Janes Humiliation 2.

Janes Humiliation 2.

After been eaten and sucked by Helen, Steph and Claire, Dawn stood up and begged them to allow her to get dressed so she could leave.
Her request was declined as her friend was still in the kitchen, bound, blindfolded and gagged.

Helen told her there was one more thing she had to go through before she could leave.

The three girls helped her up onto a large dining table. She was instructed to stay on all fours with her knees about 3 feet apart. This opened her asshole up nicely. She felt very ‘displayed’. All three girls were mesmerised by how good she looked with her bum in the air, almost in line with their eye level. Dawn still had the damp stream of cum down her inside thigh. It was starting to dry.

Steph and Helen went to the kitchen while Claire kept guard on Dawn.

Steph, Janes sister, approached quietly and reached out and tweaked her left nipple painfully. Jane let out a scream. Next Helen applied the same discomfort to her right nipple. Jane shook her head in disapproval, her moans muffled by the ball gag, which Helen had fitted whilst she was restrained, blindfolded and defenceless!

The obstruction in her mouth was making it hard for Jane to swallow. Saliva was creeping from the corners of her mouth and dribbling off her chin. She looked pathetic and weak. Knowing how silly she looked she started to sob. She felt humiliated. She thought things couldn’t get any worse. She just wanted the ordeal to be over with. For her it was just beginning!

Helen removed her ankle cuffs so she could walk. They marched her into the dining room and stood her at the other end of the table to her friend. Steph instructed her to lean forward and rest her body on the table. Becoming weak and tired from her torment she gave in much easier than before and did as she was told.

Surprised by her cooperation Helen almost thought there was no need for the next stage in her treatment. She discussed it quickly with Steph but they agreed to carry on as planned.

Helen pulled out a black butt plug with a tail attached to it, almost like a horses tail.
She offered it to Steph to suck. She did, lubing it up nicely with her saliva.
Steph and Claire then took one of Janes bum cheeks each and pulled them far apart. Jane started to struggle but the table restricted her movement. Helen slowly inserted the tip of the plug into Janes ass. She twisted and pushed slowly. Janes ass had never been intruded before and put up resistance to the object. Helen was relentless and against Janes screams and struggles the plug fully entered her ass. Now the tail was the only thing visible.
To demonstrate the purpose of the plug to Jane (other than to humiliate her) Steph pushed on it with her index finger and she screamed. Next she tugged on the tail and again Jane screamed!

“See Janey, this butt plug in your ass gives us total control over you. If you don’t move when or where we tell you to, all we need to do is apply the slightest pressure to the plug, backwards or forwards, and you WILL move.”

Jane knew she was right. Her ass felt like it might rip or her insides explode. The butt plug was the smallest Helen could find in the shop but to Janes young, virgin ass it felt like Helen had put her full arm up there!!

Now the girls decided they had enough control over Jane to justify removing her hand cuffs. They removed them along with the blindfold. Jane couldn’t stand up straight because of the butt plug. She was slightly bent at the waist, like an old person stooped over.
She looked around and saw the three girls looking back at her. She felt so silly to be tormented like this by her sister and her friends. She then noticed Dawn on the table and blushed as she saw her friend looking at her with this stupid tail sticking from her bum.

Steph pushed Jane hard in the back, totally catching her off guard. Unsteady on her feet from being restrained for so long, she stumbled awkwardly and fell to the floor. The three nasty girls laughed loudly at her predicament.
Claire instructed her to crawl around the table. She completed one lap and she was then instructed to go faster! “Come on little horsey girl, faster, faster!” They all chanted. Jane began to cry. Tears streamed down her cheeks and as she sobbed, saliva poured from the side of the gag.

Helen dragged her to her feet and stood her behind her friend Dawn. She removed her gag.

Helen said sternly, “Can you see her asshole?”

“Yes.” Replied Jane quietly.

“Well, don’t just look at it! Tongue it!”

Jane hesitated. Helen pushed lightly on the plug in her ass. She cooperated. She gingerly bent towards Dawns stretched anus. She hated been made to do this but she thought at least it’s somebody I know. Somebody I know is clean and who won’t tell anybody about it.

Her tongue contacted with the flesh of Dawns rim. Both girls flinched. Dawn inched forward and Jane pulled back sharply. They were both in a mental state. Not understanding what was going on! What had they done to deserves this treatment!?

Helen forced Janes face back into Dawns crevice. She told her to lap at her tight little ass hole, to tongue it and probe it. Jane began to French kiss her friends ass. She feared the pain she would suffer if she disobeyed her captors instructions.

Steph appeared at the side of the two girls to get a good luck at her sisters first lesbian experience. She pulled out the camera and took a few shots. Jane was distraught. She wondered how her sister could be so cruel.

Dawn, still severely aroused by the unwanted attention she had received began to tingle again. She wanted it to stop. She knew it was wrong as she wasn’t a lesbian. Having said that, she had never been with a guy either. She was confused. After 3 minutes of her friend lapping at her ass she began to climax. The feeling built in her tummy this time not in her vagina. She shivered and let out a slow high pitched whine.

“Good girl” said Claire stroking Dawns face.

Still shaking Dawn lost control of her self and a small amount of pee escaped her. It sprayed out of her. Some of it dribbling on to her inner thighs but the majority of it pooled on the dining table.

“Oh Dawn. What a good girl you are!” Repeated Claire.
Jane was allowed to stop pleasuring her friend. Helen ran a finger through the droplets of pee on Dawns leg and held it in front of her mouth and instructed her to suck it clean. Dawn obeyed.

She was then helped down from the table and Helen pushed her out of the front door and moments later threw her clothes out after her. Dawn was left on the porch naked to get dressed in front of any passer bys. She quickly threw on her clothes and ran quickly home to find comfort.

Steph grabbed the tail of the butt plug and twisted, pushed and pulled it. “Look what you have done you little slut! You made her pee on the table! You need to clean it up! Every last drop!”
Jane turned to the kitchen.
“No, no you silly little girl! Where do you think you are going?! You don’t deserve to use anything other than your mouth to clean it up. Now get to work and don’t miss a drop!”

Jane was disgusted at what her sister wanted her to do! She knew she had no choice though. Her ass was on fire from the plug and she couldn’t take any more pain.

Knowing it was her friends pee didn’t make it any easier. She bent over and began slurping at the pool of Dawns pee. She gulped it down slowly trying hard not to gag or vomit. She got the majority of it up quite easily. Steph praised her sister, “Good girl. That’s it lap up all that lovely piss! Now, use your tongue to make sure you’ve got it all!”

Jane used her tongue to remove any evidence of her friends little accident. She lapped up and down and swirled her tongue through the pee to make her sister happy.

She thought now surely her torment would be over. Surely these wicked girls had finished with her now!?

Helen reappeared behind Jane and put her blindfold on again.

“No! Please no more! I beg you! Please stop this! Please Steph don’t do this to your sister!”

“You have left us with no choice!” Was the only answer she got.

She was led upstairs and laid on a large bed, still blindfolded. Her hands and feet were spread far apart and bound to the four corners of the bed. The butt plug was then removed by Steph. She was photographed by Claire in this humiliating position. She was left laying there in this star shape while the girls went back downstairs.

The girls then took out their mobile phones and rang as many girls from school as they could. They phoned their friends and Janes friends.

As soon as the person answered all they said was “182 Southhampton Street. Get here fast!”

That was Helens address. The girls receiving the calls recognised the numbers dialing them so knew who it was that had called but were still confused (and intrigued) by what they heard.

The three girls then got busy making some signs. One read ‘this way’ with an arrow on it. Another said ‘I’M A SLUT’. Helen wrote ‘do what you want with me’. Claires last sign simply read ‘TOILET’. The three of them gathered up the signs, some were left to give directions to the bedroom where Jane was restrained and the rest were left on the bed or above Janes head on the wall. Claire attached her last one to a piece of string and put it over Janes head like a necklace.

The girls then set up a video recorder on a high shelf and pressed record. They then left the house, with the door open, and parked just down the road so they could see anybody entering the house.

Soon enough young girls started arriving at the house. They were dressed in short shirts or tight jeans with skimpy vest tops on. They came in twos and threes.

The first girls who entered the bedroom were not surprisingly shocked by what they saw.
They gasped in shock. “Oh my god, look its Stephs little sister!” One exclaimed. Jane had heard the foot steps but had presumed it was either Steph, Helen or Claire. She squirmed and wriggled against her restraints as she heard the unfamiliar voices. She had no idea who it was stood at the end of the bed with a full view of her sex. The girls whispered and pointed and giggled. They left. Jane felt so stupid. Even back at school she wouldn’t know who had seen her. The girls would have seen her at her most vulnerable.

Next two older girls arrived. They were girls from the restaurant Helen worked with. They were in their 30’s both with long wavy hair and long slim legs.
They too were shocked at the sight before them. Been slightly older and more experienced they soon relaxed and became familiar with the setting. They studied the signs and paid attention to Janes young body. Lisa bent over and put a hand on Janes tummy. “Hello little one.” She said. Jane began to mutter something but Lisa stopped her by putting a finger on her lips. “Ah ah Jane. It says here we are not allowed to let you speak!” Lisa said reading one of the signs.

“Is this your dildo?” said Sarah picking it up from the bed.
Jane shook her head. “Well, maybe we could make it yours!” Sarah carried on. Jane again shook her head and started to sniffle.

“There, there.” Lisa comforted her. Stroking her face. “You are very pretty Jane, aren’t you?”
The two thirty year olds gave each other a cheeky look and both stood up and started to disrobe. They couldn’t miss out on an opportunity like this with such a young pretty girl.

They both had tight denim jeans on which they fought to get out of. They removed their t-shirts. Neither had breasts which required a bra and neither was wearing one. They removed their knickers. Lisa took her knickers and used them to trace patterns on Janes body. This made Jane shiver. It was a nice sensation but under the circumstances, very scary too!
Lisa climbed on to the bed and stood over Janes face. “Don’t mind if I go first do you Sarah?”
“Not at all!” Replied Sarah with a grin.
Lisa lowered her trimmed pussy to Janes mouth. Jane had only ever tasted ass before. Dawns. Now just an hour after that experience she was being forced to eat the pussy of a girl she didn’t know.
Jane made no effort to lick or suck Lisas pussy. So Lisa grinded it on her face. She used Janes nose to play with her hole and her mouth and chin to pleasure her clit.

Lisa was in heaven grinding away on Janes pretty face. She soon became wet and her juices smeared across the young girls face.

Janes lack of effort frustrated Lisa. She instructed Jane to use her tongue on her clit. She told her that the more effort she put in the sooner it would be over. Jane knew this was true so against her best judgement began to caress Lisas Clit with the tip of her tongue.
“OOH! That’s it baby. Ooh your good! That’s it lick my clit! MAKE ME CUM! OH YEH DON’T STOP! OHH YOUR SUCH A YOUNG SLUT!” Cried Lisa.
Sarah took the dildo and began to rub her self with it as she watched the show in front of her. With her juices making the dildo glisten she offered it to Janes pussy. She circled Janes hole and put strong pressure on it. Just forcing it in a fraction of the way. Lisa leaned forward to watch and still with her pussy on her face began to rub Janes clit. The skilful attention Janes pussy was receiving was so much that it started to act against her wishes. It became wet. Her vagina stared to pulsate and push and suck on the dildo been offered to it.
Sarah applied more force. It pushed against Janes strong unstretched muscles and entered her fast with a slop.
The two girls were now fucking her fast. One on her face the other pounding her vagina with a huge dildo.
Now all three girls were screaming in delight. Sarah had the perfect view of her friend being eaten whilst fucking such a pretty young girl. This aroused her immensely. Lisa was gyrating uncontrollably, almost reaching a peak already. Jane was still fighting the feelings. She didn’t want to be aroused. She wanted these girls to stop. She almost wished for her sister to come back. Her pussy continued to cheat her and she felt an orgasm building. She began to cry again. The sobs and tears turned Sarah on more as she watched the tears mix with Lisas pre cum.

Just as the girls were nearing the heights of pleasure two more girls entered the house. These were girls from Janes class. As they turned to the bedroom they took a step back and watched in frozen amazement by the sight in front of them. They couldn’t see Janes face at this point of course.
They continued to watch as first Lisa climaxed. She shuddered hard and pressed onto Janes mouth, forcing it open wider. Jane struggled to breathe with her mouth full of Lisas cum and pussy flesh and her nose deep inside her vagina. Lisas thrusting slowed and she lifted off Janes face. Cum continued to dribble from her pussy to her lovers lips. Janes mouth was open in her forced pleasure and thecum drained down her tongue and on further to the back of her throat. As Sarah continued to hammer her pussy, Lisa took control of herself and played Janes clitoris again.
She could fight it no longer. She buckled and an uncontrollable heat passed across her body making everything sensitive. Her vagina pushed and pulled against the dildo but Sarah kept up her rhythm. Moments later a loud scream told the two girls at the door that the bound girl had cum. Sarah left the dildo inside Jane and the two of them decided they should go before anybody returns. Lisa climbed off her face and it was then that Jane became recognisable to her two friends. They were amazed! Of course they didn’t know Jane was there against her wishes. As Lisa and Sarah dressed the other two young girls made their exit.

Jane lay there alone again once the older girls had left trying to come to terms with what had happened! In the last two hours she had been humiliated by her sister, she had made her friend cum by French kissing her ass! She had drank her friends pee and now she had made a stranger cum and had been made to cum by the same girl and her friend! She wept and prayed Steph would come and release her soon.

With that there was a knock on the bedroom door. A girl of 27 walked into the room and quickly identified Jane. “Oh, hi!” She said. “Your Janey, Stephs little sister!” Jane nodded.
“Wow your hot aren’t you!” Announced Jenna. Jane thought she recognised the voice but she wasn’t sure. Un be known to her she was right. It was Jenna from the ‘Apple House Bar’ in town. She was a barmaid who was paid big bucks to work topless. She wasn’t shy about it as she was fit. Because of her job all the boys knew her and she had gotten to know most of the boys, personally!

“Well, I thought I’d just pop in to see what was going on! I was on my way home from work anyway. It looks like you’ve been having fun! Do you mind if I take this from you?” Without waiting for an answer she pulled the large dildo form Janes pussy. She held it to her nose and praised Jane on her scent. Jane was disgusted but dared say nothing. Jenna, again without waiting for an answer asked if she could have a taste. She did, taking the tip of the dildo in her mouth and twisting it round savouring the taste of Janes young pussy. “Mmmm, that’s so good” she told Jane. “Here you must taste yourself!” With that she forced the object into Janes mouth and explored her mouth with it. She forced it in so deep at one point that it caused Jane to gag uncontrollably and as it was pulled out of her mouth Jane had to spit and rid herself of the saliva it had brought from the back of her throat.
“Oh you like spitting do you little one?” Jenna leaned in and spat on Janes mouth. She instructed her to “Open wide!” As Jane opened up Jenna allowed a large wad of spit to drop slowly into her mouth. Jenna then closed Janes mouth with her hand and waited until she swallowed it down.

“You know what? I’ve gotta pee” Said Jenna. As she stood up to go the the bathroom she noticed the sign which had been dislodged by Lisas gyrating. “Oh! I see you like to be used as a toilet do you Janey?!”
Jane still didn’t know the signs were there of course so presumed Steph had given her some kind of instruction.
Without a second thought Jenna climbed atop of Janes face. The second girl in an hour!
She hitched up her skirt, pulled her knickers down to her ankles and squatted over Jane with her bald cunt less than an inch from her mouth. Jenna reached down and pulled gently on Janes lower jaw, encouraging her to open up to allow her to pee in her mouth.

Jenna let out a steady trickle of urine. She kept pressure on Janes jaw, keeping her mouth wide open. Janes mouth quikly filled up. Jennas legs were stopping Jane from turning her head. The only option she had was to gulp down the warm piss! It took two gulps to drain her mouth. As she swallowed her mouth closed but Jenna continued to pee. It sparyed onto Janes lips and splashed her face. She writhed around trying to escape the horrible taste. Jenna did not let up and opened her mouth again with her hand.
Finally, after two more disgusting mouth fulls of hot piss Jenna was finished. She instructed Jane to lick her vagina clean. Once she was satisfied she stood up, pulled her knickers up and left.

Steph and her friends saw Lisa leave and decided to return to continue Janes humiliation in private!

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