Geting in to moms pants

Geting in to moms pants

I don’t know when this started, but I think it was when I was fourteen or so. The school sent us home early, because of a bad snowstorm. That was on its way, mom must not have heard the report because when I got home she wasn’t there, so I went looking. And to this day what I saw still makes me hard, she was on her bed naked, fingering her very wet pussy and rubbing a vibe on her clit. And that’s when it all changed.

She was so very sexy there naked in pure ecstasy, but it wasn’t just that it was the fact that I finally realized that she was so very beautiful. That’s when I made the decision to make love to her.

I called out ‘mom are your okay, your moaning awfully hard, you never fell down and hurt your self did you”. And I rushed in to her room, are you okay mom.

And there she was in all her naked glory, and she looked at me and I looked at her, and it took her a little time to get over the shock and realize that she was still naked, that’s when I picked up the blanked and covered her up, a unexpected move I know, but she look so dame cute all embarrassed like that.

Then I sat down on the bed and had a little chat with my mom, “mother I know that you’re at that age, when you want to try and explore your body, and there’s noting unnatural about that. But please remember to lock the front door, what would have happened if I had been a burglar or a rapist. I am able to control my self around such a very sexy and beautiful naked woman but some men might not be”.

Just when I thought she couldn’t get any cuter she giggled very funny son, who would try to rape me, an old lady?. What are you talking about mom, your only 40 and not to mention you have the body of a 30 year old, your tits are perfect and your ass is so sexy.

Well son it seem that you have been thinking about this a lot, this time I was the one blushing. Yes mom I have, I am sure you would have noticed your panties. I have son but I figured with me being naked and all you would have tried something by now. So I made my move I leaned over and kissed my mom and moved down to one of her breasts licking and sucking her nipples for a while, she moaned and said that’s so good son.

I slide my hand down between her thighs and started to tease her clit, I picked up the pace and started to nibble her nipple just a little, and slid my finger in to ever-wet pussy. She moaned and groaned and started to get louder and louder, the she squirted all over my hand. Your quite the little finger banger aren’t you mom said.

I get up and lick my finger clean and start to strip down naked, with no need to cover my man hood, mom sees my hard erect penis pointing at her face, god son you must be ten inches and as big around as a coke can. I blush.

Well mom what do you think I ask, she replies with a muffled voice as she sucks my hard cock, I can’t quite make out what she’s saying and I pull my cock out of her very skilled mouth and ask her again. She blushes and looks me in the eye, you cock tastes like virgin.

How easy the tables turn and I have to tell her the truth, mom I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. Every since I hit puberty I have wanted to fuck you, it started small at first just your panties. Then I moved to touching you while you were asleep, I would rub my cock on your lips and finger your pussy.

I thought she would be angry, but she wasn’t she just hugged me; it was awkward because my cock was rubbing on her belly.

I lie back on the bed and stroke my cock, and she moves up the bed. She straddles my waist, with the tip of my cock between her lips. She rubs her clit on my cock as I suck and nibble her nipples.

She moans and slides her self on to my manhood and I groan. As I groan I move to whisper in her ear, “ your pussy feels so good mom, its like a vice on my cock” and she picks up her pace, her tits bouncing up and down in my face.

Fuck my mom, fuck my cock hard I want to cum on those tits, she moans and calls me a naughty son. I start to rub her asshole and she starts to giggle. Not exactly what I want to hear my first time. She looks at me and say’s that tickles.

I can feel a load building in my cock and I flip her over missionary style and pull out of her cunt. I move up to her tits and put my cock between them. I fuck her tits and as they slide up and down on my cock she licks the tip of my cock.

I stop tit fucking her and put my balls in her mouth and she tea bags me. Ouch mom bit the skin on my ball, that hurts I tell her and she can’t stop giggling again. This time I am irritated what’s so funny mom. All she can say is it tickles again.

I look behind me and there is buddy my moms dog, giving her a rim job. Well it looks like you taught him some new tricks.

What else did you teach him mom, just the basics son, ass, pussy and tits you know son.
Well then get on all fours and give me a show mom. And she does and buddy gets in a very happy mood. His cock slide out of his sheath and he gets on her back and slides his cock in my moms pussy, and starts to hump like there’s no tomorrow.

Mom groans and I get down between her tits again, and I start to tit fuck her, mom your one strange whore.

I blow my load on her tits and face, and buddy shoots a load in her pussy.

Good dog.

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