The Demons Harem Part One: The gathering

The Demons Harem Part One: The gathering

"We're going to teach you all sorts of new things" The ugly brute chuckled as he grabbed one of the the girls arms and pushed her into the cell. She stumbled onto the dirt floor as he swung the rusting metal gate shut, slamming it against the bars, rattling the cage like prison.They knew this day was coming. All the girls in the nearby villages are raised in a hushed fear that they will one day be taken away from their families and forced into slavery.

Another guard spit into the cage, falling at one of the girls feet. Her lips curled and she looked away. Disgusting creatures. Grayish dead looking skin, long spiny tails and reptilian faces with hollow black beady eyes. Short and stalky with huge swinging cocks. Darker colored than the rest of their bodies, and considerably large for their short stature.

There were 8 other girls huddled together in the cell, covered in only their sleeping dresses. Their heads down, scared to look up and attract attention.The guards,five of them, stood around aimlessly, drooling over the new batch of meat for their master.
One of them stepped forward from behind the group, slowing rubbing his cock as it stiffened.
"Im tired of waiting, lets have a little fun before the drivers get here."

He stepped up to the barred gate, himself, his cock turning darker and growing larger. He pulled the gate open and the girls scattered, trying to move out of his way so as to not be his intended victim. He grabbed the hair of a girl with short black hair, his whole hand covering the back of her head, his knuckles curling over the top of her ears. She squealed and then went silent as he yanked her backwards towards him, making her curving back hit his fully erect member.
All the girls looked away, closing their eyes tightly, as if not witnessing it would protect them from it for a little longer.

The guard held her there, his balls resting against her ass, his cock a straight line almost touching the end of her small shoulder blades. He pulled her dress up above the perfect curve of her ass cheeks. He put his hand on her stomach and held her neck with the other, pushing her hard up against himself. She softly struggled and closed her eyes, too scared to speak. He let out a long sigh and brought her hands behind her back, held them together with one hand easily. He reached down to his cock and put it under her ass and rested it up against her pussy. She shook her head violently. He immediately tightened his grip on her throat and she began to cough and sputter, but quieted down.

He began rubbing his cock back and forth against her soft pussy lips, her ass being pressed to his stomach harder and harder each time. He bent her over his almost purple colored dick, and the head of it almost came to touch her chin. She looked terrified, like he was going to break her in half if he decided to put that thing in her."I bet your still a sweet young little virgin aren't you? Come from a good family...your papa keep you away from all the boys in the village? Try to keep you pure as long as he could huh?" He practicly laughed as tears began to roll down her cheeks, silent still.

"Maybe he shoulda fucked you early....then this wouldn't be so bad for you"
He pulled back from her and pushed the head of his cock up against her pussy, her legs clenched tightly,making it hard for him to enter. He pushed harder, practically ignoring her attempt to keep him out.
She began to whimper and shake as he slid past her lips and began entering her. He could barely get the head of his pulsing cock inside she was so tight and strained against him. He sneered and pulled her towards him in one swift violent motion.
The rest of the guards chucked and cheered him on. They all started rubbing themselves with their big chunky fingers, clenching their cocks as they grew larger.

The girls eyes flew open and she screamed at him, trying to get away from him. Anything to have him pull out of her and stop the pain. Only about half of his dick had forced its way in her. He took a moment to be still inside her, filling her to her limit (one of her limits, at least).
He began fucking her, bending her over, putting his large hands on her shoulders and slamming her back into him roughly over and over. He was hitting her cervix repeatedly, harder and harder each time. She started to flail and scream and wriggle away from him, so he pushed her to the ground.
He crushed his knees on top of her splayed legs and forced her head against the floor to the side. Still inside her, he thrust faster and faster until her ass was pushed up in the air, her legs being pulled from her joints in agonizing pain. She silently prayed he would come soon and be done with her.

He tilted his head back as an almost growling...low guttural sound came from him, an evil sound.
She was almost silent now, almost broken. Or so she thought.
He quickened his pace, grunting and growling as the half of his cock that was still visible bulged larger and larger. He threw his head back and pulled her by the shoulders to him roughly as he came, buried as deep as he could go. Her eyes closed and her mouth screwed up, trying to hold back screams.

The first huge pulse of sperm you could actually see being pumped into her tiny pink cunt and she did scream this time. Burning hot cum sprayed into her womb, she could feel it filling her up. He stayed pressed hard against her as another gushing load of cum pumped through her and started seeping out of her streched hole. She writhed and struggled under him.

She could feel her insides cramping and her tummy was slightly bulging with his cum, although she felt like she was going to explode. One more smaller thrust came from the creature as he stuffed his still hard cock against her cervix, plugging all his white hot sperm up into her womb.

They heard horses hooves pounding the ground outside and the guard quickly pulled his softening cock out of the ruined girl. She sobbed and curled into a ball, covered in cum and a small stains of blood on what was left of her clothes.
"Get off the fucking ground whore!" The guard yelled. "Or I'll yank you up by your ears myself!"

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