Let a Playa Play

Let a Playa Play

Let A Playa Play

Story about Charles who uses his good looks and charm to fuck as many women he wants.

"Oooohh fuck, mmmmm." she moans with one leg on my shoulder, black panties with pink trim dangling from her foot as I vigorously attack her pussy with my tongue. With this being her last day of work, I thought I would send her off with a going away present. More like a this is what you will be missing present. As she bit her lip, she grippes the back of my head and presses my face into her wet pussy. You never know how bad someone wants it until you give it to them.

I stop for just a second,"So what do you think your husband would have to say about this?" She presses my head even harder into her vagina. Obviously she does not appreciate my little joke while she is in the middle of getting oral sex from the coworker she has had a crush on for the past few years.

Before I go any further, allow me to tell you who I am. My name I Charles. I am a 6 foot dark skinned black male weighing around 200 pounds give or take. I am 25 years old and some what fit; nice chest, abs, and huge cock. 9 inches to be exact. It compliments my cocky attitude. Some say that I'm a player but I prefer to label myself a teacher to women. That's is why I liked to be called professor.

And this little vixen who is now grinding her hips as I continue licking her up and down is my soon to be ex-coworker, Amber. She is 5 foot 7 inches of long legs and big boobs of hotness. She is 19 years of age and has 34d's if I am not mistaken. She's about 125 pounds with dark brown hair down to the middle of her back. And not that it matters but she is white.

Plus, if you couldn't tell, she is married, and has been for about 14 months now. Married to some guy, Barry or Larry or some shit like that I don't know. Every time she talks I just focus on her luscious tits. Oh man, why did it have to take 3 years for this moment to happen? Well, there are several rules that I go by when having any kind of sexual relationship with a woman. First rule is never fuck anyone that you work with. Too many complications with jealousy and other drama like that. Plus, I love women, but not enough to give up my job or life style.

But I digress. Now, we are in the womens' restroom in one of the stalls of the book store where we work. Amber is taking a very stress relieving break but I am off today. Just here to get my check, check my schedule, and see how loud I can get her to scream. I use my thumb to lift her hood and expose her swollen clit. I flick and lick it and swirl it with my tongue be for I suck on it. And taking two fingers with my other hand, I wriggle them inside her pussy. I watch as they disappear from my sight as they go deep inside. Slowly I pull them back out and quickly push them back in. Slow out, and quickly in. I do this a few more times before Amber grabs my hand, brings it up to her face and sucks on the fingers. She works them as if she was working a cock. Soon after she places them back inside her. As she does, I look up and see her eyes roll to the back of her head. "Ffffffuuuccckkk, hhmmmmm" she moans as she tries to stay quiet. But I have other plans.

Continuing with finger fucking Amber, I notice she is getting wetter by the second. A few streams of her juices flow down my arm as I thrust my fingers harder and deeper. As I feel her pussy pulsating she moans, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit". I then take my right thumb, pressing down on her clit and frantically rub it, while my other hand spreads open her pussy lips and my tongue ventures inside and caresses up and down. I circle my tongue all around, knowing she is about to cum. Up to this point, Amber has been very good at keeping quiet. This was it. Amber grabbed my head once again forcing it to her flowing pussy. Almost to the point of suffocation. She grinds my face in an excessive fashion as she bites her lip and throws her head down. "Mmmmmmm, oh shit shit shit."

As I stand up, I watch her as she has her head down, arms against the stall walls holding her self up, and trying to stop her self from shaking. She looks up and glances at me, "Oh we're not done. Drop those pants. It's your turn now." This girl here is something else. I do remember her mentioning that having an orgasm just makes her hornier. I just might have to put this little theory to the test.

I try to play hard to get, "That's enough for me. Plus you have to get back to work. I don't want you to get into trouble on your last day." As I try to open the stall door, Amber grabs my hand and yanks it from the handle.

She forcefully pushes my back up against the wall, put her hand down in my pants grabs my dick, and looks me dead in my eyes, "We are not stopping until you fuck me with that big black cock of yours." She proceeds to unzip and pull it out. I can hear her gasp at the sight of it. I am not quite sure if it is because of the length or the girth. As I watch her astonished look, I can see her lips quivering and mouth salivating as she kneels before my dick. She takes both her hands and wraps them around, using one hand to hold it and the other to lightly caress it. Amber runs her fingers from the under side of the dick to the base and back up again. She then aims the dick towards her ever waiting mouth and lays the head on her tongue. Her lips now advance to the tip as well. While her mouth's attention is focused on the head, she begins stroking my dick with both of her hands.

"I really don't want you to have any trouble with your husband." I lie, just testing her. Amber does not stop at all. She looks up at me and just rolls her eyes. She then frees one of her hands from my dick and unbuttons her blouse and exposes a very attractive black bra with pink ruffled trim. From there she pulls out both of her breasts freeing them and showing me her light brown nipples in all of their glory. Then she lowers her hand down underneath her skirt, to her pussy and began finger fucking herself. She starts out slow and deep; using three fingers at once. This girl is a freak and a good one at that. Usually getting my dick sucked, I can take it or leave it. But this girl must have went to the University of Sucking Dick. The way she swirls her tongue. Man, she is good. I have only met one other woman who is better than this. As her head continues to bob back and forth, Amber's masturbation strides increase. The sounds of her fingers attacking her wet pussy echoes in the restroom.

"Mmhhmm, mmhhhhmm, mmmm". Her muffled moans are like music to my ears. I am starting to believe this girl has no gag reflex. She seems to take in most of me like it is another day at the park. As I look down at her, I see a mixture of saliva and precum escaping the corners of her mouth. Simultaneously streaming down the base of my cock and her chin. She looks up at me with a devilish look in her eyes. "How do you like that? Feels good doesn't it?" she says trying to get some sort of approval of a good job. But I say nothing and allow her to continue. Amber works my cock frantically. As if it is just me and her that exists and the only way to repopulate humanity is to suck my cock until it is hard enough to blow a load inside of her. Amber speeds up her efforts both with sucking my dick and working her pussy. It seems there is a competition between her mouth and pussy to see which of the two can make more noise. With all of the sloshing sounds, the pussy is winning.

Amber removes her mouth and uses the hand she just had deep inside herself to further lubricate my cock. And with the other hand she grabs onto my balls. Hinting to me that I belong to her. She proceeds to massage them gently. Now she uses her mouth to kiss on and around my shaft. Making out with it. Stroking my cock with both her hand and her tongue. Every so often she takes the length of my cock back in her mouth. Making sure it stays wet. Amber slowly stands up and lightly presses her thin pink lips on the right side of my neck. Now making out wit it. Oh shit, this feels so good. But I am trying to keep my composure. This whole time I have been holding back my reactions as to how good everything she has done feels. She is becoming quite dominant in our foreplay session. I will have to show her who really is running things.

She now guides me over to the toilet and has me sit down with my pants around my ankles. "It seems like you're ready for me." I look up at her as she starts to position herself on top of me. "Let's see if I can take this monster all the way in." she says as she rubs the entrance of her pussy with my cock, further teasing both of us. You would think with all the lubrication; her pussy juices and saliva combined that I would go in easy. But no, the girth of my cock has Amber taking her time sitting all the way on it. "OH... MY... GOODNESS!" is her first out loud moan as she slowly takes me in. "Ooooo shit, oh fuck." She grabs onto my shoulders to steady herself. With her head down and hair covering her face, she cannot she the grin on my face. Oh yeah, she thought she was the shit until now.

"You okay? Can you handle it?" I ask her in a smug way watching as she slowly takes me in with her head still down. She only gestures in a nod, watching her pussy opening wider with each inch. The pain of spreading her open like this, I can feel it making her ever so wet. This does help her for the most part. Amber finally starts to ride my cock. I am guessing to try to get the rest of it inside she will put in work. Fuck yeah does it work. The more she rides up and down my shaft, the lower down on it she is able to go.

As she tosses her hair to the side as she bounces up and down my cock. I place my hand on her hips and assist her in getting used to fucking a big black cock. "Ah...Ah...Ah...Ah!" is all Amber can muster each time I penetrate her pussy. Throwing her head back with her eyes closed and then forward with our foreheads connecting. Just listening to her deep breathes along with her titties flopping and a pussy that feels as if it were a water faucet, gets my cock that much harder. It makes me moan a little bit. I sit up and place one of her tits in my mouth and suck hard. We are past the foreplay. "Oh shit, fuck" this throws Amber's fucking rhythm off. She slows down to enjoy what I am doing. After a few more seconds, I pop the other one in my mouth but I grip her ass and forcefully keep her fucking. "Ooohhh..." she can't even finish her moans. Now it's just heavy breathing all in my ear.

"Uh oh, shh shh" Amber whispers to me as we both hear the squeak of the restroom door open as well as a set of foot steps entering. She stops fucking me and waits for the person to leave. I have other plans for her. When my cock is inside you, it's time to fuck. With my hands still gripped to her ass, I slowly start up again. "No, no, no" she whispers to me trying to get me to stop. She must be kidding. After three years of wanting to attack this pussy, very little will be able to convince me not to. I begin to fuck her faster at which with her mouth tightly closed she shakes her head at me. Amber throws her arms around my neck and finally give into me. Now, she is riding me more forceful than before. I guess the danger of being caught is getting to her sexual drive. The sloshing of her pussy still echoes throughout the restroom. The person does a small but noticeable laugh and then exits the restroom.

Amber is relieved by hearing the person leave, "Oh fuck me, fuck me". At this point she is riding me in a violent way. That is the most proper way I can put it. I can feel her pussy constricting my cock, not letting go. Trying to milk this feeling for everything it is worth. I look down an see how soaked she has made my cock. And I hear her breathing and moaning, "Fuck, fuck, ah, fuck". I grab her by her waist and stand up. As I do she clinches my neck and cock tightly. I know that she is close to cumming so I begin to fuck her like an animal. "AAHHH, SHIT!" she cannot contain her moans at all now. As I thrust and demolish her pussy, and it takes me no time to make her cum. I continue to work my hips in a forceful manner. Amber struggles to hang on to me as her body quivers and shakes. I put in a few more thrusts to assist her orgasm even further, before I set let her down on the floor. "Aahh" she says as I pull my cock out of her. It is obvious how sensitive her pussy is at this moment.

She leans against me and begins to stroke my cock again, "If I knew only knew then what I know now" she says to me. "Whoo, well I think my break is over." Amber leans in and gives me a kiss on my neck, "I guess I better get back to work now." She bends over to put her panties back on and I use that moment to attack. Putting one hand on her ass, I slide my cock back inside. She is so wet that my cock seems to be pulled in. Now with both hands on her ass, I fuck her how I had always planned. Face down, ass up. Amber lifts up using the toilet to hold herself up. "Oh shit, ah fuck, mmmm shiiiiit" I ram my cock deep inside her. Fucking in and out, going deeper and deeper. I can see her tits flopping from the back side as I pummel her pussy. Now it seems she could take me most of the way in. Again she takes her fingers in her mouth and starts rubbing her clit like mad. I feel her pussy clasping my cock again. As it does, her juices flow down my shaft as well as her thighs.

Oh shit I can feel myself getting close. "You like that shit? You like the way I fuck your tight little pussy?" I try to make her wetter with a little vocal coaching. Amber's pussy responds automatically by pulsating.

"Oh yess, mmmhhhmmm. I love your big black dick in my tight little pussy." She responds very well. "Do you feel how wet your huge dick has made me? Oooo, you fill my pussy up so much. I want you to cum inside me." Amber is really getting into this. "Fuck me Charles, fuck me harder, harder, oh shit, harder. OH SHIT FUCK ME!" One thing that really gets to me is a woman that talks dirty and Amber can talk the talk. All of this talk is now making her cum again. "Aaaahhhhhh fuck!" she shakes more violently now.

With all the dirty talking and her cumming a second time makes me cum, "Shit..." is all I can say as my cum floods her pussy filling it up and seeping out the sides as I continue to fuck her from the back. I use the stall walls to hold myself up as my orgasm comes to an end.

"Oooo" Amber moans as I pull out and watch as my cum begins to flow down her legs. "Okay, I really have to get back to work now." she says as she looks at her cell phone viewing the time. I pull my pants back up and compose my self as I watch her cleans herself up to go back to work. After we both go over to the sink and wash up, Amber turns to me and gives me a big hug. "I am going to miss you."

As I hug her back I tell her, "Me too. You are probably the coolest girl I have ever worked with." As she breaks the hug, she looks at me and rolls her eyes in disbelief. "Well, you do have my number so call whenever you wanna hang out."

"Yeah right. You mean hang out or fuck my brains out again?" she says with a sinister smile still getting ready to go back to work.

I respond to her by saying, "I don't think your husband would like that too much. Plus, I don't want you to get addicted to my 'big black dick' as you put it."

She gasped with a shocked look on her face and punched my shoulder,"It was good but it wasn't that good." Just then, a customer walks in. She looks at me, shocked to see me in the ladies room. But it does not bother her too much because she uses the restroom anyway.

"Oh I'm sorry, so you are saying that those TWO orgasms weren't..." she quickly put her hand on my mouth to stop the rest of my sentence.

"Anyway, I got to get back to work. Text me later?" then she leaves the restroom. I wait a few seconds before I follow as to not raise any suspicion.

I stroll out of the restroom and walk towards the front of the store. I notice Amber is now checking out a customer and she isn't aware of her misplaced buttons on her shirt. It just makes me smile. As I am about to leave I hear someone calling my name, "Hey Charles, I didn't know you were here. Can I talk to you for a minute?" I look and see that it is David, one of my managers. I greet him with a fist bump. "I was wondering what are you doing later on this afternoon?"

I know what he's trying to ask. He wants me to come in to work for the evening shift. Uh, nah. Not in my plans. "I've got some people coming over today Dave. Sorry man."

Dave is always the optimist. Even when he's having a bad day he's smiling. "Oh, no worries brother. So you having a party? Why wasn't I invited?" He also tries to be friend his employees. It has it's ups and downs. But I just tell him it was a last minute thing with the fellas. "That's okay man, maybe next time. Hey, guess what happened today?"

As David begins a story about a lady customer not wearing a bra, I notice a young black girl who looks very familiar. As she walks the store. I am just watching her as she picks out a book and views the cover. My spying must have sent her a message because she looks in my direction and by the look on her face, she knows exactly who I am.

"Charlie?" she puts the book down and walks over to where David and I are standing. "Hey Charlie!" she gives me a very warm hug and this girl smells so good. I am still trying to remember who she is, but it's not coming to me. David stands back and mouths who is this to me. I give the I don't know expression with my face. "How have you been? I haven't seen you in years."

"I'm good, I'm good. Just you know, came to get my check and about to go chill at the house." I can tell as she looks up at me, that she my expression of seeing her isn't quite honest.

She rolls her eyes and puts her hands on her hips, "I can't believe you don't remember me... Lisa. My family moved away like seven years ago. You went out with my sister. I know you remember Diana." That's it, that's who this girl is. She is the little sister of my ex-girlfriend and possibly one true love.

"Lisa! Yeah, I remember now. Wow girl, you've gotten so big and filled out in all the right places." I can tell she is flattered by my words. I am hoping to make up for not remembering. "Last time I saw you, you were a tiny little thang, with no figure."

Lisa starts to flirt back a little with me, "Well, now I get guys attention all the time, and I seem to get no complaints." She gestures with her eyes at me as if her last statement was a question.

"Yeah, yeah, no complaints from me. Damn, girl. wow. So how's you sister doing? Married? Kids?" I am trying to get some information from her to see if Diana and I can start back where we left off.

"She's good. No man and no little rugrats. She's actually suppose to be coming to visit me this weekend. So..." This was just what I wanted to hear.

As she pulled out her phone, she gave me her number and I gave her my information; my cell and my address. "Yeah, so whenever she comes just drop by. We can all chill and catch up." I took a look at my cell phones clock. "Oh shit, I gotta go." I gave Lisa another hug. "Damn, it was good seeing you. See you this weekend." As I was leaving, I noticed that I had forgotten all about David. As I looked at him I just did the finger to the wrist gesture saying I had to go.

I wave at Amber as I am leaving the store. "Bye Charlie!" she yells over to me. I gesture at her shirt before I go. She looks down and notices her blouse isn't quite right. She turns from her current customer and fixes herself. Before continuing to check them out, she gives me a look that could only mean 'Thanks a lot fucker' in a playful way.

At home: I was in such a rush because today is Wednesday. And every Wednesday and Friday my neighbor Lani comes over and gives me a blow job while her husband is at work. She is 5ft 2in. Asian with 32b breasts. She looks a lot like Maggie Q. So hot. She comes over, talks about what her man doesn't do like: listen to her, take her out, and even fuck her. Now, when we started this, she told me from the beginning that she didn't want to cheat on him. She just wanted to suck my cock. Who am I to tell her that she's cheating by sucking me off.

As I pull up to my house, I see her standing there with her arms folded, giving me a look. I jog up to the door, knowing she has a limited time to be here. As I start to put the key in she say to me,"You're late. We are gonna have to hurry this along."

I open the door and allow her to go in first, "Well you are going to have to suck my cock as if your life depends on it. That is unless you changed you mind about fucking." I couldn't even close the door all the way before she started to pull my pants all the way down and began to gobble up my cock. With my back beside the door, I quiver at her technique.

A few sucks and she stops, "Have you been fucking someone today?" Lani doesn't wait for me to answer she continues to wrap her small pink lips around my massive black cock. Since she is in such a hurry, she doesn't have time to tell me about what her man didn't do. I like this. Maybe I should be late more often. She works the shaft with grace. She lubricates it with a good amount of saliva while she sucks and works the shaft with one of her hand. Lani stops again to take off her shirt and to show that she has no bra on. This makes my cock extend to it's fullest now. She is working her head back and forth taking in as much cock as her little mouth will allow her to and at the same time she is caressing her ever so perky tits. "Hhhhhhhhmmmmmm" and now she is humming with my cock in her mouth. This girl knows what I like and is using her knowledge very well. Now, she is the best cocksucker I have ever had, hands down.

"You there yet daddy? You gonna cum for mommy?" Oh shit, here we go again. The talking; she knows how to get inside my head. Dammit, I need to fuck this girl. "Come on daddy, I want your hot stick cum all over my perky tits." Lani continues to stroke my cock, gripping it tighter and stroking it faster. She teases the head with her tongue and starts to kiss up and down the shaft. I can feel my self about to explode. "What's wrong daddy? Haven't I been a good girl? Don't I deserve a present?" I can't say anything. My eyes are rolled in the back of my head and I can't say a thing this shit feels so good. She takes my cock and rubs it on both of her nipples. "Feel how hard the are daddy? They are ready for hot cum?"

That is when there is a knock at the door, but I am too far into this to stop. "Just a second." I pant trying not to make it seem like I'm getting head right now. The knock doesn't stop Lani's progress. She continues to suck me off.

"Mommy wants you to cum for her." she whispers so whomever is outside cannot her. But that did it. That is the button that finally makes me cum.

"I cumming, I cumming, I cumming!" I spray it all over her chest and a little on her chin. Just then I notice the door open and to my surprise it is Lisa with a shocked look on her face.

And to her surprise I am hosing down and Asian chick who is on her knees without a shirt with my hot sticky cum. She gasps at the sight. Fuck! How am I going to explain this?

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