The slut on holiday

The slut on holiday

The slut on holiday

Hello to all my regular readers, sorry I haven't posted a story in a few weeks, I've been on holiday! What an eventful holiday that was! As ever, all these events are really, and this did happen. However, the names of characters have been changed so that no one gets in trouble

My family and I went to South Africa for a bit of a fall getaway, and we booked this beautiful luxury hotel in the capital, Johannesburg.

We arrived about 1pm local time, and the heat hit you instantly walking off the plane. Coming from America, fall is usually quite cold and bleak, moving into Christmas... But in SA this is very much not the case.

Eventually making our way through the extra long security checks the other side, a tall blonde caught my eye as we waited for the bus. Converse shoes on (indicating that she was barely legal) but she also had an aura. A sense about her that made me want to fuck her there and then. About 5'10" in height, and 140lbs with a rack to die for, she walked provocatively through the airport. As she walked past the hordes of exhausted and warm tourists, she flicked her hair and strutted along like a film star.

Although she looked only about 19, she looked more my age than a lot of the pussy I usually fuck. I'm in to older women. Oh, and plus I have a girlfriend too. Jenny. (If you want to rub your tight pussy or play with your hard cock over her, look at some of my other stories when I explain her in more detail!)

Anyway, me and Jenny had decided that neither of us were aloud to have sex with other people whilst I was on holiday, manly because this prick at college had taken a liking to her, and I did not want him stirring my porridge... If you catch my drift.

Back to the blonde. As it was a hot climate, you could tell she wasn't use to the heat. Wearing a strappy, but supportive, white camisole top and red hot pants- you could tell she was feeling the heat from the evident wet patch showing through on her back. As she turned round, she caught me glancing at her, and nothing was said about it, she just continued to look at me and smile. I could feel my shorts start to twitch but I kept 'him' under control.

After a cheeky wink from this mysterious girl, she walked off into a taxi with her girl-friends to go and enjoy her holiday and undoubtably get fucked by lots of SA guys. I would say that highlight was the unfortunate highlight of my week, but then this happened...

3 or 4 days had passed since we arrived in South Africa, and my family and I had literally chilled by pool all the time. Often with very good sights of hot mums and daughters trying to catch the attention of the lifeguards, meant they often wore provocative clothing, ie hardly any swimsuit at all! One super hot milf, decided to play with the men around the pools minds, by wearing a silver swimsuit. This of course meant; a thin sparkly g-string between her perfectly tanned and toned cheeks, with a minimalist pad covering her bound to be stretched pussy, and a silver bikini top, literally covering her nipple, and showing everything else... As she swept past my sun bed, I caught a cheeky glance through my sunglasses and immediately felt my cock grow hard. Luckily, my family weren't there.. So I went for a quick swim to cool down and to get rid of my awkward boner.

I was gagging for it. I hadn't had sex now in over a week, and all this hot pussy lying around the pool made my wrist hurt at night... If you catch my drift! Suddenly, that night when I was jacking off to the image I had created of; that hot milf in the silver bikini earlier in the day, sitting on the next sun lounger, pulling my shorts down to spring my cock lose, and then swallowing it- I thought of the hot blonde I had seen in the airport. Imagining fucking her tight young pussy was the closest I would come this holiday, so I had 4 orgasms that night, just by my vivid imagination fucking her. Covered in sex and seamen, I took a photo and sent it to Jenny as a little reminded of what torture I had put myself through this holiday by not having sex with anyone. Not long after my shower and change of sheets, I got one back... It was her. The picture I received was her knelt over a guy, performing a 69. In the picture, I could see her swallowing his enormous cock and really loving it by her grin. The message read "I said no sex, not 'no oral sex'"
Relief at last! The next few days, I 'put out' to cure my huge sex drive.

2 days later, I walked down to go to the pool in my boarders, it had become a ritual for me every morning. I had to walk through reception this time though, as I had to request a change of sheets as I had woken up horny again. I didn't tell the man behind counter though, just an innocent plea. Again, my day went without any sexual advances from the milfs around the pool, but I certainly had some images to jack off to later that evening. 6pm came around and I slumped off to my room after another day wasted by the pool, walking through reception and the long way to try to get a final push on my sexpedition. But nothing.

Along the corridor to my room, I noticed the door was open and a hoover sounded. Although disappointed to see it was just house keeping, in my room on her own- the blonde from the airport.

"Hey handsome!" She exclaimed,
"Er is that how you treat all your guests?" I laughed nervously to this fit girl.
"No of course not! But you're the American guy from the airport no? I'm Jess." She said proudly giving her my hand to shake.
"Hey" I nervously replied... "Are you... Working here then?"

"Of course silly! And someone looked like they had a good night last night!" She exclaimed in her strong SA accent.
I tried to ignore what she had said, and replied "so is it a summer job or something then?"

Disappointingly "Yep, I've come down from the west side, and I have a job here! My uncle is the owner" she said proudly.

"Ah cool, well I'm just going to shower to cool down, don't mind me" I said, whilst checking her out. She wore a tight and tailored white shirt with the logo of the hotel printed on her right boob, a tight pencil skirt, and some little black heels.
"Company policy" she said leaving the room. I kind of gave her a half upset face, as I didn't want her to leave. As I got into the shower, I heard the room door shut behind her exit.

With my cock hard from the interaction we had just had, I had to wank myself dry. Stroking my hard cock slowly made me release a fat stream of cum all over the silver taps of the bath and released and orgasmic sound like never before. I had made girls make a noise like that, but never myself.

After showering down, and getting rid of the streams of cum on the wall and taps, I stepped out of the shower- to surprisingly heard the room door open again. It was Jess. As this room didnt had and kind of separation from the shower room to the bedroom, it was sort of open plan. This meant as soon as someone walked in, you could see them.

She strutted in, most like in the airport. Releasing her tightly held together hair with a flick, and undoing a button of her tailored white shirt. Her seductive walk turned me on slightly again.

"I was outside, I heard you pleasure your..." Taking a look at my body "long cock to... Me"
By far the hottest experience of my life so far, I went along with the seduction and placed her young hand on my thumping cock.

"Oh, I can feel it twitch in my hand" she whispered directly into my ear. She took a gentle but seductive bite from my ear lobe and started to stroke my dick. Still wet from the shower, our embrace dampened her tight shirt so it became see through in some areas.

She took off her heels and shrunk a few inches, 'Good' I thought, easier to throw around. A combination of my dirty mind and her gentle kisses made my cock grow hard just moments after exploding it's juices all over the wall.

She bit my lip, and started to lead me over to the bed. "I know you were pleasuring yourself to me last night Scott"

"Wait, how do you know my name?!"
"I have my ways.." She winked and kissed my waiting lips again.

"Oh really?" I asked intuitively, whilst grabbing her peachy ass in her black skirt. "Well if you know something about me, I think you should take this off..." I pulled the waistband of her skirt and let it go to spank her.

"Hang on, how does that work?!" She said cheekily.

"I don't know, just does." I said whilst slipping off her black skirt off her silky legs, down to her painted toe nails. Managing to then work my way up to her crotch, I could feel her young pussy radiate heat and moisture. My cock flinched a little more.

After a few kisses, she turned around and placed her hot, red, silky panties above my face whilst she grasped my wet dick. I tried to rub her clit a little through her panties, but she yanked them aside before sitting on my mouth with her wet pussy, letting out a huge roar. I stuck my tongue up her moist and young pussy. Covering my tongue in her discharge, she started to grind her clit against my chin. Covering my in her sweet juices, she let out a cry whilst grabbing my hard cock.

Releasing my face from her crotch, she started to lick and kiss the top of my dick, sticking her tongue down my slit to get any left over cum. I moaned a little, and slipped my middle and index fingers into her tight pussy.

"Careful, I haven't had sex in a long time, so it'll be very very tight in there" she exclaimed with pleasure and a little pain also. That just made me finger her deep and more sensually. Knowing that it was a fresh playing field.

Engulfing my hard cock into her small but soft mouth was amazing. Although she couldn't deep-throat (and apologised for that) her enthusiasm of swallowing my cock made up for it. Before she could notice, I grabbed my phone off the side, and took a photo of my fingers bouncing in and out of Jess' creaming pussy. (Looking back, you can also see Jess' perfectly round boobs hitting my stomach and her attempting to pleasure my cock with her SA mouth)

She let go of my cock in her mouth, and spat on the shaft. Jacking me off had never, ever felt so good. To reward her with this amazing talent she had, I forced my next finger into her tight hole, making her squerm a little more at the prospect of her pussy being stretched. But she seemed to love it. When she started to gyrate her hips towards my tongue, I knew it was time to play my a game.

Withdrawing my fingers caused her to collapse onto my body, and her pussy slapped against my sweaty chest. Picking her tight ass up again, and then using my left hand to finger fuck her, she soon perked up a little. This time though, I started to flick her clit bead with my tongue. She iediatrly screamed "Suck it and fuck it Scott, take me" she screamed, still with her work uniform top on. Although now, she had managed to undo her top far enough for her to squeeze and pinch her nipples like a hardcore porn film.

Grabbing my soaked cock in on hand, Jess started to stroke the base of my shaft and swallow my circumcised head. Every gulp she took of my big cock, seemed to fill it up with a little more cum each time. I couldn't take anymore, I had to fuck her. I didn't care about Jenny at this point, I wanted Jess' tight and heavily pussy wrapped around my cock.

Slapping her ass, and turned her around- I asked Jess if she wanted to be a part of what I was soaking my sheets to the night before. Without even answering she stuck her cock flavoured tongue down my throat to lick all her pussy juices off my tongue. Releasing me for air I said "I guess that's a yes then?"

"Sorry, I'm just such a horny bastard right now and because I'm at work, making it even hotter to tell the girls tomorrow- of course I want you to fuck me hard and help me soak your sheets again" she whispered into my ear, whilst reaching back to jack off my cock.

Without any time for it to register, I flipped Jess onto her back and flung her legs into the air. Either side of her face, I raised her legs and told her to hold them then. Presenting her tight asshole to me, I licked in and around her tight hole in the hope for Jess to somehow gain more horniness. Moaning and groaning at the sight and feel of my tongue in her ass made her scream "Fuck me Scott, put your dick in me now!!"

Plunging my hard dick into her tight young pussy, she and I let out a roar of passion. Heavily kissing, I plunged my cock further and further into her sex craved pussy. Repeating this, and building up a rhythm, made her scream into my ear. I was certain her boss or someone would walk in on us. The sound of my sagging balls hit against her now wet ass hole made me fuck her deeper, hard and quicker. This slut was going to be filled with cum.

Moving over and onto the wall after Jess' first climax, I picked her light SA frame up against the wall, and held up with my arms under her soft and shaved legs. Sitting and bouncing on my cock, she could only let out little squeaks here and there, until my ass cheek started to cramp so I slowed down. Letting out a roar, her pussy pushed my cock out of her hole and squirted her cum all over my feet and floor. After hitting her head against the wall, we giggled a little with me cock somehow being slipped back into her, and I didn't do it.

"Scott, I want you to fuck me up against the door, and then in the room next door..." She winked at me and started to swallow my cock in her pussy hole.

Without arguing, I held onto her and struggled over to the door where my cock 'accidentally' impaled her young, tight pussy and hit her gspot. Again, fucking her neglected slit, she screamed for me to fuck her harder and deeper... Over and over again. Eventually filling her pussy up again, she fired my cock out and sprayed all over the door and my now soaked legs. I let go of her, she tried to stand up, but fell from the energy sapping fuck we ha just had. She managed to lick all her cum off my feet and legs whilst she sat on the floor nursing her pussy. Still with her top on exposing her nipples, I pinched them which seemed to spark another dimension of horny. She stood up and walked to her pants to get her card. Walking past me towards the door, she stragged and opened the door taking a peep round the corner to check the coast was clear. Grabbing my dick, she led me into the corridor and jack me off a little until we heard voices. "Shit, hold this" she gave me her pants, and opened the next rooms door. We quickly went in, and shut the door behind us, in the fear we'd be caught fucking. Well, her being caught fucking on shift more to the point. The room next door was nicer than mine, a bit bigger, with a jacuzzi... She looked over and saw it. Also noticing the room had been struned with clothes by another pairing (obviously a lovely sex couple) and led me over to the jacuzzi. She got in, and I watched her attempt to lift her legs up to the side whilst she started to strum her clit underwater. Still with her work top on, the white shirt had gone completely see-through to reveal she wasn't wearing any bra...

"Oh fuck, wow, I'm going... Going... Going to cumm" she released her cum into the bath tub whilst groping her right tit hard to increase the intensity of the orgasm into a strangers hot-tub.

Lifting her fingers to her mouth, she started to suck and lick them clean of her dirty orgasm, whilst with the other hand beckon me forward with her finger.

Obliging, I climbed (naked still) into the strangers hot tub after tossing myself a little to the sight of this teen strumming herself. She quickly delved her right ham into the water to start stroke my cock underwater. This just made me really hot for this SA blonde. In passion, I grabbed her tit and broke a few of her buttons on her uniform but she didn't seem to mind. Grabbing the back of my head, she forced my head into her nipple... I started to suck her nipple with my lips hard. "Bite on it, it really fucking turns me on" she instructed me. I did, and wow. She started to bite her lip and moan when I bit and sucked her tit hard.

Quickly, she flung herself over so she positioned her clit over the near jet to strum her pussy hard. Half standing up, she reached back onto her ass cheek and grope it hard. I could see the tan lines of bikini on ass and thighs too. I really, really get turned on by that. Feeling my cock pulsate underwater, I turned her little 'show' into a full on fuck. Surprising her I put on leg up onto the side of the hot tub, and filled her tight pussy up with my cock.

"What the fucc.... Ohh wow! Deeper, deeper, fill me up with your cum Scott! I'm ready!" She looked back and shouted at me. Deeper and deeper I fucked my full shaft into her tight teen pussy. Reaching forward to grope her round tits, I could feel my dick start to tingle and fill up with the load I was going to fill Jess up with.

Suddenly (and surprising me) the door started to open. "Shit shit shit" Jess hadn't noticed because she was in a world of pleasure- I decided to go for it and came I her tight pussy. My hot, semen filled up her teen working pussy, whilst a newly married couple stood at the door in shock, watching my dirty cock fill the house keeping girls pussy with cum...

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