New Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 8 - Rescue

New Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 8 - Rescue

This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 8
‘Say that again,’ said Voldemort dangerously as he sat in the living room of Malfoy Manor.
‘The n-news just came in an hour ago my L-Lord,’ replied Bellatrix shakily, ‘they s-say Potter broke into Gringott’s.’ Voldemort’s nostrils flared in anger as he began to stroke his newly acquired Elder Wand.
‘Whose vault had he broken into?’ asked Voldemort quickly.
‘R-Ron’s my Lord,’ said Bellatrix quietly.
‘Was anything taken?’ asked Voldemort even quicker.
‘Just one item my L-Lord,’ replied Bellatrix who couldn’t bear to look in her Master’s eyes, ‘they say a large cup has gone missing.’ Voldemort gave a terrible scream of rage as his snake-like red eye’s widened in shock. Bellatrix gave a little whimper before quickly fleeing the room as Voldemort placed his hands on top of his head.

The boy knows.......the boy could he possibly know about my horcruxes?..... has he destroyed anymore?...... surely I, the greatest wizard of all time would have known, would have felt it if he had?
Voldemort stood up from the chair as these dark thought’s clouded his mind.
‘I need to go and check if the others are safe, I need to be sure,’ said Voldemort to himself before quickly departing the room.


The cry of a cockerel filled the air as the first rays of Sun on an early spring morning shone on Shell Cottage. Ginny was sat by her bedroom window, looking out across the front garden in the hope of seeing Harry’s return. He had been gone for over a week and worry was beginning to set in. News had reached them that Harry and Hermione had successfully broken into and escaped from Gringott’s and Ginny had expected them to be back by now. Ginny sighed as she looked back at the bed where only a week ago, she and Harry had slept peacefully together.
Reluctantly, Ginny stood up and went to go back to bed as she gave one last look out of the window. Suddenly, a movement by the gate outside caused Ginny to grip the window ledge tightly and focus her eyes on the disturbance. Ginny watched as two figures slowly made their way up the white, gravel path towards the house. Both of them were wearing backpacks and one of them seemed to be holding a large shiny cup.

‘Bill! Fleur!’ shouted Ginny joyously as she ran from her room, ‘they’re here! They’re back!’ A weary looking Harry and Hermione began to make their way up the path when suddenly the front door burst open. Harry gave a wide smile as Ginny, still dressed in her pyjamas, bounded towards them with a look of pure happiness etched on her face.
‘Thank God your both safe,’ said Ginny in a happy relief as she flung her arms around Harry’s neck and gave him a flurry of kisses. Hermione smiled as she walked to the front door where a smiling Bill and Fleur stood arm-in-arm waiting to greet them.

‘God I’ve missed you,’ said Harry quietly to Ginny as he placed his hands on her curvy bum and lifted her off the ground. Ginny laughed as Harry spun on the spot as he gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. Eventually, Harry placed her back down as the two of them joined Hermione, Bill and Fleur on the doorstep.
‘Good to see you Harry,’ said Bill as he gave Harry an enthusiastic hand-shake, ‘how the devil did you manage to escape?’
‘Bill,’ replied Harry as he and Hermione shared a knowing smile, ‘if I told you me and Hermione escaped by smashing through the main atrium of Gringott’s on an old, blind dragon and then rode it all the way to Scotland would you believe me?’
‘I would say you’re mad,’ answered Bill whose eyes were wide in amazement.
‘Then I’m a mad man,’ replied Harry as all five of them laughed and made their way into the cottage.


A few days later, Harry and Hermione found themselves alone at the kitchen table as they began to plan their next course of action.
‘Harry,’ said Hermione gently, ‘I want to go back to Malfoy Manor. Luna and Dean are still there, we have to go and save them.’ Harry gave a slight flinch as he thought back to his experiences of Malfoy Manor.
‘Ok Hermione, but answer me this truthfully. Do you want to go back just to save Luna and Dean or because you want to see Ron?’ asked Harry more sternly then he meant to sound. Hermione shuffled uncomfortably on her seat as Harry stared at her.
‘I want to save Luna and Dean from that awful place....but yes, I need to see Ron,’ replied Hermione truthfully.
‘Why?’ asked Harry as he leaned across the table to take hold of Hermione’s hand.
‘Because I still believe there’s some good in him,’ said Hermione softly, ‘even after all the things he has done, he never hurt Ginny in that place. Even when he had the chance to kill us, he didn’t. If I can just speak to him, try to convince him of the truth, I could save him.’ Harry and Hermione sat in silence for a few moments as Harry looked into Hermione’s resolute eyes. Harry swallowed slightly as he went to reply.
‘Ok Hermione, I’m with you.....we’ll go tonight.’


An owl hooted from a tree in the garden of Malfoy Manor as Harry and Hermione appeared out of thin air. Even though it was the dead of night, Harry still insisted on using the invisibility cloak as the two of them squatted slightly to make sure their feet didn’t show.

‘Ok Hermione,’ said Harry as he spied an open window on the ground floor of the house, ‘you go and look for Ron and I’ll find Dean and Luna. Remember, first sign of trouble and we’re out of there understood?’ Hermione nodded determinedly as they made their way to the open window and climbed in. Hermione landed softly like a cat in what looked like the pantry as she quickly stalked off deeper into the house. Harry joined her outside the pantry as he watched her begin to creep up the stairs. Harry spied a narrow staircase leading downwards as he decided to descend the stairs. Just as Harry reached the bottom step, a silver hand swooped around the corner and grabbed him by the throat. Harry gagged as he felt the air being choked out of him as the warm torchlight suddenly revealed his attacker.

‘Wormtail....please let me go,’ pleaded Harry as his eyes began to roll back into his head. For a split second, Harry felt the hand on his throat release as Wormtail looked down on the boy who had once saved his life. Suddenly, Wormtail gave a small yelp as his hand slowly made its way to his own throat.

‘No! Peter!’ Harry cried as he tried to help Wormtail fight against his own hand. Wormtail’s eyes widened in fear as his silver fingers wrapped around his throat and squeezed tightly. Harry tried desperately to prise the fingers away but it was too late. With a final violent shudder, Wormtail’s eyes glazed over and his body went numb. Peter Pettigrew had died for the second time in his life, for the moment of pity he had showed Harry. Harry lowered his head as he respectfully closed Peter’s eyes, before carrying on down the torch bracketed path.
Finally, Harry found Dean and Luna in the furthest prison cell as he released them and embraced them both.
‘Come on, we need to go now!’ said Harry hurriedly as they quickly made their way back out of the dungeon.


After meeting no resistance, Hermione peeped through the keyhole of one of the bedroom doors. Hermione eyes widened in shock as she saw Draco fucking what seemed to be Pansy, hard on the bed. Hermione watched his curvy, pale bum rise and fall quickly, his balls slapping into Pansy’s pussy loudly before Hermione turned away in disgust. Hermione crept over to the next door and looked through the keyhole. Hermione gasped slightly as she spotted Ron, sat with his back turned from her by a desk in the corner of the room. Holding her breath, Hermione silently opened the door as she made her way into the room.

‘Ron,’ said Hermione gently as Ron turned round sharply to face her.
‘You!’ replied Ron in shock as he went to grab his wand.
‘No wait....Ron, please. I’m not armed, please....I just want to talk to you,’ begged Hermione as she dropped to her knees and placed her hands high to show she was defenceless. Ron paused for a moment as he contemplated the situation.

‘How did you get in?’ asked Ron simply as he dropped his wand on the desk, ‘shouldn’t you be with your boyfriend Potter?’
‘What are you talking about Ron? I don’t go out with Harry; he’s in love with Ginny. I’ve never gone out with Harry and I never will,’ replied Hermione calmly. Ron sat in silence for a moment before giving a shrug.
‘No matter, you both still tried to kill me that night,’ said Ron darkly.
‘You’re wrong Ron, we tried to save you!’ replied Hermione defiantly.
‘But the Dark Lord said....,’
‘He lied to you Ron,’ said Hermione cutting Ron off, ‘don’t you remember that night? We made love!’ Ron’s eyes widened slightly as he looked into Hermione’s eyes, trying to detect a lie.
‘We did?’ asked Ron quietly.
‘Yes we did Ron, and I’ll tell you now. It was the most beautiful moment of my life. Do you realise that I cried myself to sleep every night for nearly two months thinking you were dead? When we discovered you were alive, it was one of the happiest, yet saddest moments of my life. The things you’ve done could you?’ said Hermione sadly as she began to weep in front of her love.

Ron shifted on his seat uncomfortably as new, familiar looking images flashed across his mind......seeing Hermione naked....... the feeling of cumming deeply inside of her........Potter turning up afterward......
‘Even if what you say is true,’ said Ron as he rubbed his eyes slightly, ‘Potter still tried to kill me.’
‘No he didn’t Ron, you tried to kill him! Please slipped on the wall, you fell over the edge, and Harry tried to pull you up, but you fell before he could reach you.’ Ron gasped slightly as a sharp pain flashed across his forehead. Ron saw himself standing on the battlements at Hogwart’s facing Harry on that long ago night. Ron could feel the hate pouring off him as he aimed a killing spell at Harry but Harry was too quick for him. Ron felt Harry’s stunning spell hit him as he slipped on the wet stone and fell over the edge. Ron saw Harry desperately try to reach for him but to no avail. With a groan, Ron pulled himself back to reality and was shocked to find himself on his knees in front of Hermione.

‘Hermione,’ said Ron gently as he began to reach out a hand to her beautiful face. Suddenly, the bedroom door opened as Harry, Luna and Dean burst into the room.
‘Hermione we’ve gotta go!’ said Harry hastily as he looked down at the scene before him. Hermione wiped her eyes as she quickly took Luna and Dean by the hand and left the room, leaving Harry and Ron alone. Harry looked down with a mixture of disgust and pity at Ron who was sat on his knees looking almost defeated. After a few moments, Harry slowly began to back his way out of the room, never taking his eyes off Ron’s, who didn’t say a word. As soon as Harry left the room, Ron broke down in tears.

‘Right are we all ready,’ said Harry once he joined the others in the living room, ‘hold hands, 3....2.....1....Go!’ He and Hermione began to turn on the spot as after a few moments, they arrived in the safety of Shell Cottage’s garden.
‘We made it,’ said Harry happily as the four of them shared a hug.


After sleeping for the rest of the night, Luna awoke the next morning in a warm, cosy bedroom. She quickly showered and made her way down the stairs, where Bill, Fleur and Hermione were already sat at breakfast.

‘Luna,’ said Hermione with a smile as she buttered some toast, ‘how are you?’
‘I’m fine,’ replied Luna dreamily as she poured some orange juice into a cereal bowl and downed it messily in one; much to Fleur’s and Bill’s amusement, ‘by the way, did you check that butter for sharnquills?’ asked Luna concernedly to Hermione.
‘What are Sharnquills?’ asked Hermione amusedly as Bill and Fleur laughed.
‘They’re little pixies that live in butter,’ replied Luna distantly as she began to stir her coffee with a fork, ‘sometimes if you annoy them, they like to burn your toast.’
‘Sounds like her Dad couldn’t make toast then,’ said Hermione quietly to Bill and Fleur as the three of them giggled.
‘O I have missed you Luna,’ said Hermione fondly as she gave Luna a smile.
‘I’ve missed you all too,’ replied Luna as she smiled back, ‘I knew my friends would come and save me. Actually, I think I’ll go and thank Harry now,’ said Luna as she drifted off back up the stairs. Finally, Luna reached Harry’s room as she turned the doorknob and walked in.

‘Harry, I’ve come to say thank...O,’ said Luna suddenly as she looked upon the scene before her. Harry and Ginny were laid on top of the bed naked, with Ginny straddled across Harry’s hips. The two of them were covered in a light sweat and Harry’s cock was balls deep in Ginny’s pussy as the two of them looked upon their intruder.
‘Ooo your having sex, how lovely,’ said Luna excitedly, ‘wish I could join you, well, I’ll talk to you later Harry,’ said Luna as Harry and Ginny shared a little look.

‘Wait Luna,’ called Ginny as Luna stopped by the doorway, ‘why don’t you join us?’ she asked as she patted the bed.
‘Really? Wonderful,’ replied Luna with a wide smile as she shut the door and jumped over onto the bed. The three of them giggled for a moment as they sat on their knees in a little circle facing each other. Their giggles suddenly came to an awkward silence as the three of them sat kneeling on the bed, looking at each other. Ginny stared intensely at Luna’s small lips, wondering what they would taste like. Slowly, Ginny placed her hand on Luna’s pale cheek as she brought her lips to hers in a soft kiss. Ginny felt electricity flow through her body as they continued to kiss with more passion as Harry watched them from the side. As Ginny allowed her tongue to enter Luna’s mouth, she took her hands to the zip on the side of Luna’s dress as she undid it with a satisfying sound.

‘Oooo,’ moaned Luna softly as with difficulty she wriggled out of her dress as her and Ginny’s kissing became faster. In a fit of passion, Ginny tore away Luna’s thin panties so now all three of them were naked on the bed.
‘That’s nice girls,’ said Harry softly as he placed his hands on both of the girl’s perky bums, enjoying the spectacle they were giving him. Harry gave both of their bum’s a quick squeeze and a light slap as he looked down at their pussies. Ginny’s as ever had a narrow, light red strip of hair while Luna’s had been recently shaved bald. Harry licked his lips slightly as he took his fingers to both their pussies and began to rub there small, smooth pussy lips.

‘Ahhh Harry,’ moaned Ginny as she began sucking on Luna’s neck. Suddenly, Harry felt Luna and Ginny take hold of his cock in a tight grip as they began to jack him off slowly.
‘Yeah that’s nice,’ moaned Harry as the three of them began to masturbate each other. With a quick glide of his fingers, Harry slipped a finger into each of the girl’s pussies, causing them both to moan lightly. Harry could feel his finger go in as far as it could into Ginny pussy as she was already moist from there earlier fucking. Harry was having more difficulty with Luna however so he began to rub her clit in a circular motion with his thumb.

‘Oooo nice Harry,’ moaned Luna who had began to lick and suck on Ginny’s perfectly round tits. Harry smiled as he felt Luna and Ginny’s hands bump into each other on his cock as they tried to pleasure him. Soon enough however, the two girls picked up a pleasurable rhythm along his cock as Harry slipped in another finger into each of the girl’s pussies. Suddenly, the two girls stopped kissing each other and turned to Harry with a look of pure lust. As Harry continued to finger the two girls, they shuffled closer to Harry and began suckling and nibbling on either side of his neck.

‘Ahhhhh,’ sighed Harry in pleasure as his eyes flickered slightly. The sound of slurping and sucking filled the air for a while as Harry felt Ginny’s and Luna’s tongues licking his neck. Harry felt the two girls’ begin to rub his cock quicker as their kissing lowered to Harry’s body. Ginny gave Luna a smile as they started to lick and circle both of Harry’s hairless nipples. Harry’s nipples soon hardened at the feel of Ginny’s and Luna’s wet tongues as they had their fun with Harry’s body.

‘You’re so lucky Ginny,’ said Luna a little jealously, ‘look at his body! You get to play with this whenever you want.’ Both Ginny and Harry laughed as Luna began to lustfully rub and kiss Harry’s toned tummy.
‘I know,’ giggled Ginny in agreement as while kissing Harry’s chest, she began to squeeze and slap his bum with her spare hand. Still laughing, all three of them fell back onto the bed, Harry sandwiched in between the two girls. All of them then turned and lay on the left side of their bodies, so that Harry was behind Luna and Ginny was behind Harry. Feeling his pulse quicken slightly, Harry gently lifted up Luna’s slender, right leg so that her beautiful pussy became more exposed. Harry then felt Ginny reach around and take a firm hold of his cock as she guided it towards Luna’s pussy.

‘Ahhhhh yeah,’ moaned Luna and Harry as a few inches of Harry’s cock plunged into Luna’s pussy. Harry let his cock settle in her pussy for a while, feeling her wet pussy walls begin to expand slightly to accommodate his large, 7 inch cock. With his other hand, Harry took hold of Luna’s perky B-sized tit and began to fondle and squeeze it as he began to buck his hips into Luna’s pussy.
‘Ooooo Harry,’ moaned Luna gently as she felt more and more of Harry’s cock enter her. Harry felt Ginny move in closer to him, so that Harry was tightly squeezed in between the two beautiful girls’. Ginny brought her lips to Harry’s right ear as she gave it an affectionate nibble and suck.

‘Fuck her hard Harry,’ he heard Ginny whisper, ‘fuck her like you fuck me.’ Harry gave an excitable moan as he then felt Ginny begin to gently squeeze and pull on his balls while her other hand quickly began to rub all over Harry’s torso. Harry quickly began to pick up the pace of his fucking as he held tightly onto Luna’s supple breast, loving the sound of his groin smacking into Luna’s pussy.
‘Ahhhhh.......ahhhhh.......ahhhh,’ Harry moaned as he felt himself suddenly go balls deep into Luna’s tight vagina.
‘More Harry......more,’ Harry heard Luna beg as she reached a hand around her back and placed it on Harry’s bum. Harry gave Luna’s pale ass a quick slap as he placed his hands around her hips and began to thrust his hips quickly into Luna. Harry could feel a warm wetness envelop his cock in Luna’s pussy as she went through an orgasm. The added lubrication aided Harry as he felt his long cock slide in balls deep easily.

Feeling a little left out, Ginny gave Harry’s now hard ball sack an extra hard squeeze, causing Harry to turn his head to her with a smile. They shared a dirty, lust filled kiss, their tongues, wrestling each other in their mouths as Harry began to slow the rate of his fucking.
‘My turn,’ said Ginny cheekily as Harry turned onto his back and felt Ginny mount him. She turned around so that her back was too Harry and bent her body with great flexibility onto Harry’s legs so that her ass was spread nicely. Luna held Harry’s dick high as Ginny lifted her hips so that her pussy entrance was directly over Harry’s cock. Teasingly, she lowered her hips so that her wet pussy rubbed gently all over the tip of Harry’s bulbous head. Harry gave a low moan at this as Ginny continued to tease him. Suddenly, Ginny brought her bum down hard, so that she impaled herself fully on Harry’s cock.

‘Ahhh fuck,’ groaned Harry as he watched Ginny’s ass rise and fall quickly over his long, hard cock. Not wanting to miss the fun, Luna brought her small tits to Harry’s mouth, which he began to devour ravenously. Luna gave a high moan as she felt Harry’s tongue circle around her areola and then bite and suck lightly on her nipple. Harry opened his mouth wider so that more of Luna’s breast entered his mouth which he sucked on quickly. Harry placed his hands on Ginny’s bum and helped her rise it and lower it quicker, so that her ass smacked hard and fast into Harry’s groin.

‘Ahhh yeah Harry.....ooooooo,’ moaned Ginny into Harry’s legs as she felt a warm tingling overcome her body. Suddenly, a gush of liquid coated Harry’s dick inside Ginny’s young, warm, tight pussy which began to leak out onto Harry’s hard ball sack. Once Harry had had his fill of sucking and playing with Luna’s breasts, she crawled over to Ginny and spread her legs wide, so her small, tight pussy was barely a few inches away from Ginny’s lips. In her massively turned on state, Ginny began to lap at Luna’s small pussy lips with her wet, warm tongue, causing Luna to moan out even more. Harry, who could hear, but not see what the girl’s were doing, picked up the pace of his fucking, so that his hips were moving like a blur into Ginny. Harry loved the feel of the constricting tightness his cock felt in Ginny’s pussy as all three of them moaned loudly.

Ginny by now had spread Luna’s small pussy lips aside and began to suck quickly on her clit.
‘Oooooo lovely Ginny,’ moaned Luna as she began to finger herself quickly with three fingers as Ginny continued to suck and slurp on her clit. The three of them continued in this for a few more minutes as the sounds of slapping, sucking and moaning filled the air.

‘Ginny,’ called Harry lustfully suddenly as reluctantly Ginny removed Harry’s cock from within her and turned to face him. Harry sat up against the bed rest as he beckoned Ginny over. Ginny straddled Harry’s chest so that her perfectly round, rosy nippled, C sized breasts were directly in line with Harry’s face.
‘God I love these,’ Harry groaned lustfully as he took large handfuls of Ginny’s breasts in his hands and began to play with them. Seeing Harry’s cock free, Luna sat directly behind Ginny, wrapping her arms around her toned, pale tummy so that all three of them were close together. In one swift motion, Luna lowered herself onto Harry’s cock and began to grind and buck her hips in a circular motion. Harry moaned in ecstasy at this feeling as he began to shake Ginny’s boobs, watching her supple mounds ripple seductively. Ginny moaned lightly as she felt Harry began to lick her erect nipples lustfully, loving the sight of rosy red areolas and nipple begin to glisten due to his warm saliva. Harry placed his face directly in the middle of Ginny’s breasts and began to shake them and slap them against his cheeks, causing Ginny to laugh in ecstasy.

‘Mmmmmm Harry,’ she moaned as she felt her right breast suddenly be devoured by Harry’s mouth once more. Ginny then gave another moan of pleasure when she felt Luna’s hands slowly snake their way down to her pussy where she began to rub her sensitive clit.
‘Ooo Luna,’ Ginny moaned as she turned her head to Luna and began to passionately kiss her on her lips. Suddenly, as Luna gave an extra hard thrust against Harry’s cock, Harry gave out a loud groan, announcing to the two girl’s he was reaching his climax.

‘Ahhh...I hope our ready for a big load,’ moaned Harry as both Ginny and Luna gave an eager nod. Luna quickened her thusting until suddenly Harry eased both girls’ off him, so that they lay sprawled on their backs on the bed as Harry stood over the two of them, rubbing his cock furiously.
‘ I cum!’ moaned Harry as he looked down lustfully at the beautiful sight of the two naked girls’, who were eyeing his throbbing cock eagerly. Suddenly, an electric feeling surged around Harry’s body as a torrent of cum flowed and gushed out of his cock. Flecks of his young, white cum landed all over the bed and the girl’s, splattering them in his hot seed.

‘Mmmm Harry,’ they both moaned, as they felt Harry’s hot cum land all over their bodies. A final spray of Harry’s cum landed on Ginny’s mouth, as Harry watched her excitedly eat it. Finally, feeling slightly weak kneed from the pleasure, Harry collapsed onto the bed once his strong orgasm subsided and watched the girl’s giggle and laugh as they shared his cum. Loving the sight of the gorgeous girl’s eating his seed, Harry sat against the bed-rest and slowly rubbed his wet, softening cock, so that a few drops of cum oozed out.

‘Here,’ said Ginny, as she wiped her tummy clean of Harry’s cum and brought it to Luna’s lips, ‘I’ve already had some of Harry’ cum this morning before you arrived,’ she said with a devilish wink to Harry, ‘you have it.’
‘Thank’s Ginny!’ exclaimed Luna as she extended her tongue and took a long lick, wiping the cum from Ginny’s hand, ‘mmmmmm lovely.’ Harry laughed at this as he watched Luna find the rest of his seed on the bed, as well as her own and Ginny’s body and devour that gratefully as well. Once all of Harry’s cum had been eaten by Luna, the two girl’s crawled over into Harry’s arms and lay there for a while.
‘What a good start to the morning,’ said Harry as he kissed the girls on the top of their heads. They both laughed at his joke as finally, there breathing returned to normal.

‘Well,’ said Luna dreamily, ‘I must be off now, thanks to you both; that was splendid.’
‘No worries,’ smirked Harry as he watched Luna begin to redress. Harry took one last look at her small but perky breasts until they finally became hidden by her dress.
‘See you both soon!’ said Luna as she skipped out of the room, leaving a very satisfied, naked Harry and Ginny alone in their room.


Voldemort lifted up the dusty floorboards and delicately took hold of the shiny gold box he had not seen in decades. Carefully, he prised it apart with his skeletal fingers.
‘NOOOOOOOOOO!’ screamed Voldemort as he looked down at the empty box. Magic built up around Voldemort’s hands as he let out a torrent of energy, blasting the decaying roof off the old Gaunt House.


‘That was great,’ said Harry to Ginny a few minutes after Luna left as he lay, hands behind his head, on the bed.
‘Mmm, that was lovely,’ purred Ginny who was snuggled on her side facing Harry.
‘Erm, ready for some more?’ said Harry cheekily with a glance down at his glistening, hardening cock.
‘Harry!’ giggled Ginny as she gave his chest a light slap, ‘you’ve already cummed twice this morning!’
‘Well, I haven’t seen you for a week, I’ve got a lot of loving to make up,’ said Harry in between kissing Ginny on the lips.
‘Mmmm I bet you do,’ said Ginny with a smile as Harry sat up on to the edge of the bed.
‘I do, I do,’ said Harry as he looked at Ginny, ‘now how about you come and bend over my knee so I can give your ass a spank?’ finished Harry with a smile.
‘Harry Potter,’ laughed Ginny in mock defiance as she crawled over to the edge of the bed and leant over Harry’s knee, ‘you are a very naughty boy.’

‘You bet I am,’ said Harry softly as he looked down at Ginny’s juicy ass. Harry could feel Ginny’s tummy pushing down against his hard cock as he took hold of each of Ginny’s ass cheeks. Harry let out a shaky breath of air as he felt a lustful excitement build up in him as he began to massage Ginny’s bum with his hands. Harry let his fingers dig in hard into her curvy bum, loving the feel of her soft, supple flesh under his fingertips. With another shaky breath, Harry raised his hand and brought it down firmly on Ginny’s right cheek.
‘Oooo,’ moaned Ginny as the she felt the nice stinging sensation on her bum. Spurred on by Ginny’s moan, Harry brought another hard slap onto her left cheek, as he watched her sweet, pale flesh ripple from his slap.

‘Ahhh, harder Harry, harder,’ groaned Ginny lustfully as she loved the feel of Harry’s hands spanking her cheeks. Harry gave a grunt as he let a flurry of firm smacks on to Ginny’s ass, feeling a sense of tender domination over his love. Harry watched as Ginny’s usual pale cheeks took on a red glow as he continued to spank her ass. Suddenly, Harry raised both hands and brought them down on each of Ginny’s globular cheeks with a loud slapping sound, as he kept his hands firmly on her cheeks. Ginny gave an extra hard moan at this as Harry spread her ass wide so he got a good view of her cute bum hole and pussy.

‘God you’re beautiful,’ moaned Harry softly as Ginny responded with a little groan of pleasure. Harry kept Ginny’s right cheek spread wide as he brought his finger to the edge of Ginny’s bum hole. Harry began to circle, the tight, pale ring as Ginny began to buck her hips naturally on Harry’s lap, causing her tummy to rub against Harry’s hard, moist cock. Harry continued to rim Ginny ass for a few more minutes, loving the feel of its tightness in comparison to her smooth pussy. Finally, Harry took Ginny around her flat tummy and helped her to her knees on the floor as Harry stared into her eyes lustfully. Without even needing to be told, Ginny quickly took hold of Harry’s stiff cock and began to suck on it long and hard as Harry groaned loudly.

‘Ooo I’m close Ginny, keep going,’ moaned Harry as Ginny’s well practiced mouth began to glide along Harry’s cock easily. Harry could feel a fire burning around his body as he felt himself more turned on then he’d ever been.
‘Yeah Ginny....yeah Ginny....ahh Gin,’ groaned Harry in a higher pitched voice as Ginny sucked and jacked his cock off even quicker. Harry could feel Ginny’s probing tongue lubricate his dick fully as she began to pull and fondle his tight ball sack. Harry placed his fingers in Ginny’s mass of curly red hair, loving the feel of its softness as he began to thrust his hips gently into Ginny’s mouth. Suddenly, Harry’s eyes shot wide open as he felt a powerful feeling of pleasure overcome his body.

‘Ooo Gin......ahhhh.......ahhh God,’ moaned Harry as in the height of his ecstasy he lost control of his body, letting the waves of pleasure overcome him. Ginny felt Harry’s thick cum hit the back of her throat as she swallowed it gratefully as she continued to suck on the tip of Harry’s cock.

‘Ahhhhhhhh...........ahhhh Gin,’ groaned Harry even more as spurt after spurt of his cum exploded into Ginny’s mouth. Ginny felt Harry’s body suddenly go limp as his orgasm eventually subsided. With one, long suck along Harry’s shaft, Ginny removed Harry’s cock from her mouth as she opened her mouth wide to Harry, showing him the pool of his white cum that lay there. With a cheeky gargle and a large gulp, Ginny swallowed Harry’s salty tasting load in one as she dabbed at her mouth so she got every last juice. Ginny got up off the floor and joined Harry on the bed, who was panting erratically from the power of his orgasm.

‘I think I’m done for the morning now Gin,’ sighed Harry as Ginny laughed, ‘that was incredible.’
‘You are incredible Harry,’ said Ginny softly as she laid her head on Harry’s beating chest. The two of them lay there for a few more minutes as Harry’s cock went soft once more and his panting subsided. Ginny placed her hand on Harry’s toned tummy as she could hear his heart begin to beat slower and slower.
‘Ginny,’ said Harry eventually as he began to play with her hair, ‘I think I love you. More than I’ve ever loved anything or anyone.’ Silence met this statement as Harry felt himself become suddenly anxious. Ginny however had closed her eyes in joy as she heard the words she had longed for in years.

‘Harry,’ said Ginny softly as she raised her head to look at Harry, ‘I love you, and I shall always love you. When one day all this madness is over, I want us to be together forever.’ Harry smiled joyously into Ginny’s eyes as he gave her a long kiss.
‘Now come on Harry,’ said Ginny eventually as she wiped Harry’s hair from his forehead, ‘let’s go down to breakfast, the other’s will be wondering where we are.’


Voldemort walked across the dark, green lake like Jesus upon the Sea as he approached the underground island where his safest horcrux lay. Voldemort looked down into the basin and felt his heart give an unusual throb as he dropped to his knees. The locket was gone.
‘How can this be?’ cried Voldemort faintly to himself as he felt his world crashing down around him.


‘Draco! Draco!!’ shouted Voldemort as he marched into Malfoy Manor with Nagini slithering faithfully by his side.
‘Yes Master?’ responded Draco who came hurrying down the stairs zipping up his trousers.
‘What have you been doing?’ demanded Voldemort as Draco stood before him slightly red-faced.
‘Pansy..,’ mumbled Draco as looked down at the floor.
‘You’ll have time for your lustful actions later,’ replied Voldemort impatiently, ‘I have an important job for you.’
‘Yes my Lord,’ said Draco eagerly.
‘I need you to find Harry Potter immediately, nothing is more important. He’s not anyway outdoors or my snatchers would have found him. Check every wizard dwelling where he could be hiding out, friends houses, Order of the Phoenix hideaways.... everywhere, find Harry Potter now!’ ordered Voldemort.
‘Yes my Lord,’ repeated Draco as he went to leave.
‘O, and where is Ronald?’ inquired Voldemort.
‘Ron?.... I don’t know my Lord, I haven’t seen him all day,’ answered Draco.
‘Hmmm, strange.......strange,’ said Voldemort quietly as Draco grabbed his cloak and left the house.

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