I Made The Popular Girl My Pain Slave 3

I Made The Popular Girl My Pain Slave 3

I wake slowly to a strange sensation, someone in my bed with me. I remember last night with Taylor all the things we had done, the pleasures we had made each other feel but most of all I remember that look in her eyes and the way she had told me that she thought she was falling in love with me just before she fell asleep wrapped in my arms.

I can feel that my cock is hard and pressing against her ass, she moves and spreads her legs giving me easy access to her pussy. I lie there for a moment trying to figure out if she is asleep or not because even though I did a lot of things to her yesterday I’m not entirely comfortable fucking a sleeping girl.

I still can’t tell if she is awake so I decide to try and find out for sure, I reach down grab my cock and reposition it so it resting on her thigh against her pussy. I hear her take a deep gasp of air and I’m now certain that she is awake.

I line my cock up with her pussy and push inside her. Taylor moans softly as I enter her and I smile, her moans are like music to my ears and I want to fuck her properly but not from behind like this.

“Turn around.” I order her and she shuffles around a little making my cock slip out of her so she can roll over to face me.

“That’s better.” I whisper when she is facing me. I push back inside her, feeling her tight wet pussy around my cock is wonderful and I start to fuck her with slow deep strokes making her moan loudly.

I look at her while I’m fucking her and I see the look of love in her beautiful blue eyes, the slight smile on her open lips and the blush in her cheeks, I suddenly realise I don’t hate her anymore.

I kiss Taylor deeply, our tongues meeting and playing with each other as I continue to fuck her with slow deep strokes, pulling almost all the way out before pushing all the way back inside her.

Taylor drapes her arm over me and pulls herself closer to me making me change how I’m fucking her and start using faster and shorter strokes.

This feels different than when we fucked last night, it is tender and feels loving nothing like the animalistic pain filled fuck session last night or the time in the library had been. Taylor pulls back from the kiss and moans loudly her mouth open in an O shape.

“Can I please cum Sir?” She asks between moans.

“Can you hold on for a moment?” I ask her before quickly adding, “I want us to cum together.”

She smiles and her whole face lights up accentuating her beauty and making her look almost angelic.

“I think I can do that Sir.” She whispers dreamily.

“If you can’t hold on then you can cum.” I tell her but she shakes her head.

“I can hold it Sir.” She says determined.

I speed up my thrusts trying to bring myself to an orgasm quicker so that we can cum together. I kiss her again, letting our tongues dance together as I fuck her faster and faster. Less than a minute later I feel my orgasm well up and I know I’m about to cum.

“Cum with me.” I tell Taylor.

Almost as soon as I say the words Taylor practically screams and her pussy contracts around my cock as she orgasms making me orgasm too spraying rope after rope of cum deep into her pussy. I watch her as she shakes and twitches with the orgasm, she has a big open mouth smile on her face and her eyes are closed making her look like she is experiencing true ecstasy.

When her orgasm has subsides I throw an arm over Taylor and pull her close and she buries her head against my neck, I kiss the top of her head and breathe in her scent. She smells sweaty but it isn’t the usual acrid off putting smell of sweat but instead is sweet and rather erotic. We lie there for a while just holding each other and panting as we recover from our orgasms.

“That was probably the best way I’ve ever been woken up.” Taylor tells me dreamily.

“If only we could wake up like that every day.” I say kissing the top of her head again.

“We could.” She whispers almost too quiet for me to hear.

I don’t know how to respond to what she said, I don’t know if she even meant for me to hear her so I kiss her again and relax, enjoying the feel of her body against mine. We lie like that for a while before I shift and retrieve my phone, I want to get some shopping done today but I don’t know where the shop I want to visit is located or its opening times, after five minutes I know where I need to go and when the store closes.

“What you looking at?” Taylor asks peeking at my phone screen.

“Just the opening times for a shop we're going to today.” I tell her thankful for the fact it is the start of the weekend.

“We?” She questions me almost hesitantly.

“Yeah I need you there to help me pick things out.” I tell her making her smile.

We lie in bed together for a little while longer before finally getting out of bed. I shower first and while Taylor is taking her turn in the shower I decide to make breakfast, blueberry pancakes. Taylor walks into the kitchen with only a towel wrapped around her and takes one look at the pancakes before squealing and practically throwing herself at me. She starts kissing me frantically like I had just given her the best present anyone could ever ask for.

“What’s up with you?” I ask when she stops kissing me, I can hear the lightness in my voice and feel my cheeks straining from the big smile on my lips.

“You made my favourite breakfast.” She tells me practically lighting up the room with her smile.

“Better eat them while they’re still hot then.” I say to her.

Taylor skips over to the table and tucks straight into her plate of pancakes, I sit opposite her and try to eat but I can’t take my eyes off Taylor eating. I know it sounds strange but there is something so elegant and erotic about the way she is eating that holds my attention so much so that by the time she has finished her plate I’m only halfway through my own.

Taylor gets up and tells me that she is going to get dressed while I finish eating. I finish eating then look down at my shirtless chest and grey trackies and decide that I need to change before we go out anywhere. I walk into my bedroom to see Taylor still naked and looking down at her clothes, she hears me walk into the room and looks up at me embarrassed.

“I forgot I don’t have any underwear.” She tells me blushing.

“You said you had an interest in exhibitionism. It might be helpful where we are going too.” I tell her with a soft laugh.

“If that’s what you want Sir.” She says with a cheeky smile and her blush deepening.

“I do want.” I tell her as I step closer and kiss her.

We get dressed quietly and when we are done I look over at Taylor and see why she was hesitant of wearing this outfit with no underwear. The black skirt comes down to the middle of her thighs and combined with the white knee high socks would draw any straight mans lustful stares, her white shirt would also draw stares because her lack of a bra makes the outline of her breasts obvious but not as obvious as her nipples. She decides to leave her platinum blonde hair down instead of putting it up in pigtails like she usually does.

“You’re so beautiful.” I gasp looking at Taylor dressed in clothes that scream innocence but wearing no underwear.

She brushes a hand across her face almost like she is trying to hide her face and deep blush from me.

“Let’s go.” I say giving her a quick kiss and pulling her towards the door.

We walk towards the city centre and at first Taylor seems awkward like she doesn’t remember how to walk properly but once I take her hand in my own she seems to relax and her usual grace returns. Part way through a familiar park Taylor wants to sit down and take a break, when we sit I watch her as she can’t stay still, squirming around on the bench and crossing and uncrossing her legs.

“Are you alright?” I ask her.

“It feels like everyone is watching me, like they all know that I don’t have any underwear on.” Taylor tells me whispering the last part so no one overhears her, she leans in so her lips are right near my head and whispers directly into my ear, “it’s making me so wet.”

“We can take care of that.” I tell her letting a sly grin cross my lips.

“But there’s people around.” She whispers looking around at the people lounging around or walking through the park.

“Follow me.” I practically order her.

I know this park very well and I actually know of a nice quiet spot where people don’t go apart from people my age in the late evenings to get drunk and fool around. I explain this to Taylor when we get to the spot, a little clearing surrounded by trees with a raised concrete square in the middle. She looks around the clearing nervously for a moment before sitting on the concrete square.

“Are you going to fuck me Sir or should I play with myself?” She asks cheekily as she pulls her skirt up to her hips exposing her glistening thighs and soaking wet pussy.

“I think you should play with yourself a little first.” I tell her.

“Yes Sir.” She says bringing one hand down to her pussy as the other holds her skirt up.

I watch as she slowly and sensually runs her fingers all over her pussy for a moment before focusing in on her clit and circling her fingers around a few times before furiously stroking it and then repeating the process multiple times. The whole time she doesn’t break eye contact with me letting soft moans escape her lips.

After watching her for a while I drop my trousers and step forward. I move her hand away from her pussy and bring her fingers to her lips which she eagerly opens and allows me to push her fingers into her own mouth.

“Do you like the taste of your own juices?” I ask her taking my hand away from hers and rubbing my cock up and down her pussy coating it in her moisture.

“Yes Sir.” She says licking her fingers, “will you please fuck me now Sir.”

I don’t reply to her, I just push forward and bury my entire length inside her with one stroke. She lets out a loud moan which I instantly muffle with my lips, I continue kissing her until I feel her moan completely cut off.

“Remember you have to keep it down unless you want us to have an audience.” I tell her. That cheeky grin that I’m starting to love seeing crosses Taylors face and for a moment I think she is going to tell me she doesn’t care but she doesn’t say that.

“Yes Sir.” She says softly.

I fuck her hard and fast savouring the sound of our skin slapping together and Taylors muffled moans as she tries to hold back her true moans. I run my hands through her soft silky hair as I pound into her over and over again. Feeling my orgasm rapidly approaching I take one of my hands out of her hair, reach down and start rapidly rubbing her clit making her moan loudly.

“Please can I cum Sir?” She asks sounding desperate for release.

“Yes cum for me.” I tell her knowing that her orgasm will trigger my own.

Taylor lets out a loud moan and starts to shake as her pussy clamps down on my cock making me orgasm as well. When I stop shoot my load inside her I lean forward and kiss her while she still twitches from the tail end of her orgasm.

When she is finished twitching Taylor pulls her skirt back down and lies back on the concrete square. I move and lie next to Taylor, when I feel her hand brush against mine I take it in my own and just hold her hand as we both lie there breathing deeply.

“Can we do this again but somewhere with less chance of getting caught?” Taylor asks softly while I trace circles on her hand with my thumb.

“Didn’t like the idea of getting caught then?” I ask curious.

“I liked it but I would like for us to do some of our other things while outside.” She tells me.

Her words make some scenarios run through my head, Taylor naked tied to a tree and me whipping and caning her, Taylor on all fours in a field as I fuck her savagely from behind, in a field running stinging nettles all over her and whipping her with brambles. The thoughts filling up my mind show just how sadistic I am, I had never thought that I was a sadist but everything with Taylor had shown that I am and I enjoy it and so does Taylor.

“Come on, we should get going.” I tell Taylor who stands up with her hand still clutched in mine.

We continue our journey, walking hand in hand and laughing and joking with each other so easily that it feels like we are a real couple and have been for a long time. I think about how not long ago I had hated Taylor, how every time I saw her I had just seen a bitch who had made my life miserable but now, now I see a beautiful girl, one who said she was in love with me and who I think I’m falling in love with.

Finally we stop outside my destination and Taylor looks up at the front of the store nervously.

“This is where you wanted to go?” She asks looking from the entrance to the sex toy store over to me.

“Yeah. I want to get some proper toys.” I tell her.

“O-Ok.” Taylor stutters nervously and a little embarrassed.

“I want you to do something for me.” I tell her as we walk inside the store, “I want you to buy three dildos, one that is small enough to fit and bring you pleasure, one that will comfortably fill you up and one that will stretch you out and can be used as punishment.” I explain to her watching her facial reactions to my requests.

She looks nervous and a little bit scared but she nods her head and starts to walk away to search for the items I had asked her to look for but I stop her before she has taken more than a step away from me.

“Get a couple of other things, your choice as to what and meet me near the checkout when you’re done.” I tell her before adding, “oh, price isn’t an issue.”

I watch her walk away into the surprisingly large store to get the things I’d asked her to before I turn away to get the items on my list. I know exactly what I want to get so I head straight for the fetish/kink section of the store where I pick out two canes, a single tail whip and a flogger. The next things I pick out are two butt plugs one small and one larger, another smaller plug that claims to let out small electric shocks that can be pre-programmed or controlled with a remote takes my interest so I grab that one too. I then grab a wand style vibrator which a helpful employee told me was one of the strongest they sold, I also grab a small egg vibrator that is remote controlled or can be controlled from an app on my phone.

I walk towards the checkout and see Taylor standing nearby glancing around nervously and looking awkward, I walk towards her and as I do I admire the soft curves of her body. She spots me walking towards her and her face lights up with a smile and before I realise it I find myself already smiling.

I walk over to her and watch her mouth drop open at the items I have ***********ed, she then looks back up at me and bites her lip looking extremely seductive. I look down at the items she has chosen and blink in surprise, she had brought the dildos I had told her to the small one is small about an inch or two shorter than my own cock, the medium one is an inch longer and thicker than my cock, neither of those choices surprise me but the third one does. The third is a Bad Dragon Chance, it is twelve inches in length and seven and a half inches thick and is shaped like a horses cock. I raise my eyebrows questioningly and watch Taylor blush deeply.

“You said you wanted me to get one to use for punishments.” She says sheepishly.

“The shape is my biggest surprise but it will work perfectly.” I tell her smiling at her softly.

“I also grabbed these.” She tells me holding up the other items she had chosen.

I looked at the items and was pleased at her choices, she had a leather paddle, a set of candles and a small butt plug with a ginger faux fur fox tail attached to it.

“We’re going to have to get you some ears to go with that tail.” I tell her making her smile and look excited.

“There is something else I wanted to get but I wasn’t sure how many things I could get.” She tells me looking at the floor sheepishly.

“Go and get it.” I tell her taking the items she is holding and putting them into the basket with the items I had chosen.

Taylor smiles, gives me a quick kiss on the cheek and practically bounces off to retrieve the other item she had wanted. She walks back up to me looking a little anxious and blushing deeply, from behind her back she produces a small stylish looking black leather collar.

“So everyone knows I’m yours.” She tells me looking sheepish and like she is almost a little bit ashamed.

I can’t help myself and I lean forward quickly capturing her lips with my own, she leans against me and wraps her arms around me pulling me into the kiss, I wrap my one free arm around her and hold her against me.

“I think I might have to buy a lead and take you for walks in the park.” I whisper into her ear when we break from the long kiss.

“I think you might.” She whispers back her voice husky.

“God, I love you.” I say it without thinking but it feels natural like I’ve said the words a hundred times before and I know that it is true, I have gone from hating this girl to being in love with her.

Taylor looks up at me her eyes wide and shining with surprise and joy.

“You love me?” She asks hesitantly like she can’t believe what I’ve just said to her and is scared that I hadn’t meant to say it.

“I know that this all started off as blackmail and that I hated you.” I say working through my thoughts out loud, “but somethings changed and yeah, now I do love you.”

Taylor squeals in joy and then quickly looks around the mostly empty store self-consciously.

“I love you too.” She says looking so happy that my heart beat quickens and I know that I want to be with this girl for a long time.

I pull her hard against me making her gasp softly before I kiss her feverishly almost like the world is about to end and these are our last moments together. We stop kissing a long time later and end up just smiling and staring each others eyes lost in the powerful feeling of love we are both experiencing at the moment.

“We should pay and get out of here.” I whisper not wanting to break the trance we seem to be in but wanting to get out of this place and get back to my apartment.

“And go somewhere a little more intimate.” Taylor adds brushing her hand against mine as we walk to the checkout.

While I grab a couple bottle of lube and pay for all our items Taylor is on the phone ordering a taxi to pick us up just down the street so we can get back to my place quickly. We walk out of the store and down the street our fingers laced together, we don’t let go of each others hands until the taxi pulls up. On the drive I use my phone to order a custom tag for Taylor’s collar, it is a gold plated heart with her name inscribed on one side and my name on the other.

“It’s perfect.” She says excitedly and giving me a long kiss before whispering in my ear, “I’ll always wear it so everyone knows I’m yours.”

The way that Taylor keeps saying that she is mine like she belongs to me sounds so misogynistic but it is also turning me on and I like the sound of it. I’d never thought that I was possessive but then again I had never thought that I was sadistic until my first time with Taylor.

“You really enjoy the idea of being owned?” I quietly ask intrigued to hear her answer.

“Yeah.” She whispers breathily, “I know I’m a bit freaky but all of this really excites me, the pain, the exhibitionism, being humiliated, feeling owned and possessed. It all really turns me on.” Her voice is breathy and extremely erotic and so is the feeling of her hand suddenly coming to rest on my thigh. I place my hand on top of her hand that is resting on my leg and we stay like that for the rest of the journey back to my apartment.

When the taxi pulls up outside of my apartment building I pay the fare and we hurry up the stairs with Taylor quietly telling me all the things she wants me to do to her once we got into my apartment. I almost run into the kitchen to retrieve a box of matches and a pair of scissors before following Taylor into my bedroom. We practically rip each others clothes off before remembering we needed to open the packaging for the toys we had just brought, Taylor sets to work cutting open the plastic packaging while I plug the remote controlled vibrating egg and electric shock butt plug into the wall to charge.

We had opened all of the toys when Taylor suddenly knelt before me and held out the collar to me.

“Would you please out this on me Sir so I can be yours and yours alone for as long as you want me.” Her voice breaks slightly as she says the words and the way she speaks is like she is speaking wedding vows and I realise just how much this means to her. I’m filled with nerves and I really hope I won’t mess this up as I kneel in front of her

“May there be many years filled with happiness, love, pain and pleasure.” I say before fastening the collar around her neck making sure it’s not too loose or tight.

I see that she has started to cry softly but the enormous smile on her face tells me they are tears of happiness not sadness. I wipe the tears from her eyes with my thumbs then wrap my arms around her and pull her onto my lap making her giggle, her giggle turns into a moan as I start to nibble on her earlobe.

“I love you.” Taylor gasps between moans.

“I love you too.” I whisper right into her ear and making her shiver.

We stay like that for a while with Taylor on my lap and holding on tight to each other, I breathe deeply inhaling her scent, savouring the aroma and feeling glad that I had lost my temper and slapped her in the school library.

“So what do you want to try first?” I ask Taylor as we both stand up.

I watch her gaze travel over the toys that are laid out in a line on the bed, her eyes stop for a moment on the big horse cock shaped dildo with a tube sticking out of the bottom of it, a quick look at the leaflet had explained that it was a fake cum system, you fill the syringe with the lube they provide with it and when you wanted you depressed the syringes plunger and the cum like lube would travel through the tube leading through the dildo and out of the head of the dildo just like it was cumming.

“I would like it if you use the paddle on my pussy Sir. If that’s ok with you.” Taylor says a little nervously.

“Hold this.” I order her handing her the leather paddle.

“How flexible are you?” I ask while I move the toys from the bed to the floor.

“I’m very flexible, I can put my legs behind my head Sir.” She answers me proudly.

“Ok, do it then.” I order her after taking the paddle off of her.

I watch in amazement as Taylor contorts her body and places her legs behind her arms and her feet behind her head, I advance on her and use a length of rope to tie her right leg to her right arm and then her left leg to left arm. The position leaves her pussy and asshole exposed and wide open, I admire her perfect pink pussy and lean down to give it a quick lick before I start on the abuse of her gorgeous body.

“The safe word is the same as last time, remember it?” I ask her wanting to make sure she knows her way out of this if she needs it.

“Yeah, it’s shampoo.” She tells me.

“Ok good, we can start now then.” I tell her watching her face break out into a smile.

I lift the paddle and bring it down hard on her pussy, Taylor howls in pain when the thick leather paddle strikes up her slit. The sound of her screams is like music to my ears, I love all of her noises, her moans, sighs and laughs but for some reason I love her screams the most. I bring the paddle down on her pussy again and again watching in pleasure as she screams, struggles against her restraints and her reddening pussy. I give her twenty strike to the pussy and by the end she is begging for me to stop with tears rolling down her cheeks but I wont stop, not until either I’m done or she speaks the safe word and she knows that just like I know her pleas are all part of the experience for her.

“How is that position, is it starting to hurt?” I ask not trying to taunt her but wanting to know how much longer I can leave her in that position.

“My legs are aching Sir but I can stay like this longer if you want me to.” She tells me looking at me through wide wet eyes.

“Ok, there is one last thing I want to do with you in that position.” I tell her.

I walk over to the spot where I placed the toys earlier and swap out the paddle for a cane. I walk back over to Taylor still tied up with her legs behind her head and gently tap the cane along her pussy making her groan softly. With the last soft tap of the cane against her pussy I swing back and bring it cracking against her ass cheeks, she screams and I decide to give her a seconds rest before I continue the caning of her ass.

“Please Sir give me more.” Taylor says, I oblige.

I make the caning last, I make sure to strike both of her ass cheeks with each stroke and then wait for her to stop screaming before striking again. I like this way of abusing her more than the my usual wild rapid strikes, it feels more intimate. I strike her until her ass cheeks are a patchwork of red stripes and when I finally stop striking her I run my hands over her ass feeling the heat from the welts and enjoying the sound of her whimpering.

I move and place the cane back with the rest of the toys before walking back over to Taylor and undo the rope holding her legs and arms together. Taylor awkwardly unfolds herself and I watch her try bring life back to her legs but I can tell that they ache so I sit on the bed, pull her onto my lap and start to massage her legs.

“Is that better?” I ask after a couple of minutes of massaging her legs.

“Yes, thank you Sir.” She says softly, dreamily.

“Wow, you’re really wet.” I say slipping a hand between her legs and running my fingers over the outside of her soaking pussy.

Taylor groans, pleasure and pain mixing together in one beautiful sound, I carry on rubbing her pussy paying special attention to her clit. I cup her chin with my free hand and use it to tilt her head up to face me and when her lidded eyes meet mine I lean forward and kiss her hard trying to convey all the passion and love I feel for her.

“Please can I cum Sir?” She moans with her face pressed up against mine.

“Do you think you’ve earned it?” I ask her.

“I hope so Sir.” She moans louder obviously right on the edge of her orgasm and trying her hardest to hold it back waiting for my permission.

“Ok, cum for me slut.” I tell her after considering it for a moment.

“Oh fuck, thank you Sir.” She growls as the orgasm claims her and she slumps against me shaking.

Her orgasm subsides almost a minute later and I feel her arms slowly encircle me, I wrap my arms around her and pull her body against me, I kiss her forehead then when she looks up at me I kiss her lips and she practically melts against me.

“You know we aren’t done yet.” I tell her, I feel her shiver in anticipation and nod her head, “by the time we’re finished you body is going to be a tapestry of welts and bruises.” I feel her shiver again at my violent promise.

“I’m yours Sir, do what you want to me.” She tells me the perfect picture of submission.

“Ok stand up, I want to play a game.” I tell Taylor who clambers off of me to stand at the foot of the bed with her arms behind her back, her legs spread slightly and her chest pushed out accentuating her smaller breasts.

I retrieve my phone and quickly search for a random number generator, I open the first link, set a few parameters and place my phone on the bed. I change tabs onto the memo app and start drawing up the plan for my game.

I number the toys I can use to abuse her from one to four, one is the cane, two is the flogger, three is the single tail whip and four is the leather paddle. I then jot down her body parts and number those too, one is her breasts, two is her back, three is her ass, four is the back of her thighs, five is the front of her thighs and six is her pussy.

“Ok, first pick a number between one and four.” I tell her.

“Three, Sir.” She tells me confidently.

“Three is the whip.” I tell her picking up the single tail whip and enjoying the fearful look on her face.

“Now pick a number between one and six.” I tell her.

“Three Sir.” Taylor says fearfully.

“Three is your back.” I tell her, “next you have two options. We are going to decide how many lashes you get. We can use the random number generator set from one to thirty or you can choose how many lashes you get but the lowest you can go if you choose is fifteen.” I give her the options and wonder how she will choose.

I watch her seriously consider the options for a while until the point where I’m going to make her decision for her but then she speaks.

“The random number generator please Sir.” She says quickly like she has to say it before she wimps out.

“Ok press the button then.” I order her holding the phone out to her.

Taylor presses the button and we both watch as the website does its job and generates a number from one to thirty. A number appears on the screen and Taylor gasp in fear, twenty five is the number on the screen.

“So twenty five lashes with the whip on your back. I’ll start softly so you can get used to it.” I tell her.

“Thank you Sir.” She says quietly.

“Stand facing the wall with you hands on the wall above your head and we will get started.” I order her.

She walks over to the wall and stands in the position I told her to, I walk up behind her gather her long blonde hair together and place it over her shoulder so it hangs over her breasts and not her back.

“I love you.” I tell her giving her neck above the collar a quick kiss before stepping back ready to whip her tremoring back.

“Before you start Sir, do you want me to count the lashes?” She asks stopping me mid swing.

“If you can but if you can’t I will do it.” I tell her.

“Thank you Sir, I’m ready now.” She tells me.

I wait a couple of seconds before I start with the whipping. Like I told her I would I start off gently with each strike getting a little bit harder but still only making her gasp and then she counts out the strike. The sixth strike is considerably stronger than the first five, Taylors scream is loud and long and she drops to her knees with her hands shooting around to her back.

“Stand up.” I order her and watch as she shakily gets to her feet, “remember you can get me to stop at any point just say the safe word.” I tell her wanting to remind her she has a way out and she doesn’t have to carry on.

“I can do this Sir.” She says determined.

“Ok but the last nineteen lashes will be as strong as that last one.” I tell her.

“Yes Sir.” She says moving back into the same position for the rest of her whipping.

“I’m going to start again.” I tell her sweeping her hair over her shoulder again.

I let her recover after each strike, allowing her time to scream and steady her breathing before I strike her again, she has stopped counting out the lashes but I don’t mind because I think of how bad the pain must be. The sound of the whip striking her skin, the sound of her screams and the sight of the red welts appearing on her back are turning me on so much that by the time I have administered all twenty five of the lashes my cock is fully erect and throbbing.

“That’s all, you took them all.” I tell her.

Taylor turns around and I see that there is tears streaming down her face, I move toward her and wipe the tears from her eyes before wrapping her in a hug making sure to keep my hands and arms away from the welts on her back.

“You did really well.” I tell her pulling back from the hug and kissing her forehead.

“Thank you Sir.” She says with a shaky smile.

“I take it that’s not something you want to repeat.” I say sensing how much it had hurt her.

“No, I want to, just with less hits next time.” She tells me with a nervous laugh.

“You are fucking amazing.” I tell her giving her a big kiss.

“Can we have a second round?” She asks.

I hadn’t expected her to say those words and had been planning on giving her a minute or two to recover and maybe have her suck my cock before we carried on but her request spurs me on.

“Ok let’s choose body part first this time. Give me a number between one and six.” I order her.

“Six Sir.” She tells me.

“Six is your pussy.” I tell her and watch her wince, “now pick a number between one and four.”

“Definitely not three Sir.” She says with a soft laugh and making me laugh too.

“Can I have one please Sir.” She says.

“One is the cane.” I tell her and watch as a look of fear crosses her face.

“Number generator again?” I ask and she nods her head.

Taylor presses the go button on the number generator and we both watch as the website does its job and spits out a number, the number ten.

“So ten strikes on your pussy with the cane. You up for this?” I ask.

“Yes Sir.” She replies.

“Ok, lie on the bed and make sure your pussy is very exposed and I have easy access.” I tell her as I move over to the candle set, take one from within and light it.

“Can I ask a question please Sir?” Taylor asks.

“Go for it.” I tell her giving her permission to ask her question.

“Why did you light the candle Sir?” She asks.

“Because after this round we are going to have a break from the beatings and I want some melted wax for then.” I tell her.

“Are you ready?” I ask looking down on her lying on her back with her knees pulled up to her chest and her legs spread wide.

“Yes Sir.” She answers.

“I want you to count every strike.” I tell her before adding, “if you don’t I will repeat the strike until you do.”

“Yes Sir.” She says sounding worried now.

I run the cane along her pussy that is already red and swollen from the beating it took with the paddle earlier but I’m not going to take it easy on her. I bring the cane up and then back down horizontally across her pussy.

“One Sir.” Taylor stammers after a short scream from the first strike.

I alternate the strikes between horizontal across her pussy and vertically up the length of her pussy. Taylor counts out each strike after screaming, her screams are different with the different strikes with the vertical strikes eliciting louder screams as the cane connects with her clit.

“Ten Sir.” Taylor gasps after a loud scream from a vertical strike that hits her directly across her clit.

“We are done with the beatings. For now.” I tell Taylor, her face had slightly fallen like she was upset when I said we were done but when I added ‘for now’ her face lit up.

“This isn’t a rest for you though this break is for me, my cock has been rock hard since we started so I’m going to use your throat for release.” I tell her feeling a little cruel but really enjoying myself.

“Yes Sir.” She says her eyes wide and a smile on her lips, “can I ask you a question please Sir?” She asks, I nod my head and Taylor asks her question, “what was the wax for Sir?”

“Well while I’m fucking your throat I’m going to cover you in hot wax.” I tell her watching her smile widen.

“Lie on your back with your head off of the end of the bed.” I order her as I retrieve the burning candle that has now melted enough to have a large puddle of melted wax.

“If at any point you need me to stop tap my leg three times.” I tell her knowing that she won’t be able to speak with my cock in her throat but also knowing the importance of her having a way of telling me she needs everything to stop.

I walk back over to Taylor and let my cock flop down onto her upside down chin, like I’ve pressed a button her mouth opens wide. I slip my cock into her mouth and feel her tongue instantly start swirl around the head of my cock, I let my cock rest in her mouth for a moment enjoying the feeling of her tongue all over my cock. I start to push my cock further back but when I reach the back of her mouth I feel her throat constrict and block me.

“Open your fucking throat.” I growl dripping a little bit of wax onto her stomach.

Taylor gasps as the wax hits her stomach and then starts to gag and choke. I pull my cock back worried about her breathing but when she coughs softly and her breathing returns to normal I know she is ok. I start to push my cock back towards her throat and this time when I reach the back of her mouth I’m pleased to find no resistance. I let my cock rest in her throat for a moment for her to get used to the feeling of it being there before I start properly fucking her throat and pouring the wax onto her.

I start to move pushing my cock in and out of her throat fucking her slowly, I can hear and feel her gagging around my cock which sends vibrations through my cock making me moan with pleasure. I fuck her throat gently for a while and think about going harder but I want to pour the wax onto her so I continue my slower throat fucking and bring the candle above her body. I pour the wax onto one of her breasts and feel her moan around my cock, the feeling pushes me closer to an orgasm so I pour some wax onto her other breast.

I continue pouring wax onto Taylors breasts and stomach but I start to pick up the speed of my fucking as I feel myself rapidly approaching an orgasm.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” I growl.

A second after speaking I push my cock deep into Taylors throat and cum, while I shoot ropes of cum straight down her throat I pour more of the wax over her breasts trying to get the wax on her nipples. When I finish shooting cum down her throat I pull my cock back and out of her mouth, I watch her gulp to swallow any cum remaining in her throat and take deep breaths. I step back and look down on Taylor I can see the wax splattered across her stomach and breasts the red colour standing out against her pale skin, I can also see that while I had been fucking her throat drool had been spilling out of her mouth and has run over the rest of her face covering her nose, eyes and forehead in a sheen of spit.

“I’ll be back in a second.” I tell Taylor.

I rush out of the bedroom into the bathroom where I wet a towel and wring it out so it is just moist before rushing back into the bedroom. Taylor hasn’t moved since I left the bedroom and is still lying on her back with her head hanging off the end of the bed.

“Come sit here, lets get your face cleaned up.” I tell her sitting on the bed.

Taylor gets up and moves around to sit next to me but I pull her onto my lap making her squeal and then giggle. I take the moist towel and use it to start cleaning all of the drying spit off of her cheeks before moving on to the rest of her face using small soft movements to clean her face.

“There we go, beautiful as always.” I say giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Taylor turns her face towards me and looks into my eyes, I’m struck by all the emotions I see in her eyes but the main emotion that I see in her eyes is love and I know right now that I want to be with this girl for a long time, maybe even the rest of my life. I love her.

“I love you.” I whisper feeling choked up by the intensity of the emotions I’m feeling.

“I love you too.” She whispers back her voice sounds much like my own, overwhelmed by emotions.

We stay like that for a couple minutes with Taylor on my lap and our arms wrapped around each other and sharing kisses ranging from long and passionate to quick and teasing. I try to keep my hands away from the welts on her back but I keep accidentally brushing against them making her wince in pain.

“Could we carry on please Sir.” Taylor asks.

“You sure about that? We don’t have to.” I ask.

“If you’re ok with it Sir.” She says softly.

“I just want to make sure you’re not enduring this just to please me.” I tell her my voice soft.

“No Sir, I want you to hurt me more and tease me until I beg to cum, I want you to make scream in pain and moan in pleasure Sir.” She tells me, her words make my cock twitch, her words have inspired me and I know what I’m going to do to her now.

“Ok well I think now is the best time to test out two toys we haven’t tried yet.” I tell her.

I give her a quick kiss before moving her off of my lap so I can get the things I need for what I want to do.

“Lie on your back and stretch your arms and legs.” I tell her.

She stretches her arms up towards the headboard and her legs towards the foot of the bed. I use a length of rope to tie her right hand to the right side of the headboard and then use another length of rope to tie her left hand to the left side of the headboard. I then move to the foot of the bed and use longer lengths of rope to tie her feet to their respective legs of the bed.

I run my hands up her legs across her hips, over her stomach and onto her breasts, I massage her breasts roughly and pinch her nipples making her groan. I stop manhandling her breasts after a minute and move to the toys I want to use on her, I plug the wand vibrator into the wall socket then carry it and the flogger over to the bed.

“Time for some fun.” I say as I sit next to Taylor’s torso.

The vibrator buzzes to life as I switch it onto its lowest setting, I’m surprised and pleased by its strength. I reach over and spread Taylor’s pussy with my fingers before pressing the vibrator against her pussy making sure it presses against her clit.

“Holy shit.” Taylor squeals as I press the vibrator against her pussy.

“Remember you have to ask permission to cum.” I tell her.

“Yes Sir.” She stammers.

I watch Taylors eyes close and her mouth open as pleasure courses through her body, I wait a moment letting her enjoy the pleasure before I start with the flogger. While still holding the vibrator against her pussy I use my free hand to pick up the flogger and then bring it down hard across her left breast.

“Fuck.” Taylor screams, her eyes darting open as the flogger connects with her breast.

I hold the vibrator against her pussy as I use the flogger on her breasts alternating between her right and left breasts. As I had expected it doesn’t take long for Taylor to ask for permission to cum.

“Please Sir can I cum?” She asks.

“No.” I tell her pulling the vibrator away from her pussy.

Taylor groans from the sudden loss of stimulation to her pussy and when she looks up at me I see realisation dawn in her eyes, I had done the same kind of thing to her yesterday as punishment when she had cum without permission, she had said it wasn’t much of a punishment because she had had the best orgasm of her life but I want to see what she thinks of it now.

“How many times do you think I should deny you your orgasm?” I ask her lightly trailing the flogger over her breasts and then stomach.

“Only once Sir.” She says with a nervous laugh.

I lift the flogger and bring it slapping down hard against her pussy making her scream loudly.

“Same question but this time give me a serious answer or I will beat you and not let you cum for the rest of the day.” I tell her.

“Sorry Sir.” She says and then quickly adds, “as many times as you want to Sir.”

“Good answer.” I tell her with a smile but then I grow serious.

“Just so you know if you cum without permission your punishment will be five lashes from the whip on your pussy.” I watch a look of absolute terror cross her face at my words.

“Yes Sir.” She says softly.

I turn the vibrator on and put it onto setting two of four and press it back against her pussy, she lets out a loud moan and I pull the vibrator away for a second before pressing it back for a second and pulling it away for another second, I repeat this a couple of times before leaving the vibrator pressed against her pussy. I start hitting her breasts with the flogger again while I let the vibrator do its job.

When Taylor ask for permission to cum I again remove the vibrator and wait for her to settle down a little bit before pressing it against her pussy and hitting her breasts with the flogger again. After the second time I bring her to the edge with the second setting of the vibrator I turn it up to the third setting and bring her to the edge twice more beating her breasts with the flogger the whole time making her moan and scream. After bringing her to the edge twice with the vibrator on the third setting I turn the vibrator up to the fourth and final setting.

I bring her to the edge once on the fourth setting hitting her breasts with the flogger the whole time and then considering I had already denied her her orgasm six times I decide to let her cum the next time she asks permission.

“Please Sir, please let me cum Sir, please, please.” She begs me with tears running out of her eyes.

I wait a moment making her think I’m going to deny her an orgasm yet again but then I speak the words she so desperately wants to hear.

“You can cum.” I tell her.

“Oh fuck, thank you Sir.” Taylor screams.

I hold the vibrator against her pussy as she orgasms, her orgasm is violent and she jerks around against the ropes restraining her arms and legs. She starts off the orgasm with a loud scream after a moment her scream tapers off but her violent jerking movements don’t and I start to worry about the rope around her arms and legs hurting her.

“Please. Sir. No. More.” Taylor says jerkily taking big gulps of air between each word.

At first I don’t know what she is talking about but then I feel like a fool because I realise I’m still holding the vibrator against her pussy and it’s still on the highest setting. I pull the vibrator away from her pussy and she groans with relief from the loss of the overwhelming sensations against her pussy. Taylor had practically risen off of the bed when she had arched her back during her orgasm but now that the vibrator has been removed her orgasm has calmed down and she slumps on the bed twitching now instead of shaking violently.

I sit watching her as she recovers from her aggressive orgasm, her eyes are closed, her mouth is open slightly, her skin glistens with a film of sweat making her look like her skin is made up of diamonds and her platinum blonde hair spills onto the bed beneath her. I trail my eyes down her body over her small breasts and hard pink nipples that rise and fall with her deep breaths, over her flat toned stomach and slender hips then her exposed, red and swollen pussy slick with her juices and then finally down her long pale legs.

Looking over Taylor’s naked body I blasphemously think that not even all the angels in heaven could compare to her beauty.

“Do you like what you see Sir?” Taylor asks with a cheeky tone to her voice and looking up at me with her bright blue eyes.

“I love what I’m seeing.” I tell her with a smile and a quick kiss on her lips.

“Can I make a request please Sir?” Taylor asks a little nervously.

“Yeah sure.” I answer her curious about what her request is.

“Will you please fuck my ass Sir?” She asks confidently.

I smile remembering when I fucked her ass last night, how tightly it gripped my cock and how amazing it felt. I move around the bed untying the ropes holding her to the bed and act like I’m considering her request even though I’ve already made my decision. Taylor sits up on the bed and I sit down next to her.

“You know you are every mans dream girl.” I tell her, “gorgeous. Kinky. Funny. Smart. And just all round amazing.” I punctuate each compliment with a quick kiss on her lips and by the time I’m finished we are both smiling widely at each other.

“I love you.” We both say at the same time and then look into each others eyes and break into laughter.

When we stop laughing I pull her towards me, wrap my arms around her and kiss her deeply.

“If you want me to fuck your ass I will.” I tell her, “but I want to know why you want me to, you didn’t seem to like it last time.”

“It’s not that I didn’t like it Sir, it hurt yes but I’m yours and I want to be able to use all of my holes to please you Sir.” She tells me with a determined look on her face, “and what better way to train me than with your wonderful cock Sir.”

“You are like a dream come true.” I tell her, “I would be honoured to train you.”

“Thank you Sir.” She says with a smile.

“Remember how you put your legs behind your head earlier? Do you think you could do that again?” I ask her.

“Yeah I can do that Sir.” She tells me looking excited but also anxious.

“Ok do that, I’ll grab the lube.” I tell her.

I stand up and retrieve the water based lube, I move back to the bed and look at Taylor with her red, swollen pussy and tight puckered asshole exposed and ready for my pleasure. I pop the lid on the lube and squeeze some onto my fingers, I run my fingers over her asshole making her gasp and moan softly. I continue spreading the lube around her tight hole until I think there is enough there and then I slip a lube coated finger inside her tight hole, she moans louder as my finger slides easily into her hole and I add a second finger a second later.

I finger Taylors tight asshole to accustom her to the feeling of something inside her hole and when I think she is ready I pull my fingers from her hole. I grab her by her hips and pull her to the edge of the bed making her squeal but she holds her folded position. I think about covering my cock in lube but when I see her pussy dripping wet in her juices I decide to use natural lubrication instead, I slap my cock down on her pussy making her grunt with a little bit of pain from all the abuse her pussy has taken today. Taylor makes a half moan and half humming sound as I rub my cock all over her pussy trying to cover it in as much of her juices as possible.

“I need you to talk to me with this, to tell me if we need more lube, if I can speed up or need to slow down. Just anything, I don’t want this to be pleasurable only for me.” I tell her.

“Yes Sir I can do that.” She tells me confidently.

“Ok good.” I say rubbing my cock over her pussy one last time to make sure my cock is lubed up enough for this.

I press the head of my cock against her tight hole and push gently, I feel my cock pop into Taylors ass and we both moan simultaneous moans of pleasure. I leave just the head of my cock in her tight hole for a moment to let her get used to the sensations she is feeling right now. I push the rest of my cock inside her, burying myself all the way to the hilt, her tight ass smothers my cock and is so tight that even with the lube I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to fuck her.

“Please fuck me Sir.” Taylor practically begs me.

I’m worried about hurting her but her pleas combined with my already existing desire to fuck her make me pull my cock out until just the head is left inside her before pushing back inside her.

“Oh yes, please fuck my tight hole hard Sir.” Taylor growls as I slide my cock slowly in and out of her ass.

I lean over her and kiss her deeply before standing back up and thrusting hard inside her. I fuck her hard, pulling all but the head of my cock out before slamming my full length back inside her making her groan and grunt with the force of my fucking. Like I had told Taylor before we started I want this to be pleasurable for us both but she doesn’t seem to be getting much pleasure from it. I stretch and reach across the bed and retrieve the wand vibrator and turn it on to the lowest setting before pressing it against Taylors pussy.

She moans loudly as the vibrator comes into contact with her pussy and even though I’m holding the vibrator against her pussy I don’t lighten up with my hard fucking of her ass.

“Please can I cum Sir?” Taylor shouts.

“Can you wait, I’m so close.” I tell her wanting us to cum together.

“Yes Sir, I can wait.” She tells me.

I pick up my pace and fuck her fast making her groans increase in frequency and volume. I can see her shaking as she tries her hardest to hold back her orgasm to wait for my permission.

“Cum with me my little slut.” I growl feeling my orgasm about to hit.

“Thank you Sir.” Taylor screams as her orgasm takes her right at the same time my orgasm hits me.

I bury my full length in her ass and spray rope after rope of cum deep inside her as the folded up Taylor shakes and moans loudly. I remove the vibrator from her pussy when I finish shooting my cum inside her ass and a moment later Taylor comes down from her orgasm. I pull out of her ass but before she can unfold herself I have one last thing I want to do.

“Stay like that I want to get some pictures.” I tell her and when I see her face drop I realise that she thinks I want the pictures for the same reason I took the video of her in the library, to blackmail her.

“They will be for our use only. I’d never send then to anyone, I wouldn’t do that to the person I love.” I tell her as I retrieve my phone to take the pictures.

I move back over to the bed and see that Taylor is still in the same position but her eyes are filled with tears.

“You really do love me.” She says quietly and a little disbelievingly.

“Come here.” I tell her as I sit cross legged on the bed.

Taylor unfolds herself and crawls across the bed to sit in front of me but the whole time she keeps her eyes down and doesn’t look at me.

“Hey.” I say cupping her chin and forcing her to look up and into my eyes.

“I fucking hated you, you were a bitch and terrorised me and made my life miserable.” I tell her and when she tries to look away from me I use my hand to hold her face still so she is still looking into my eyes.

“I was so happy to have something to blackmail you with to make your life miserable as well but.” I pause and sigh trying to figure out how I can say this and convey my emotions to her.

“But since then I’ve seen a completely different side of you, a confident, beautiful, charming girl who is kind and nothing like the person you act like at school.” I tell her, “I really have fallen in love with you and I don’t want you thinking any different because it wouldn’t be true.”

By the end of my rant Taylors tears have spilled over and now run down her cheeks but she has a soft, hesitant smile on her face.

“Why did you think I was lying?” I ask her.

“I’m sorry Sir.” She starts but I cut her off.

“None of that Sir stuff now, that’s only for when we’re fucking.” I tell her bluntly.

“Ok.” She takes a deep breath and looks nervous to the point where I don’t think she will actually tell me but then she speaks quietly and hesitantly.

“Lots of people have told me that they love me but they don’t. They say it as a way to control me to make me feel something and then use it against me, or they say it just because they think it’s what I want to hear.”

I can feel tears welling up in my eyes as she speaks, I understand now why she didn’t believe that I love her.

“I don’t think anyone has every actually loved me.” She says with a sob.

I feel my own tears run down my cheeks, I lunge at her and wrap my arms around her holding her tight.

“I really love you. When I tell I love you it’s because I actually do love you Taylor.” I tell her.

I hold her gently feeling her chest heave as she sobs with her face buried against my neck. I run my hand through her hair trying to comfort her, I would be stroking her back as well but I don’t want to touch the welts on her back for fear of hurting her.

“There is something left that I want to do.” I tell Taylor gently moving her off of my lap when she has stopped crying and has recovered. I forget about taking the pictures I had want because I feel like it would just humiliate her and make her feel worse again when all I want to do now is comfort her and make her feel better.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to use any of the toys.” I tell her when I see the worried and fearful look on her face.

I look over the toys, find what I wanted and walk back towards the bed.

“What body part hurts the most and which hurts the least?” I ask Taylor.

“My back, tits and pussy all hurt really badly but everything else just kind of aches.” She tells me.

“Ok, I’ve got this.” I tell her holding up a plastic container, “it’s an aftercare cream that’s supposed to soothe and heal. Where do you want me to use it first?” I ask.

“My back please, then my pussy, my tits last, if that’s ok?” She says questioningly like she isn’t sure I’ll listen to her.

I sit on the bed with my legs spread and tap the space between my legs, “come sit here facing away from me.” I tell her taking the lid off of the container.

She moves hesitantly towards me and sits in the space between my legs but not close enough for what I want to do.

“A bit closer.” I tell her using her hips to pull her closer to me.

“This might be a little bit cold.” I tell her as I scoop some of the soothing cream into my hands.

I gently run my hands down her back making her flinch and gasp when my hands touch her back.

“I’m sorry.” I tell her feeling bad that I’m hurting her outside of our ‘playtime’.

“It’s ok. If it will help then I can handle it.” She tells me.

I kiss her shoulders lightly before moving my hands back onto her back. I softly massage her back spreading the lotion all over the welts, Taylor let’s out a soft moan of pleasure as I gently massage her back hoping that the aftercare lotion will do its job and ease the pain of her welts.

“Please don’t stop.” Taylor says softly looking at me over her should with big puppy dog eyes when I stop massaging her back thinking that what I’ve done would be enough.

“Ok.” I say with a soft chuckle and a quick kiss on her cheek.

I start massaging her back again and she sighs softly with pleasure and relaxes back towards me. I massage her back for a few minutes loving Taylors soft moans and sighs of pleasure and the way she is really relaxing against my hands.

“I’m gonna hate myself for saying this because I’m loving this massage but can we move on now please.” Taylor says softly.

“Yeah if you want me to.” I tell her, “you want me to do your pussy next right?” I ask.

“Yes please, it’s taken a lot of abuse.” She says with a soft laugh.

“Ok, I’ll need you to face me.” I tell her.

Taylor turns around to face me and shuffles closer spreading her legs over my legs and positions herself so her feet are behind my back. I scoop some of the lotion into my hand and I’m about to start massaging into Taylor’s pussy when she presses a hand to my cheek and stops me.

“Thank you.” She says her voice barely a whisper, “you didn’t have to do this.”

“Of course I did.” I tell her a little sharply, I soften my voice and speak again, “I love you and I don’t want you to feel any pain you don’t want to.”

Taylor use her hand that is on my cheek to pull my face closer to hers and kisses me with so much passion and love.

“I'm so lucky to be yours.” Taylor says with a big smile on her face.

“I’m lucky that you want to be with someone like me.” I tell her.

We sit just smiling at each other with Taylor between my outstretched legs and her own legs wrapped around me. The silence is comfortable and we are content to just sit there touching each other. Eventually though I want to get back to massaging the soothing aftercare lotion onto her skin to try and relieve some of her pain.

“Shall I get back to the massages?” I ask Taylor who quickly nods her head.

Taylor shuffles back a little bit giving me easy access to her pussy that looks beaten and bruised, I feel bad that I have inflicted these injuries on her most intimate area.

“Maybe next time I should take it a little easier on you down here.” I tell her as I lightly touch her sore and injured pussy making her flinch and hiss in pain.

“Please don’t.” Taylor says softly, “I like the pain when you’re inflicting it and even though I’d rather not have the pain afterwards I still want the marks because it’s just another reminder that I’m yours, just like this.” She tells me touching the collar fastened around her throat.

Her words show just how much of a masochist Taylor really is and as a newly discovered sadist I find her words very arousing and my cock twitches with my arousal.

“You really liked hearing that huh?” Taylor asks teasingly while looking down at my semi hard cock.

“Yeah it was very arousing.” I tell her as I continue to massage the lotion on her pussy.

“I can tell.” She giggles as she lightly runs a hand along my cock making me gasp and shiver.

I lean forward and kiss her at the same time that she wraps her hand around my cock and starts to stroke it.

“You don’t have to do that playtime is over.” I tell her using my voice to put invisible air quotes around the word ‘playtime’.

“You’re my man, it’s my job to please you and take care of your needs.” She tells me with a smile.

We both moan at the same time, then meet each others eyes and burst out laughing all the while Taylor continues stroking my cock and I carry on massaging her pussy with the lotion.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum Sir.” She says the last word cheekily with a little wink.

“I’m gonna cum.” I say a couple of minutes later.

Taylor smiles takes her hand off my cock then removes my hands from her pussy, shuffles backwards and bends over practically folding herself in half and takes my cock in her mouth.

“Oh fuck.” I groan as Taylor slide my cock further into her mouth and swirls her t

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