The Medieval Marine Part Nine(1)

The Medieval Marine Part Nine(1)


The night before had been hard on Marion for she was anxious to get the battle over with. They could hear the women’s cries coming from the enemy camp as they were being raped and it was everything that Luke could do to keep Marion and Gabriel under control. He did this by encouraging Marion to turn her anger and anxiety toward making sure the army was ready to go. The three of them went to every unit and visited with the troops for a little bit. Marion made sure that none of them had any questions of why they were there to fight. Of course, none of them did and if they had, the screams coming from the enemy camp answered them. She also made sure that nobody lacked for any gear.

After almost two hours of visiting the troops, it was time for Marion to try and get some sleep. When Marion returned to her tent, Luke stripped her down. The feeling of Luke’s powerful, rough, but gentle hands on her skin made Marion get so wet that she thought that she had peed herself although the smell coming from between her legs was telling a different story. As Luke gently rubbed her skin, Marion was getting goosebumps and her nipples were at full attention. Suddenly Marion wasn’t nearly as tired as she had been only minutes before and before she could stop them, her hands were tearing at Luke’s uniform trying to get it off. Finally, Marion was able to get her hands into Luke’s uniform where she went straight to his cock. Her actions had made it clear that her body wanted to be fucked hard and it was desperate.

Luke picked Marion up with his good arm causing her to squeal like a schoolgirl. It had been so long since they had done this. Luke laid Marion down on her cot while he shed his uniform and Marion was delighted to see that Luke’s cock was already fully at attention and rearing for action. Luke started off trying to be gentle with his wife but she had other ideas for she flipped Luke over and straddled him, impaling herself in the process. As soon as she was sure that she was indeed impaled, Marion started riding Luke for all she was worth. The only sounds that escaped her mouth was the ohhs and awws. As Luke caught up to her, she started making new sounds for she started yipping like a dog and howling like a wolf. The troops outside were grinning ear to ear while they listened to Marion and Luke. When Marion started howling, most of the troops were trying to hold back their riotous laughter as to not disturb Marion; but it was very difficult. Most of them had to get away from Marion’s tent so that they could break out in laughter.

On and on Marion rode Little Luke. Every time Luke leaned her back a bit, his cock would rub on her G-spot and she would cum hard. Marion would then fight to get back upright before Luke would lean her back again. This went on over and over again. Finally, Marion could feel Luke swelling up inside her.

“Oh honey, give it to me, FILL ME UP WITH YOUR HOT CUM!” Marion was yelling as Luke swelled even further. Then Luke exploded. Almost five months of cum and frustration came flooding out. Luke thought the he would never stop cumming and actually lost track of how many times his cock pushed more cum deep inside his wife. As Luke was cumming, Marion was overwhelmed by a massive orgasm of her own. The only thing that had kept her on Luke was his hand locked onto her hip. She was screaming at the tops of her lungs as she cam and her body was shaking so hard that she thought that it might fly apart. As she was finishing, she passed out. Luke then gently moved her to lay next to him as he curled up with her.

As he was falling asleep, a thought crossed his mind and he turned his head so that he could see Gabriel. She was sitting in a chair, near the tent flap.

“You going to join us? You need your sleep too, you know.”

“With all due respect Luke, I’ll stay here tonight for we are in the field after all and the enemy is not too far away. I’ll sleep when I’m dead and since I’m not dead yet; I guard.” With that she looked away signaling that the conversation was over. Luke smiled warmly at Gabriel for he was very fond of her. He then snuggled up against Marion’s soft body and quickly fell asleep.

Gabriel woke Luke and Marion up two hours before sunrise. They didn’t need any encouragement to get up and they were dressed in under five minutes. They took a second to make sure that their uniforms were in order before setting out of their tent. Outside the guard at the tent flap came to attention and presented arms as Luke and Marion stepped out. Marion saluted and thanked the guard before she made her way around to wake the troops. Within half an hour the camp was a beehive. Marion had forbid all fires or other light sources that could give them away. Breakfast would be eaten cold and mostly consisted of veggies and jerky. Luke had banned the consumption of alcohol until after the battle so everyone had milk or water with breakfast. No one was happy about this, but they followed the order to the letter for to disobey would be risking Luke’s wrath and after the incident at the powder mill, nobody, even suicidal maniacs, were willing to risk that. It took almost an hour and a half to get the army into formation and positioned. This time Marion knew that there was no reason for her to give any speeches at all. Just orders and those were nothing major for all the commanders knew the plans.

Slowly the sky started to lighten up. Marion was sitting on her horse where she could just barely see the enemy encampment but they couldn’t see her army for they were behind a small hill. This was going to be a good day for a battle. It was shaping up to be a clear day with a light wind out of the east. This would keep the smoke out of her troops faces and help blow any arrows back at their shooter. As she was watching, she seen the signal from her cavalry that they were in position and ready. She looked behind her and seen the sun was just starting to peak above the eastern horizon. It was now time to start.


In the Lakemen’s camp it was shaping up to be another good day. The sun was just coming out when the noble who was paying for this expedition stepped out of his tent were, he had just finished another enjoyable night with his harem. They were young women, girls really for he liked his bitches with little hair below and non-sagging tits, that had been taken from the villages that they had went through. He was looking forward to fucking Cecilia’s brains out for he had heard of her beauty and her wealth all the way in the lake district and the wealth he badly needed for he was in deep debt from his father’s bad spending habits. As the nobleman looked around, cooking fires were just being lit around the camp and some of the men were starting to move around. So far, they had seen no enemy forces during their march and none of them expected any either.

Just as the nobleman was ordering breakfast a single drummer and a fife player appeared, over the top of a nearby hill. They were playing some tune that the noble had never hear before but was kind of catchy. The tune was one that Marion had got from Luke called The British Grenadiers but almost nobody else knew that. Before he had time to wonder about it, a flagbearer also appeared. The flag was waving gently in the morning breeze but the noble could see the colors. It was a white flag with a bright red cross through the middle. The noble had heard that this was the flag of Marion of York for he had heard fairy tales about her as well but he had discounted these as just that, fairy tales. Now the fairy tales were rapidly turning into a nightmare. She had caught them by complete surprise for the noble could hear the army moving up the backside of the hill with a rhythmic beet. He started shouting the alarm to his men, but many of them were very drowsy and most of them had hangovers. Slowly the enemy troops appeared over the top of the hill and although they were still away off; the noble couldn’t see any pikes or knights. ‘This is going to be easy’ he thought to himself. As he prepared his armor he watched as strange wagons appeared and the men in front of them moved to the side to let them through. The wagons moved up to a position at which they could look down on the whole camp. As he wondered what the hell was going on, the wagons were unhitched from their horses and men started going something with their ends which were pointed right at the camp. The wagons only had two wheels that he could see and looked like they were hauling a tree trunk around.

By this time about half of the noble’s men had formed up and he ordered an immediate charge toward those wagons. As the noble’s men charged up the slight hill, the men near the wagons leaned to one side and covered their ears. What happened next would end the noble’s dreams of wealth and hot pussy.

Luke might have been the top army commander under Marion, but he was also the artillery commander, so this is where he was at. His troops had positioned their guns right where he had wanted them for, he had direct fire at the enemy camp. For this battle, he had placed his guns almost wheel to wheel and then he waited while the enemy closed the distance. For this battle, Luke had the guns loaded with cannister shot in effect turning the cannons into giant shotguns. Each of the balls in the canister shot was about the size of a large marble. When the enemy front lines were three hundred meters away, the wait was over.

“FIRE!” Yelled Luke in a voice that he knew would carry across the battlefield. Across his line, the guns fired in prefect unison and twelve loads of canister went hurling toward the enemy.

“RELOAD!” Luke yelled but this troops were already reloading, after all what else would they be doing on a battlefield; taking a nap? The carnage inflicted on the enemy troops was almost instant and horrendous. The noble watched as some of his men just disintegrated, while others had arms or legs or heads ripped off. This was something that the noble wasn’t used to seeing and he had been in plenty of battles. Still, they were so close, so he called for a full charge. Hopefully he could get under those things before they did that again and then it would be his turn to do the butchering. When they were within only one hundred meters, the noble seen the men lean to the side again and more smoke appear. This time through he was ready and he dove into the dirt. Many of his men followed him and the ones who had been slow were ripped to sherds. As the noble got his feet again, he was disheartened to see the enemy infantry was now in front of those wagons. Then he heard the words of the enemy commander.

Luke had been able to fire two volleys from his cannons, before the enemy had gotten too close. After his second volley, he ordered the infantry, who had been right behind the artillery to the fore and the artillery was to be hooked back up and pulled out of the way. Luke could see that the enemy had been bled badly, but whoever the commander was over there was smart for he had drove into the dirt just before the artillery fired the second time but no worries. This infantry came up in two lines with bayonets already fixed. When they were in position Luke yelled:

“FRONT RANK, KNEEL! AIM! FIRE!” The front rank sent their lead downrange. “RELOAD!”

Next to him the top infantry commander yelled:

“REAR RANK! AIM! FIRE!” The rear rank sent their volley downrange. “RELOAD!”

Again, they repeated this. By this time the enemy was starting to break. Luke then yelled:

“FOR MARION AND YORK… CHARGE!” The infantry let out a war cry as they rapidly advanced. They hit the remaining enemy like a saw and went right through them like a red-hot knife through butter. Any of them who ran were either cut down or shot in the back. Any of them who tried to stand their ground were cut down or shot in the front. Within minutes, the infantry had reached the enemy camp. There they slaughtered any enemy they could find for they had no interest in taking prisoners. Some of the enemy routed and started running down the roads, just trying to get away. There they found cavalry waiting for them and they were cut to pieces. The cavalry had no more interest in taking prisoners then the infantry did for they had heard the rapes that had gone on the night before. In fact, anyone that even tried to surrender was cut down anyway. Everyone figured that Luke didn’t care that much about the enemy troops and they were right; Luke didn’t and in fact some of the prisoner killing was done by him. His excuse was that he thought that they were reaching for hidden weapons.

They were stunned when they started looking through the enemy camp for, they had been extremely rough with the woman that they had taken. Luke ordered that all the camp women be taken immediately to Dr. Alice and they had priority over the enemy wounded. Luke then set up guards over the rest of the camp. Once all the captured gear was inventoried, everyone would get their share. Luke then ordered that the few prisoners that had actually been taken to start digging mass graves for the dead. This was one of the reasons that Luke was a popular commander. He tried to keep his soldier’s workloads to a minimum when it was possible. The dead were to be stripped before they were dumping into the grave and all that gear was to be added to what was taken with the camp. He then sent out scouting parties to make sure that no other enemy troops were in the area. If they found any the orders were simple:

“Use your common sense.” Off rode the cavalry in different directions to search for more enemy troops. Watching all this was Marion and her body guard unit. Marion felt that someone had come up next to her and wasn’t surprised to see that it was Gabriel who had come up next to her.

“He really is one hell of a commander, isn’t he?” For some reason this simple question settled a matter for Marion that she had been pondering for months. She knew that she wasn’t a commander for the battlefield and she had always relied on Luke. Now it was time to act.

“Come on” Marion said cheerfully as she spurred her horse into motion. They rode out into the enemy camp where Luke was dealing with enemy prisoners and captured camp women. As Marion rode up, Luke called for attention and he saluted Marion.

“Well General MacDougall; how long do you need here? I want to get most of the army off and on their way to the lake district. This raid must be punished. Plus, I want the lake district for my own.”

She was secretly pleased to see the stunned look on Luke’s face for although he had never been officially in charge of the army; unofficially that was the way that it worked out. Luke was quick to recover.

“We should need the rest of the day to finish up here. Tomorrow morning, we should be able to get on our way.”

“Good. Carry on General.” Marion said as she turned her horse around for, she wanted to go check in with Alice on the condition of the captured camp women. As they rode off both Marion and Gabriel smiled widely.

“It’s nice to see that you still have some surprises left in you honey.” Teased Gabriel

“Yep, I found it highly enjoyable that I’m still able to surprise Luke as well.”

“So, you going to spend tonight with the general?”

“I sure as hell hope so.” Giggled Marion and Gabriel smiled.

“When the general leaves tomorrow for the lake district, we will take the rest of the men, with the exception of the men in the villages, back to York. We still have much work to do there.” Gabriel nodded her agreement.

The rest of the day was busy for everyone. The dead needed buried, the wounded needed brought to the hospital and Luke had to get his troops ready to march again. The loot had to be inventoried and divided. He had hoped to go be going back to York but he had to admit that Marion’s orders did make sense, but that didn’t mean that he had to like them. Although he didn’t like the orders, he would carry them out to the best of his ability because he firmly believed that the military had to obey their civilian commanders and Marion of York was his. It was this belief that he worked tirelessly to infuse into the new army. Along with disciple, duty, honor, courage.

As the day came to a close, Luke told his troops to turn in early. He was giving them a few hours to relax a bit before they would have to march on. Although his troops were resting, he wasn’t for he still had hours of work ahead of him. In fact, unless he got some help, he wouldn’t even be able to take care of his wife. Luke was working furiously for he desperately wanted to get back to his wife because he didn’t know just how long he was going to be gone for this mission. He first went through and inventoried all the army’s supplies. That took an hour or so. Then he had to make out requisitions so that he could either buy supplies locally or have them brought up from York. That done he went and checked on the soldier’s weapons to make sure that nobody needed repairs made. There was always at least someone who broke something during combat. That done he made sure that everyone had a place to bed down for the evening and that sentries were posted for the night. Luke always using multiple rings of sentries that had overlapping fields of vision. Finally, Luke was able to relax a bit and truth be told, he was exhausted both mentally and physically. He finally was able to drag his sorry ass into Marion’s tent where he found that she had already fell asleep with Gabriel in her arms. Luke smiled at the women and stripped partially down and finding his favorite chair collapsed and fell into his on-guard sleep, meaning that he would wake up every fifteen minutes or so and check the surroundings before going back to sleep. This was a holdover from his days in the corps.


Luke was up early, dressed, and out of the tent before the ladies even woke up. His first stop was to check with the sentries and he learned that everything had been quiet. His next stop was the hospital. If he was going to be going on this campaign then he would be needing medical support. He was surprised to find that Alice was still on duty. After talking things over with her, she agreed to send two of her doctors and the needed supporting nurses and staff with Luke. That taken care of he went back to Marion’s tent where he got the fire going again and started breakfast. He had managed to score some eggs from one of the locals yesterday so that was what he made for breakfast along with some sausage. He did admit that he missed his black pepper and garlic that he used to put on his eggs. At least he did have some salt. As he was finishing up the cooking; the ladies stumbled out of the tent barely dressed. Luke put the lady’s breakfast on their plates and gave them both a glass of fresh milk while he took water for himself.

After breakfast Marion and Gabriel went back in the tent to finish getting dressed while Luke seen to it that his troops were getting ready to leave. It only took Luke an hour to get everything ready to go. One of the things he did was to make sure to say bye to his wife in private. They were only able to hug and kiss a bit under the time constraint but it was enough. The next time they would see each other it wouldn’t be as husband and wife but as commander and subordinate.

Luke got the army assembled and before they left Marion inspected her troops. The troops all moved in perfect unison, almost as if they were one person. Lurking in the back of her mind was the thought that only a year ago this kind of precision was unheard of in a modern military unit and nobody had ever dreamed of weapons anywhere like these. Now she was in command of the deadliest army in the world. After Luke left with his troops, Marion didn’t allow herself time to feel sorry for herself for she had to get back to York. All the cavalry patrols had returned and reported no other enemy troops in the area. Marion left about midday with the remaining four hundred men of her army. The main thing they were doing was escorting Alice’s medical unit and Marion back to York. She made sure to detach units to villages along the route to help secure Luke’s supply lines.

It took Marion four days to get back to York for the wounded really slowed them down. In a way this was a blessing for Marion could take care of some business that she needed to do anyway. She had Pollyanna finish up her surveying work and to start working on laying out a new road. This road would be one of the best that had been built in Britain since the Romans. The road would go from York and eventually reach the lake district. Marion was busy with other things as well. Her authority was still shaky in this area and the local nobles were none too happy with a woman in charge. One of the local castles, Marion had to take under siege. With the highly advanced artillery at her disposal, this only took a couple of hours but still it was annoying and the nobles which held out against her were stripped of all their land and possessions. The land was then sold to the peasants that had formally worked the land. Money from the land sales went right into Marion’s coffers. Problem was that many of the peasants didn’t have the money so Marion would make loans to them that was payable over a set number of years. The noble’s possessions would be divided up among the army with everyone getting a share. It goes without saying that after the first couple of nobles resisted and were dealt with so swiftly that resistance died down.

Getting back to York, Marion paraded the troops right through the city for everyone to see. Marion’s flags were uncased and the army marched to the sound of Rule Britannia. The people went wild as their soldiers passed. At first, they were nervous because most of the army wasn’t there but Marion let it be known that most of the army was on their way to punish the nobles of the lake district for their unprovoked attack on them. After the parade and the party afterwards, it was time to get back to work. Marion wanted the sanitation system of the city drastically improved for she now had enough money to pay for it. That was Pollyanna’s first chore; draw up designs for the sewer system. Pollyanna had to be careful through for her pregnancy was much rougher on her then Marion’s had been. She was sick most mornings and some days she had trouble just getting out of bed. Marion always made sure to stop in and check on her every day. Matt however was doing a really good job of caring for her so Marion wasn’t worried too much. Alice warned that Pollyanna might have to have a C section when the time came for Pollyanna had narrow hips. Marion put Pollyanna on restricted duty. She only would work when she felt up to it. Fortunately, the sewer system wasn’t too complicated so Pollyanna was able to get the plans drawn up good enough so the workers could start work.

Getting back to York, Marion had other problems on her hands for rumors had got out that her and Gabriel were lovers. The preachers that Marion had pissed off by rocking the boat and openly protecting Jews were incensed and quickly started stirring things up. It took a couple of weeks but soon every bible thumper was at Marion’s door, demanding that she and Gabriel stand trial for homosexuality and heresy. Gabriel was scared far worse than she had ever been before for she didn’t want to see Marion hurt.

“Marion, I think we can sneak you out this evening. Once out of town you can head up and join Luke!”

“Leave! Are you mad? If I leave then the forces that we have been fighting will have won and Stella and Tom and Robin would have died in vain. NO! I will not leave! We are going to fight this and we are going to win! Now come with me darling.”

Marion took Gabriel by the hand and lead her to a balcony that overlooked the crowd. Marion made sure that her jewelry was on full display, especially the ring which Luke had made for her. When they came out on the balcony; it didn’t take long for the people to notice them. Marion was pleased to see that her soldiers remained loyal to her. They all knew just how devoted she was to Luke and none of them would very dream of doing anything to piss him off. They figured that this was between Luke, Marion, Gabriel, and God and they were not going to get into it. The crowd however had been whipped up by the fundamentalist preachers and they were after blood.

Marion gripped the railing and looked out over the crowd. She could feel that Gabriel was trying to stay out of sight, but Marion pulled her up to the railing as well. Once there Marion put one of her hands over Gabriel’s and gave it a little squeeze. What Gabriel didn’t know was that Marion had secretly sent a message to Luke, ordering him to return with all speed for rumors were flying about her and Gabriel and Marion knew that things were going to get ugly. She also knew that Cecilia would use this against her for Cecilia had become even more bitter as time passed.

The mood of the crowd was hostile as Gabriel and Marion stood there. Soon Gabriel pulled out one of her guns and shot into the air to silence the crowd. After the crowd quieted down some, Marion began to speak:

“Friends, citizens” She yelled “Why do concern yourself with what I do in my bedroom? Why do you concern yourself with whom I choose love? Do you not have enough to worry you without worrying yourselves about who I share MY bed with?”

“You sinner, you homosexual bitch! You Jew lover!” cried one of the pastors “You will bring the wrath of God down on our heads because of your wicked ways! We demand that Gabriel be burnt at the stake for she has to be some kind of witch. After all who else would create such devilish weapons.”

The crowd roared their approval and Gabriel turned white and started to softly cry. Marion though stayed calm. One she didn’t care about this hypocrite. Two was she had another secret. Marion smiled at a thought. She turned to Gabriel and put one of her hands on Gabriel’s check and turned her face so that they were eye to eye. Gabriel’s crying was almost enough to kill Marion for she loved her so much. Marion made sure that her left hand was to the crowd so that they could see her wedding ring shine in the afternoon light as she pulled Gabriel’s lips to her own and kissed her passionately. This really worked the crowd up and they began to beat on the castle doors for they wanted these lesbians gone.

The crowd burst through the doors and within half an hour had drug Marion and Gabriel out of the castle and had freed Cecilia and her still loyal men, although there wasn’t many of these. Marion’s troops that she had in the castle had been overwhelmed for they were drastically outnumbered. Alice’s medical unit was put in chains and Pollyanna and Matt were arrested. Most of Marion’s troops were in the countryside maintaining order. The pastors had two stakes put up in the town square and brush piled around them. They were going to burn these homos at the stake and hoped that God wouldn’t punish them for these foolish woman’s sins. Cecilia was fully supporting them and was encouraging them. As Cecilia herself was getting ready to lit Marion’s pile on fire; Gabriel called out to Marion with tears streaming down her face:

“I love you, Marion and I always will!!”

“ENOUGH!” A new voice boomed. It seemed like the houses shook and the bells in town toll with the word.


Luke’s army was moving swiftly through the countryside. Anyone who resisted was quickly dealt with for Luke was in no mood to dick around with every petty noble in his path. Villages were secured and bridges built so that Luke’s supplies could keep coming. As the army moved, Luke had laid the foundations for the road that Marion had wanted built. As Luke detached troops to guard villages, he was also actively recruiting and he was recruiting more than he was detaching. All the recruits were put through his training program for the one thing he wasn’t about to do was to risk expanding his army at the cost of quality. At first many of these new recruits rebelled against Luke’s disciple but Luke’s sergeants quickly put an end to that. If they had to, they would beat the disciple into the new recruits for these sergeants were true believers of Luke’s training process. After all they had seen first-hand, the results.

On and on the army marched. They moved like the wind. When they would come into an area for the first time everyone from the nobles to the serfs would be nervous for armies were vicious and were barely more than undisciplined mobs. Luke’s army was different in every way. They paid for their food and drink. Towns that surrendered were not plundered and instead usually seen a massive increase in business for everyone from the tavern keepers to the prostitutes to the formally unemployed who were hired in mass to work on various projects. The nobles were always pissed though for one of the things that always happened was all serfs were freed. Luke’s army would not tolerate serfdom and indeed many of them had previously been serfs. It seemed that every week another noble would rebel and they would be dealt with swiftly and brutally. They would be killed and their former land would be seized and sold to the former serfs who wanted the chance to own their own land.

After a week and a half Luke got an urgent message from Marion. It seemed that somehow word of her and Gabriel had got out and the pastors were stirring the people up against her. She ordered Luke to return to York immediately and with all speed. Now Luke had a serious problem for he was almost a solid week march from York if he took the whole army. Therefore, he decided to take only his most trusted cavalry unit with him. He left orders with is second in command that she was to continue on her way toward the lake district. Luke wasn’t worried about her because she was good and was getting to the point at which being in full command would do her some good. He had explained the situation to her and she understood for she also knew about Marion and Gabriel. In fact, most of the army either knew about them or at least suspected.

Luke was on his way back to York within an hour of getting the message. He rode swiftly and didn’t stop until there was no light with which to see by. If anyone had any complaints, they didn’t speak them for one Luke wouldn’t have listened anyway and two he was sharing in their hardship. Three was that everyone could see just how concerned he was.

The two hundred cavalry troopers that Luke had with him were the best in the army and were making almost eighty kilometers a day and with the news coming out of York, Luke somehow knew that they were still going to be late. Silently he swore to himself that if Marion was murdered that he would level York and kill all the inhabitants.

When Luke got the gates of York, he knew that it was going to be close for most of the gates were unguarded and locked. Finally, he found one that was still manned and they quickly let him in and explained to them all what was going on. Looking at the faces of his troops, Luke could see the anger for Marion had been extremely kind toward them and their families. Plus, they all knew just how much their commander loved her and they were going to punish those who threatened Marion. Luke ordered the gates locked for he didn’t want any of these bastards to escape. Then he ordered the guards to join him. The guards got on some of the horses with the smaller cavalry personal and they were off. They raced down the city streets and soon enough were at the square where Marion and Gabriel were tied to stakes. They were about to be burned. They all heard Gabriel cry out to Marion and any thoughts of mercy for the people in the square vanished.

Luke brought his horse to front and center before his troops and bellowed out:

“ENOUGH!” The sound of his voice stopped everyone in their tracks and everyone turned toward him. His voice seemed to go on forever and the bells in the churches of the town seemed to ring with the word. Cecilia had hardened even further in the last year since Luke had rescued them from the ambush that was supposed to kill Marion.

“There’s the bastard that led so many into sin! KILL HIM for HE is the devil himself and the Lord will protect you!”

With this the crowd started toward Luke. He had other ideas in mind though. He took his rifle, drew up and shot the torch right out of Cecilia’s hand. He then drew his saber and his troops drew theirs.


With that Luke’s cavalry charges into the oncoming mob. What followed was carnage. Luke’s troopers hacked and slashed in every direction. To people who were watching from the buildings it was almost like watching a piece of art in motion. The gold and silver of the sabers reflecting in the evening sunlight; the drops of blood looked like rubies flying in every direction. Luke was the most ferocious of the lot. He charged forward with no care but to get to and save Marion. He slashed left and right; he even used his horse to trample men and woman alike. Afterwards, his troops would swear that the Norse god of war, Oden, was riding on Luke’s shoulders and helped clear the way. As soon as Luke reached Marion, Cecilia took off with her loyal men. Luke stopped just long enough to cut Marion loose before he took off after Cecilia. He quickly cut down her men. He then jumped off his horse and landing on Cecilia, drove her into the ground for he had better ideas on what to do with her. As soon as Luke had cut Marion loose, she ran over and untied Gabriel. They then collapsed and started crying for they had come within a whisker of being burned at the stake and Luke had rescued them in the most dramatic fashion imaginable. By the time they had stopped crying, it was all over. Around the square, hundreds lay dead or dying. Luke had captured Cecilia alive and some of his other troopers had captured the priest who had been stirring the people up. Marion ordered that they all be put in irons and thrown into the dungeon; she would deal with them tomorrow. She ordered the release of anyone who had been arrested by Cecilia. When she seen the way in which they had handled Alice and Pollyanna, Marion almost went and strangled Cecilia herself for both women had been beaten badly. Then Marion learned that some of her men and woman that had been in the hospital had been killed in their beds and that some of the nurses had been raped and the strangled. This was too much for even Marion and she broke down in tears for she felt that this had been all her fault. As bad as Marion felt, Gabriel felt worse. After all, if she had just refused Marion’s love then none of this would have happened. Gabriel then made her mind up that she was going to commit suicide that night. As she was leaving, she felt a large hand on her arm. She stopped and found herself looking into Luke’s bright blue eyes. Whatever else she felt, she owed this man everything.

“Take care of her Luke; she has earned it and she is going places.” Luke seemed to know what was going through her mind just by the look in his eyes.

“Yes, she is. She will go far in life with you at her side.” Gabriel started crying again.

“I can’t protect her through! You see what happened today? If it wasn’t for me none of this would have happened”

“Now Gabriel, do tell me just how you know that? You have a crystal ball of something that will allow you to see into an alternate dimension or something?” When she didn’t answer Luke continued: “That’s right honey, you don’t know. With everything that Marion has been doing, she is bound to stir up the thickheaded idiots who don’t want to lose their power and they will do anything to keep it. Additionally, if the blame for this could be put at anyone’s feet it would be mine. Afterall I saved Marion from William’s ambush, I introduced you to Marion, I encouraged you to be yourself, and I built the weapons that allowed Marion to take power so fast.”

When he finished, Gabriel was silent. Everything Luke had said was true and she knew it. She also knew that her lot would have been far worse under Richard then with Marion. Gabriel lowered her head and she felt Luke’s hand on her chin lifting it back up.

“Never bow your head again Gabriel!” growled Luke “Keep your head up. Be proud of who you are. You are your own person and the choices that you make are your own. Always remember that if there are people in this world that hate you because of who you are; they are also people who love you and will gladly kill or be killed to protect you.”

Gabriel lifted her head slowly. Fresh tears were streaming down her face; only now they were tears of joy. Never again would she question herself; never again would she question her own loyalty to Marion or Luke; never again she swore that she would ever be tempted to take her own life again. She jumped up into Luke’s arms and kissed him fiercely. By now Marion had walked over seeing Gabriel crying and she was concerned. Then Marion watched as Gabriel jumped up into Luke’s arms and she smiled; all was good. She went to stand next to Luke. When Gabriel seen her, she let go of Luke and squealed Marion’s name as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around Marion’s waist and knocked her to the floor but neither of them cared. They were kissing even more fiercely than Gabriel had kissed Luke while Luke looked down on them and smiled warmly. He truly loved both Marion and Gabriel. He also decided that if Gabriel wanted to have a child that Luke would be happy to act as her sperm donor.

After ensuring that her troops were indeed back in control, Marion headed off for bed with Luke and Gabriel in tow. She was mentally and physically exhausted and knew that Gabriel and Luke were as well. When they got back to Marion’s rooms, the ladies started to disrobe but the look on Luke’s face stopped them.

“You can finish stripping for bed in a minute, ladies, but first I have something that I want to say to Gabriel. Gabriel, thank you so much for protecting Marion when I’m not around for you have no idea just how much your actions mean to me. I know that Marion told you that I am a one-woman man but for you I will gladly make an exception. This is something that I should have done a long time ago but I was blinded by my past life and habits. I know that I have no right to ask but can you please accept my apologies for ignoring you for so long.”

Gabriel smiled as she again jumped up into Luke’s arms. This time through she wrapped her legs around Luke’s body and her tongue was wrestling for room in his mouth. This time it was Marion who warmly smiled for she had been wanting Luke to accept Gabriel as a lover for a long time but she knew better than to push Luke. She also knew that nothing would happen tonight for everyone was exhausted. She and Gabriel had just escaped being executed and Luke had been riding hard since well before sunrise. Sure, enough Gabriel started showing signs of exhaustion and Luke had been showing his for a while so as soon as all three were naked; they climbing into bed with Gabriel this time occupying the middle spot with Luke’s arms around her. No sooner they get the blanket over them, then they fall asleep.


The next morning came way too early of any of the trio. They were still snoring away when one of the guards knocked on the door.

“This had better be fucking important!” yelled out Marion who immediately regrated yelling for her head was killing her. The guard was an old hand and was used to Marion’s temper and knew that if something important came up then her temper would go away.

“It is ma’am.” Called out the guard.

“Come in.” said Marion. She knew that the only way the guards would disturb her was if something was important. Marion sat up as the guard came through the door, giving him an excellent view of her breast. The guard was straining not to show any emotion but when Gabriel sat up and stretched, the guard’s disciple nearly broke down.

“Oh hi. What’s up?” was Gabriel’s response to the guard as she got up. The guard was almost whimpering as Gabriel’s powerful and tone ass came into view. When she turned around and revealed her silken smooth pussy, the guard cam in his pants. By this time, Luke was stirring to. He seen Gabriel starting to dress for the day and then he seen the guard’s face and had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing for the guard looked like a young man seeing his first real naked woman. When the guard looked at Luke, Luke thought that the poor guy was going to have a heart attack so Luke just smiled warmly at the man. The guard began to calm down a bit, but it obvious that all he wanted to do was to get out of there and find somewhere private.

“Tell them that we will be right down.” Said Marion as she was climbing out of bed, giving the poor guard another eye full. Luke was beginning to wonder if the guy was going to even make it out of the room. Of course, he knew exactly what the guard was going through for he had felt much the same way the first time he had seen Marion naked, of course though she was much more tone now then she was before. As soon as the man was out the door, Luke couldn’t hold it anymore and fell out of bed; he was laughing so hard. The woman thought that he had gone nuts, Luke was laughing so hard. Eventually he was able to calm down.

“What’s so funny?” asked Gabriel with genuine curiosity.

“You didn’t notice the look on the guards face?” asked Luke

“No why?”

“Because that poor man just cam in his pants when you stood up and when he remembered that I was in the room, he almost dropped dead on the floor.”

“Oh. You sure?” asked Gabriel. Luke just gave the duh look.

“Right. I guess I have a way to go toward reading men, don’t I?”

“Not as much as you might think sweetheart but then again being a man myself and having gone through all the emotions that guy just went through, I do have a bit of an advantage. At least I didn’t have to go through them all at once through like he just did.”

“Ya. Hey Marion, what was the message anyway?”

“Seems like one of the priests that was stirring up trouble yesterday wants to confess something to me. Not sure what he’s thinking because he is going to be executed.”

“Guess there’s only one way to find out.” Was Gabriel’s response.


With that the three of them got dressed and went down to the dungeons. The prison guard snapped to attention when Marion came to the bottom of the steps and opened the door for the trio. Luke stayed at the door with the guard while stepping inside Marion called out:

“We’ll call you when we are done.”

“Yes ma’am” replied the guard.

Marion walked over to the priest’s cell and asked:

“Well, who wanted to talk to me?”

“I did” answered the main priest in yesterday’s riot. “You two actually think that your sinful ways will go unpunished well think again. God will smite you and you will rot in eternal hell!”

“Marion, I didn’t leave a wake-up call from the nuthouse!” whined Gabriel

“Don’t worry for I know that I didn’t and I doubt that Luke did either.”

“Why didn’t the bastard come down here? He too scared to face me?” asked someone from the corner cell.

“Don’t worry about my husband Cecilia for he had more important things to do then listen to the rantings of a bunch of lunatics. Oh, and don’t worry about your execution either for I have something very special in mind for you.”

“You wouldn’t dare execute a man of God!” hissed one of the priests.

“Man of God?” questioned Gabriel “The only thing that I’m seeing is men of Satan for a true man of God would show God’s love to all people and not just the ones who kiss their fat lazy asses.”

With that Gabriel planted a kiss on Marion’s lips.

“Ready to go honey?”

“Yep” with that Marion and Gabriel walked up to the door and told the guard that they were ready. Nobody opened the door for them.

“Guard?” called out Marion.

“See told you bitch. You will be the one rotting in Hell” called out the priest as they opened their cell door and showed the ladies the knife in his hands. The rest of the prisoners came out of their cells with an assortment of knives and swords. Gabriel stepped in front of Marion and pulled her revolvers and started shooting. She dropped ten of the bastards but more were coming at them. Together, Marion and Gabriel drew their swords and were immediately glad they had done so for within seconds Marion had killed two and received a flesh wound while Gabriel had killed three more and had lost a finger.

The women were hemmed in for there was just too many bastards. Suddenly a new sound filled the small room. It was a sharp report that Marion and Gabriel recognized as Luke’s Sig. Twelve times he shot and twelve bastards fell. When he had shot his pistol dry, Luke kicked the door open and flew into the room with all the berserker lust of his Scottish forefathers. He had his sword drawn before he was through the door and he waded into the prisoners slashing left and right. To Marion and Gabriel watching, it seemed like an ancient war demon had been awoken and had stepped into the room. Luke’s sword was larger and he was more powerful than anyone else in the room and he was proving that. Several times an opponent would get their sword up to block one of Luke’s strikes only to find their sword shattered by one of Luke’s mightily swings. Eventually Luke had killed the last of the escaped prisoners. Marion was horrified for Luke was covered with blood but she was relieved when she learned that none of it was his. She jumped into his arms and held on for dear life. Once again Luke had stepped in and saved her life. Marion looked over and seen Cecilia scowling in her cell. Marion then turned to Luke and get him a deep kiss as she reached down and grabbed his cock. Before Luke could even react, Marion had his pants down and was on her knees sucking his cock to full attention. Luke might have been full of adrenaline from the fight but very quickly all the blood was rushing from his big head to his smaller one. The skill in which Marion was able to suck him was unparalleled and he had more than a few lovers over his years. Within thirty seconds his cock was as hard as his sword. In a flash Marion was on her feet and she dropped her pants and leaned over to put her hands on one of the cell doors. The cell belonged to Cecilia. Marion shook her ass at Luke as she looked over her shoulder:

“Well big guy?” Luke came up behind her.

“One thing love.” As Marion stood up, Luke whipped her shirt off of her. Now Cecilia was not only going to have to listen to Luke and Marion but now she was going to have to watch Marion’s breast swing back and forth as Luke pounded her from behind. Marion bent back over and Luke entered her in one thrust. This was easy for him to do because Marion’s pussy was running like a flooded river. As soon as Luke bottomed out, Marion was singing and with each thrust she got louder. As Luke pounded her, Marion made sure that Cecilia was watching her. An added bonus was that the few priest that had got back in their cell before Luke had got to them could see Marion as well. Again, and again, Luke shoved his cock into Marion as far as it would go. Neither of them was aware that a crowd had formed at the door watching and placing bets on who was going to cum first. The crowd was there because they heard Luke shooting while the betting was Gabriel’s idea. She had bet the Marion would not only cum before Luke but that she would cum twice. Others bet that Luke would cum first. If the two cam together then no money would change hands.

“Oh, ya Luke right there! Fucking give it to me!” yelled Marion “That’s right Cecilia, you like watching your slutty little sister get her brains fucked out don’t you. I bet you wish that Luke had his giant cock in your cunt don’t you! Well too bad for this is as close as you’re going to get to it. OH, FUCK ME HARDER DARLINGGG!!” Marion looked over at the priest “Ya you like watching a hot girl get screwed, don’t you? Don’t lie either for I can see your tiny little hard-ons! God no wonder you became priest; no woman or even teen for that matter could feel those tiny things in them!”

Marion then stood up straight but her feet couldn’t touch the ground for Luke was too tall. Luke then leaned her back into his own body and grabbed her breast with his hands and began to bounce her up and down. Marion began shouting at the top of her lungs for Luke to fuck her cunt even harder so Luke began to pull her down onto his cock. This pretty much sent his cock into Marion’s cervix so hard that he pushed his way through and now both of them were screaming. Soon they erupted together. The swelling of Luke’s cock had set Marion off and her convulsing muscles had set Luke off. Luke felt like all his life force was exiting the end of his cock and flooding into Marion; while she felt like she had a torch inside her cunt so hot and powerful was Luke’s cum. She also felt like she had a river flowing out of her which wasn’t far off actually for both her and Luke’s cum was flowing out of her. Suddenly Marion became aware of cheering behind her. She twisted around and seen Gabriel and a number of her troops cheering and Marion began to blush fiercely. As she was already twisted that way anyway, she gave Luke a deep passionate kiss.

Marion got off of Luke’s cock, making sure to make a production out of it for Cecilia. After Marion was back on the floor, she opened her legs to show off her red swollen pussy lips that still had Luke’s cum flowing out of her. Marion also made sure that the priest got an eye full as well. After Marion was done teasing everyone, she picked her clothes up off the floor and made another production of it by shaking her ass at everyone. Finally, Marion put her clothes on and walked over to the crowd;

“So how did we do?”

The crowd looked at each other and all cheered. Marion then took the money that Gabriel had bet on her and Luke’s sex show; smiling while she did so.

“Hey Luke question for you. What happened to the guard at the door?”

“Oh him? Ya… he tried to jump me when those bastards came out of their cells so I had to dispose of him. You’ll find him around the corner with a broken neck. Apparently, your bitchy sister promised him anything he wanted as long as he unlocked the cells, provided them with arms, and lured you down here.”

“Ah, well after later today that won’t be a problem.” Marion left with Luke, Gabriel, and most of the troops. She left a couple of loyal troops behind to guard the prisoners for the rest of their miserable lives. They went to the main hall where court was held. Marion spent the next couple of hours taking care of different bits of business. Finally, it was time to take care of the business that made her sick to think about it.

She called for the prisoners to be brought up. Everyone in the room watched as the prisoners were brought in. After all the shit that had went on down in the dungeon, there was only five prisoners left, four priest and Cecilia. Marion didn’t waste any time betting around the bush.

“You five are guilty of disturbing the peace, rioting against the authorities, murder, attempted murder, and attempting to rebel. For this I am left with no choice but to order your execution”

In the room a little gasp went up. It was unheard of to execute a priest, never mind four of them. What Marion said next really shocked them.

“The four of you priest will be hung by the neck until dead. Cecilia” Marion said turning to her sister “I might have been able to overlook you trying to murder me several time. I might have even been able to overlook you trying to murder my husband Luke or my lover Gabriel, but what is inexcusable is you forces woman and girls into the sex trade because the families couldn’t pay your sky-high taxes or the beatings of Pollyanna and Alice. You setting up the ambush that murdered father and attempted to have me raped and murdered, because you are a greedy two-faced bitch who can only think of herself. Because of that hanging is too good for you. I think the best way to execute you is to kill you with my bare hands.”

Marion did give everyone a chance for last words. None of them had anything to say so she ordered the priest to be taken out to the same square that they were going to burn her and Gabriel in. There they were to be hung in front of the whole town. Marion and her court followed the condemned out to the square. At the square, a city Harold made the judgement against the priest and Cecilia known to the whole city. Marion then had the gallows built and the rope for the hanging obtained. All four of the priests were forced onto the platform where the rope was put around their neck and the platform was pulled out from under them. Marion had forced Cecilia to watch the whole thing.

“You know sis? Before you tried to have me killed during the riot, I was just going to give you a decent amount of money and banish you to somewhere else in Europe. Now you have left me no choice but to kill you.”

“You don’t have the nerve to kill me, you fucking slut!”

“We’ll see about that.”

After the priest were dead as declared by Dr. Alice, they were taken down and their bodies were stripped and fed to the hogs. After the priest were taken away, Marion forced Cecilia onto the platform. The Harold made the announcement about Cecilia’s method of execution. When Marion said her bare hands, she meant her bare hands. The rules were simple. If Cecilia won the she would be given some money and could go anywhere she wanted, and if she lost then she wouldn’t need to worry about it.

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