My real life story Part-8

My real life story Part-8

Hi, my dear horny readers. How are you all doing? My name is Rohan. Let me briefly tell you about myself

I’m now 27 years old, 5.95 feet height, athletic body and average looking. I have my Own Business and I’m a Martial Arts and Yoga Trainer in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai gyms. (Why so many places you will know in the stories.

People who may know me might study these stories so I want to keep my identity undisclosed. I’m writing these stories with the permission of few ladies with whom I’m in contact with.

I had Sexual encounters with aged, middle aged, married and many sex starved women who were between 20 and 48 as they are the highest and the least aged in my list coz below 20 are considered as kids in my view. They might reach puberty or mature by 13 or 14th year but a little matured body would always be good to make love  .

Okay let me start the Story …

School and routine started. I was not getting chance to move close with lana though I’m touching and pressing her. lucy no hope with her stares. Lucy went to visit her mom again on the weekend. I thought I should do something for the weekend with Lana.

She left on friday evening. I went to tuition after lucy left and started doing exercises with Lana. I wanted to bring the topic anyhow. She we were at the end of the exercise session I started the topic slowly with some nonsense in the beginning.

Me: Lana miss I want to ask you something. But you should not get serious. We know about this already but I have this in my mind since a very long time. so let me clear today.

Lana: she gave me a weird look and said what is it?

Me: DO you know anything about Uma?

Lana: I don’t know anything about Uma but I definitely know about you and Uma.

I felt relieved as she was coming to the topic. I thought my discussion can be easy now.

Me: ahhhh. Cool. So you know about that. Well what are you guys planning for that then?

Lana: what plan? And for what?

Now she started acting smart again.

Me: You don’t know my plan?

Lana: No.

Me: ahaaaa, okay well let me tell you then. Hmm my plan is to fuck you and Lucy.

I said boldly. She was giving variety expressions. It was okay as she was not mad at me.

Lana: shut up bujji. You are not supposed to talk about those things to me like this..

Me: well. So watching you will not be a problem huh ?

I was getting bold with sex statements. She said I didn’t get you.

Me: Lana miss I have seen you almost naked and fucking and licking raja many times. I couldn’t see them closely but I have. Only thing I couldn’t see was your pussy clearly. After I started knowing everything about sex and stuff I had a great urge to fuck you and lucy from a very long time. I like your great pair of boobs. I like pressing and sucking them. I was not stopping.

Lana: chi chi chi chi. Will you please shut your mouth bujji. I think I heard a lot.

Me: okay aunty lets leave the topic. Tell me one thing straightly. You know I was having oral with Uma. you know that I have an urge to fuck you sisters. You know that I’m pressing you everywhere intentionally. If you don’t want to or like to have sex with me why are you still allowing me into your home if you don’t like it? uma aunty told me that you gave chance to so many silly fellows. Why don’t you give me a last chance at least for an oral? If you don’t like it I won’t ask you again.

Lana was silent for a very long time. I went and sat next to her. I was waiting that she would say something. She was looking at time. Take your time miss I have all night to wait.

Lana: bujji you have become more matured for your age. Uma was correct. You have become a sex maniac. You should not be doing these things now. You have time. Try to understand. I have slept with people it doesn’t mean I have to sleep with you.

Me: miss I was already complimented by few women and girls that I was more matured. Thanq very much. lets do some oral. I know you can give a nice blow job. I saw you wild when you were with raja. He used to suck your pussy. uma and I started oral with choco first and now we don’t need that.

I was not giving her time to talk. I was talking all horny stuff for which she couldn’t answer or say anything other than to shut my mouth.

Lana: bujji I cannot do whatever you are asking me.

Me: Okay then I’ll come in the morning for exercise and yoga. Do you have any work?

Lana was relieved as I stopped talking nonsense. I could tell that with her answers.

Lana: yeah I’m free this weekend. No work nothing. You can come in the morning. We can play chess and caroms too.

I asked her for some water. She went into kitchen and I followed her. when she was filling the glass I hugged her from behind tightly, pressed and sqeezed her boobs, kissed her on her neck and cheeks and ran away from there immediately saying good night miss. I’ll cya in the morning.

I saw her angry face while leaving. I don’t know when I slept but woke up at 5 o clock prepared everything and went to Lanas house at 7am with books and bag.
She opened the door in a night gown till her knees. I could see her arm pits. It was a sleeveless. She asked me “what are you doing in the early morning?”

Me: exercise miss. Its already 7. You are late. Go and get ready.

Lana: I want to sleep for sometime. you come and sit in the living room and study. Wake me up at 8.

I said okay and went inside. She went to her bedroom in halfsleep. I went inside the bedroom after 5 minutes. She was already on the bed in sleeping posture. I went near her, jumped onto the bed and slowly rested beside her. I was not touching her. I was just enjoying looking her sleepy face, cleavage and little exposed thighs.

I moved a little closer to her. I was pressing my hardon on her knees. I moved to the other side so that I could face her back. I slowly lifted her night gown from her knees till her thighs . I could see her panty. It was easy doing that staying behind her. I took my dick out of my pants and started rubbing that on her inner thighs. As it was like tickling she was not exactly moving but slowly moving them.

I could raise her night gown till her ass. I could see her colored panty clearly. I could see the bulge between her ass cheeks. I wanted to touch her and finger her immediately. But if I do that she will wake up and total one hour will be wasted. I was just slowly rubbing my dick on her ass and near her pussy now.

She definetly don’t know what I was doing with her. I couldn’t control and moved my face between her thighs and attacked her pussy with my mouth holding her legs tightly. She woke up immediately. She came to her senses. She was wriggling her legs and made me move away from her. she closed everything and asked me to get out of the room. I thought shit I might have started from her boobs.

I was really not afraid about what I did. I left her in the room came out and started studying again. She came out after 2 hours completely dressed. They had an attached bathroom. I went to other bathroom and shagged.

She came to me. Held my ears and said “stupid, is that the reason you came in the early morning?”

Me: miss miss miss, its paining. I have other places if you want to twist and turn. Leave my ear please.

She left it and said “idiot, idiot, what were you doing on my bed?”

I said “I was giving you a morning oral fuck miss.”

Lana: ohh dear god. Please make his mouth shut.

Me: I do pray to god everyday mam. Oh dear god please give me as many pussies as you and I can. This is my only wish for the rest of my life.

Lana: shut up bujji, you have become a brat.

Me: Maniac is much preferred miss.

Lana: I see a very different guy in you these days bujji.

Me: you should restate it like sexually hungry male biological entity .

Lana: don’t talk nonsense bujji.

Me: okay miss let us leave what ever happened. Shall we start exercise?

Lana: why, what are you planning for exercise?

Me: if you want me to be frank, I would like to suck and lick your pussy in sirshasana.

Lana: oh god shut up bujji. Stop talking like that. If you promise that you won’t do anything while doing exercises, I’ll join you.

Me: okay miss. I always miss a promise so lets see. What I can do.

Lana: bujji, I’m not asking you for a favor. I’m warning you.

I nodded. She was wearing skirt and t-shirt. Skirt was loose and till her knees. T was tight showing her nicely shaped boobs.

I asked her shall we do sirshasan then?

She said shut up.

I said okay then lie on your stomach. I’ll teach you new asana for strengthening your back. (NAUKASANA (boat pose)

She was lying on her stomach. Ahhh what a view man. I wanted to jump on her and fuck her from behind.

I adjusted myself with both my legs across her legs. I asked her to raise her head and shoulders back. it was a hard one. She was feeling it difficult to do.

Me: let me help you

I moved with my legs and sat on her ass locking her thighs with my legs. She actually cannot move her legs and hips.

She asked me to get up. I convinced her that this is how I can support her doing that asana. I moved my hands underneath her arms and held her shoulder. I pulled her back a little and she started saying pain in the back. I released her a little and held her in a relaxed position. I was pressing my dick on her ass actually. As the skirt was silky I could feel her ass. She knows what I was doing but she was helpless as I have locked her shoulders, hips and legs.

She said enough and asked me to move. I told her to relax in the same position for some time to avoid muscle catches. As she doesn’t know she did that. I was not sleeping on her but sat on her ass and was close to her shoulders lying on her. I kissed her neck slowly. She moved away her head. I was pressing and rubbing my dick and started raising her skirt I little up. Her thighs were already showing. I lifted till I could see her panty. I have tightened my grip so that she won’t move. She was not using her full force to push me away... I removed my zip and brought my dick outside.

I was rubbing my naked dick on her ass, between her thighs. She had her panty anyways. I was also pushing my dick towards her pussy. She was twisting and trying to turn. She was succeeded finally as I didn’t want to force her. She turned completely and started pushing me away from her. I had my time; and I was really happy. I stood up and closed my zipper.

I could see anger in her face.

Lana: are you trying to rape bujji?

Me: no miss I was doing something else you have taken me wrong.

Lana: what is that something else?

Me: I was trying to make love to you miss. With a little cooperation from you it can turn into beautiful sex. Please try to understand me miss. I might not have compelled you if you don’t like sex. But that not the case here. Let’s have oral for only one time. If you have any complaints after that, I really promise that I won’t touch you again.

Lana: no bujji we should not do that. You are my student. I saw looking you since childhood. It’s true that I did sex with few people but that is different. If anyone is going to find this out. We will be killed.

I got her problem finally. She doesn’t have a problem to have sex but she was afraid of getting caught.

Me: miss why you are thinking about me differently. Will that be okay if you don’t know me from childhood? Will that be fine if I was some other boy? Will that be fine if no one finds out? Any one will know only if you tell them or I tell them. I’m not a fool to fool around about my Pussy count to everyone. Just stop thinking about everyone and tell me about you. Don’t you like sex?

Lana: don’t try to convince me bujji. Lucy already warned me that you will have answers for everything. Stop this stuff now and start studying.

I didn’t say anything and started studying again.

I went home, had lunch and was back again to her home. She removed her tees and skirt. She was wearing her loose night gown again.

I told her that we will play chess for some time. As I haven’t asked her for a fuck she readily accepted for chess. She wanted to distract me from asking her for sex.

But I was enjoying the view of her little cleavage, knees and small portion of her thighs. She noticed that I was concentrating on her assets than playing chess.

She looked into my eyes and said “bujji, play chess first.” and started adjusting her dress.

Me: Play chess first means? Is there anything that I have to secondly?” and I smiled

Lana: Shut up bujji, if you talk like that, I won’t play.”

Me: Okay okay. Let us play.

We started playing and I asked her for water. As she was also thirsty, she went and got us some water.

After drinking water I said “miss you wore that for me and why you are hiding that now, leave it miss you are really looking beautiful in this night gown.”

Me: Really miss. I’m not kidding. Well you may look more beautiful without wearing it, but I don’t know about that.

I smiled at her after my statement. She got her angry look on her face again.

Lana: Thank you for the compliment but shut up and do not start again.

I understood that she was not interested to participate in my discussion. I do not want to hurt her any more so I stopped my stuff. We played for some time. I won 2 games and her face became red as I was teasing her.

Lana: Bujji, I bet I’ll win the next game.

Me: Sure Lana Miss. I wish you could. You have already lost 2. Do you want me lose this game?

Lana: ahaaaa shut up and play your game. You don’t have to do any sacrifices.

She was involved in the game and started playing very seriously. I was least bothered about the game. I was enjoying her cleavage as she was bent a little forward while playing. She knows that I was watching her than concentrating on the game.

My dick was throbbing in my pants. As she has already saw my dick many times, I didn’t bother to adjust my dick inside the pants when she was looking at me. She wasn’t giving any positive signs nor there was any smile on her face.

She smiled only after winning the game. Actually she was laughing.

Me: ohh you win finally huh. Okay lets play best of 5 and we will have some bet..

Lana: you were disturbing me in the first 2 games. Else I might have won all the 3.

Me: aha, chaa… okay lets have a bet now. I won’t disturb you. We will see who will win.

Lana: I don’t want to play any bets.

Me: no miss, it will be fun if we have a bet. You ask me to do anything if you win and vice versa.

Lana: I know your planning bujji. Forget it. I don’t want to play

Me: shall we do some exercises then?

Lana: No. I want to sleep for some time. You carry on with your studies. Wake me up after an hour. And leave the main door open. At least that will keep you sit silently.

She was smiling at me in a sarcastic manner. I felt disappointed. She went, closed her bedroom door and slept.

I had lot of stuff in my mind. I know she was interested but she was afraid. I was not getting how to proceed. After studying for some time I went near her bed room to knock the door. Surprisingly she didn’t lock it from inside. I thought “Shit I have wasted a lot of time.”

I went inside slowly near her bed. She was sleeping like a dog. Her night gown was above her knees showing her inner thighs. I was actually facing her back. Nice glimpse of her ass and thighs. I thought that I should do something to get her into mood.

I went out and closed all the doors including the bedroom door. I removed all my clothes stark naked. I got one scissors and slowly started cutting her night gown. It took me more than 10 minutes in doing it slowly. Ahhh that was a damn good view. I could see her panty and bra straps from her back. My dick was swinging in excitement to rip her panties and fuck her immediately.

She was still asleep without knowing that her night gown was scissored. I slowly moved near her and slide her half nightgown. Now I got the clear view of her back. I slowly started rubbing my dick from her inner knees to thighs and till her ass. You know girls sleeping position right. I was sniffing her neck, shoulders and back like a dog slowly.

I did not want to press her hard as she might wake up. I was just doing all kinky stuff. She was really in deep sleep. I was kissing her very lightly with my lips. I started from her neck, shoulders, back, waist, ass and inner thighs. Once in a while I was slowly licking her. She didn’t moan but she was moving a little in sleep.

I continued my pressing and kissing for more than 15 minutes. I understood that she really sleeps like a dog . I was not able to control. As she was not cooperating I couldn’t move any further. Then I stood next to her and started shagging facing her back. After 10 minutes I cummed on her panty and her back.

Lol she moved a little when my cum was hitting her back. I went to kitchen nude had some water and came back. After 15 minutes I was hard again. I shagged again on her body. Earlier one got dried on her body already. My cum was slooowly dripping on her back.

I got my books inside her bedroom and locked the door. I sat on her bed and started studying beside her without clothes. I did not want to wake her. I was just enjoying her half nude body and studying. Once in a while I was touching her ass and thighs.

After half an hour entertainment, I moved her a little and she woke up in a dizzy state. She didn’t notice me or her torn out dress at first. I mean her brain signals haven’t reached her body yet. It took her less than a minute to know and understand what happened. I could see a lot of expressions in her face mixed with anger, fear and confusion.

She jumped on to other side of the bed. I was just looking at her with no tension. I was actually sitting naked with a book on my dick.

Lana: heyyy, what the hell is this? What were you doing? What have you done to me? Why did you cut down my night gown you idiot? Blahhh blaahhh blahhhh

Lol as I told you I enjoy a lot when women go mad on me.

My eyes were on her body and mouth. Actually my ears were not were paying much attention to whatever she was shouting.

After listening to her for a moment I removed the book from my lap and stood on the other side of the bed naked. I still had my hard on.

Me: sorry Lana miss, I couldn’t control myself looking at your body. I didn’t fuck you. I just shagged on your body.

Lana: oh you idiot, first wear your clothes and leave the room.

I didn’t say anything. Picked all my clothes and was about to leave.

Lana: stupid wear them here and go. Do you want to show your dick to everyone outside.

Me: no miss I have closed all the doors. No one can see me.

Lana: shut up and wear first.

After getting dressed I said “sorry for your night gown miss. I’ll get you a new one tomorrow.”

Lana: leave the room first

She was holding her half dress and locked the room when I left the room. I was waiting for her outside. She came after 30 minutes. She had her bath and came out in a new dress. I was looking at her. she didn’t say anything.

Me: nice dress Lana miss. You really look very beautiful today..

Lana: shut up bujji. You have gone too far today.

Me: sorry if that hurt you miss. I couldn’t control myself looking at your body. You are very beautiful. And I really like to touch you.

Lana: ohh bujji, what happened to you? Why are you doing all this?

Me: Lucy miss might have told you everything about what I need? I’m not asking you for a fuck. I just want to do oral with you. Precisely what you have done with raja other than fucking.

Lana: shut up bujji, I already told you I cannot do that with you.

Me: you don’t have to do anything miss. Just let me do the honors.

Lana: get out now.

I have no words. I left my stuff and went to play ground without saying anything. Not even a good bye.

I went home after playing, took bath and went to lanas house again at 7pm. She was preparing her dinner. she didnt say anything. I took my books and studied for an hour. She was in her bedroom reading some novel.

I went inside without knocking and said “miss shall we do some exercises?”

She didn’t say anything for aa moment.

Lana: why do you want to fuck my butt again? that is the plan right?
She made a sarcastic expression.

Me: i don’t want to fuck you miss. I just want to do oral with you. I have already said that with your little cooperation it will be much easy and entertaining.

Lana: shut up, you started again.

Me: no miss, I’m just talking. If you allow me I can start.

Lana: shut up and wait outside. I’ll change and come.

She was actually wearing her skirt. She came out wearing her pants for protection this time.

We did naukasana again. She lied on her stomach and I went behind her to support. I didn’t do anything mischievous this time. we just completed the exercises.

Lana: my back is aching a little with this asana bujji.

Me: its not aching. This asana is supposed to strengthen your back muscles. As you are doing it for the first time you will feel a little pain. Roll your hips and it will be fine.

She was rolling her hips and wowww what a beautiful sight.

Lana: I have prepared dinner for both of us. Eat and leave.

She was not showing any anger or anything when she was talking to me. It eased me a little.

Me: sure miss. You take bath, meanwhile I’ll go home and inform mom about dinner and I’ll be back.

I went home, informed mom that I’m staying at Lanas place tonight as she is alone and went back to her home. She opened the door and invited me in. she changed her dress into shorts and t-shirt.

I could see her thighs. She was wearing them infront of me after a long time. I thought I was actually getting some positive signs with all this. But I wasn’t sure. Her tees were little low. A small part of her cleavage was visible. I was looking at her boobs and cleavage. When she saw me I drifted my look.

We finished dinner and started chatting. We discussed studies and stuff. It was 9.30 and she asked me to leave.

Me: miss I told mom that you asked me to stay at your home tonight as you are alone. Don’t worry I wont do anything. I enjoy your company. So please let me stay here tonight. We will talk.

Lana: why did you lie to your mom? I didn’t ask you to stay.
Me: its okay miss, anyways I cannot go home now. I’ll sleep in the hall. You can lock your bedroom.

Lana: hmmmmm. Do you really want me to believe you that you are not going to do anything mischievous?

Me: sure miss. And if you find anything wrong you can throw me out anytime.

Lana: Okay. Get the mat and pillow from the bedroom. you can sleep here in the hall.

We started talking crap and I suggested for chess. She said that she don’t have mood for chess. We were sitting on the mat next to each other. I was getting the glimpse of her cleavage and I was enjoying the view of her thighs in her shorts.

She caught me looking and said “what are are looking at you stupid?”

Me: nothing miss. You have nice thighs. I really feel like touching them if you permit me.

Lana: you have already touched them many times. What else do you want to touch huh?
I was actually happy as she didn’t say anything in anger. I have taken that into grant and put my right hand on her thighs and pressed them.

She immediately removed them and said “bujji, you said you won’t do anything. What is this now?”

Me: sorry miss. You know hormone problem.

I smiled at her saying that. She didn’t react much. we were discussing about everyone in the school and everything for sometime.

Suddenly she asked me “have you fucked Uma?”

Ohh man I was actually struggling to bring the topic. But to my luck she asked me.

Me: no miss. I didn’t fuck her. We are just doing oral sex.

Lana: how did she become pregnant then?

Me: that is by uncle not me. She never allowed me to fuck her. We just enjoy oral all the time.

Lana: don’t lie bujji. Lucy told me that you might have fucked Uma.

Me: No miss, I promise. I really didn’t fuck her. I’m still a virgin.

Lana: do you know about virginity and all?

Me: Lucy might have told you about my sexual knowledge. If you want you can check Frenulum of my penis. Its not broken yet.

Lana: who taught you all this?

Me: Uma aunty and I read in few books in a library.

Lana: Lucy and I still doubt that she is pregnant because of you.

I was hard with all the discussion going on.

Me: See If you don’t believe

I immediately dropped my shorts and pulled back the skin on my dick and showed her my hard of and Frenulum. I didn’t give her much time to react. I took her hand and placed it on my hard on.

She pulled her hand immediately and said “chi chi chi, put that inside you stupid. I didnt ask you to show it.”

Me: As you were not believing me, I didn’t have a choice other than showing that to you.

Lana: chi chi shy less fellow.

Me: why should I fell shy miss. You saw me completely and I saw you doing everything. Is there anything left between us to see?

Lana: shut up.

Me: why miss? Isn’t that true? I remember how you were moaning and doing everything with Raja.

Lana: bujji please don’t bring his topic now.

Me: why miss? What happened? Are you getting horny if I remind you raja?

Lana: no it’s not like that. I just don’t want to talk about him. That’s it.

Me: okay miss. Sorry. Well lets talk about Lucy miss then what did she tell you about me?

Lana: nothing

Me: please miss tell me na

After a little pleading

Lana: Lucy told me whatever you did with Uma.

Me: what did she exactly tell you?

Lana: everything what you did stupid. Don’t ask me to explain about that now.

Me: miss, frankly I’m not able to hold my hard on in my pants after you remind me about uma aunty. I need to shag immediately. Can I use your washroom?

Lana: chi you stupid. You have become crazy. Goo get lost.

Me: miss can I ask you something?

Lana: what?

Me: miss can you shag like you did to raja once?

Lana: shut up bujji

Me: please miss. I’m not asking for oral and I’m not asking you for a fuck. Just one shag pleaseee

Lana: you please go to washroom and do it to yourself.

Me: hmmmmm. Okay. I think I’m not lucky enough like raja.

After this long horny discussion I went to washroom and shagged thinking about Lana and her assets. I came after 10 minutes. Lana went to bedroom and was reading a novel.

She saw me, given a smile and said “finished with your stuff you stupid?”

Me: yeah miss. Done disheartened

Lana: why disheartened?

Me: how many times I should do my hand. I thought it will be replaced by yours today.

Lana: ahaa. Smart huh. Shut up and sit here, I’ll read this novel.

Me: is that an erotic one?

Lana: shut upppppppppp and listen

She started reading the novel. She finished few pages and there were some romantic sessions and pictures in the novel. After one hour I had another hard looking at her and her cleavage. I was adjusting my dick in shorts.

She saw that and said “what?”

Me: nothing miss. The novel is good and making me horny. I’ve got another hard on.

Lana: I can see that. Do you have any other work than popping your dick all the time?

Me: I cant help miss. Manufacturing defect. I think I have to go to washroom again disheartened.

Lana: shutup bujji, you should not do that often. You will get addicted to it.

Me: well that’s okay miss as far as I’m not fucking any one. I’m just easing myself. I would be much happier if I get that opportunity from you.

Lana: shut up bujji.

Me: how many times you want me to shut up miss? Well if you mean it in a different way I can move my Shirt-Up.

Lana: I cannot argue with you. Now just listen to the story.

It was almost 12am. She was not getting sleep as she slept in the noon. I was listening to her and was asking doubts in the characters and the romance. She was explaining me some and skipped few doubts. I was getting horny and impatient listening and watching her.

Me: miss I’m not able to control. its paining inside my shorts. can I take it out side?

Lana: no need.

Me: please miss. Your story also making me horny. I won’t touch you or do anything. I’ll just take it out and massage it.

She didn’t say anything. She was actually holding her smile. I could see that. I asked her couple of time but there was no sign of affirmation. When she was reading the novel I slowly inserted my hands in my shorts and started massaging my dick slowly.

She was observing what I was doing from the corner of her eye, but she continued reading. As she didn’t say anything I took my dick outside and started shagging it slowly looking at her body.

When she saw my hard on in my hands she said “chiiii bujji what is this? Put that inside.”

Me: please miss; I’m not disturbing you right. I’m doing my job.

Lana: no you are disturbing me. Put that inside.

I didn’t do that. I was actually sitting next to her. We don’t have a half feet distance between us. She asked me couple of times. As I wasn’t listening to her she stopped asking me and continued reading. After 5 minutes of shagging beside her I tried to put my right hand on her thighs. She moved it without saying anything and continued reading.

As she didn’t say anything I was getting more courageous. I put my hand again on her thighs and continued shagging. She removed again.

Me: please miss.

Lana: no. you said you wont disturb me.

I didn’t want to compel her and I concentrated on shagging. I was reaching climax after 15 minutes of shagging. I told her to keep her book in her lap and read so that she could see me shagging.

I directed my dick towards her and released my jet. Lol. She was looking my dick when I was cumming. Spurts reached her chin, few jets fell on her boobs on tees, and on her novel which was in her lap.

She immediately jumped from the bed and started saying “chi chi chiiiiiii bujjii, you spoiled my tees and the book. You might have gone to bathroom in the last right. Stupid”

Lana: chi now I have to take bath and wear new clothes again. you did that on purpose right, you idiot.

That was one good session I had. I felt dizzy and wanted to rest on bed.

Lana: don’t lie on the bed. Go to washroom and clean. Goo

Me: even you have to wash yourself miss. Come lets go together.

As she also had to clean she followed me to washroom. I cleaned my dick and wore my shorts. she cleaned her face and took some wet piece of cloth and started wiping the cum on her tees.

Me: you could remove that and clean right.

Lana: ahaaaa. No need. You go. I’ll be back in a minute.

I went inside the bedroom and cleaned the cum on the book. She came after 2 minutes. I was actually shocked to see her. She came in her spaghettis which she was wearing inside her Tshirt. Wowwwwww man what a look. It was with two straps. I thought they were bra straps when she was on her tshirt. But she didn’t have any bra inside. It was her spaghettis.

I could see her upper portion of her boobs. not very much but the small bulge and a little deep cleavage. I wanted to go and hug her immediately. Couldn’t dare. I was watching her from head to toe. I could see the traces of her nipples as the spaghettis material was thin. Not a see through.

She was really looking sexy in her blue shorts and white spaghettis.

Lana: don’t look like that. Its very uncomfortable you stupid.

Me: misss you are really looking very very beautiful. I should say very sexy missss. Can I have a hug pleaseeeeeeeee.

Lana: don’t dream much bujji. Go and sleep now. And thanq for the compliment.

Me: miss can I sleep in your room? I’m little afraid sleeping outside alone.

Lana: ahaaaa. If you sleep here I should be the one who should be afraid. Not go and sleep. Good night.

Me: miss can I stay here for sometime?

Lana: no go and sleep. You are already tired today.

She meant about my shagging. She gave a smile saying that and locked her bedroom door. I was little disappointed but as there was nothing much I could do I have slept on that mat dreaming about her.

I woke up at 6am in the morning with a hard on again. True if you think about something in the night and sleep, 99% you will get that like a dream in the early hours. I finished my morning chores and went to her door to knock. She came after 5 minutes of knocking. She was half asleep.

Lana: what bujji? Why did you wake up so early?

Me: miss its already 7am. Come and get ready. We will start exercising.

Lana: Ahhh. Bujji today is sunday. I want to sleep for some more time. You start doing. I’ll join you after one hour sleep.
Saying that she went and crashed on the bed again leaving her bedroom door.

Story continues. I’ll let you know how Finally Lana Accepted for giving me a blow job in My Real Sex Life – Part 9

My email address is [email protected] Ladies and Girls you are always welcome and guys please Dont ping me for girls id. I'm not going to disclose them to you anyways. Don’t waste your time on me guys. Try to understand me guys. I’m not your enemy, same way I don’t need enmity from Women.
Stay Fit and Be Horny. Please and Thanq.

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