast and ask how I wanted my eggs and told me the jelly jar in the fridge was empty.

After we had breakfast, we cleaned up the kitchen and she then wanted me to check the two computer programs she had with her.

I checked them out, gave her a few pointers on one and helped her re-write the other one. It was for a presentation that she needed to give at work.

We had a couple more sessions in the bedroom. We started out in 69 positions with her on top like last night. I did not cum that time but she sure liked me sucking on her clit. I also used 2 fingers in her pussy to try and make her cum again which she did.

We rested for about an hour then she told me she wanted me to give it to her hard and fast so she could have a long and hard orgasm to remember me by. I gave her all I had and I thought she was going to bounce us off the bed before we finished. At about 2 and she said she needed to get home. She had another program she needed to work on for work.

I took her home and as she was getting out of the car, she kissed me and gave me a big hug and asks if I would come over to her place Friday evening. But that is another story.

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