Agent of Lilith: Chapter 13

Agent of Lilith: Chapter 13

James lay alone in his house, stretched out on the sofa in the living room. Waiting patiently for his guest to arrive, he stared at the ceiling, trying to keep his mind off his inevitable face-off with Ishtar. "One thing at a time," he told himself.

After leaving Tina's office a few hours before, James had come home to an empty house. He'd been greeted by a note on the fridge from David, who had apparently taken Brianna and gone to a relative's wedding out of town and would not be back for a few days. James other roommate, Mark, had classes and a job of his own, so he likely wouldn't return to the house until later in the afternoon. James was grateful for the solitude; it gave him time to time to think – time to calm himself and fight off his anxiety while he waited.

A rapid series of knocks at the door told James that his waiting was over, however. Hopping to his feet, he crossed the room and opened the front door. Katherine stood there, hand raised and poised to knock again. Immediately, the beautiful woman stepped over the threshold and wrapped her arms around James' torso.

"Master!" she cried with relief, "I'm so happy you're okay! You weren't in class yesterday, and I was so worried, and I didn't want to bother you… B-but you seemed really troubled on Saturday, so I… I didn't know what to do." She closed her eyes and rested her head against James' chest as she hugged him. James placed a comforting hand on her back. "I'm so happy you're okay," she repeated.

James pulled gently away from Katherine's hug and smiled gratefully at the woman. "I'm all right, Kat," he said. "Thank you for worrying about me." As James spoke, he couldn't help but let his eyes wander over his stunning professor.

Katherine wore a slim-fitting, low-cut sweater that proudly displayed her impressive cleavage and left her shoulders bare. Auburn hair, styled and curled, cascaded over those shoulders and framed an angelic face. Tight jeans hugged Kat's hips and round ass. High-heeled leather boots that went up to her knees made her legs and ass look all the more voluptuous, and James' mouth watered as he checked out the curvaceous woman.

"What happened on Saturday?" Katherine asked, snapping James back to reality. "You seemed sick; are you feeling better now?"

"Much better," James answered. "I was dealing with a lot then. I still am, but I'm not dealing with it alone anymore." Kat smiled. "We don't have to talk about that right now though," James continued. "You didn't come here just to talk, did you?"

Kat's cheeks, already tinged with pink, began to redden further. "No," she said. "I came because you said you needed me, and… because I need you." She punctuated her statement by placing a hand softly on James' abdomen and dragging it slowly down until she grabbed the waist of his pants. James grinned.

"C'mon," he said, gesturing behind him with his head and taking the woman's hand in his own.

James led Kat down the hall to his bedroom. When the door swung open, James immediately regretted not cleaning more often. He navigated a path through the clothes – both clean and unclean – that littered the floor, before sitting down on the bed. "Sorry about the mess," James said as Kat plopped down on the mattress next to him.

"Don't be," she said with a smile. "I like your room, master. Oh! Sorry," James raised an eyebrow, not sure what she was apologizing for. "I know you don't like it when I call you 'master.'"

James smiled and shook his head lightly before speaking. "You can call me whatever you like, Kat."

Katherine beamed up at James and leaned into him, closing her eyes and letting her head rest on his shoulder. "Yes, master," she murmured. James placed a warm hand on Kat's leg, just above the knee and began to gently rub up and down her thigh. He felt a slight tremor of excitement pass through the woman

"Mm… That feels nice," she said quietly. Kat lowered a hand of her own to James' lap and rubbed at the steadily-growing bulge she found there. She placed her other hand on James' chest, feeling his strong pectoral muscles and the heartbeat that hammered beneath them. He was excited, and that excited her.

James could feel sexual energy filling the air around them – Kat's energy and his own. The sensuous professor's growing lust was palpable to the young incubus, and he breathed her arousal deep into his soul. His own desire flared powerfully and flowed outward in a wave of lust that took hold of Katherine.

The gorgeous woman snapped her eyes open as James' magic caused primal need to stir within her. She rose up slightly from where she sat and swung her right leg over James' lap so that she straddled him. Crossing her arms, she grabbed her sweater and pulled it over her head. Kat shook her luscious auburn hair out once it was free of the garment, which she dropped unceremoniously to the floor.

Naked from the waist up, she grinned lasciviously down at James. But James' eyes were locked on the beautiful pair of breasts before him. Full, soft, and absolutely gravity-defying, Katherine's large tits practically begged to be played with. James eagerly obliged.

He lifted his hands and cupped Kat's breasts. He kneaded, massaged, and squeezed her marvelous tits, occasionally rubbing small circles over her large areolae or rolling an erect nipple between his fingers. Katherine hummed appreciatively and watched excitedly as James fondled her. He took one tit into his mouth and began to lick and suck playfully, sending a sudden jolt of electric pleasure through Kat's body.

"Mm, master…" she moaned, letting her head fall back. Her hands held James' head and neck gently, encouraging him to continue. As James suckled enthusiastically at her breasts, Kat began to grind against him. She rotated her hips and rubbed against her student's erection, letting him feel her heat and wetness even through their clothes.

James dropped his hands to Kat's backside. He grabbed her thick, round ass with both hands and pulled the vivacious woman closer. With one final kiss he separated his greedy lips from Katherine's breasts and met her eyes, which were hazy with uncontrollable desire. The two stared deep into each other's eyes for a few moments, letting the lust and tension between them build. Mouths open and only a few inches apart, they let their hot breath mingle as they drew closer.

With a crash, their lips met. There were no soft, loving pecks. No gentle caresses. No long periods of patient build-up. Their passion had long since accelerated, and now they kissed with desperate and animalistic fervor. James squeezed Katherine's ass harder as his lips dominated hers. Kat wrestled James' tongue into submission with her own, moaning softly all the while.

James, still holding his salacious teacher in his strong arms, rose to his feet. Kat held onto her lover's broad shoulders as she was lifted up. James turned around and faced the bed. He dropped the woman in his arms onto the mattress beneath him and descended upon her again. On his knees over her, he lowered his lips to hers and the two resumed their passionate kiss.

James supported himself on one arm while his free hand roamed over Kat's body – dragging fingers over her graceful curves, feeling her soft skin, and squeezing her large breasts. Katherine appreciated his loving touch, but she was far too horny and far too impatient to just lie there idly. Her hands shot to James' waist, where they tugged at the hem of his shirt and grappled with his belt.

Understanding her urgency, James rose up and backed off the woman. He stood at the end of the bed and pulled off his shirt before dropping his pants and boxers as well. Kat watched him with a seductive look in her eyes. Arms above her head, her breasts heaved as she breathed in more of the incubus' lustful aura. Her whole body tingled with desirous anticipation. James reached down and pulled off Kat's tall boots before moving on to her pants. The curvaceous beauty lifted her ass off the bed for a moment so that James could more easily slide her jeans and panties off her.

Katherine lay completely nude before James at last – and she was truly breathtaking. He stared openly at her sexy body, eyes roving over her natural breasts, flat stomach, narrow waist, and wide hips. Her graceful legs were spread, giving James a perfect view of her pink pussy lips, which glistened with desire.

The view wasn't bad for Kat either. Licking her lips lustfully and wiggling her hips as James watched her, she did some staring of her own. The sight of her young lover's broad shoulders and muscular arms excited the sexy professor, and she felt her inner heat grow hotter as her eyes wandered lower. "Fuck, I love your body…" she said quietly while she checked James out. Her gaze drifted over his chiseled abs and slim waist, down to his erect cock, which pointed straight at her. Kat eyed the thick member with wanton lust. She needed to be fucked.

James was way ahead of her this time though. Reaching down, he grabbed his teacher by her ankles and pulled her closer to him. Climbing back up on the bed, James kneeled between Kat's legs and guided his cock to her slick entrance. With one smooth motion, he drove his dick deep into her pussy, burying himself entirely in her velvet warmth.

Kat held onto James' muscular back as he fucked her, dragging her nails across his skin. James didn't mind; he trembled at her touch almost as much as she tremored at his. The atmosphere of raw sexual energy that the two generated grew thicker as they fucked. James had to consciously restrain himself from focusing it all on the gorgeous woman beneath him, remembering the state he'd put Lindsay in just one day prior. He didn't want a repeat of that just yet.

Besides, Katherine hardly needed any more help from James' magic, already heavily influenced by his aura and possessed by her own desire. As James hammered away at her pussy, Kat moaned helplessly, gripping the bedsheets tightly and breathing heavily. Her long hair fanned out around her gorgeous face, tossed around with each bed-shaking thrust from James.

"Oh god, James," Kat moaned. "Oh god, don't stop."

James didn't stop. He groaned alongside Katherine as he fucked her harder and faster, driving her upward toward her euphoric climax.

"Fuck, James! I'm cumming! I'm- ah!!" Kat's breathing hitched. She shut her eyes as her pleasure mounted and her body prepared for the inevitable.

James, attuned to the woman's sexual energy, felt her growing ecstasy vicariously through their union. Sensing her impending orgasm, he smiled devilishly and probed Kat's mind with his magic. Taking a page out of Lilith's book, he located the pleasure centers of Katherine's brain and locked them down, preventing her from cumming until James allowed it. Kat suddenly cried out as the magic took effect.

"Wha-… What's going on?" Kat moaned, still shuddering beneath James. "I can't-… ahh… I can't cum!" Kat dug her nails into James' broad back and held on tightly as her pleasure increased indefinitely.

James rose up off the woman, pulling his cock out of her as he did. Kat clung on desperately for a moment before being forced to release the man from her grasp. On his knees, James grabbed Kat by the hips and flipped her over easily. He pulled her toward him until Kat was kneeling on all fours before him.

Ass in the air, her aching sex exposed and waiting, Katherine looked at James pleadingly over her shoulder. James wasted no time and shoved his massive length back into his curvaceous professor, re-entering the tight warmth of her pussy. He gripped Kat by her narrow waist and ramped up his pace, thrusting into the beautiful woman at breakneck speed.

Still denied orgasm, Katherine's euphoria grew and grew as her body shuddered under wave after wave of glorious pleasure with no end in sight. "Ohhh," she cried out, enraptured by lust but frustrated by her inability to cum. "Wha-… What's happening to me?" Kat's arms shook and gave out, and she collapsed onto her chest. She lay there with her ass still lifted up, her pussy being hammered relentlessly by James' hard cock.

She was barely a participant anymore; now she existed just to be fucked by her master – an existence she hardly seemed to mind. Eyes rolling back in her head, Kat breathed heavily and moaned sporadically, unable to communicate her pleasure and unable to release it. Her body and mind could take little more; she was close to blacking out.

Mercifully, James' orgasm was fast approaching as well. His balls roiled and his body tensed as pressure grew in his cock, those unmistakable sensations that heralded a powerful climax. He continued to fuck Katherine until his orgasm forced him to stop mid-thrust. Balls pumping furiously, he painted Kat's inner walls white with hot cum. As James froze and surrendered to euphoric bliss, he had the forethought to allow Kat the same release. He freed her mind from his magic and let her cum with him.

With a pleasure-fueled shriek, Kat welcomed her orgasm at last. Her body spasmed wildly and her pussy twitched hungrily around her lover. Her mind exploded in blinding light that seemed to surge through every cell and every synapse, overpowering her senses with indescribable ecstasy. Pleasure like never before wracked Kat's body and dominated her mind. The incredible sensation of James cumming inside her, combined with the powerful release of her long-denied orgasm, was almost too much to handle. At the edge of consciousness, she shuddered under the throes of mind-warping ecstasy. She was barely aware that James had pulled out of her pussy and collapsed on top of her, his cock dribbling cum onto her ass.

James supported himself on his elbows as he caught his breath, exhausted from their bestial fucking and climactic ending. The fervor that had possessed him earlier now faded and he rolled off Kat to lay by her side as she came down from her own sexual high. Her heavy breathing slowly began to even out and she turned to look at James with a satisfied look in her eyes.

James smiled softly at the auburn-haired beauty and wrapped an arm around her. Kat cuddled up against him, laying her head on his bicep and resting a hand on his bare chest. Absentmindedly, she let her fingers dance lightly over James' skin as she rested her eyes and enjoyed the warmth and safety she felt in her master's arms.

Grateful for Kat's presence and loving nature, James lay there for a while, simply appreciating the peaceful moment. But he couldn't rest forever; he had asked Kat over for more than just sex. His thoughts returned to the upcoming attack on the museum and his pressing need for allies.

"Hey, Kat?" James said quietly.

"Mhm?" she answered without opening her eyes.

"If I… If I asked you to risk your life for mine, would you do it?" James let the question hang in the silence as he waited nervously for a response.

Kat opened her eyes and looked at James, who stared up at the ceiling, unable to meet her gaze. "Of course," she said simply.

James turned and looked at his professor, mild surprise displayed on his handsome features. "Even if it didn't involve you at all?" he asked. "Even if you could just walk away?"

Kat shook her head slowly. "If it involves you, James, then it involves me. And I could never walk away from you." Love and adoration shined in Kat's eyes.

James stared at her in astonishment. Her devotion to him was moving, but he had one more question.

"What if I told you…" James paused a moment before forcing the words out, "that I've been lying to you? That I'm not who you think I am? Would you still risk your life for mine?"

Kat raised herself up on her elbow to better look at James, a serious expression on her face. "I already know who you are, James," she said. "You're my master, and that's all that matters to me. I'd do anything for you." Kat smiled up at him.

James was surprised, though perhaps he shouldn't have been. Kat was one of the first people from whom James had gathered sexual energy after becoming Lilith's agent. Under the influence of his magic, Kat had always shown dedication and love for her master. But that's what was bothering James. He was no longer able to differentiate between the Katherine he knew before and the Katherine who called him "master." His sexual energy could have changed her personality and influenced her answer to his question. James would have loved to believe that Kat really cared that deeply for him and left it at that. But he had to know.

Closing his eyes and shutting out the world, James focused on his inner magic – on the river of power that coursed through him. Carefully separating it from his sexual energy, he tapped into that power and harnessed it to his will. Expanding his senses, he felt the bright light of Katherine's consciousness beside him; he aimed his magic at her mind.

Just as he had done with the husks, James delved deep into Kat's mind. As his power penetrated her psyche, the woman sucked in a deep breath and froze, subconsciously aware of James' subliminal presence and unable to resist it.

When James located what he was lookin for, he nearly lost his concentration from the shock. Kat's soul, normally a bright beacon of individuality, was shrouded in a dark layer of sexual energy – James' sexual energy. Like a great serpent, the energy wrapped and coiled around its prey, twisting and writhing as it ensnared Katherine's body and mind. James knew that his power had likely affected Kat heavily, but he never imagined it had progressed so far. She wasn't as bad as the husks – she still had some sense of identity and thought – but her soul was almost completely subjugated by an undying lust for James and an unnatural allegiance to her master.

Kicking himself mentally, James cursed his foolishness. He'd pushed too hard. Taking so much sexual energy from his professor had left her almost completely enthralled. It was no wonder she was so willing to fight and die for him. But he didn't want her false fealty; if he was going to ask for Kat's help, then he wanted her answer to be her own. James made up his mind then and there: he would reverse the damage he'd done.

He began to strip away the cold mass of sexual energy that strangled Katherine's soul. With practiced ease, James channeled his power and siphoned away the parasitic magic that fed on Kat's identity. Soon, James had freed her completely from his control. He withdrew from her mind, quieted his power, and returned to his senses.

Immediately, Kat sat up and moved slowly to the edge of the bed, where she sat facing away from James, arms folded. James watched his professor with concern and apprehension, not knowing how she would react now that her mind was one-hundred percent hers again. She sniffled and spoke softly.

"What we had…" Kat said, "It wasn't real, was it?"

James was silent for a few moments. Then he answered sadly, "No. Not really." He moved to sit next to her, but Kat slid another foot down the edge of the bed, keeping distance between the two of them.

"I can't tell where my memories end and your… whatever you did to me, begins. What did you do to me?" Kat asked, turning to look at James for the first time, tears swimming in her green eyes.

James sighed and looked down, feeling guilty for the pain he'd caused the woman. "Kat, I-"


"Katherine," James began again, a pang of sadness striking his heart, "I'm so sorry. I used magic – yes, real magic – to… encourage you to sleep with me."

Nodding slowly, Katherine looked away again. "I could tell, even back then, that it wasn't entirely my idea. But something told me to do it anyway. And after a little while, I forgot that I had ever not wanted it to begin with." Katherine choked away more tears and wiped her eyes. "I was really falling in love with you, you know?"

James felt wetness in his own eyes now. He didn't know what to say, so he didn't say anything.

Katherine spoke again. "Earlier, you said you were dealing with some difficult things, but you weren't doing it alone anymore. I was happy when I heard that because I thought you meant me… You didn't, did you?" James shook his head, unable to meet the woman's eyes when they looked at him. "I hope she makes you happy," Katherine finished sadly.

She stood up and collected her clothes, dressing quickly and not even bothering to put on her boots before walking out the door without another word. James sat on his bed, staring at the floor. He heard the front door close and a car turn on outside. He didn't fight the tears that pooled in his eyes.

James had hurt Katherine horribly. He'd played with her emotions and her mind, just so that he could have her physically. He'd never been more disgusted with himself. Deep regret filled him; he hadn't known just how painful the effects of his magic were on the ones he had come to care about. Distraught and depressed, James turned to his mistress, the only other person who could possibly understand how he felt.

"Lilith?" James asked aloud and in his head.

"James? What's wrong?" the demoness answered, guessing from James' tone that he was troubled.

He poured out his soul to Lilith, telling her all about his conversation with Tina and his parting with Katherine. "My love," Lilith said after James finished, "I'm so sorry. I know it must have been difficult, but you did the right thing. I know you, James; you never wanted to hurt or lie to anyone. Letting Katherine go was for the best."

James wiped the tears from his face. "I can't do this any longer, Lilith," he said. "It's not just Kat; it's everyone I touch. I drain them and use them and leave them empty inside, and I hate myself for it."

"Don't blame yourself for others' pain, James – blame me. I dragged you into this."

Shaking his head even though Lilith couldn't see him, James said, "This isn't your fault, Lilith. It's Ishtar's. Her and this awful power she's cursed us with. This magic seems harmless enough, but every time we take sexual energy from someone else, we take away a piece of them with it." James cursed, frustrated. "I can't stand this, Lilith! We need to gather energy to survive, but we hurt the people close to us when we do!"

"I know," responded Lilith. "It's a cruel game. But we won't need to play it for much longer, James; Ishtar's days are numbered."

James clenched his fists and felt the power brimming beneath his skin. "Damn right they are," he said with renewed determination. "I'll end that bitch myself."

"There's the man I love," said Lilith proudly, her own resolve encouraged by James declaration. "Don't lose faith in yourself, James."

James nodded. "I'm going back to the hotel to see Ashley," the incubus said. "She should be off work by now, and with any luck she'll have found us a way past security at the museum." James jumped to his feet, casting aside his feelings of doubt and guilt. He had no need of them at the moment. His eyes were focused on the finish line: on Ishtar's demise and Lilith's freedom.

James found his pants on the floor and fished his phone out of the pocket, checking the time. 5:30, half an hour before he was supposed to meet Ashley at the hotel. Sweaty and smelling like sex, James decided he had enough time for a quick shower before he left. Five minutes later he was heading out the door, refreshed and reinvigorated.

He took Lilith's words to heart, repeating them in his head as he drove to the hotel. "Don’t lose faith in yourself, James." He couldn't afford to waver; too much depended on him. There'd be time for guilt and self-condemnation after he and Lilith were free.

Arriving at the hotel a little after six o'clock, James left his car with the valet and walked into the splendid lobby of the lavish hotel. He rode the elevator up to the top floor and walked down the hall to Ashley's executive suite. He knocked at the door and waited patiently.

A moment later, James heard the sound of bare footsteps on the floor, then the clicking sound of the door being unlocked. The door swung open and James was halfway through greeting his sister when he realized that it wasn't Ashley who had opened the door. Jessica, his best friend and classmate, stood in the doorway. She was completely naked.

Jess smiled up at her friend. "Hey, James. 'Bout time you got here," she said before turning and letting James in.

James followed the short blonde into the suite, staring at the sway of her hips and the bounce of her ass as she walked. "Jess? Do I have the wrong room?" he asked out loud, more to himself than to Jessica. Letting the door swing shut behind him and stepping into the large suite's living area, it became apparent that he was definitely in Ashley's hotel room.

There on the couch, facing away from the suite's entryway was James' red-headed sister, kneeling on the cushions and bent over the back of the sofa. Behind her, a thin, shaggy-haired man held Ash by her wide hips and thrust into her. The pair's grunts and moans were interrupted when they heard the door close. Looking over their shoulders, they ceased fucking and greeted the newcomer.

"James!" Ash called happily from her compromising position, a broad smile on her flushed face.

Behind her, James' roommate Mark caught his breath and brushed his hair off his brow. "Hey, dude," he said, also smiling.

James was taken aback. He'd expected to be meeting his sister; instead, he was walking in on a threesome between his sister and his two closest friends. "Uh, hey guys…" James said slowly, standing in the entryway. Jess walked behind him and began pulling his jacket off his shoulders. "What, uh… what's going on here?"

His question went unnoticed by the pair on the sofa, however. Mark had returned to fucking Ashley doggy-style. The redhead moaned as the man's cock pumped inside her and scraped along the sensitive inner walls of her pussy. She gripped the back of the couch harder and bit her lip as a small orgasm began to ripple through her body. James watched with wide eyes and red ears. Another man was fucking his gorgeous sister before his eyes – and he was seriously turned-on. He was still confused though, so he turned to his best friend and repeated the question.

"Ashley invited us. Raise your arms," Jess said as she pulled James' shirt up over his muscular torso. She had to rise up on her tiptoes in order to get the shirt over his head. "Ash said it was important, so I came right over. Mmm…" Jess was now kissing her way down James' bare chest, sinking lower until she was kneeling before him. "We tried to wait for you before we got started, but… uh, that didn’t last too long; your sister is almost as horny as you are, you know that?" With quick hands, Jess undid James' belt and pulled his jeans and boxers down to his ankles.

"Okay but, why- ahh…" James trailed off as Jess engulfed his half-erect cock in her mouth. She caressed his rapidly growing member with her tongue and wrapped her lips around the increasingly sensitive tip. Working her mouth over his formidable length and forcing herself to deepthroat it, Jess nuzzled her face against James' pelvis and hummed contentedly. James groaned at the sensation and reached down to sweep aside Jess' platinum hair in order to give him a better view. His questions about why his friends were there became secondary to the exquisite pleasure Jessica provided with her warm mouth.

Eyes watering and saliva trailing from her lips, Jess drew back from James' now fully erect cock. She gasped for breath, smiled up at James, and returned to her sloppy blowjob. Taking his dick in her hand, she began to rub and stroke the man's impressive length. Pumping her fist rhythmically around the shaft, Jess lowered her mouth once again to the swollen head. She dragged her lips over the sensitive skin of James' bellend and ran her tongue provocatively around the tip. Drawing back again, she opened her mouth wide and began to lick up and down the length of his cock as if it were a sweet treat that she found utterly delectable.

James let out a moan as his best friend worked every inch of his dick with her skilled hands and mouth. He closed his eyes and simply enjoyed the intense sensations of Jess' masterful blowjob. He barely registered that the slapping sounds of flesh against flesh that came from the couch had ceased. At least until he felt a light, slender hand on his chest and he opened his eyes to see his sister standing beside him. She smiled lustfully and lifted herself up on her toes so that she could kiss her handsome brother. After a couple soft brushes of their lips, passionate hunger surfaced and took hold of the siblings. They met again with forceful need, their tongues snaking out of their mouths and entering the other's while their lips dueled ferociously. As he made out with his horny sister, James became aware that Jess had removed her mouth from his cock and was now merely stroking him evenly.

He peered down at the blonde and saw why. Mark had followed Ashley over from the couch, and he now stood next to James, his hard cock – moistened with Ash's juices – pointed right at Jess. The teen's hungry lips couldn't resist, so she had descended ravenously on the second man's dick, which she now licked and kissed while stroking James at the same time.

"Hey, don't forget about me," James said jokingly while his sister peppered his face and neck with wet kisses. Jess let Mark's prick fall from between her lips and looked up at her master.

"I could never." She winked, then reunited her lips with James' large cock, smothering him with her mouth. Her other hand rose to grip Mark's manhood and began to stroke him while she focused the rest of her attention on James. Back and forth, Jess went between the two men, jerking one while sucking the other. Her big eyes flickered between the cocks before her, unable to make up her mind on which she wanted more. Eventually she settled for both. Opening her mouth wide, Jess placed the heads of both James' and Mark's dicks against her tongue and began to lick rapidly. The two men groaned in unison and turned to grin at one another.

Mark reached a hand behind James' head and pulled him to his lips with surprising force. The kiss was unexpected, but not unwelcome, and James accepted his roommate's tongue happily, closing his eyes and melting into the other man's soft lips. Their tongues dancing and writhing together, they explored each other's mouths.

"Fuck, that's hot," whispered Ashley, watching her brother and his roommate make out. The redhead, still clinging to James, kissed his neck and collar bone softly before trailing slowly down his body. She swirled a tongue around a nipple and bit it playfully, then licked her way down his sculpted abs and came to rest on her knees beside Jessica. "Hey, beautiful," Ash said to the cute blonde. "Mind if I take over?"

Jess, with her mouth full of Mark's dick, grinned and nodded before letting James' thick member slip from her grasp. Ashley was there to catch him immediately. She started stroking his hard shaft with one delicate hand while she held the tip between her lips. James moaned into Mark's mouth as Ash sucked hard on the head of his cock, sending euphoric chills up his spine. He broke off the kiss so that he could focus on his gorgeous sister, who was now bobbing up and down his length. Mark didn't mind though; he had a beautiful woman sucking his dick too, and he was all too happy to enjoy the show. Jess stroked him vigorously with hard, fast pumps that drove him higher and higher with pleasure.

Mark didn't last much longer. Ecstasy filled his body and soul, and soon he was shooting a thick load onto Jess' small tits and groaning through his orgasm. The bubbly blonde scooped up some of Mark's cum with her finger and brought it to her lips to taste. "Mmm," she hummed, clearly a fan of the thin man's flavor. She cleaned herself of the mess as best as possible before standing and pulling Mark into a sloppy kiss, allowing him to taste his own cum. "C'mon," Jess said in a sultry voice after pulling away from his lips, "you're going to return the favor." She grabbed Mark by the hand and dragged him back toward the couch.

Still working her brother's cock lovingly, Ashley watched out of the corner of her eye as Jess sat on the edge of the sofa and spread her legs. Mark kneeled between them and lowered his face to the blonde's wet pussy and dove in tongue-first. Ash allowed James' cock to slip from her mouth. "Shall we join them?" she asked, looking up at her sexy brother, who grinned and nodded. James helped his sister to her feet before sharing a quick kiss with her. As the two walked over to the couch, James leaned down and spoke quietly to his sister.

"Not that I'm complaining, but why did you invite them over?" he asked

Ash stopped and whispered back, "It was Lilith's idea. She said you were gathering allies and magical energy – or something like that. She suggested I help you out by getting some of your friends together and surprising you."

"Woah, hold on. You talked to Lilith? How?" James was thoroughly surprised at this new development.

"I heard her voice in my head while I was at work, and when I directed my thoughts at her, she heard me. I didn't ask questions; this magic stuff is still way over my head, you know. Anyway, it was her idea to call up some of your 'sexual conquests' – her words, not mine – and help you collect some energy. Not a bad idea, if I do say so myself."

"No arguments here," said James.

"Didn't think so," said Ashley, winking. "Jess came over right away when I called, Mark too. I tried your other roommate, but he didn't pick up. Oh, and someone named Lindsay should be here soon; Jess called her after I explained the situation.

James raised an eyebrow. "Now, when you say, 'explained the situation,' what do you mean?"

Ash looked away and pursed her lips. "Well… I may have sorta, kinda… told them everything."

"Ashley!" James hissed at his sister, "Jess was in the loop, but Mark didn't know anything about me or Lilith! I was trying to keep it that way!"

"Well, sorry! He showed up because I told him it was a matter of life and death; he wanted to know more. I had to tell him something, and it all just sort of came out. I'm not good at keeping secrets, okay? And for the record, Mark seems to have taken it pretty well. He said it 'explained a lot' – whatever that means."

James looked over at his roommate, currently pinned between Jessica's legs, his mouth pressed against her vagina. He did seem rather content with the situation; maybe Ashley was right, and there was no harm in him knowing the full truth. James was going to have to tell him eventually anyway. "All right… I guess everything's fine," James admitted to his sister.

"Good," said Ash, "now c'mon." With that, she took her brother's hand and the two walked to the couch. Ashley pushed James down beside Jess and then climbed into his lap. Straddling the man, she reached beneath her and gave James' cock a few good pumps before pressing the head into her soft folds and slowly sinking down onto it.

She tossed her head back and moaned slowly as she lowered herself onto her brother's rigid manhood. "Goddd," she said "you feel so fucking good inside me." James would have to agree; his sister's pussy felt amazing wrapped around his hard cock, and his hips were already beginning to buck involuntarily, craving more of that marvelous pleasure. Their taboo fucking added another layer of forbidden desire to their already powerful lust, strengthening James' sexual aura and heightening their pleasure.

James grabbed his sister's toned ass in his hands and squeezed her tightly as he began to thrust his hips up into her. Beside him, Jess had begun convulsing and writhing in ecstasy. It seemed Mark was as adept at licking pussy as he was at sucking cock because, at that moment, the unmistakable energy of Jess' orgasm swept over James' senses and added to his reserves of magical power. His heart beat faster and his muscles swelled as his body welcomed the sexual energy. His own pleasure growing quickly, James felt his skin tingle and his balls tense, signaling the approach of his own climactic release.

But something was wrong. James' body felt heavy. His thrusts slowed and grew weaker, until he was barely moving at all beneath Ashley. His sister didn't seem to notice; her eyes were closed and her entire being was focused on fucking. She made up for the absence of James' power by rising and falling harder and faster on his cock.

But something was very wrong. James' body felt leaden and feeble – he couldn't lift a finger. Heartbeat slowing to a lethargic but even pace, his eyelids began to grow heavy. The world grew darker as his vision faded and his consciousness waned. James' head fell back against the couch, and the last thing he heard before a cold and unnatural sleep took him was his sister's shocked voice calling out his name.

Infinite darkness pressed down upon James from all directions. Losing track of time and space, his senses smothered by oblivion, he hurdled through pitch black nothingness. Moments ago he had been in the midst of passion and euphoria, and now there was only crushing hopelessness and icy despair.

The feeling of being lost in darkness was not unfamiliar to James; but this seemed somehow different to what he had experienced the time Lilith showed him a vision of her past. Back then, he had fallen asleep and been guided by his mistress' magic into her illusion. He'd never been forced into a state of unconsciousness like this. Was this also Lilith's doing? What was she planning?

James continued to fall through the void, waiting for a light at the end of the tunnel. Just when he began to wonder if there would be a light, it appeared. And just as quickly as oblivion had taken him, it returned James to his senses.

Something cold and hard pressed against James' body. No, he realized – he was pressing against it, and it was a marble floor. Relatively confident he knew where he was, James climbed shakily to his feet. A sweet and smoky smell greeted his nose. James opened his eyes, and light flooded his blurry vision. After taking a few moments to adjust, he was able to make out his surroundings.

A vast sea of white clouds hung over James' head, seemingly going on forever in every direction. Bright light pierced through the clouds, bathing the infinite dimension in a radiant glow. A hazy fog of sweet-smelling incense filled the space between earth and sky, wrapping around great gilded pillars that rose into the cumulus canopy above, supporting the sky like golden tree trunks. James' blind suspicions were confirmed: he was definitely in the Temple of Venus.

Turning where he stood, James scanned the area for any sign of his mistress. He didn't have to look far.

Perhaps one-hundred meters away, standing still and looking up into the clouds above, was Lilith. Long black hair flowed down her back as she craned her neck upward to watch the sky. Her large breasts rose and fell with her even breath. The long tail that protruded from the base of her spine just about the curve of her shapely ass flicked through the air behind her.

James called his mistress' name, but she didn't respond, so he began to jog over to her. While the distance was relatively short, it took James a surprising amount of effort to cross it. The air felt thin and his body still felt heavy, but he fought through it and ran to Lilith's side.

"Lilith!" James called as he approached. "What's going on? Why did you bring me here?"

The demoness didn't answer, and when James at last came to a halt beside her, panting heavily, she didn’t acknowledge him.

"Are- ha… are you all right?" he asked, trying to catch his breath. Why the hell did he feel so weak? James placed a hand on Lilith's shoulder, attempting to get her attention. Finally, the raven-haired woman turned and faced James, who nearly gasped at the look she gave him. Unfathomable pain and sadness were all James could see in the demoness' crystalline blue eyes. She stared her answer right into James' soul: no, she was not all right.

Lilith turned back to the sky, and James followed her gaze with his own eyes. He understood then what Lilith had been staring at. Directly above the pair, the sky was slowly parting. A crack formed in the infinite cloud layer that blanketed the realm, and a narrow rift opened up through which James saw, for the first time, the celestial ceiling of the Temple of Venus.

James had always imagined that beyond the clouds there would be a normal, blue sky. In that blue sky there must hang a warm sun, shedding its light and heat for those below to enjoy. But the sky James peered into now was anything but normal, and the source of the Temple's light was anything but warm.

Through the widening crack in the clouds, James saw into the heavens – and the heavens were black. Like the sky on Earth on a moonless night, the ceiling of the temple was perfect darkness. James could see forever into that endless void, but there was nothing to see. Because, unlike the sky on Earth on a moonless night, the sky in the Temple of Venus held no stars.

No stars, but one.

The singular point of radiance illuminated the vast halls of the Temple, but not the dark, distant sky. The star's cold, lonely light pierced through infinity to reach Lilith and James, and all it brought was a deep sense of foreboding.

"L-Lilith…" James stammered, unable to take his eyes off the ebony expanse of sky and the bright jewel that hung alone in it. "Lilith, talk to me. What's happening?"

A beautiful and sonorous voice, like a choir of angels, rang out softly and echoed through the Temple. The voice came from above – from the star. And though it sounded harmonious and lovely, the words it sang were laced with poisonous malice and cold anger.

"Go on, Lilith. Tell him what's happening," it said.

At that moment, an eerie wind began to blow. It swept away the perfume-scented haze and chilled James to his core. Lilith turned slowly back to James, tears streaming down her face. Agonizing fear and sorrow shone in her eyes, and she choked out two quiet words that chilled James more than any frigid wind ever could.

"She's back."

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