Best Winter every with my wife's relative's

Best Winter every with my wife's relative's

Part one, the spoiled vacation trip

It was the day before Christmas, Stan and his wife Amber had just gotten back early from their winter vacation in the Caribbean, they were only there for two weeks when Amber's mom and aunty decided at last minute to spend Christmas with them. Amber had lost her dad two months ago and the vacation was in part to help get her mind off of it, but since her mom didn't have anyone else to spend the season with we agreed to cut our vacation short and help to get her in the spirit of Christmas. Her sister-in-law had come down from Canada to visit her but after seeing how down she was they both decided she needed to get out of the house and a change of scenery should do the trick. After a few phone calls Amber's mom finally got in contact with us and after a brief discussion we were able to find a flight out unfortunate the day before Christmas. For any of you that has traveled during a holiday, you know it aint fun.

Not wanting to miss out on the Caribbean vibe, Stan got some of his favorite liquor's at the airport to bring along with him, he figured if he was going to spend the Christmas with his in-laws he could at-least get wasted doing it. Feeling guilty for leaving the Caribbean earlier than he intended, Stan unconsciously bought a dozen different bottles to take along. It was already after 6:00pm when they finally arrived at their house, Stan and Amber hurriedly got the bags out of the car and into the house since one of them had to go and get her mom and aunt from a friends house across town. Amber realized that Stan was not in his usual jolly mood from the time they got on the plane, she gave him a big hug and a kiss on the lips

"thanks hun, having you here means alot to me. I know you would prefer to be on the beach right now but I had to be there for my mom"

"I know you do and I am happy to be here for you mom also" I responded with a not so happy smile

"How come you look so down then?" Amber asked

"When we got on the plane, I realized instead of us coming back we could have had them come down" I fired back with a bit of frustration in my voice

At that moment he could see that she was realizing the same thing, "that would have made everything easier for us" Amber said as she looked up at him "I tell you what, you help me make it through this and I promise to do anything you want me to for a whole week". Stan dropped his frustration long enough to take in what his wife just said "anything?" he asked. "Yes any, thing" Amber whispered back as she ran her finger down his chest. Amber slipped out of his arms and dropped down to her knees, she quickly got his belt and pants unbuckled and pulled both his jeans and boxer down pass his knees. By the time she came back up his penis was beginning to get erect, Amber swallowed the whole thing in one gulp and started sucking on his penis like she haven't seen it in months. Through his frustration and the stress of the day Stan grabbed her head and started forcefully fucking her mouth, Amber was gagging on his dick but she didn't mind she knew he needed to release himself and she held on to the back of his legs and went along for the ride. With-in minutes Stan was cumming furiously in the back of her mouth, Amber couldn't swallow fast enough she could feel some of his cum running down the side of her face. This was the first time in the ten years they've know each other that he has treated her like that, she did not know what it was but she liked feeling used. She remembered feeling like their relationship was missing something and now she thinks this was it.

"I'm not upset anymore" Stan said as Amber got up from her knees and cleaned the cum off of her face with her fingers and put it back in her mouth. He was looking at his wife in a whole new lite, they have always made love and cuddled with each other when it came to sex but they just did something different and he wanted more. His wife just dropped and gave him an amazing blowjob in front of the garage with the door open and he took control.

"Maybe it was a good thing we came back, but right now I gotto go and get my mom and aunt. when I come back I want more of that" Amber said looking down at his semi-erect penis.

Stan pulled up his pants and watched as his wife pulled away in the car, when he could no longer see the car he wanted her to turn around and come back for more. He felt like a young man again and he was loving it. Stan got all of the bags into the house and started looking around for anything that he needed to pick up before his wife and her family came back, good thing they cleaned up before going on vacation so their wasn't much to do. He got out his booze and placed them on the bar counter next to his other booze from previous vacations, reality set in when he realized how many bottle he had. His counter looked like one of the local bars in town but without the bill.

Amber got her mom and aunt and they headed to the super market to get some stuff before heading home, they talked about the trip and how Stan was upset that he didn't think of having them come down instead. Amber told her mom and aunt to pick up anything that they think they will need, they grabbed mostly stuff that wouldn't take long to prepare including a cooked ham and some seasoned ribs that she knew Stan would love to have later. They got to the vegetables section, Amber mom picked up some stuff she will use to make a salad. When she came back to the cart and Amber saw the cucumber she felt her pussy get wet, she did not see a vegetable she saw a big sex toy, her heart was beating with excitement.

"Mom, where did you get that?" Amber asked with a bit of panic in her voice

"Why is something wrong with it?" Amber mother fired back

"No No, I would like to get another one" Amber quickly answered back, trying not to sound too suspicious. She was quite happy with her husbands penis size but the cucumber that her mom placed in the cart was bigger than her husband fully erect penis. She could feel her body aching to get that big piece of salad in her, just thinking about it made her legs weak as she walked towards the refrigerator to get another one. Amber had to quickly grab the front of the refrigerator to stop her from falling, her mom saw it happen and asked if she was ok?

"yes mom, just a bit jet lag still" she quickly responded "guess I'm still trying to get my land legs"

Amber squeezed the bar even harder when she saw all the different size cucumbers laying there in front of her, some of them were even bigger than the one her mom picked out. She wanted to take them all but it would of being hard to explain since she don't remember the last time she ate a cucumber or even knew something that tantalizing existed. All she could think about was touching one but how could she do it without looking suspicious since her mom and aunt was still looking at her, Amber finally settled on the one she was going to pick up, it was bigger than her moms but it wasn't as heavy as she taught it would of being for its size. Amber turned to see her mom and aunt weren't looking at her anymore and she was about to move the cucumber up to her mouth when her mom said something to her that brought her back to reality. "What was that mom" Amber asked as she looked up from the biggest distraction she has ever held in her hand

"Don't worry dear, I found it" her mom responded

Out of the corner of her eye Amber saw the sign for the restroom, her body was telling her come one girl, lets take that cucumber in the bathroom with us, you can handle it theirs only one way to find out. Amber could feel how wet her pussy was getting just thinking about trying to put that big ass cucumber in her pussy. She was standing next to the shopping cart lost in deep taught with the cucumber still in her hands, her mouth was slightly opened as she day dreamed sexual and exciting things. Amber completely forget that she was in a super market with family, only thing going through her mind was how fully how pussy would feel and how turned on she was getting every second she stood there.

Her aunt noticed how distant she looked and spoke up "Amber darling are you sure your feeling ok?"

"Ah...umm yeah we can leave now" Amber said

"Honey let me feel your forehead" her mom said

"I'm ok mom, I promise. I think we got everything now so we can go" Amber heard herself say promise and remembered what she told her husband earlier. I wonder what he will have in store for me, I just rocked his socks so I know he will want me to top that.

They finally made it back to the car, when Amber sat and fixed herself she could feel a stream of pussy juices running down pass her ass hole, the tingling sensation caused her to inhale out load and then she tried to cover it up with a cough but it was too late. The two women in the car had hear it but they both ignored it, a few seconds later Amber could smell the sweet smell of her pussy, the smell was faint but potent. Amber opened the windows in the car hoping that it would just blow away but her mom that was sitting in the front with her smelt a familiar odor blow pass her nose; 'so that's what all the fuss was about, my lil girl got turned on by the cucumber' her mom taught, she turned her head to look out the window and smiled as the fresh breeze hit her face.

Part two, Christmas dinner.....coming soon

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