Adjustment Services - A father corrects his delinquent daughter_(0)

Adjustment Services - A father corrects his delinquent daughter_(0)

Daniel marched the family into the unremarkable, remote, signless building. The door opened to a small empty waiting room. At the end was a clouded plexiglass divider separating a person from the room. Daniel walked over to the window enthusiastically, Sarah his wife followed quietly. Trailing behind cautiously were his sporty teenage sons Freddie and Chris, finally at the rear was Nicole.

In case visual clues were not clear enough to express her dissatisfaction, the slamming of the door cleared that up.

“Please don’t do that.” Sarah timidly advised.

“Please fucking tell me where we are.” Nicole shot back.

“Hey Bret, can you please get the good doctor? Daniel casually addressed the clouded figure, whom promptly shifted out of sight.

“We’ve been driving for like an hour, where the fuck did you take me?” Nicole shouted again.

Nicole is Daniel’s 19 year old daughter. Currently the embodiment of a she-devil. Apathetic, manipulative, shallow, and entitled. Daniel knew she had inherited her attitude from her mother. And like here mother, she could be changed.

The 19 year old punk dressed in ripped black leggings, an oversized red plaid flannel, acid green hair-shaved on the side, and nose and ear piercings.

“God damn it! You basically kidnapped me and brought me all the way out fucking nowhere for what? It better be a car or some shit.”

“We are at a club that I belong too.” Daniel sighed. “And they have this…service. Your mother and I thought that it could help reel you in. Correct some behavior.”

“What!? Is this…is this some sort of rehab shit!? Fuck that! I ain’t doing this god damn shit! No.” Nicole roared, backing to the door. She attempted to push and pull but the locked door wouldn’t budge.

The only other door to the room opened. A portly yet firm man in a monogramed polo shirt entered.

“Hi-o Dan, Sarah.” The man nodded at the couple. Sarah nodded back obediently. “So these are the future members are they? Freddie and Chris right? You guys are in for one helluva introduction.” The man smiled at the teen brothers.

“LET ME THE FUCK OUT!” Nicole bashed at the door. The man leisurely turned to the punk.

“And this must be Nicole. Boy have we heard about you.”

“Then you know I’ll stab your ass if you fucking try anything! Now open this door fat ass!” Nicole brandished a small pocket knife.

“Alright alright, calm down.” Nicole posed defensively while the man calmly walked over. With the skill of years of practice, the man casually slipped out a taser and plunged it into Nicole’s stomach.

“WHAT THE FU-!” She screamed before the room was filled with the buzz of electricity and Nicole’s shrill shriek.

“Holy crap!” Freddie jumped up stunned.

“Damn!” Chris retorted. The teens spun looking at their mother and father for direction, but neither reacted.

After a few long seconds, Nicole was incapacitated on the floor. The man moved methodically as he slung her up on his shoulder and moved back to the door.

“What the hell is going on!?” Freddie nervously asked.

“Well, as you know your sister is a malicious troublemaking bitch. My club’s services can cleanse her. Adjust her.”

“Adjust to what?” Chris asked curiously.

“Obedient and grateful. I wanted you two here as it will help with her transition. Besides, after some of the shit she’s put you though, you earned this.”

Daniel and his family followed the man inside the building.


They walked down a hallway before entering an ornate comfortable well lit small room. The walls were lined with soft velvet chairs and the only other features of the room were a hook on the ceiling and mount on the floor. The family quietly sat down.

The man produced rope and a ball gag from his pockets and proceeded to bind Nicole’s wrists and ankles. With little effort he hoisted up the 5’ 6” punk and placed her tied wrists on the ceiling hook. Her feet barely rested on the floor and were tied to the mount. Nicole started to regain strength just as the man finished strapping the gall gag on. She thrashed and swayed in her binding.

“Whats going on? What are they going to do to her?” Freddie asked with more curiosity than fright.

“We are going to adjust her attitude through humility.” Replied a well dressed man standing in the doorway. The family turned to look.

“Nicole is going to be exposed down to her very essence, punished, and cleansed. My name is Dr. Night.” Night walked over to the bug-eyed Nicole and softly touched her face. She immediately thrashed and even with the gag on, the room knew her language was not for children.

With quickness he pulled back and slapped her across the face, stunning her. Another man holding a camera and light entered. He began recording.

“Nicole Carter. I have only heard bad things of you and have here a list of offenses. Abuse and disrespect to you patriarchal and matriarchal figures. Abuse of your siblings. I have seen photos of the black eyes and broken bones you’ve given your bothers. Vulgar dress and speech. Obscene behavior. Drug use. Smoking. Sexual deviant. Then there are the criminal offenses; DUI, fleeing officers, theft, indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. You are headed down a non-productive path and we will treat you for that today. Like your mother you will learn respect, etiquette, and responsibly.”

Nicole stared terrified at the doctor. She darted over to her mother who only stared rigidly back.

Dr. Night turned to the teenagers. “You must be Freddie and Chris. Tonight you are going to witness a transformation. Well, pull your phones out and get ready for some abuse compensation.” The brothers looked at each other unsure but pulled out their phones.

“Send in the rippers.” Dr. Night waved.


Without introductions and without hesitation, two lean but muscular polo wearing men entered the room and moved straight to Nicole.

The first man to reach Nicole ruthlessly grabbed her firm young ass and clawed at the leggings. He pulled back forcefully, filling the air with the sound of tearing fabric.

The second man grabbed her flannel and tore it open, scattering buttons across the room.

Nicole screamed and raged while being violently thrashed about by the men stripping her.

Her leggings were shredded, revealing black and pink frilly panties. Her flannel and tshirt were violently ripped to pieces and torn from her body reveling a dark blue bra. Her cheap necklaces snapped and tossed.

Freddie and Chris stared in amazement even forgetting to hold their phones straight.

One of the men reached down and savagely seized Nicole’s pussy and without remorse tore her panties away. Her screaming switched from rage to horror.

The other man grabbed the center of her bra and pulled back slowly straining Nicole’s body against the restraints. He pulled further and further, causing her to scream before the bra finally snapped and she bounced back into position.

With somewhat more grace, they removed her shoes and socks. The ground was covered in shredded bits of Nicole’s clothing and jewelry.

Dr. Night walked over and casually rotated the revealed and crying Nicole. She was completely nude with only her nose and ear piercings remaining. Wither her arms pulled high and her toes keeping balance her family could inspect everything. Her firm C cup breasts, a hairy pussy, tight very round ass, and rather athletic build.

“Hurry and take your photos now. Get some good ‘before’ shots so you can compare the results later.”

Freddie and Chris jumped up and with nervous smiles and encircled Nicole, snapping pics of her most intimate areas. Freddie bent down and got close up shots of her hairy pussy while Chris went behind for her tits.

Nicole’s face was bright red with tears, but she still managed to glare furiously down at her brothers.

The camera man pulled in and made sure to capture every angle of Nicole, zooming close to her tear streaked yet still defiant face.

The portly man returned wheeling a tool cart into the room.

“Alright guys, sit down. Daniel I think we will start strong and you should start be the one to initiate it.” Dr. Night pulled a whip from the cart and gave it to the eager father. Everyone in the room sat back leaving Daniel and Nicole alone in the center.

Hanging helplessly by her wrists like a piece of meat, she stared bug-eyed at the whip. Muffled pleas and her thrashing head were lost to Daniel.

CRACK!!! Daniel’s first blow landed across her back causing her to howl and flail madly.

CRACK! This one landed across her ass making her buck up.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Her contortions caused amazement from the brothers.

Daniel made sure to mark as much of her body as he could. Cutting across her ass, back, and legs. Moving to the front to assault her breasts and stomach. Every crack causing convulsions and screams. Tears poured over her ruined makeup. Snot got caught around her nose piercing and ran down her face mixing with spit that escaped the ball gag and dripped on the floor.

Nicole’s body was covered in crisscrosses of red swollen lines. Her green hair was matting from sweat. The camera man got in close.

Eventually Nicole broke down. She would buck when hit, but her screaming and sobbing had dropped off. Her body was visibly hanging by her wrists now. The brothers had shifted back into their chairs a bit uneasy. This was when Dr. Night stepped in.

“Okay Daniel. Lets move on.”

Daniel broke from his trance.Exhausted, he wiped his sweaty brow and dropped the whip off. He walked in front of Nicole, who didn’t look up, and gave her a pat on the head with no response.

Dr. Night moved in and softly removed the ball gag. Spit dripped out while she rapidly breathed. Night reached down to cut her feet free, then her arms. She immediately fell onto Night who caught and propped her up.

The portly man again returned with what appeared to be a rounded waist high stool. Dr. Night shifted Nicole over. She did nothing but act as dead weight. Slowly he draped her over the stool, making sure to face her ass to her family.

The muscular men bent down to secure her limbs to the steel legs of the stool. Just as they grabbed her wrists, Nicole shot awake with realization.

“no..NO..Fuck off!” Nicole thrashed with sudden adrenaline. “Fuck you you fucking fucks!” She cried hoarsely.

With all four limbs locked, she was securely bent over with her firm ass up.

“Please stop! I’m sorry!! Please!! I’m fucking sorry!!” Nicole began crying again.

“A good spanking is a performance. You don’t want to go too fast or too hard. A nice rhythmic pace.” Dr. Night walked up to Nicole holding a paddle.

THWACK! Nicole squealed as Night brought the paddle down upon her ass.

“NOO!! Please stop!!! PLEASE!!! I’m sorry!!!” She shrieked. Night alternated spanking her cheeks.


Nicole’s ass jiggled and rippled at each hit.


“If you want to move on all you need to say is; ‘I, Nicole Carter accept these corrections to my body and attitude.’” Dr. Night said.

“…no…no…fuck you…” Nicole hissed though clenched teeth.

“Hmm. Daughter doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess.” Night laughed and glanced over at Sarah, who had remained emotionless so far. “Hey camera, get up close to the face. Freddie! Chris! Come here.”

Night grabbed another paddle and gave them to the teenagers. “Just like I did, go rhythmically, no need to swing full force. A spanking is not a beating.”

“What the fuck are you doing!? I’m your sister! I’m sorry for all the shit I’ve done! I’ll…’ll make it up somehow! PLEASE! THIS IS SO FUCKED UP!!” Nicole struggled again.

Freddie grinned and swung at her round ass. She shrieked as it made contact. Chris followed suit.

The camera man remained focused on the distorting agonized expressions Nicole was making. Her cries louder and more carnal.

“Lets go fast!” Freddie suggested. They proceeded to alternate spanking quickly.

Dr. Night bent down to Nicole’s sobbing face. “The boys are not as experienced as I. I’m betting its really hurting now. You know what to say.”


“Alright guys, thats enough. Not bad though.”

The teens returned to their seats with satisfied grins on their faces.

Nicole’s ass burned a bright red and and showed signs of bruising.

“That went well. Well now we need to see just what you’ve been up to down here.” Dr. Night patted Nicole’s pussy.

“Get the girl some water and setup for a gyno exam. I want her… folded.” He mused then directed his men.

The muscular men freed Nicole’s wrists and ankles then gently lifted her to her feet. Nicole could barely stand. Her body was wretched. Red streaks streamed across her body. Her ass was a deep throbbing red. Her face was a disaster. A mess of sweat, tears, snot, and makeup.

They placed her into one of the chairs.

“Freddie, Chris. Go and hold her arms. Just in case she tries to run.” The brothers dotted over and sat down on either side of their sister, grabbing her arms and pulling them. Nicole did not fight.

Hardly a few seconds later Chris gave in to temptation and reached to fondle her gorgeous creamy breasts. Freddie quickly followed. Nicole whimpered.


A chest high padded pedestal replaced the bench. The lighting was changed to bright spotlights on the pedestal. Nicole was given a gentle wipe down and some water. Things appeared getting ready to resume when Nicole made a futile attempt to run. She managed to jump up from the chair and her brothers, but a few steps out and her legs fell out from under her.

She unceremoniously landed on the floor and attempted to crawl. Dr. Night casually walked over and blocked her path.

“Please…please let me go. Don’t rape me…please.” Nicole pleaded.

“We’re not going to rape you. We are adjusting you. Severity depends on how much trouble you give us.” Night replied while bending down to pick her up by the shoulders. One of the muscular men made their way over and helped lift Nicole from the other side.

With a short heave they lifted and sat Nicole down on the pedestal. Slowly they pushed her onto her back until she was sprawling. Dr. Night and the man proceeded to reach down to her legs and pull them back.

“no…please…it hurts…” Nicole began struggling and whimpering.

They continued folding her legs back until they reached her arms, absolutely exposing her hairy pussy and asshole. The other muscular man came over with steel stocks and locked her arms and legs together. That in turn was attached to a rope off the ceiling hook.

In the end, her arms and legs locked together were raised to angle her pussy for perfect eye level viewing on the pedestal. Nicole sobbed softly looking down at herself in this ultimate exposed position.

“Okay lets see what we have here. Gather round.” Dr. Night waved over. Daniel and the boys jumped up to get in close with the cameraman. With doctor like indifference, Dr. Night prodded, stretched, and exposed Nicole’s vagina.

“Well she’s definitely no virgin. Trimmed pubic hair, exposed lips, clean. Lets see inside.” Dr. Night picked up a spreader tool and casually plunged it into Nicole.

She grimaced in pain and humiliation. With a press of the handle the tool opened and spread Nicole’s pussy wide open. Her expression shot from grimace to horrific shock. No screaming though.

“There we have it. Nicole Carter’s vaginal walls. See way back there, that’s her cervix. It actually looks fresh. Guess she hasn’t been with any notably endowed men yet.” The camera man got in close to capture all the deep details of her spread hole.

After everyone was satisfied with the inspection, Dr. Night pulled the tool out and ushered everyone to sit. Nicole peered past her legs, watching at Night picked up a flat wooden cane and walk back over to her.

“Wait…wait…WAIT…” Nicole winced and trembled in fear. Night pulled back and brought the cane crashing down upon her exposed vagina with an audible SLAP.

Nicole exploded. Her shrill high pitched scream was the loudest of the night. Every muscle in her contorted body was visibly straining.

Dr. Night brought the cane down again. Her scream only continued at the same ear shattering volume. He began slapping her in earnest.

SLAP! Nicole’s body began to spasm.

Eventually her screams trailed off and her body began to relax. Dr. Night put some extra effort in.

SLAP! Like a fountain, an involuntary arc of pee left Nicole’s red pussy.

“Dude! Fucking sick!” Freddie laughed in disgust.

SLAP! No reaction.

SLAP! No reaction.

“She’s out cold. Which means her adjustment was a success. Now I invite you to enjoy our REAL members lounge while Nicole gets cleaned up.

The muscular men quickly hauled Nicole’s dirty unconscious body out the door and down the hall.


Nicole came too in a much different environment. Gone was the clean visitor friendly display room, she was now in what appeared a garage. Concrete, exposed piping, with metal devices and cages against a wall. Nicole stared at the objects. One by one she could see how the human body was supposed to conform to them.

Nicole was strapped to a bottomless steel chair sitting over a drain. A new gag had been placed on her.

She lurched, suddenly aware of the immense pressure in her abdomen.

“Finally awake. I don’t like working on the unconscious. Its unseemly.” A man covered head to toe in tattoos creeped from around back of Nicole. His striking appearance stunned Nicole for a second.

“Hello, I’m Mr. Day, and I will be cleansing you today. That pain, bloating, and urge to defecate is coming from the fluid I’ve been pumping into your anus. You probably can’t feel the plug, your body looks like it was trampled. You ever have an enema Nicole?”

Mr. Day conversed casually while setting up a small camcorder and rubber gloving. Nicole shook her head distantly. The radiating pain was interfering with her grasp on reality.

“Well. When I pull this plug your gonna eject everything you’ve got. Flushed. I’m gonna record it, because people out there pay good money this shit. Heh. “

Mr. Day looked to Nicole for the approving laugh. Her glazed stare remained still.

“Hmm. You look ill, perhaps I have over stuffed you. I honestly forgot when I started. Okay, here we go!” Day got down behind Nicole and gave the tubing a moderate jiggle which she instantly felt.

There was a short tough tug and her body involuntarily started defecting. Mr. Day captured the splashing disgusting stream of liquid pouring out of her anus.

The sudden relief was welcomed.

Eventually the splashing became drips and Mr. Day came back front.

“Now time to clean the oven. I made my douche with a special herbal cleaning fluid, which I’ve been told burns. But only for a few minutes.” Mr. Day grabbed the nearby douche and callously jabbed it into Nicole’s pussy.

Barely two seconds in and Nicole’s vagina erupted in searing pain. Her screams pushed passed the gag and filled the garage.

Nicole lurched and bucked in her restraints, tears streamed down her face again.

“The burn means its working.” Day smiled at the eye bulging Nicole. “While you deal with that, I’m going to bring the guys in. Guys!”

From the end of the garage a group of men emerged from a door. They were dressed only speedos and carried various sponges and buckets. Unlike the muscular men, these guys appeared average. A little hairy, a little pale, some extra weight here and there.

Mr. Day unbuckled Nicole’s restraints and savagely reached out to grab a handful of green hair. He pulled her to her feet and with a quick flick he unhooked and removed the ball gag.

“The tickets to wash you sold VERY fast. Some deep pocket perverts really wanted to clean up a punk like you. And thats not a euphemism!” Day gleefully tossed her over to the starving men.

Nicole was consumed immediately. Completely surrounded, hands rubbing, groping, and molesting her entire body. A sudden body of room temp soapy water poured over her followed by sponges. Her body was twisted, bent, and spread like doll.

The water and multiple massaging fingers actually provided relief to Nicole’s burning body. She did not resist and nobody spoke while the men moved with determination.

Hands massaged her feet and ran down her limbs. Rough fingers scrubbed her pussy and asshole igniting pain. Each finger and toe was given attention. Nail polish was stripped off with cleaner. The men used gentler care as they washed and massaged her head.

Suddenly Nicole was placed in a headlock on the soapy floor. Other men grabbed and spread her legs. A final man crawled up to her hairy pussy and with perverted attentiveness the man began shaving her pubic hair.

Every pull of the razor burned and she instinctively bucked against the men. They held firm.

A final cold bucket of water was used to rinse her off and the men toweled her dry.

“Well would you look at you! So clean and refreshed! I even heard the guys snuck some aloe on you. I’ll never understand some of these weirder fetishes these men have.” Mr. Day, the man covered in head to toe tattoos, said.

“Okay, back into the chair and don’t worry, I cleaned it up. Heh.” Day led her back over and Nicole sat obediently.

He then wheeled over a large full sized mirror. She stared in disbelief at her body. The red welt lines across her breasts, the throbbing bald pussy. Her naked face. She hadn’t noticed until now, but her piercings had been removed.

From a shelf Mr. Day produced an electric razor. With a click the device started to hum and Nicole’s heart started to race.

“Okay, say goodbye to the old delinquent Nicole.” Mr. Day unceremoniously dragged the razor across her head, green hair fell to the floor in clumps.

Tears welled up in Nicole’s eyes as she watched the razor take away the rest of her old appearance.

Eventually there was no hair left to shave. Nicole was completely stripped now. Never before had she been this naked, with not so much even a hair on her head. Nicole gazed curiously at the nude stranger in the mirror.

“Get down and on all fours. Come on!” Day shoved Nicole out of the chair. Slowly she obliged getting down on all fours on the cold concrete floor.

“Heh heh, your ass is still so red.” Mr. Day reached down and gave her a sharp little tap on the ass. Nicole yelped in surprised. “Heh heh. Okay, follow me.” He strutted off.

Dutifully Nicole crawled after him. They made their way down a hallway and Mr. Day disappear into a room. She could hear his voice.

“May I present the adjusted and cleansed Nicole Carter!”


“Wow!! She looks so freaky!” Freddie exclaimed upon seeing his sister.

“So weird!” Chris retorted.

Nicole remain fixed on the floor while she crawled to the center of the display room. The camera man crouched low to get her blank stare.

“Her head is like WHITE!” The brothers laughed.

“Stand and present yourself!” Dr. Night boomed from the corner. Nicole jumped up tall and placed her hands behind her back.

“Well would you look at that. I’ve never seen Nicole react so quickly.” Daniel stood and walked over to his daughter. He gently ran his hands over her smooth clean body. Occasionally lingering and following some of the red welts. He moved down and over her shaved cunt and across her red ass. Nicole flinched but that was the extent of her reaction.

“Nicole Carter; your obscene, criminal, and disrespectful behavior is now behind you. From now on you shall be obedient and grateful. These corrections were done with care and to your benefit.” Dr. Night addressed the room. “If, however, you decide to relapse, this procedure is repeatable and can be made worse. Now, Sarah Carter, please come dress and secure your new daughter.”

Sarah sat up casually and walked over to a cart of tools. Nicole peered over as her mother picked up what appeared to be a steel bikini. The two women then came face to face, Sarah only a few inches taller than her daughter. They gazed into each others eyes for a brief moment before Sarah finally cracked a wry smile.

With motherly tenderness Sarah slipped the chastity belt high around Nicole’s waist and buckled it. Nicole observed as her mother flipped the shiny metal crotch up and secured it to the belt. Her fresh shaven pussy was now sealed behind a metal mesh. With a small clinking, Sarah cinched the belt tight.

Nicole breathed sharply as it cut into her abdomen and rode up into her sore ass.

Freddie and Chris snickered while they recorded the event.

“Damn. I still think its a waste to lock up those sweet holes.” Mr. Day shrugged and slumped in his chair.

Sarah moved back to the cart and returned with a baby blue nylon collar that had a small bronze medallion on the front. She wrapped it around Nicole’s neck and secured it.

Nicole remained still and rigid during the whole process only glaring once over at her brothers when they suggested putting clamps on her nipples.

“If she needs it.” Dr. Night cautioned. Nicole stood straight and firm while the cameraman made a final circle around her body. Sarah bestowed the chastity keys to Daniel.

“Your father is now authority over your sexual liberty. The belt is not permanent and will be removed once the adjustments are deemed effective by your father. It is in your interest to be courteous, obedient, and wholesome.” Night exclaimed.

Sarah pulled a bundle of bight yellow from the cart. It unfurled and became recognizable as a basic but vibrant sleeveless sundress. Speaking with her eyes, Sarah instructed Nicole to help in slipping it on.

The dress fit her body well and fell to her knees. She felt strange to be covered again. The fabric soft and soothing against her burning skin.

“You look lovely. “ Sarah whispered, adjusting the blue collar.

Nicole stood directionless while Daniel and the men exchanged partings.

Freddie and Chris darted up to their sister. Without consent they immediately lifted her dress and began to jovially poke and prod the chastity belt. Nicole was grateful her sore holes were shielded from her brothers. She remained motionless while they explored.

“I don’t believe you were given permission to play with your sister.” Mr. Day chastised.

“Do we need permission?” Freddie sarcastically shot back.

“Careful with the attitude. We treat women AND men at this club.” Mr. Day smiled perversely.

The brothers hesitated before timidly backing away from Nicole. Mr. Day chuckled to himself.


The car ride home was ordinary at first glance. A quiet family car trip.

Nicole was slumped and deep asleep.

Freddie and Chris compared photos and videos of the event.

Sarah was on her own phone and scheduling family appointments.

Daniel drove, silently rolling Nicole’s chastity keys around in his hands.

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