She wasa prick teaser I thought

She wasa prick teaser I thought

On Saturday afternoons I used to go to the movies with a few friends. There was one girl I liked and I tried to sit next to her if I could. One afternoon I tried to hold her hand and she let me for a while them pulled it away.

After the movies we all went to the milk bar and once more I tried to get close to her. I talked to her and she seemed to like me and I asked her why she pulled her hand away. She said she was beginning to like it but she didn’t want to get involved like that as we were all good friends and she didn’t want to play favourites.

About three weeks later I had an opportunity to go to a party and I asked Tracy if she would come with me. I said none of the others was invited – it would just be her and I at the party with some relatives of mine.

She said she would think about it and rang me that night to say she would.

At the party she and I were inseparable and I believed she enjoyed being with me. We talked and danced and had a really good time together. On the way home I held her hand and she let me. When we got to her place it was almost mid-night. We were saying goodbye and I told her how much I enjoyed it and being with her was special. She looked at me and our eyes met and without another word we kissed and she didn’t pull away but really snuggled into me and held each other tight as we kissed. In doing so we gently rubbed our bodies together as we kissed and I could feel her soft breasts against my chest and I knew I wasn’t imagining it when she rubbed herself against my hard cock in my pants. I nearly came doing it and she didn’t seem to want to stop. After a few minutes of hard kissing we were both breathless and we stopped kissing but she held me tight still and looked into my eyes again and said I got you excited didn’t I.

If she could have seen me blush I would have been bright red.

She then said would you like to come in – have a coffee before you go.

It was an invitation I was not going to refuse.

We went in and her parents were in bed and sang out, close the door and don’t make too much noise.

While the coffee was brewing she kissed me again and pushed me against a wall and really rubbed herself against me. In the process she said – you know I like you better now – You make me feel really good when we do this. I could take a lot more of this.

We drank the coffee and some cake and neither of us wanted the night to end. She was really showing me she liked me – a lot more than I had imagined.

We kissed for ages afterwards and at one stage she put her hand down and felt for my hard cock in my trousers. She giggled and said that likes me too it seems and kissed me before I could answer. As we kissed I touched her breasts with one hand and she jumped and said – they are really touchy, they get like that sometimes. Maybe some other time so I didn’t try again.

Eventually I had to leave – we had been there over an hour and we promised to talk the next day – Sunday – actually it was Sunday already.

I rang her about 9 and she said I have been sitting here waiting for you. Before I had a chance to ask her if I could meet up with her she said – ride your bike over – we can go for a ride together.

I didn’t need a second request and within 10 minutes I was at her place and she was waiting and we rode off immediately. I noticed she had a small back pack on. She suggested we go a certain way which I realised was down to the bushland and there is a track we all use occasionally to ride along on our school holidays – it takes about an hour from end to end and runs along a creek part of the way.

She took the lead and I didn’t mind. We chatted about nothing really as we rode. We had been riding for about 15 minutes and she said I am getting hot – let’s have a break. She pulled up and pushed the bike along a side track and we came to a little clearing I had no idea was there, obviously she did.. She put her bike down walked over to me and we kissed. It was like the night before –quite passionate. Then she said let’s get comfortable and took her back pack off and took a blanket out, spread it out, and lay down and patted the ground beside her for me to join her.

As soon as I did we began kissing again – she loved kissing. It wasn’t more than a few minutes and she broke the embrace and then undid the buttons on her shirt and exposed her bra and said – now you can do the rest. She sat there and looked at me and said – come on......I can’t wait all day.

I put my arms around her and as I did she undid the buttons on my shirt as I fumbled with her bra clip.

Seconds later we were both naked from the waist up. Her beautiful breasts were sitting there in front of me, firm, with upturned hard nipples, and a bright red areola and I would say about 34 inches already. As she moved so did they – they were beautiful and she sat there and took each one in her hand as if to present them to me and said do you like them.

I said – Oh God they are beautiful and instead of touching them I bent forward and kissed her left nipple then her right one.

She said they aren’t as touchy today – yet. I liked that.

I put my hands out and held each one in each hand and gently squeezed the firm warm flesh. I rubbed my thumb over each hard nipple. I said they feel as beautiful as they look.

Now she said what do you have for show and tell.

I looked at her and she realised I was dumbfounded. Then she put her hand down and began to undo the belt of my shorts. Do I have to do it all she asked and I stood up ready to take my shorts down as it was obviously what she wanted to see on show and tell. She unzipped me and slid my shorts down and my hard cock sprung out as if it were a spring and she took it in her fingers and said – now that is a beautiful cock. I love it.

I was astounded at the calm way in which she was handling the situation – I had never realised how sex oriented she was. Here I was naked apart from my sneakers and she was bare chested with her hand wrapped around my cock. I thought I would cum on the spot. It’s beautiful she said – I want to get better acquainted with this and she bent forward and kissed the tip of it which by then was beginning to ooze pre cum.

Tasty too she said as she licked the clear fluid away from the top of my cock.

Then she stood up and slid her pants down right in front of my nose and opened her legs slightly. The next thing I saw was a beautifully manicured pubic patch at the apex of her slit with her vagina lips showing and she had some dampness visible as well.

I had never performed oral sex on a girl to that stage but without hesitation I bent forward and licked her slit clean of her vaginal juice. It had a different taste to what I had imagined and she had that feint scent of a woman. I had been with other girls who had quite a strong vagina smell but had never licked any of them. Hers had just a hint of that female scent. God I wanted her.

That’s a good boy she said – we are more or less blood brothers now and I think we will be a little more than that before long if I have any say in it.

Lay here beside me and let’s have some true confession time before you make love to me.

I was beside myself – I always imagined it was the boy who did the chasing and that the girl was the submissive partner – not with her – she was leading me on and I loved it. I could not believe this girl who gave everybody the impression she was reserved and quiet and as one guy called her a Goody Goody, no nonsense with her he said, she wears a chastity belt with a padlock. If only he could see us now. I was beginning to realize she was a sex maniac.

She said – ok you first – am I the first girl you have done this with – are you a virgin.

No and no.

Good she said neither am I – how many girls have you been with.


God you didn’t waste any time – do I know any of them.

Two probably. Jan and Sue.

Ahhhh – Jan has often said she wasn’t a virgin but would never tell who did it to her. Was it you.

No – I was number three I believe. With Sue I was her second.

I told me – I believe she is rather good at it, she said. She has great tits I have noticed. How good was she?

Not bad I said - now how about you.

One man – much older – 10 years older - 26. He had something to do with my dad’s business and visited my parents a few times. He was from out of town had stayed with us a couple of times. Never would I have imagined sleeping with him. He was staying over for a day or so and I had no idea he was still in the house. I had stripped off naked and had skinny dipped in our pool when I was home alone and he must have seen me. I don’t know how it happened but it did. I was so embarrassed and got up to grab my towel – he on the other hand stripped his swimmers off and then asked ME if I would mind…. seeing I was nude too. I was too shocked to do or say anything - I just stood there. One thing that I remember was his cock was not hard – it hung nicely down over his ball sac. I don t know why but I did notice it was circumcised and looked about 6 inches long on the slack. He was a virtual stranger, but had always been nice to ne when he visited… He was older and single and I knew he had girlfriends, my dad often teased him about how pretty they were and how often he changed them.

I don’t know why but I asked where his girl friends were. His reply was I had hoped you might help me out this time. When I have been here before I always imagined making love to you, you fascinated me.

God within a minute or two of being alone with him he had put the hard word on me. I said this is crazy but he took no notice and flattered me with his charm and gradually we were talking like we had known each other for ever. I sat down again with the towel over my lap but my breasts were still exposed. He sat facing me on a pool chair and left his legs spread so I could see his cock hanging down. My eyes kept being drawn to his cock – it looked lovely. He obviously noticed me doing it but said nothing. The conversation soon moved to sex and he asked me if I had a boy friend and I said no.

Go on - he said a beautiful girl like you – you must have them lining up to take you out. He moved over and sat next to me and I shivered with fright or delight I don’t know which. Then I saw his cock began to stiffen and harden and stick right up almost in front of me and he said see how you affect me and he took my hand and put it on his cock. I was too shocked to pull it away and then he held me and kissed me and suddenly my vagina nearly flooded – I could feel my juices running down and I thought oh god they will drip onto the pool deck in a minute. I just didn’t know how to refuse him, I was besotted. He was so charming and reassuring and experienced – I could not believe how easy he charmed me into it. I was a 16 year old virgin, I really didn’t want to but he had a way of talking and before I realized it I was between his legs holding his cock and sucking it. He didn’t ask me and I had never done that before – but I had seen it done often enough on porn shows. After a minute or two of that he picked me up and he kissed me and the feeling of his naked body against mine as he kissed me with our tongues entwined together got me so hot. I could feel his hard cock pressing up between us. He had complete control over me and I was not resisting – even realizing it was going to be my first time and the loss of my virginity which I had thought about so often as to who and where and when – suddenly was all thrown away – I was going to let him take me the way he wanted to take me and I was not resisting or having any say in it.

He lay me down on my towel and talked to me lovingly. I said please don’t hurt me I have never done this before. He said I am a very lucky man to share the pleasure of your body for the first time – I have enjoyed a couple of virgin girls – I have never had a complaint. He talked to me for a minute or so – but I don’t remember a word of what he said – I was giving myself to him and going to do something I had never believed would happen like this. He reassured me and said it may hurt for a moment and then I would have this wonderful feeling and realization that I was no longer a teenage virgin, but a fully experienced woman. From this day on I was to be a complete woman. I could hold my head high and never have to worry about my virginity again. Then he said you haven’t broken your hymen masturbating have you.

No. I replied a little shocked at his question.

I was laying back and he was standing over me between my legs and all I could see was this massive cock that was about to be put inside me and do something to me I had often wanted but never imagined it would be this way. My only wish up till now was I wouldn’t lose it on the back seat of a car – or a seedy motel room. I had always wanted it to be special. This was like seeing it on a movie. It wasn’t me here it was some other woman. I had so often positioned myself ready to fuck when I masturbated - I wanted to have my first experience with a man like this – legs pulled back and spread wide for him and watching him enter me in the missionary position.

I lay there and looked at him now kneeling before me – he had a beautiful body – now his circumcised cock was hard and sticking out in front of him about 8 inches and it was thicker than any cock I had seen in real life. I had seen others in porn shows but then they are porn stars and exceptional. I had this fleeting thought he would be a good porn star.

Then he bent forward and whispered – are you ready my sweet innocent virgin. I nodded. He kissed me gently on the lips then on each nipple and then got ready to penetrate me. He moved forward with his cock in his hand as my vagina now fully exposed and ready for him to drive his beautiful cock into it for its first time. I had masturbated frequently but this was going to be much better than any fingering I had done.

God bless you my darling girl he said. He then held his cock in his hand and guided it toward my body and put the head of his cock against the lips of my vagina. I was looking down over my tits and tummy and I could see his cock begin to disappear through the little patch of hair I had, then stop. I could see and feel him parting the lips of my vagina as he pressed the top of his cock into me, then he looked up at me and said……… are you ready.

I said – just be gentle. Please be gentle.

He smiled and pushed himself a little further into me and I could feel him filling that part of me made for man. Then he stopped again and said – now I can feel your little barrier – it’s ready and waiting for us to turn you into a woman. I was almost howling with anticipation – OH FUCK ---- JUST DO IT – I said. He pressed himself a little harder and said get ready, this may hurt a little and he pressed himself harder against me and looked down at me as I bit my lip in anticipation. I had heard and read stories of this happening and they all varied.

Then it happened and I had this stabbing stinging sensation – and I heard him say….. ahhhh that feels beautiful you are so tight – just relax a little. It felt like it was a bit numb for a moment and then I could feel the thickness of him going deeper and deeper into me until he had his entire cock buried deep inside me. Once he was completely in –he was virtually laying full length over me. I could feel his thick cock right up inside me – it felt awesome.

Oh my darling you were so good, it feels so wonderful. Just wait a moment – I wont move – it will gradually feel better – you are no longer a virgin my darling. He lay on top of me and we kissed gently while I waited for the sensation to ease off and gradually as we kissed a little more passionately. He looked into my eyes and wiped a tear away – I had cried from either emotion or pain I had no idea which. I began to feel better and I realized I was no longer a virgin. I could feel a little bit of warmth down there and I said am I bleeding.

He pulled his cock almost right out and looked at it - then he said – yes – you are perfect. I looked down myself and saw his wonderful cock covered in a little bit of blood – nothing like my period – just a spoonful perhaps.

By now it must have been a minute or so since he had torn my hymen and had entered into me something I had never experienced before but I knew it wasn’t going to be my last experience – my only concern now was pregnancy, but it was the furthest thing from my mind. I learned later I needn’t have worried.

He said are you ready – this is when the fun and pleasure begins. Tell me if I am hurting you and we will stop for a minute or so. He withdrew and then reentered me – fucking me like I had always imagined being fucked. Gradually I got used to the feeling of him inside me – it was a little uncomfortable at first but once I repositioned myself I was happy and we fucked like I had always imagined fucking would be like.

I was now a woman. There was no way I could ever do that again – it was a once in a lifetime event and I had survived it.

We fucked for ages and he came in me – hearing him grunting softly each time he ejaculated into me made me feel so good. He didn’t take his cock out and left it in me for a while then said would you like to do it again – maybe you will cum this time. I suppose it was a few minutes before I felt his cock swelling inside me again – he said to me you like that sensation don’t you. You are perfect – so tight – you have the best pussy I have fucked in a long time. You are perfect for this.

This time we really fucked and I relaxed and really got worked up with him and really joined in with him and enjoyed the feeling of having a man and his cock fucking me. He was really pumping it into me – I could hear his body slapping against mine as he thrust his cock in hard and fast and as far as he could. Even my small tits were bouncing around. I touched my nipples and it felt great. It didn’t take me long and I could feel my orgasm coming and I said its happening- it’s happening - and he smiled down at me and said good girl – good girl - and fucked me a little harder and faster and I exploded – I came – it was an amazing sensation with his cock inside me, I had never imagined it could be like this – I was thrusting my cunt up onto his cock and writhing around – I had my arms around him pulling him into me. The sensation was absolutely amazing. it was beautiful. My orgasm lasted ages and he was fantastic with me and he helped me enjoy my first orgasm being fucked and one of my best ever. A minute or two after – it may have been an hour - I don’t know how long it was - I was still in raptures about cumming and could feel the sensation still in my clit.

Now how did you lose your virginity – who was it – do I know her.

No – would you believe it was a married woman –her husband was away on business for a month and she asked me to mow her lawn – it was hot and I was down to my shorts and bare chested – all hot and sweaty like. After I had finished she had a cool drink for me in the garden and she started to ask quite embarrassing questions and one of which was……. are you still a virgin boy or has some lucky girl had that privilege already.

I said no I was inexperienced.

I don’t know what happened after that somehow she kept talking and got more and more inquisitive and suggestive and she asked me if I would like to do – you know what with her. Her words not mine.

I said no – obviously but she said she would have been surprised if I had said anything else but she said she understood but really it would be unusual if I didn’t really want to sleep with her. She said don’t worry – nobody will know and it won’t be the first time I have done something with another man. You might be surprised there are a few people who live around here who like to swap occasionally. I know your parents don’t but there are others who do and some of them may surprise you. Now don’t wastes an opportunity to have an experienced woman show you the way – it will save some poor girl of the embarrassment of having a novice on top of her.

Well to cut a long story short – I did – not once but three times with her that afternoon. Once I did it I really enjoyed it and she made sure she was happy too. She told me I didn’t have to worry about her becoming pregnant she was on contraception so I could cum inside her which was amazing. I spent that afternoon with her and we had sex three times together. I lost my virginity big time. After that I went back to her a few more times before her husband came home and we fucked for hours each time and that’s when I learned all about oral sex. We did it together and it was great fun. Before he came home she said it would have to end as he would know. How… I have no idea – I think it was her way of saying enough is enough and she didn’t want to get found out having sex with a boy half her age. Anyhow I took Jan out one day and we did it and then Sue. They both wanted to know who I had done it with the first time but I wouldn’t say.

As we talked she had put her hand around mu cock and was stroking me. Then she said – I think we had better get on with it… the afternoon will be over and we will be lucky to get one in if we aren’t careful.

I got up and ready to enter her. She positioned herself ready. We were old pros by the way we got ready. I looked down at her pubic patch which was beautifully shaped and smooth. I commented I have never seen one look as pretty as that.

She said I did it especially for you. I like that shape but I shaved all around it.

I got ready and positioned myself and she said ‘Kiss me’ and as I leaned forward to kiss her my cock slipped into her. We were both wet and it went in easily and by the time my cock was right into her we were kissing at the same time and when we finished kissing she said that’s the first time I have had it go in that easy.

I asked how does it feel ?

Perfect she said. Now fuck me.

The two of us really got into fucking first missionary – then doggy and after that cowgirl both forward and reverse. She was really experienced and I commented – I haven’t been with a girl like you before – Jan and Sue are nothing like you – wow this is amazing.

She said its not your first time either - you know all about how to do it and make it feel good.

I said you can thank my lover woman – my virgin buster. She showed me all of these and a few more.

Good she said – you know how I learned – it will be interesting to see if we can teach each other something we don’t know.

I said that may take a while.

She said we have a life ahead of us. There is nothing stopping us now.

I said shit – would you believe I thought butter would not melt in your mouth.

She said I prefer batter to butter – man batter.

That’s on the menu too afterwards.

We fucked for a good ten minutes and I said are you on contraception.

Safe – she said – oral. I got that organized after my first time. I nearly shit myself when he came inside me. He had a vasectomy he told me and I had no cause to worry – I had to believe him and fortunately I didn’t get pregnant.

We hadn’t realized how late it was getting we realized that the sun was going down before we felt the cool air. We had fucked about half a dozen times. She came every time – even twice on a couple of them and I filled her up each time I came. She had a bucket load of my cum in her when we left. When we got home to her place I asked her if I could have her pants to put on my pillow that night.

She laughed and said I have never been asked that before and she said OK – bring your bike and come around the back of the garage – there is a room there I can slip them off in - it won’t be the last time you see that room – its where I have my naughty sessions with myself. They never come in here so cant smell the sex after I have been playing with myself for a while.

We went in and she took her shorts off and I slipped her pants down and as I did I kissed her cunt lips – covered in cum and her cunt juice. It was pretty strong. Her pants were soaking from the cum and cunt juice and had really been rubbed in riding the bike home.

I put her pants into my shorts – down the front and she giggled – I hope you don’t drown in that stuff she said.

If I do it will be a wonderful death.

We kissed and she said – shit it is strong and wiped her mouth but came back and we kissed again.

I left her waving to me – pantless - as I rode off on my bike thinking of the times I would be riding her some more.

She told Jan and Sue and they wanted to know all about what we did. I did them a couple of times to show them what I had learned and they were more than happy –I didn’t tell Tracy I had fucked them both again but said they wanted me to fuck them - and she said ok. I will ask them around to the garage one afternoon and we can have an orgy. She did ask if they were as good as her and I said there is nobody better than her – Liar she said.

Tracy and I were lovers and partners for over a year and every one of our friends knew it. We fucked like rabbits.

We were together for over a year before I went into the services.

We kept in touch for a while but I was getting plenty of sex from the women in uniform and she had no problems keeping her honey pot warm either. It was great while it lasted and I will always remember her.

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