The Truth About Nikki - pt9

The Truth About Nikki - pt9

The Truth About Nikki - pt9 - The Game of life

Note: Again, I have changed the names of the men that I dated from the time that I moved to Seattle and thereafter. These diary posts are intended to tell my story, not to embarrass the men whom I have spent time with over the years.

My phone rang at about six PM Friday night; it was another man calling for a 'date' for the next evening. As we made the arrangements, he told me where to be, what to wear, and said it was going to be an all-nighter with him and his friends. I asked him just how many friends were attending and that if he understood the pricing schedule was per individual. He got a bit miffed but said he knew the deal and hung up on me. At first I thought about not showing up, but then I thought about an evening with four hard black men and decided to go for it.

The next night I knocked on the door of a motel room on the south side of Seattle trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach. The door opened and there he was, the same guy that I had serviced during his bachelor party in Portland years earlier. He was tall, lanky, and ripped to the max. I remembered that Kevin had told us then that he was some sort of jock and he still looked like one.

Instead of a hello he just pulled me in, closed the door and locked it. Then he ushered me further into the room while telling the other three guys that were already there that the cock meat for the evening had arrived. I recognized at least two of the three men in the room, probably from the same party at that club in Portland. I dropped my overnight bag on the floor, introduced myself and joined the three guys who were seated around a table drinking. The gent who met me at the door cupped my breasts from behind said his name was Stu and asked if I remembered him. I reached between us and cupped his cock and said that I certainly did and that I had missed him. He just chuckled and grabbed the bottom hem of my tube top and pulled it up over my head exposing my braless breasts to the men who all murmured their approval of the hard nipples on my 36B’s. Next Stu pulled my mini skirt up to show the others that I was without panties too, just as he had instructed me to be. Again bringing some lewd comments and smiles from the audience. Stu patted my ass and told me to finish stripping before unzipping his fly and sitting down on the edge of the bed.

To give the guys a good show I turned my back to them and bent way over to pickup my heels while allowing them to check out my ass. Then slowly squirming out of the mini skirt while rocking my ass back and forth until it finally slipped over my hips and down my legs to the floor, where I kicked it toward my discarded top. As I slowly turned around I took a sip of a guys drink before asking him if he needed help with his trousers. That must have been the go signal because all four men stood and grouped around me waiting for me to remove their pants. I slipped down to my knees and began by trying to work on one guy with my left hand, another with my right, while nuzzling the crotch of the center guy with my face. It was instantly apparent to me that this wasn't going to work well so I concentrated on the center guy who was already sporting a wonderful bulge. As his pants and briefs slid down his hard thighs revealing a rock hard cock of about 8 inches I felt a quiver flutter through belly at the sight of that hard un-cut cock staring at my forehead. I couldn't help but touch it and give it a little kiss before turning toward the next guy. As his jeans slid down his muscled thighs and revealed another beautiful hard and drooling cock of about 7and a half inches, I felt my pussy going into overdrive. This time as I leaned in to kiss the swollen head of his cock he ran his hand up from his balls pumping out a nice dollop of clear pre-cum, which I licked up and savored. As I turned back to the gent on my right I noticed that my hands shook as I un-zipped his pants and released yet another beautiful cock, this one was slimmer than the first two but was at least eight and a half inches long with a slow curve off to the side, my pussy ached to feel it stir my pussy hole. Lastly, I turned more to the right and removed Stu's rigid eight and a half inch cock from his trousers and rolled his for-skin down his cock exposing a beautiful shiny black cock head. I could take it no longer so I leaned in and slid my mouth over that beautiful, fat, cock. It felt so wonderful to feel the heat of his cock in my mouth and the racing pulse of his heart through the bulging veins of his throbbing cock. I was enjoying the taste of hard cock so much that I didn't even notice that one of the guys was rubbing my swollen pussy until his fingers slipped inside and he told everyone that my cunt was super fucking slick and juicy.

That must have been what Stu was waiting for because he gripped my hair and pulled me onto my knees on the bed and slammed his cock fully into me, moaning as he did. I was instantly in heaven as he gripped my ass cheeks with his strong hands and began pounding his cock fully into me with the intensity that I had been missing for so long. The guy with the curved cock slid in front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth gagging me in the process. I could already feel an orgasm rushing up my spine and was just able to spit out that sweet cock as it exploded within me. I could here the guys all talking about what a fucking slut I was, but I was in my own world at that point, Stu was continuing to slam his cock into my aching pussy and I could feel another climax approaching even before I had regained my breath from the first. I had lost control and my orgasms seemed to come every few minutes, with each one hitting me so hard that my filling seemed to rattle. As I would begin to recover after each climax, here was a black cock slapping and rubbing against my face and there was Stu's cock fucking me back into oblivion. I must have cum at least four times before I finally felt Stu slam into me and freeze while he let out a series of grunts filling my womb with so much hot sperm that I felt it begin to leak from my hole even before he withdraw from me.

Stu quickly changed positions with the guy in my face and leaned back against the headboard, grabbed my head, and began rubbing my face in the spermy mess coating his cock and balls, all the while telling me how I was such a nice little cock whore. The man behind me took no time before shoving his cock completely into me, pushing my guts around inside me to match his hooked cock. It felt wonderful, even better than I had thought it would, as he began slowly shoving it into me, then pulling completely out before driving himself back into me with a loud wet smack. The smell of pure sex that filled my nostrils from Stu's crotch and the steady fucking of that wonderful bent cock had my pussy quivering again in no time. As I was licking the sperm from Stu's cock and balls another powerful orgasm pounded through my body with wave after wave of pure pleasure. I had picked up enough through the men's conversations around me that I had learned that the man who was fucking me so superbly was named Ed, and I turned to him and told him that I loved the way he was fucking me, before Stu again pressed my face back into his crotch. Ed drove his cock into me with ever increasing power and his tempo increased until I could feel another huge orgasm building within my womb. As his fucking became harder and faster, his comments to and about me became more pointed and crude. Calling me a nasty little fucking cum whore and more. At this point I didn't care what he called me because I floated away in another sea of pleasure brought on by yet another wonderful orgasm. I wasn't even aware that Ed had cum deep within my pussy until I began to catch my breath and became aware that he had stopped moving within me. As he pulled his spent cock from my pussy a river of cum began to drip from my used hole onto the bedspread below. He patted my ass while admiring the mess between my legs and made comments about my white ass and cum dripping cunt before moving aside for the next man to have me. Stu pushed me off his lap and retreated back to the table with Ed as the next man who I now knew as Chuck slipped onto the bed, rolled me onto my back and slipped between my legs with his beautiful 8 inch cock pointing directly at my pussy. I was still breathing hard from my last fucking, but the sight of that hard cock slipping between my legs made me ready for another round. I started to reach down to guide his cock into me but I was so completely slick from the first two cock loads of sperm that Chuck's cock slipped into me without aid. He began a slow gentle fucking motion, working his hips around in a tight circle with each stroke. It really felt great after the hard fuck that Ed had just given me and I pulled my knees way up to allow Chuck to sink that wonderful 8 inch cock as deep as he could into my hole. Soon we had developed a perfect rhythm together and I whispered to him that he was going to make me cum again. Chuck merely grunted in my ear that it seemed like every black cock seemed to have that effect on me and I responded to him that I couldn't help but love beautiful black cock, like his. A moment or two later I came hard on that wonderful cock, holding him to me until my climax had passed. Chuck continued fucking me with that perfect rhythm, working his cock around and around in that perfect little circle inside my womb, his balls pressing tight against my ass with each stroke into me. Soon I felt another climax fast approaching it's peak and asked Chuck to please cum in me, that I wanted to feel him fill me. Hearing his labored breathing, I knew that he was as close as I was and I gripped his ass and began pumping myself against him harder and harder until I was again slammed into oblivion by another perfect orgasm. As I thrashed beneath chuck, I felt his muscles harden, his body spasm, and then a low moan escape his lips as he pressed himself tightly to my belly and gushed what seemed like quarts of hot sticky sperm into my depths. I knew that he hadn't cum that huge amount into me, but it felt like it because I was already so full of cum that it instantly began to squirt out of my pussy and run down the crack of my ass onto the bed spread below me. Chuck lay there limp and motionless for maybe fifteen seconds before he began to stir. As he slid his cock from my pussy, even more cum escaped and ran down my ass crack. As he got up he remarked that I really was a fine little slut and a hell of a good fuck.

I was really hoping to take a short break but that was not to be as Josh slid in beside me, rolled me onto my side and entered my pussy spoon fashion. I could tell from the very first push into me that Josh wasn't going to last very long. He had been watching as all of his buddies had fucked me and was almost at the point of no return already. I slid my left hand down between my cum soaked legs and began squeezing his balls and rubbing his cock as he fucked me a little faster with each stroke. His cock felt so good from that direction but I knew that he couldn't last long enough to bring me to climax again. It was only minutes before his breathing became raspy and labored, his balls drew up tight to his groin, and then he came. I could feel his balls pulsing in my grasp as he pumped load after thick load into me, sperm flowing out of me, coating my hand completely with the combined seed of these four men. I continued to gently squeeze his balls until they had completely quit pulsing before finally releasing them and let him slip his soft cock from my womb.

Josh slid up and leaned back on the headboard and petted my head gently a few times. I turned toward him and he grinned and wiggled his cock at me. Even soft and covered with sperm his cock was beautiful. He was perfectly circumcised, and there was a small donut of skin ringing an almost purple cock head on that jet-black shaft. His cock slipped effortlessly into my mouth and I savored the powerful taste of that thick coating of semen covering his entire cock, balls, and groin. I pressed my mouth all the way down his wonderful cock until he was seated fully within my throat and my nose was pressed tightly to his crotch. Swirling my tongue around his fat shaft I began to pump my mouth up and down that sweet cock. While I was involved with Josh's cock I was listening to the conversation going on behind me at the table. It was evident from what I heard that my evening was still far from being over. Even though I really wanted to take a short break, I was not ready to quit either. I was back in the rut and my adrenal glands were pumping gallons of go juice into me, keeping me going despite the amount of hard fucking that I had already received.

As I sucked Josh's wonderful cock he would utter words of encouragement to me to suck him harder and deeper. I slipped a finger from my left hand, which was already coated with cum between his ass cheeks and began massaging his tight little bunghole. This made him begin to squirm around and he made more comments about my prowess as a cocksucker. His cock was rock hard within minutes and from his quivering hips and raspy breath I knew that I was going to make him explode at any time. With one final press, the tip of my finger just entered his ass and he exploded against the back of my throat, filling my mouth and cheeks with his wonderful cum. I milked his cock slowly, savoring the taste of his thick creamy sperm until I had swallowed every last dribble that he had to offer.

As I lifted my head from Josh's spent cock Ed pulled me toward the edge of the bed until my left leg was hanging off and my knee was on the floor. He then pushed my right leg further up the bed spread-eagling me, before plunging his cock back into my dripping womb. He wasted no time building up a tempo, he immediately began fucking my sopping wet pussy hard and fast. With me in this position, half on and half off of the bed, his cock was entering me at a weird angle which almost immediately made my belly begin to flutter, and I knew that it wouldn't be long before he made me cum on that wonderful black cock again. Ed was gripping my shoulders and pounding himself into me hard and fast when I exploded beneath him, again losing touch with the real world for a few moments while I drifted in the pure bliss that only a properly used cock can give a woman. As I recovered my breath and returned to reality Ed was still buried within me and asking me if I had enjoyed the fucking he had just given me. It was no secret to anyone there that I had just orgasmed due to his efforts but I turned and told him that I had loved every second of it, just to clear up any doubts. He laughed, patted my ass, then pulled his big cock from my pussy and pressed it against my bung as he told me that he had decided to see if my ass felt as good around his cock as my cunt did. With that he leaned into me, folding my bung into me until it finally yielded to the pressure and popped over his large cock head. It took my breath away from me at first because I hadn't had a man in my ass since long before I had moved up here from Portland. It felt like his cock was going to rip my ass wide open but as he worked it back and forth, driving his cock a bit deeper with every stroke it began to feel better and better. I was glad that I had prepared myself for this possibility by rinsing myself out before leaving my apartment and thought to myself that old habits die hard as Kevin had always required us to rinse out before a night out. I had forgotten how different yet good it felt to have a man fuck my ass. Ed was making comments about my tight little shit pipe and how he was going to gape it good as he continued to drive into me until finally, his balls began pressing against my leg with each stroke. Once he had worked himself fully into my ass he began fucking me with long full strokes, his balls making a wet smacking sound against my cum coated crotch. As he fucked me harder and harder, working his hips from side to side, gripping and squeezing my ass and hips with each hard stroke, I could feel the beginnings of yet another orgasm beginning to form within the pit of my stomach. All around me the others were laughing and making jokes and snide comments. Ed was chiming in with a running commentary on how he liked fucking white bitches in the ass, how nice my ass felt, and how he was going to cream pack my slutty little shit-pipe. The more he and the others talked about it the harder Ed drove his cock into me, making me grunt with each hard wet smack of his cock. My orgasm was building to a crescendo and I grunted out that he was going to make me cum, which only made them all more vocal in there comments to Ed who tightened his grip on my waist and pounded his cock into my ass even harder. I finally surrendered to a wonderfully mellow orgasm and lay my head down on the bed and savored the sweet waves of pleasure that swept through me as Ed continued to drive himself into me with lighting fast strokes until he burst deep in my colon. He would pull partially out of my ass then lurch back into me as each spurt of his boiling hot sperm launched itself into me until he was finally spent. His warm seed felt so good as it coated every inch of my ass and his softening cock. Ed knelt there behind me, rubbing and patting my ass while he regained his breath. He told me that he had enjoyed stretching and filling my nasty ass with his cum before finally pulling back and letting his soft cock slip from my soiled bunghole. As soon as Ed's cock was clear of my ass he spread my butt cheeks open and proudly showed the others the trail of his sperm that was beginning to leak from ass before excusing himself to take a piss and clean up.

Josh chimed in that he had never fucked a bitch in her ass before so Stu ordered me to get up on the bed and lay face down with my hips on top of both of the pillows. As I lay down in this position, Stu told his friend Josh to mount up and ride me like the fucking slut deserved. Josh quickly moved in behind me and drove himself fully up my ass with one powerful push of his hips making me moan and my belly quiver with anticipation of another good fucking. At the same time, Stu was pulling my legs further apart until my toes were hanging off of each side of the double bed fully exposing my creamy ass to Josh's cock. Josh lay upon me resting on his elbows, his hands gripping my shoulders from below, pulling against me as he drove his wonderful fat cock into my freshly greased ass. His mouth was close to my ear as he pounded himself into me, his hot grunting breath against my neck and ear only heightened my arousal and desire for him to fuck me more and more. He would ask me if I was enjoying his black cock up my ass and I replied that I loved the way it felt in me. Every time I responded this way he would moan softly into my ear and drive his cock even harder into me. My belly was churning and I felt another soft, yet perfect orgasm escape from my womb and flow smoothly up my spine and fill me with those perfect waves of pleasure making me moan and grip Josh's hard cock with my ass. At that moment I was in heaven, what more could I possible want from life, but this feeling of perfect bliss flowing through every nerve cell of my body. I was hot, sweaty, tired, but yet I didn't want it to end. Josh continued to fuck me with hard full strokes of his cock, spurred on by the encouraging comments of the other men watching from only a few feet away. As his breath became more labored and shallow against my neck, I knew that I would soon feel his hard body buck against my ass and his thick sperm mix with the seed that Ed had already deposited in me. My heart was racing and I could hear it plainly in my ears as he grunted in my ears that he was going to cum in my nasty fucking ass. These words and his perfect cock working it's magic within me pushed me over the abyss into another orgasm. As soon as my ass clenched down on his wonderful cock he too moaned and began pumping his cock against me with short powerful thrusts, filling me with his cum with each stroke until he finally slowed to a stop and rested his entire weight upon my back. When he finally lifted himself from me he told the others that some way, some how, he was going to bury his cock in his girl friends tight black ass because he now loved ass fucking. The others all chimed in that if he ever got her broke in that they all wanted to ride her too, just to show her how to do it right which made them all laugh.

Being as all the guys were now just shooting the shit and drinking, I slipped off the bed and went to the rest room for a break and a quick wipe down. When I looked at myself in the mirror it brought back memories of my past life. My hair was askew, there were smears of sperm all over my face, my shoulders were both red from Ed and Josh’s strong hands, and my entire pussy area was smeared with thick globs of sperm. I ran my hand between my legs loving the way it felt against my skin. Every time I would squeeze my pussy even more of that warm slick cum would leak onto my hand, I rubbed it up my belly and over my breasts savoring its touch. After enjoying my sperm play for a few minutes, I decided that I needed a quick shower to look presentable again so I quickly rinsed off under the hot water, dried myself and retuned to the men, feeling refreshed and anxious for the next round

I sat on the edge of the bed and had a few sips of Chuck's brandy while the men and I chatted. Chuck fiddled with my nipples until they were both rock hard and aching so I decided to get things moving again as the sight of these four naked men were making my pussy quiver again. So taking another sip of Chuck's cold drink, I slid to my knees and lowered my face between his legs and engulfed his cock in my brandy filled mouth. He instantly pushed his hips forward; pressing himself into me and exclaiming how good that cold drink and hot cocksucking mouth felt on his cock. Chuck was obviously well rested from our fist fuck because his cock hardened within what only seemed like moments and began oozing thick savory pre-cum into my mouth. I was pumping my mouth slowly up and down his thick cock, twisting my head back and forth as I went, feeling his body react to my attentions. I had placed a hand on each of his thighs and ran them up and down his muscled legs while I slow fucked his wonderful cock with my mouth. I knew that I was doing all the right thing s for him because he quickly went from squirming his hips around from side to side, to humping into my mouth on each of my down strokes and telling me to “suck that cock bitch” over and over. The end came suddenly when he grabbed me by the back of my head and slammed me onto his cock just as he erupted into my mouth and down my throat. Over and over he pumped my face against his belly until finally, I felt his cock soften and go limp in my mouth before he released his death grip on my head. I pulled my mouth off of his flaccid cock and wrung it out with my hands until I had milked it of every last dribble, which I dutifully licked off and swallowed. When I finally lifted my head above the table, I locked eyes with Stu who just looked at me for a moment before asking if my worthless little white ass could handle any more real cock. With a quick comeback I told him that I wanted whatever and his friends had left, if anything. As soon as I said that, he stood up and jumped into the middle of the bed and told me to come fuck milk his cock with my nasty ass white cunt. Eager for another great fuck, I jumped on top of him and speared myself on his hard black cock and began to ride him hard while bending forward and swinging my tits in his face. His hands soon cupped my ass cheeks and direct my pace. He ground my pussy against him every time our bodies came together, providing just the right amount of pressure to my clit to make my pussy begin to flutter and churn in anticipation of another orgasm. He eventually pulled me to him and I rested my head on his hairy chest and just enjoyed the feeling of his wonderful cock pumping into my pussy and feeling the heat of my orgasm building to a full boil within my womb. Suddenly my entire body was wracked by a tremendous orgasm from nowhere, I had felt it building but then it was just suddenly there. I felt Stu tighten his grip on my ass, holding me on his cock as I bucked wildly on top of him. As my orgasm waned I heard Stu asking if someone wanted to shove a cock back up my fucking ass and make an Oreo with him. Chuck said “hell yea” and quickly slid in behind me and shoved his cock into my cream filled ass making me moan with pleasure as the pressure of 2 cocks stirred my guts around. As Stu began to guide me up and down his fat cock again, Chuck fell into rhythm, and soon had me moaning and squirming like crazy as their two cocks would both slide almost completely free of my holes then plunge back in perfect harmony with each other. It was maddening and I exploded in another and then another bone jarring orgasm while they just continued to pound those two beautiful black cocks into and out of me in perfect synchronization. I may have even had another mind shattering orgasm before I became aware that Stu was gripping my ass tightly to him and flooding my already overtaxed pussy with even more of that wonderfully hot sperm of his. Chuck came only moments later, leaning far over me slamming his cock into my asshole with terrific force, while spewing his thick seed deep in my ass, all the while telling me to “take it bitch, take it deep”.

I lay there still sandwiched between two overheated and sweaty men, short of breath and sweating like crazy myself when the thought hit me, I love being an Oreo, and I looked down at Stu’s who was wearing that silly grin that men get automatically after busting their nut. I told him that I loved being his Fucking Oreo and his grin widened and he said that he was done for the night but that maybe his buddies would double pack my nasty little whore holes again before they left. The three of us disengaged from each other, the men went to the bathroom while I just rolled onto my back on the far side if the bed to rest and cool down.

Soon all the guys were clustered back around the table, talking shit and drinking their drinks as I rested and listened in. At one point Stu brought up the subject of his bachelor party and how I had been one of the three white party favors (as he called us) and how all of us had taken one hell of a pounding that night, and that he was really surprised when any of us had been able to put our legs close enough together to walk out of the place. He went on to say that he had to fake being a bit too drunk on his wedding night because he had busted all his nut in us during his party and couldn’t get it up the next night.

Finally rested, I slid from the bed and went straight to the bathroom and climbed back into the shower, flipping it way over toward the hot side and leaned back against the wall enjoying the hot spray cleansing me of sweat and rinsing the sperm from my inner thighs again. When I finally flipped the shower off and walked back into the main room, Stu was fully dressed and Ed and Chuck were in the final stages of dressing. A pang of disappointment went through me to think that this evening was coming to an end but I had learned that this is how it works, once the men are satisfied they only want to distance themselves from the hoe that they had just fucked. Stu came to me, pulled a huge wad of cash from his jacket pocket and pressed it into my hands. I began to reach for my overnight bag when Stu asked me if I was going to count it. I asked him if I needed to and he said that it was all there plus a “little bit”. I told him thanks and slipped it in the pocket of my bag and returned it to the floor. With the financial part of the night completed, Stu, Ed, and Chuck moved past me and out the door. I locked the door behind them and went back to the main room finding that Josh Had moved to the bed and was stroking his cock awaiting my return.

I slipped onto the bed beside him and gently removed his hand from his cock, and told him that I would take over for him. Slipping between his legs I began by running my tongue all the way up from the base of his ball sack to the tip of his beautiful cock head before swirling my tongue around its base and swallowing his semi-hard shaft completely. Keeping him fully engulfed in my mouth and throat I forced myself to swallow several times clamping his cock head with my throat muscles making him moan and squirm a bit below me. Now that I was alone with Josh I could take my time and enjoy bringing him to a slow boil that we would both enjoy in the end. I worked my mouth slowly up and down his now stiffening cock, gently rubbing and squeezing his big balls as his sack began to slowly pull up against the base of his cock. The speed at which he was firming up and the steady stream of moans and encouragements told me that I was doing everything right. Soon his hand slid around the back of my neck and began to apply gentle pressure each time I slid my mouth down his rock hard cock. My pussy ached for the feel of his cock and I was afraid that Josh was going to finish the night in my mouth when he gently pulled me off of his throbbing cock and pulled me up beside him and rolled between my legs. As he moved his cock into position at the mouth of my pussy he looked down at me and asked if I wanted some more fucking black cock in my hole. I answered his question by rocking my hips up until his cock head entered me and pulling him down upon me before sliding my hands down to rest on his tight ass cheeks. He smiled and pressed his cock into me with one slow fluid roll of his strong hips until his hard tight balls pressed firmly against my ass. It felt wonderful and I told him so as he began to slowly rock his hips into me with a slow steady pace which made us both moan with pleasure. As he fucked me I ran my hands up and down his back feeling his muscles ripple with each stroke in and out of my super wet and quivering pussy. He told me that he had never met any woman who seemed to love fucking as much as I did. He went on to say that he had been watching me all night and I had seemed to really enjoy getting fucked by him and the other guys. I told him that I had enjoyed every minute of the evening so far. All this time he had continued to fuck me with that perfect rhythm until my pussy could take no more and I pulled him tight against me and came hard on his steel hard cock pumping my clenching hole. As I recovered he was there looking me eye to eye, his cock still fucking me with that same steady rhythm. He leaned in closer and uttered into my ear that he had never fucked a white bitch before tonight but I had made him an avid white pussy lover. All I could think to say was that I was proud to be his first white girl. My pussy was tingling and quivering around his cock and I told him that he was going to make me cum again which brought another mile to his face and he began fucking me a bit harder and faster until I again lurched into another wonderful orgasm beneath him. Again he was staring straight into my eyes when I opened them after my orgasm. He finally broke the silence by saying that he had cum so soon our first time that he was determined to give me a proper fucking now. I told him that I had completely enjoyed his first fuck but would never turn down a wonderful slow fuck like he was giving me now, no matter what the reason and we both giggled. His pace and the feel of his rigid, far cock stretching my hole with each firm stroke was again making my guts churn and my heart race, I told him that he was going to make me cum again but he didn't alter his rhythm to bring me over the edge so I gripped his hips tighter and began fucking myself harder and faster on his wonderfully hard cock. I hit pay dirt in moments as an electric shock erupted from my womb and slammed into the pleasure center of my brain. I held on to him with all my strength until finally after what seemed like minutes I returned to earth again finding Josh staring down at me smiling.
He pulled out of my pussy and rocked back between my legs and said that he wanted to fuck my white ass hole again if I didn't mind. I guess he was expecting me to get up on my knees but instead I pulled a pillow over, folded it and slipped it under my ass, aiming my already cream filled ass up towards his hard cum coated cock. He looked at me strangely for just a second before leaning back over me and allowing me to guide his still rock hard cock into my ass. Because I had already been well fucked and lubed up by two loads of thick black seed josh's cock popped right into my ass with no problem and I moaned deeply as he continued to drive his tool into me until he was fully seated. As he began working his cock back and forth within me, my knees just naturally folded forward until my knees were both resting on the mattress beside me. I was now fully exposed to receive every inch of his hard hot cock and I asked him if he liked my ass. His grin widened a bit and he said that there was something really fucking nasty about butt fucking a white slut like me that he loved, going on to say that he felt like he owned my ass. I couldn't think of a response but I thought to myself that it was probably the most submissive act that a woman could perform to please a man. Josh began leaning further over me at that point, driving his cock into my stretched as harder and harder. Soon I was grunting a bit at each hard thrust and feeling the onset of a beautiful orgasm rippling through my spine. I gripped his head and told him to fuck my ass, fuck me hard, make me cum. This spurred him into over drive and he pounded my bung so fast that it sounded like a machine gun was pumping my ass pushing me over that last little edge into the realm of ecstasy. As my bung clenched in orgasm Josh moaned loudly and hammered himself into my ass filling me with another load of his fertile black seed before finally slowing to a stop, his cock still buried deep in my cream filled bung. I was winded and so was Josh, with that stupid man smile across his face looking down at my sweat covered breasts. I rubbed his cheek lightly and asked if he still liked fucking white girls in the ass making his smile broaden before he said that he didn't like it at all, he fucking loved fucking my tight little shit pipe.

As he rolled from my belly I assumed that he would dress and leave like the others had but he stood beside the bed, extended his hand to me and asked if I would wash his Johnson in the shower. I followed him to the bathroom and started the shower while Josh peeled the paper off of the soap bars before we both stepped in and pulled the curtain closed. As I began to soap his chest and shoulders, I felt something spraying against my thigh, looking down I found that Josh had begun peeing which was splattering against my thigh beside my pussy. I reached down and cupped his cock in my soapy hand and moved his cock side to side, letting his piss splatter against my belly, pussy, and legs. Josh stood there a moment before telling me that he always pissed in the shower and hadn't even thought to pee before we started. I told him it was OK and that it washed off, while still aiming his stream at my belly. When he finally got done I ran my soapy hand up and down his cock several times to wring it out as men say before rinsing my hand and continuing my scrub down. I washed every inch of Josh's hard muscled body just like I did to my son, even to the point of rolling his fore-skin back and washing and rinsing under it. Once I had completed cleansing Josh's hard body he returned the favor by soaping and rinsing my soiled body inch by inch. As I opened a bottle of motel shampoo Josh stepped from the shower, died off and waited for me with another dry towel. Now clean and dry we returned to the main room where Josh immediately began dressing, telling me that he had to work in the morning, but wanted my number in case he felt the urge to fuck a white girl again. I wrote my number on a motel note pad, and handed it to him as he headed for the door. I knew the real reason no matter what their excuse for leaving, it was always the same way, once the man was satisfied it was time to distance himself from me, the hoe, the slut, the whore. I was used to this treatment but somehow every time it happened it still stung a bit. It was a bit after 4 am when I slipped into my van, turned the key and headed home.

My next diary post will be entitled " the truth about Nikki - pt10 – ever changing lives"

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