Math Teacher in School

Math Teacher in School

"Do you want to go to the bench, Jeffrey?" Ms. Bordon asked sternly. "No" I muttered. The bench, or rather "Da bench" as she actually pronounced it, was the bench in front of the principal's office. It was where Ms. Bordon sent kids who were acting up to sit while they called parents and generally humiliated them. I wasn't a bad kid, I just liked to joke around and since I was good at math, I could afford to talk a lot and still keep up. Ms. Bordon actually liked me, but she still had to threaten with da bench every once in a while to keep me in line. I'd never actually gone to da bench, I wasn't that bad. I had just been talking with the girl, Meredith, next to me. At 15, I was a pro at masturbating and ready to move on to the real thing. I had been chatting girls up incessantly, trying to figure out how to get one naked. Honestly, I don't know how other kids did or do this; I lived at home with my parents and my mom was always there. I didn't have a car yet. On and on, the obstacles seemed insurmountable. I was sure, however that it all began with the girl.

For that reason, it was only five minutes later that Ms. Bordon was again threatening me with da bench and the other kids were snickering. I smiled at Meredith and tried my damndest to keep quiet the rest of the hour. It was tough, Meredith had the biggest boobs in our grade and it was all I could do not to reach out and grab them. She seemed to like me ok and I couldn't wait until next class when I could try again with a new teacher getting mad at me. When the bell finally rang, I was ready to follow Meredith out of class, staring at her little round ass all the way, when Ms. Bordon called me back. Ugh!

Ms. Bordon started in telling me how a lot of the other kids didn't catch on as well as me and needed to be able to concentrate. She understood that I was smart and just getting interested in girls.........I caught bits and pieces as I stared at her deep black cleavage. I guess I would describe Ms. Bordon as a handsome woman? She was thick, to use a kindly word and a dark like a Hershey bar. She had curves in all the right places. At 5'7" we were about the same height but she had to out weigh me by 50 pounds. Her tits were huge, they put Meredith to shame and she always had a good six or more inches of cleavage hanging out of the top of her shirt. She would wear white button up shirts and black skirts most days. She had a nice big round ass and her legs were shapely. On top of all this, she had luscious big lips and always wore bright red lipstick. I can only describe her hair as "Oprah like". I had fantasized about Ms. Bordon on more than one occasion, pretty much like all of my female teachers.

"Jeffrey!" I looked up and Ms. Bordon was looking stern. "I don't think you're listening Jeffrey, I need you to come back after school so we can figure out what to do with you." I groaned "I don't want to have to send you to da bench Jeffrey." she finished. Disappointed at my luck, I shuffled on to my next class where I told Meredith what had happened. "Too bad," she cooed "My parents are both working and I was hoping you could come over and help me with my math since you're so good at it." The implications were staggering and I groaned yet again and my bad luck. Talk about a crappy day.

At three, I went to Ms. Bordon's room as instructed, full of resentment. Ms. Bordon was bent over her giant purse on the floor and didn't see me come in. I stared at her big ass and the outline of her big grandma underwear through the fabric of her skirt. Her legs were parted slightly and I could see the top of her nylons where her skirt rode up. Nice. I coughed uncertainly and Ms. Bordon stood up and turned around. "Oh, Jeffrey, you startled me. Why don't you close the door so you don't have any more distractions while I try to talk some sense into you?" I did as she said and as an afterthought, Ms. Bordon kind of jokingly suggested I should lock it as insurance that she would have my undivided attention. So I did as she asked.

Ms. Bordon was applying a new layer of lipstick, apparently that's what she had been fishing out of her bag when I came in. I stared at her big red lips and imagined them wrapped around my cock. "Why don't you sit down Jeffrey." Ms. Bordon suggested. I sat at a desk in the front row and she proceeded to walk back and forth in front of me while she restated her schpiel from earlier. I watched her fine ass bob up and down and tried to will the buttons on her white blouse to pop. CRACK!! I jumped as Ms. Bordon slammed a wooden yard stick down on the her desk to get my attention. "Have you heard a word I've said?!?!" she was frustrated. She rubbed her neck and stretched as she walked away from me. "You kids are impossible once you start getting interested in girls you just don't listen anymore." She walked around and slumped down in her chair turning her head from side to side as she rubbed her neck some more.

I jumped up and apologized. I felt bad and to be honest I did have a fear of being sent to the bench. Ms. Bordon looked like she was ready to give up on me. "What can I do Ms. Bordon? What do you want me to do?"

"What you need is a whoopin', Jeffrey." She stated, still holding the yard stick in her hand. I turned around and bent over a desk and looked back at her. I thought it would lighten the mood and she would laugh with me. To my horror, she got up and walked over to me with the yard stick. "Well, I know I'm not supposed to do this, but Lord knows you need it boy." I cringed at the word boy. At fifteen, that's really what I was, but I was desperate to be considered a man. With that she came up to my side and threw her arm across my back, I guess to hold me down and keep me from running. Then my teacher proceeded to slap me across the ass with the yard stick. I certainly didn't feel like a man.

The yard stick wasn't nearly as bad as it looked. It was quite wide and light and pretty ineffective. Ms. Bordon on the other hand, was sending thrills through my body. Her huge left breast was pressed firmly against my rib cage and it rubbed and bounced with every smack of the yard stick. I could pick out the smells of her perfume and cocoa butter. Looking down, I could see the bottom of her ample ass and her fine black calves atop small high heels. What I also saw, was that my cock had ballooned up to create a rather obvious tent in my pants. "Do you think you've had enough Jeffrey?" Ms. Bordon asked me. "NO" I groaned, I couldn't stand up in front of her like this. Ms. Bordon smacked harder with the yard stick a few more times while I tried every mental trick I knew to get rid of my boner.

At that age, I had about zero control over when and where my dick would get hard. When Ms. Bordon had finished, she stepped away from me and I stood up facing away from her. Ms. Bordon started a lecture again and I stared at the back of the room in shame. "Jeffrey, look at me when I'm talking to you." Reluctantly, I turned around and Ms. Bordon got a look at me. She saw the shame on my face and then she looked down. Her big red lips formed an O as she stared at my crotch. Unconsciously, she ran her red nails across her collar bone. "Oh, Jeffrey, don't be embarrassed, this is common for children your age."

"I'm not a child." I shot back with fury. The shame of exposure had pushed me over the edge. I was not the kind of kid that would normally talk back to a teacher, not in anger. Ms. Bordon stood up straighter and looked at me. "Oh, so now you're a man? You know what to do with that thing Jeffrey?"

"I might be doing it right now if I wasn't here listening to your stupid old lecturing." My resentment came flooding back as I realized I could be with Meredith right now. Ms. Bordon looked like she was on the verge of laughter and that only made me madder. "you wouldn't have the first clue what to do with that little thing Jeffrey." Somewhere inside of me, I realized I should shut up but I was so ashamed and angry, I couldn't control myself. "I'm not a boy and I'm not little and I know exactly how to use this!!" With that I undid my jeans and pulled them down so my cock sprang free. Truly, I was a boy, my dick was maybe 6 inches hard and I didn't have the first clue what to do with it.

Ms. Bordon gasped and her hands went to her lips. "Jeffrey, put that thing back in your pants." Instead I started tugging on it. Letting Ms. Bordon stare at the coppery red pubic hair that surrounded it. I walked closer to her and she couldn't take her eyes off it. "I think you need to be spanked Ms. Bordon." There was a mixture of terror and what I didn't yet recognize as lust in her eyes. She was like a zombie as I turned her around and bent her over the desk.

I grabbed the yard stick and started smacking her big ass. My dick was pressed against the side of her tits, leaking pre-cum all over her white blouse. "Oh, Jeffrey," she suddered "you shouldn't be doing this." My response was more smacks with the stick. "You've been a bad girl, Ms. Bordon." I told her. She continued to shudder with each smack.

She seemed to be squirming a lot, rubbing her legs together while she begged me to stop. "you've been a bad girl." I told her again. "Admit you've been bad." Ms. Bordon just shook her head no and put it back down on the desk. My cock was throbbing and I didn't have any idea where this was going, but I threw the yard stick away and began smacking her ass with my hand. "Tell me you've been bad." I insisted. She shook her head again and continued to squirm and shudder. I began grabbing a big handful of ass cheek with each smack and rubbing briefly. With the rubbing, her skirt was beginning to ride up and I realized I could see the bottom of her cream colored panties. I reached down and grabbed the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up over her back, revealing her big ass in its entirety.

Ms. Bordon gasped and made what I realized now was only a pretext of trying to get up. "Jeffrey, what are you doing??" I told her I wasn't getting through to her with the skirt in the way and slapped her ass again. Her ass was warm and firm. I was constantly aware of my cock against her breast as I stared at her cream panites surrounded by smooth black skin. I pulled her panties up into her ass crack and she groaned or moaned. I slapped her smooth black ass and rubbed it. Ms. Bordon's head was down and she kept saying how wrong it was and she might have been talking to herself as much as me. I could smell the heady mixture of her pussy and worked my hand down her ass to the juncture of her legs. This time I could tell it was a moan, as my hand cupped her heated pussy and and I rubbed my thumb along her already wet slit.

"This has to stop Jeffrey." she tried to assert herself but I was too far gone already. I smacked her ass again to get her to shut up and walked around behind her. My cock was bobbing madly up and down as I pulled her panties aside and pressed it to her fat pussy lips. She groaned in apprehension and I thrust myself inside of her. I gripped her wide hips firmly and began thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. She was moaning now and I slammed into her over and over for about 30 seconds. Then I came.

Leaning against her, I felt my legs turn to jello. With my passion abate, the reality of what I'd done began to sink in. Ms. Bordon was trembling beneath me as my dick slid out of her with an audible slurping noise. Slowly, I pulled myself away from her and reached down to retrieve my pants from around my ankles. As I tried to stand up, however, Ms. Bordon placed a restraining hand on my shoulder. "Not so fast young man." Straining to look up from my bent over position, I saw Ms. Bordon standing in front of me with her skirt still up over her hips. Her panties were still pulled to the side a bit and I could see her fat black pussy lips surrounded by her kinky pubes. In spite of myself, I felt my cock begin to grow stiff again. "That may have been good for you but I'm going to need a little more.......stimulating. You may have bitten off more than you bargained for child but we're going to see this through now." With that she used her free hand to pull her panties down and stepped out of them. "I think you need to learn how to eat the pussy."

I was somewhat horrified as Ms. Bordon grabbed my by the back of my head and forced my face against the slimy folds of her cunt. I squirmed in panic, my face and nose rubbing against her clit. Ms. Bordon backed up to the desk and sat on it, spreading her legs further apart in the process and said "Come on baby, stick your tongue out, taste my sweet pussy boy." Reluctantly, I did just that. Sticking my tongue out, I tasted her pussy and it was anything but sweet. It didn't taste bad though, I could taste my cum leaking out of her mixed with her own juices. I ran my tongue along her slit and felt her shudder as I reached her clit. "Thats it baby, play with my clitty. You like it don't you?" I was appalled at the suggestion but then I realized that I was indeed enjoying it. My cock was at full attention again and I loved the feel of her smooth black thighs against my face.

15 minutes later, I was not enjoying myself quite as much. My jaw ached and my knees were cramped, but Ms. Bordon was moaning heavily and thrusting her pussy against my face repeatedly. "Oh, thats it baby, lick that pussy, eat my pussy." She was quaking to her third orgasm and I knew but now that she was a gusher. "Here it comes baby, drink all momma's juices. Suck it all up." and with that I was rewarded with a flood of pussy juice which I dutifully lapped up cleaning her entire pussy with my tongue.

Ms. Bordon laid there for a minute oohing an ahhing. "Oh Jeffrey, you can eat some pussy like a man, I'll give you that." I stood up, exhausted, my knees aching, I stretched my jaw. "Jeffrey, you've been such a good boy, I'm going to give you a reward." Ms. Bordon stated. Standing back up she removed her blouse and I watched in awe as she took her bra off. Her tits were humongous. They had to be the size of volley balls, capped by even blacker, silver dollar sized areolas with thick thimble sized nipples. My cock was at full attention as Ms. Bordon directed me to scoot up onto the desk she had just vacated.

When I was situated, Ms. Bordon approched me saying "You like these Jeffrey? You like my big titties?" I nodded excitedly as she bent over to rub them against my cock. I felt my cock jump and was afraid I was going to cum. How I didn't is beyond me but my cock continued to bob up and down spastically as Ms. Bordon dragged her stiff nipples down my thighs until I could feel her breath on the tip of my dick. Ms. Bordon's tongue slipped out of her shiny red lips to flick the tip and I let out an involuntary groan. That seemed to be all Ms. Bordon needed as she greedily sucked my cock into her mouth. My ass was clenched and my legs were shaking as I watched Ms. Bordon's big red lips slide up and down my throbbing cock. Pulling away, she grabbed my pole with her hand and began jerking furiously. The red nails of her other hand dug into my ass cheek as she said "Come on baby. Let me see you cum. Shoot it all over my titties." I stood up and she started massaging my balls with one hand while sliding her other along my shaft. She arched her back and stuck her tits out toward me as I shot thick streams of jizz all over her beautiful tits. Ms. Bordon used her bright red finger nail to scrape some of my jiz off of her tits and stuck it in her mouth. I could feel my balls stirring again at the sight.

After that, Ms. Bordon let me rub her all over with my hands, playing with her huge tits and sucking on her nipples. She moaned and groaned and told me how great it was, always asking me if I liked this or that. I just mumbled affirmatively and kept on licking her all over and groping her. Finally I was ready for another crack at her and she laid on the desk while I climbed ontop of her and slid my cock into eager cunt. She wrapped her big legs around me and I took my shirt off so I could feel her big tits pressed against me. We set up a comfortable rhythm and for several minutes we just enjoyed the feeling our bodies pressed together. Finally Ms. Bordon lifted her legs up over my shoulders and told me she wanted me to fuck her hard. I obliged and slammed my cock into her as hard as I could while she moaned appreciatively. The desk was making a loud groaning noise as it inched across the floor with each thrust. "Give it to me baby, fuck that pussy." I groaned and slammed harder into her sloppy wet pussy. She was burning up as I dumped another huge load inside of her.

There wasn't much to say after that. I got dressed and left. Life went on. She didn't treat me any different in class. She would still threaten to send me to da bench when I got too loud or wasn't paying attention. Ms. Bordon never let me fuck her in school again but she did manage to find some odd jobs for me around her house on the weekends and during the summer. I had a great time with her for several years. Things kind of died down though when I was about 17. I think I was too old for her.

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