Alice the slut just wants cock!

Alice the slut just wants cock!

If you haven't read the first story I suggest you read it first.. It's called "Alice runs away with Mathew and gets herself filled!"
please remember I am a begining writer.
I can't wait to get fucked, I thought to myself. 
I was going to spend the weekend with Mathew my boyfriend. 
We've been dating for a long time, and we fuck every weekend. 
We first had sex when I ran away from home with him for a weekend. My parents dident notice because their always fighting.
I packed some clothes into my bag. 
I packed everything I would need, except lingere. This time, I thought, I'll wear it under my clothes.
I finised getting ready, then sneaked out the back door to my balcony. I slung my bag over my shoulder and put a leg over the balcony rail. I climbed down. 
Mathew couldent meet me at my house, but he's going to meet me at his tree house, which is a whole mile away.
I began walking through the trees, fighting the urge to run. 
I stepped over a log and almost tripped. Smooth, I thought.
About four minetes later I heard a loud rustling behind me, I turned around to see what it was... And what I saw made me faint.
When I woke up my legs were bent and spread and my arms were tied down.
"Well, Mathew is lucky! Look at her! She's a sexy bitch isent she? We should all fuck her soon.. Looks like she's getting wet! What a horny slut!"
Several other men were there, they laughed and touched me.
"Hmmm, Alice. We would like to explain somthing to you... Mathew and all of us here, we are wearwolves and vampires."
I breathed slowly, my cheast rose high and fell with each breath. 
"Mathew.. well he is a bit different."
I was shivering now. Terrified, cold, and ready to die.
"hmmmmm.. She smells wonderful dosent she?" he asked the others.
They remained silent.
"Hmmm... But darling Mathew, he is both."
I gasped. I had no clue I'd been fucked by a wearwolf. I felt myself get wet.
"Hmmm, well if he dosent want your blood... I'll have to take it!"
I felt his breathing on my throat.
I was desperate.
"No!" I moaned sexily," Ill do anyyything." I squirmed and moaned trying to save myself.
They laughed.
Suddenly a howl rang out and a giant hungry looking wolf burst through the trees.
I gasped as it looked at me. It saw that I was tied down, it sounded like it liked what it saw.
The vampires were gone and the wolf untied me.
It began to.... Change.
In a matter of moments, Mathew stood before me.
I gasped.
"My alice, did they hurt you?"
I began to cry.
He hugged me and picked me up.
"Ohh Mathew, they tried to kill me! I had to do it!"
"Do what?"
"I tried to get them to fuck me so I would be safe."
He breathed a sharp breathe in and ran so fast everything was a blur.
All the sudden we were in his club house. I was laying in his lap, and we were sitting on the couch.
"Alice... Do you have ANY idea what you've done?!"
He looked at me.. Mad but protective and gental.
"What? Mathew I'm sorry. They tried to kill me!"
"No! Because you used your... Body to perswade them.. They will hunt for you. Until they can have what they want!"
He stopped and thought.
"I thought you were... Only mine. Did he touch you. AT ALL?"
"no Mathew. He wasent interested."
"Alice he's a vampire, your lush body your sweet blood.... It's intoxicating." he said hungrily.
I gasped. As he slid me off him onto the couch. He stood up and ran so fast... Over to the window. He looked out.
"Im sorry, I lost control for a second there. Now listen, I know that they told you I'm a wearwolf... But that's not the dangerous part... I'm also a vampire. Your blood drives me insane, but I'll never hurt you and I don't ever want you to worry."
I was shocked.
Did Mathew only care about my body?
"Alice" he said as he walked back to me," tonight was for us to enjoy each other. I think I'd like to start now."
He picked me up so I was sitting with my legs on either side of him.
He kissed me, then looked into my eyes. 
"Ocean eyes, my deep blue sea, yours is beauty, yours is my heart."
He said.
I sighed, and kissed him. 
"I can't breathe whenever your here Mathew. But...."
he kissed me.
"please, don't ask me anything." 
"Mathew.... I-"
he kissed me. But this time he ripped off my shirt and shorts.
I was wearing dark blue lingere that matched my eyes.
He smiled.
He took off my bra, then felt my soft skin.
"Alice, please... I don't know how I would live if you had let those... Sick.. Freaks touch you. I want you to only be mine."
I moaned as his hand moved up my leg.
My pussy felt so empty, and I wanted it filled. 
His hand went to my pussy and he rubbed. Then he ripped away my panties. He felt again.
"Fuck alice! Your so wet. Ooh my dear," he put a finger in me as I moaned softly,"your so wet! How does this feel?
"please Mathew, fuck me. Fuck my pussy." I moaned.
He unziped his pants and pulled out his giant throbing cock.
I wanted him in me now. 
He moved my hips and sat me onto his dick.
"oh my Alice. Your so tight and wet. Hmmm do want to get fucked? Tell me."
I moaned 
"Please Mathew..... Mathewww! Fuck me my Mathew."
He smiled and began to thrust.
"Hello Alice." 
I gasped. Mathew growled. My back was arched so they could see his huge dick in my sweet tight wet little pussy.
"She is perfect." he said hungrily again.
Mathew gently lifted me and sat me on the couch. I sat with my legs spread... I wanted them to see how horny and wet I was... I wanted to be a whore.
"Hmmm... Well then.. Shall we all take her?"
"you will never TOUCH her I don't care if you are a prince." mathew said.
I love Mathew, but all these men wanting fuck my horny pussy, made me even wetter. It ran down my leg.
"Well... It looks like Alice needs someone to satisfie her."
I blushed, my nipples poked out.
"Mathew.." I moaned, I needed his dick, somthing. I couldent stand it.
He looked back at me... He heard my voice... Begging for him... For his cock. He loves it when i moan, sigh, or just say his name when I'm horny. He was so sex starved too, I saw it in his eyes. I wanted to make him come in me.
"Mathew, I belive Alice really needs to get fucked, why don't you satisfie her? We don't mind! Just let us watch and well leave!"
"fine. But don't touch her.." Mathew growled.
He sat down and lifted me on to his lap in our favorite position. I put my hands on his cheast, and arched my back... I wanted them to see my tight soaking pussy fuck Mathew's huge cock. I wanted them to rub my clit and make me come. I felt like a dirty wet slut, a tight cock loving bitch... And I loved it. I wanted them all to fuck me, fuck me hard.
I moaned loudly as he slipped his dick in
Me, then I begged for his cock like we do.
"Hmm Alice you want my cock to fuck your little cunt? Fuck it hard?"
"Please Mathew fuck my wet pussy.. Please I'm so horny!"
"Hmm tell me how it feels... My little slut."
I was shocked, Mathew never called me his slut... I liked it. I got even wetter, it ran down Mathew's dick!
"Fuck me like a slut Mathew.. I'm your slut! I'm so horny and wet.. Fuck my pussy!"
He began to slowly thrust.
"Oh fuck yes! Ooooh mmmmm fuck! Harder Mathew! Harder! I wanna come!"
He fucked my cunt hard and fast... I was moaning so loud.
"Oooooh Mathew!"
"Yeah my little slut likes my cock fucking her pussy.... Does my whore wanna fuck the other men to?"
I was amazed... I thought he hated that idea.. I dident.
"Yes Mathew.. Let the others fuck my cunt... My wet little pussy... Hmmmmm oh FUCK! Yes Mathew! YES! Harder! I'm gonna coommmme! Ooh ohhh yeah! Fuck! Drive your cock in harder! I can come again!"
The men behind me had a great view of my pussy, and when I turned around there cocks were out and they were coming closer... I moaned.
"Ohhb yeah fuck me!"
Mathew pulled out and I put my cunt in the air.. I was so turned on!
The prince sat down and pulled me up in his lap, and fingered me.
"Fuck yeah! You like my tight wet pussy? It wants a cock! Hmmm yeah!"
He slid his cock in.
Mathew reached over and rubbed my clit... I was loosing my mind!
I felt like a cock worshiping whore! All I wanted was more cock! I never wanted them to stop fucking my cunt.
I bounced up and down.. 
"Fuck! Yeah harder!"
I moaned like a slut. I felt so sexy, and dirty, and then I really lost it.
"God yeah! Please fuck my pussy more! Ooh don't stop! Don't stop!" 
I felt the other men put there huge
Cocks on my ass, they were hot and throbbing... I moaned more.
Finally I came, and so did the prince.
"Ooooh god Yes! I'm comming! Fuck me like a slut! Ooooh!"
Mathew lifted me off the prince and sat me in his lap.. I felt my pussy drooling.
"Hmmm... Did my tiny slut like having all the men fuck you?"
"Yes Mathew... But I don't want it to end! Can we fuck more?"
I knew I could last longer.. And all I wanted was more orgasms.. More men calling me a wet tight slut.. God damn it made me so horny!
"Oh my Alice.. Your so wet! Still?! Do you want your Mathew to finger fuck you a while?"
"Oooh mmm yes please!"
He put his palm on my clit and two fingers in my pussy.
"Yeah Mathew ooh yes!"
It wasent 30 seconds and I came again!

I passed out from sheer pleasure!
when I woke up everyone but Mathew was gone, he said he liked watching me get fucked... He said I'm only his slut though. 
After that... We fucked for 9 hours straight.
Although Mathew and I are very sexual, our relationship goes alot further... There will be many more stories for me to tell.

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