Watching and Doing

Watching and Doing


John felt that he had made a very good deal. When he moved into this apartment building, he met and talked with the owner, and convinced that man to let him serve as janitor/caretaker/resident manager, doing everything simple that the building needed for $200 a month off the rent plus expenses.

Normally that only took a few hours a month from his leisure time, and if he had to work during then day on a weekday, his schedule as a lab tech at a pharmaceutical company could be adjusted - most things there could be done in the early evening or even on Saturday. He could work there at any time from five in the morning to midnight, six days a week as long as he made his 40 hours. Nearly all his work was routine, with a normal turn-around time of three days.

If there were some major repair job in the building, he could tell the landlord who could get a contractor, but that never happened. This place had only one eviction in the last three years, and a few cleanup jobs when tenants moved out, so it was a matter of sweeping, mopping, and getting copies of keys made when the locks were changed.

And then there were perks that the landlord did not know about. Just before every new tenant moved in, John entered their apartment and changed the light bulbs for new ones to keep one from burning out right away. The owner never asked what he did with the old ones, so he must assume that John did what he actually did, which was to use them in his own apartment, since he was to record any new ones that he used himself. Which he never had; he never ran out of used ones.

The loose work schedule at the drug company made another perk possible, and the rent reduction left him with extra cash so he could more easily but some unauthorized equipment. Each of the thirty-two apartments in the building (except for John's) had two small expensive security cameras installed in it by John, in air ducts. One was always focused on the doorway from the bathroom to the bedroom and the other placed to show the bed. The battery lasted about a year and they could only be picked up on a special receiver and within the apartment building. Each camera, besides transmitting to John's apartment, could record up to six hours of video.

The recording could be reviewed at high speed by a signal, and the camera could be shut down the same way.

The battery life almost did not matter since John usually took the camera back out after a month if an apartment showed nothing worth watching with the new tenant.

With the man in 3-B John had gone through two batteries and was working on the third. That man had brought into his apartment and taken into his bed six different women in thirty months, and delighted in keeping his lights on. John had hours of videotape from that apartment.

But his interest right now was on the camera in 4-C, where a young woman named Janice Gray had just moved in. He had met her, given her his phone number if she had any problems and told her that she could also leave a note under his door. And he tried very hard, after all that, to make her aware that being a caretaker was a part-time thing and his real job was more substantial.

From the paperwork that passed through his hands, he knew that Janice was twenty years old, a college student by night and a data-entry clerk by day, single and just moving away from home. From looking at her, on the other hand, he knew that she was a tall willowy blonde with large blue eyes.

From the tiny camera, he knew that she was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. He had seen her come from her bathroom, nude except for a towel, and that towel of course moved from one place to another on her body, so that he saw it all.

From the other camera, he knew that she liked to sit on her bed in short filmy nightgowns to watch television at night. The only male that had ever entered her apartment was some years younger than her, clearly her brother, and then only when she first moved in. The only female was her mother.

In between her work and her classes, she had time to date men, but none ever seemed to come to her door. But the camera trained on her bed showed clearly and frequently that she masturbated and cried out when she did.

John watched her for two months and in that time took opportunities to speak to her. She was uneasy with him at first, and only agreed to be taken to dinner the third time he asked. There he learned that she really did not date much at all, putting it on hold at least until she got an associate degree in two years.

He also learned that she had dated very little even when she was in high school, and only agreed to go out with John because he seemed non-predatory. He smiled at that.

At the end of the two months, taking her class schedule into account by making it a Tuesday evening, he used his passkey to enter her apartment. He went to her bathroom, took the lid off the toilet tank, and bent a lever on the inside with his fingers.

As it was now, the water in that toilet was going to run continuously until that part was replaced or bent back into shape. And he was sure that Janice would not know enough about such things to bend that lever back herself.

Only a few days later, there was a message from Janice on his answering machine, and here his day job came into the picture.

There were a very few drugs made at the pharmaceutical company that he worked for that would get him fired and then arrested if he stole and sold them. There were a larger number of drugs that would get him fired if he were found to have stolen them and used them himself.

But there were a number which, while not perhaps over-the-counter, were no big deal to leave where an employee could get at the raw materials. Red flags would still go up if a hundred doses were missing, perhaps, but if the active ingredient is measured in milligrams - a dozen pills might weigh an ounce but have a half of a gram of anything but filler, and a gram is one-thirtieth of an ounce.

That is the dusting on two fingers.

A narcotic is one thing, an 'upper' another, but - a sedative and hypnotic? No criminal wants it. Or not the sort who is looked for.

John had talked to Janice a week or two before and had promised to loan her an old essay done as a little book - old, but of no real value as money - that would be of interest to her.

He made an appointment to drop in on Janice and fix her toilet on Friday evening, when she had no classes. He said that he would bring the little book.

He did not sat that he would also bring a little tray with two cups, containing what he told her was a mixture of herbal teas (another interest of hers). His description was accurate as far as his cup went; hers had a secret ingredient.

When he saw her pick up the cup and begin to sip, he entered her bathroom. The repair took twenty seconds, but he took two minutes over it. By the time that he rejoined her, her cup was half-finished.

Janice looked over the little book as they talked, but soon set it down and yawned.

"Well, it has been a long week for you," he said. "I should go soon and let you rest."

She nodded.

"After I leave you will want to change into a nightgown. Perhaps the pale yellow one; you look very nice in that."

She smiled at the thought.

"If you touch yourself before you fall asleep, you will think of me and wish that I were still there, in your bed and making love to you, on top of you and in you all the way. Maybe you will dream of me doing that."

Her mouth opened a little at the suggestion.

"I am going to leave you now. You will be tempted to kiss me goodnight, but decide no to. But the temptation will stay. Good night."

She looked up at him and he saw her indecision as he left with the tray and closed the door.

Fifteen or twenty minutes later, he let himself back in with his passkey and found her lying on her bed, dressed in her filmy yellow negligee, her head still in her panties, her fingers still wet, between waking and dreaming but sure it was the latter.

"Oh... John..." she said when she saw him, and as she saw him removing his clothing.

Her arms raised toward him as he lay beside her. He kissed her and slid one hand under the top of her nightgown to hold a breast.

Everything he did as he explored her body seemed to her to be a perfect dream, because that is how it was filtered to her. He kissed her deeply, his tongue swirling in her mouth, until her breasts ached to be touched again; he used his hands and lips on her breasts until her entrance ached for his touch; his fingers moved at her labia until she cried out.

And when he removed her panties, and moved above her, touching her where he was about to enter her with long inches of rigid meat, she said, still sure that she was dreaming, "Please be gentle, I am still a virgin, but I want you so!"

And he was gentle and moved slowly and soon he felt the stretching and almost audible pop that proclaimed that she told the truth. She was tight and sweet and most uninhibited, for what is the point of holding back in a dream? Since this was a dream her orgasms came easily and lasted a long time.

The only things that she missed was one she had never known, which was to feel a man's hot seed spill into her - John decided it was safer not to, at least not this time.

"When you awake tomorrow morning," he said before leaving, "you will want to do this with me in reality. You will decide that it is time to sleep with a man. You will see a doctor to get birth-control pills. And when they have taken full effect and you are ready to offer yourself to me, you will call and tell me and open yourself to mw in any way that I want for as often as I want."

He wondered if it was worth keeping the cameras in this apartment now. Perhaps. He had set the recorder going for tonight, but there were things that he wanted her to do in a month or so.

He had a videotape of himself in bed with Janice Grey, and was sure he could pick out the moment and the motion where he took her virginity. But he would not mind having another of the time when she +thought+ she was being deflowered and her face at that moment.

He wanted to record the moment when Janice first took his erection into her mouth and that when she took his semen into her throat. He wanted to preserve the night when her body erupted under his tongue as he gave her an oral orgasm. He wanted the moment when she first felt hot semen shoot into her womb. He wanted to watch himself bend her legs back to her shoulders, with her feet by his neck, and plow her as deep as he could while she was kept as tight as she could be.

Yet another perk of being the resident manager.

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