Tim, the Teenager Part XV

Tim, the Teenager Part XV

Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. I thought I’d try a different look and sentence structure for this chapter, please let me know how you guys like it. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Fifteen By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter V: 9th Grade, Spring 1986 - The North Mansion Part 2 - Are You Free This Evening? (Or A Slave?) (fff, mm foreplay)

"Wow!" Joey exclaimed as we entered the room my father had selected for us.

"Look at THAT!" Suzi exclaimed, pointing up on the wall.

"Holy Shit! How did he get that?" I said amazed.

"Heh. I guess the same place as that one," Joey said pointing behind us.

"Shit," was I could say.

We were looking at life size paintings of the moments I lost my virginities. The first one was of me entering Suzi, and the one behind us was of Joey entering me. I couldn't believe it. I had felt no minds near us watching, and I was positive no one had peaked into our heads.

"But how did he do that? Look! The pillows are even under me. There must have been someone watching us.." I said, almost getting angry. "But I would have felt them! How did he DO that?"

"Well, he didn't get it from one of us.. It looks like the person was standing around the bed. You can even see all our faces in that one, so it couldn't have been from one of us," Suzi analyzed.

"I think I know.." Joey said. "And it would explain why you didn't feel anyone."

"Why? You think someone could shield themselves somehow?" I asked looking at him.

"Nope. I think your dad got it from Mission Impossible or something.. You know. Hidden TV cameras."

I blinked several times, trying to imagine where they would have been in the room nearly two weeks before. I couldn't.

Joey continued. "Tim, you got a strange family. Most people only take pictures of you and your date to a dance or something, not your first sex. Heh, I can't wait to see your family portrait. And I bet your family album is so pornographic, you could start your own magazine company and make Penthouse and Playboy go out of print.... Hey Suz, did I really make a face like that?"

"Yes you did. Am I really that fat? I think I'm gonna have to go back on that diet..."

"Na. I think it is just the way you're laying or something. Besides, your tits aren't that big either."

"Oh thanks. Well I wasn't going to say anything, but they gave you a bigger thingy too. And Tims..."

"GOT it!" I suddenly exclaimed. I walked over to a mirror on the wall, and said, "Here's the camera for this room." I made faces at myself for my hidden audience.

"How do you know?" Suzi said, walking up beside me.

"I'm watching myself through the painter's eyes. No wonder he made you look a little bigger. The screen isn't all that big. I guess he had to improvise a bit. So, do you want our peeping tom to go to sleep?"

"Hey... The one of you and me is at a different angle than yours with Suzi. There probably will be more cameras, and more painters," Joey said, thinking out loud.

"Hmmm. Yep. five toms. Okay, but that still doesn't answer my question. Do we want our love immortalized? Yea, or nae"

"I don't really want strangers watching us like that. It's embarrassing," Suzi said.

"Well, that's one vote yea. Joey?" I asked as Suzi blushed.

"Hmm. I wouldn't mind seeing one with the twins..." he said, blushing towards Joy.

"Joy? .... Honey? .... Okay. I'll leave our peeping toms alone then. Let's check out the rest of the room."

Joey and I took the twin's leashes off and tossed them on a table while Suzi checked out the bed.

"Yep. It's a water bed," Suzi announced. "And there's a huge mirror above it! Wow. I never thought about watching yourself make love.."

"Awe!, I like that idea," Joey said, hurrying up beside Suzi.

"Hey, go check out the bathroom and see if there's a jet bath or something. I gotta ask the twins something," I said.

"Uhm. Okay, I guess," Joey said a little suspicious.

"Oh, don't worry Joey. He's not gonna pull any more tricks," Suzi said giving me a warning glare. Then they went into the bathroom, and immediately started their ewws and awes.

"Hey," I said softly to the twins. "You two right now are free, remember? You don't have to be so... uhm... willing or servant like. What I mean is, Joey and Suzi won't be comfortable if you two wait to be told to do something, you know? Just do what you feel like doing, and don't worry about how you could be pleasing us. The best way you could please us is to let us please you, okay? Try to act a little more.... uhm.... well, like us. Do what you want, you know?"

The girls stood there, looking at each other. Then they looked at me, and I understood. "Yeah! That would be great! I know we all would like that. But, you only have to do it if you want too, you got that? Good. Oh, man. This will be so cool. See? You're getting what you want, and I am too. Works better this way."

"Oh, hey Joy? Joey really likes you... Maybe because your name and his are so much alike. I don't know. But if you want.. and only if you want.. do you want him to take yours instead of me? I could do your back door, while Honey...

"No, nothing like that. I could never choose between you two. It's just that... well, Joey really does like you a lot, and I kinda feel that you should have special feelings for the person who takes your virginity. And I know he has them for you. But if I do both of you, I have to do someone first, and then the second one wouldn't be... as special, you know? Yeah, he's a good lover. I know that first hand. And like I said, I really couldn't choose between you two. If you two want, Honey could let Joey do her instead, or we could just flip a coin..

"Cool. Okay. You sure, right? I didn't mean to talk you into something you didn't want to do... Okay... Cool."

"Oh, and Joy?" I said taking a step up to her so my face was in front of hers. "I love you, you sweet and lovable thing you." And then I kissed her like the woman she was. "Now, Honey... You'll get plenty of that later, so don't be pu.. MMPHH" I said as Honey forced herself on my lips and gave me the same kiss I had just given Joy.

"Okay, okay. You're right. Free women for the night. You don't have to do a thing I say," I said, looking into her sparkling eyes. "But we better get the others before we do anything else, otherwise we might not be able to stop ourselves. Let's go find out what they were ewwing about."

We found Joey and Suzi in the largest bath tub I had ever seen, taking a bubble bath. Suzi was sitting with her back against the side of the tub, and Joey was kissing her, pressing his body over hers. It was a very tender and loving embrace, and very inspirational. When the twins started to get into the tub ahead of me, Joey disengaged, and sat down next to Suzi.

"Sorry," he said. "But we figured you three were gonna get started and..."

"What, without you two? Never."

"Hey, what's going on?" Joey said as Joy sat down next to him, draping herself against him. Honey sat down next to Suzi, and gave Suz a warm smile.

"Joey? Joy would like you to take hers instead of me. But first they want to give Suz a little female attention so she doesn't feel left out."

"Huh?" Joey said, almost squeaking.

"Tim," Suzi began. "I know you're trying to make me feel more comfortable, but I don't want you making them do..."

"Guys, they are free right now. They are only doing what they want, not what I want them too. I admit I suggested that Joy had hers taken by Joey. But what they want to do with you, Suz, was entirely their idea."

"But I... They? You?..." Suzi said, torn.

Honey made up Suzi's mind for her by placing her smiling face in front of Suzi's, then gave her a gentle kiss. My already hard dick went to full attention, seeing the two girls kiss.

"Shit. No wonder Suzi gets so wet when she thinks of us doing it," Joey said before I could.

"Yeah," was all I could say as Honey assumed the position that Joey had been in when we had entered the bathroom.

When Joy went over to join them, I said, "I wish the damn bubbles weren't in the way! You can't really see much."

I finally climbed into the tub, not taking my eyes off the wiggling mass of skin. Then I felt Joey's eyes on me, so I looked back at him. He motioned with his eyes towards the girls, indicating for us to launch an attack. I smiled and nodded, and instead of me sitting down, Joey got up.

"GRRRRRRR," we both exclaimed as we each grabbed a twin.

We managed to stay on our feet, as we carried the two giggling and struggling girls to the other side of the tub. I nearly dropped Joy when I realized her giggles were the first sound I had ever heard them make. (Although I realized later that I had heard them whimpering, so I should have realized they did have vocal cords.)

Suzi wasn't so happy. "What did you do that for? You guys just can't stand not being apart of all the fun all the time, can you. I was enjoying that!"

"Come on Suz. You watched everything Joey and I did. Let’s get out and get on the water bed. I promise Joey and I won't stop you or anything unless we're asked too."

"Men! Joy and Honey? Just remember this. Men are..... PRICKS!" she spatted.

Joy and Honey just looked at Suzi with blank faces.

Suzi sighed, then said, "No, I know they have pricks. I just meant.. Oh, never mind. You'll figure it out sooner or later. Now, I want you two pricks to lift me out, dry me off, and carry me to the bed. Otherwise, I'm staying right here." Suzi said with a satisfied look.

"Come on, Tim. She means it," Joey said, letting Honey go.

Not only did we have to lift out, dry, and carry Suzi, but the twins too. I thought they were carrying this free woman stuff a bit too far, with me and Joey playing the slaves, but I wasn't going to spoil their fun. Besides, Joey and I really didn't mind all the skin contact. As we carried the limp Honey out, Suzi was already on top of Joy, sucking on her left breast. Joey and my dicks swung up so fast that mine slapped against the bottom of Honey's bare thigh. Honey took no notice, however. Once she was on the bed, she scampered over to the two, crawled under Suzi between the two to begin suckling at her nipple. Joey just stood there, dick in hand, hypnotized by the lesbian action in front of us.

I was also just as interested, but wanted to have some kind of action myself. So, with my eyes fixed on the sucking and wiggling mass, I walked over behind Joey, and ran my hand down his left butt cheek, just barely brushing his crack. He pushed back, but I held him forward. My hand pushed in between his thighs, and he parted them for me. I inserted my dick between his legs, then he clamped them around it. I was reaching around to grab his, but he stopped my hand before it got there. He didn't want me to miss the show, and just used his own hand. I put my arms around him loosely, began slowly humping him while I licked and kissed his bare shoulder.

The entire time, our eyes never left the action on the bed. Suzi and Honey were busily frenching each other madly. Joy was on her back, working on Suzi's slit with her tongue, while using her left hand on her sister's. Suzi began a rhythmic humping, which stimulated Honey to do the same. It was obvious that Joy craved to hump something herself, but her right hand was busy keeping Suzi from suffocating her. I was strongly tempted to assist her, but knew better than to interfere. Soon the girls began to change in positions, giving Suzi a glance at what Joey and I were doing. The burst of horniness from what she saw launched Suzi into Joy's sopping cunt, bringing a squeal from both the twins. I just then realized that they shared some sort of link beyond their empathic one.

The girls formed a twisting circle, each in between the legs of another. The tongues and lips worked slowly and gently at first, building up speed and energy until they were frantic and desperate. They began to wiggle under each other's attempts to bring themselves to a climax, gasps and even a few moans escaping from their otherwise occupied mouths. I realized that I would probably orgasm with them if I didn't stop, and as I slipped my hand down to Joey's legs to indicate I wished to be released, the motions on the bed escalated. Hands grasped wiggling buttockses while muffled cries of release came from Suzi.

My dick fell free of Joey's thighs, but not due to my signal. Joey's legs had buckled as he spurted his load onto the bed. I managed to keep our balance while supporting Joey during his shutters and jerks. It had been a pity the mass of struggling flesh on the bed had been out of range, otherwise the cum might have not been such a waste, soaking into the bedspread like that. I eased Joey down to the floor so he could enjoy his buzz. I laid his shoulders and head against my tummy and chest, and realized I was holding him like Sandra had held me, and found his heartbeat to be very comforting.

"Well I'll be a monkey's Uncle." I said to myself.

Joey replied, "Yeah.... Uncle.... Monkey..... Yeah....", then looked up at me grinning.

"Yeah...." I just grinned back, comprehending his own little joke on Suzi earlier, and then gave him a peck on the forehead. He hadn't actually been that close to coming when I made my bet with Suzi.

After resting a few minutes, Joey looked back up at me and asked, "Hey. Didn't Sherman say something about food and entertainment while we where in the .. uhm, what's it called?"

"The North Study. And don't ask me why it is called that. I don't have a clue. Yeah, there was food and entertainment waiting, but I didn't think anyone was hungry, and I knew Suzi wasn't ready for that kind of entertainment. So, I just never called them in. I was thinking about just having dinner in there, because the entertainment is the food. Well, sorta."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Trust me. You'll like it. But not after cumming like that. For this kind of entertainment, you have to be horny to like it."

Joey's dick perked up, and he said, "Hey, you know I'm always horny."

"Yeah, I know. Hey, come to think of it, I'm getting kind of hor... hungry. Heh. But we need to get Suzi in the mood. How about we..." I said as I flashed him a few mental pictures.

"Yeah, Okay. But wait. Do you think we'll be able to stop her from getting some for herself? She just might lay into the twins again with it."

"Hmm. Good point. What about we don't actually do it, just look like we are about to.."

"Yeah..... Okay..... Yeah....." he said, grinning evilly.

We got up, and almost canceled our plan when we found the girls were holding each other, slurping each others faces happily. Joey and I looked at each other, then Joey bent his head towards the fridge. I nodded, and we went to get our supplies. Joey and I had done a little research. We had gone through all of his skin magazines, looking for ideas to try. That's how we figured out why there was a fridge in the room with a strange assortment of food goods. As we walked back over to the bed with our weapons of lust, we decided it would be safer if we did it to Joey instead of me since he had just cum. The bed was even larger than the last one, but we wanted to make sure we got Suzi's undivided attention.

"Excuse us," Joey said, climbing over their legs to get to the bigger side of the bed. I tossed him the can of whip cream, then the chocolate syrup and followed his path.

"What are you two going to do with that?" Suzi asked, unimaginatively.

"I'm going to make myself a hot dog sundae," I said, taking the whip cream cap off. I stalled a bit by reading the directions, then started shaking the can. "Hey Joey, what does this remind you of?" I said, as I shook the can.

"Duh.. kinda looks like you're jerkin' me off, Tim. Hey, should I put the chocolate syrup on before or after the whip cream?"

"Well," I paused appearing to think it over, "how about both. I think a layer of chocolate syrup, followed my whip cream, then another layer of chocolate would go very nicely with your hot dog. Unless you want some of those cherries also."

"Hey yeah, but only one. I only have one cherry left. I wonder if..."

"Guuuuuhhh!" Suzi said as she scrabbled towards us.

Luckily we were prepared, and launched ourselves off the waterbed and ran like the wind. She chased us naked all the way to the study, and by the time we reached our spots, she had forgotten what she had been chasing us for. But she quickly remembered after Joey and I started using the chocolate and whip cream on each other, smearing it all over our bodies.

"Shit Joey, you're really starting to turn me on. This is really turning out hot!"

"Yeah," Joey said before he licked my left nipple that he had just covered with the whip cream and chocolate mixture.

"Shit Joey. Remember what we're doing this for," I said, spotting Suzi coming in the entrance. "Here she comes. Shit, Fuck, Damn, Joey, are you listening to me?"

He let his tongue travel up my chocolate covered chest and neck, then looked in my eyes and said, "Gotcha."

"Heh. Yeah...... Gotcha..... Yeah....." I said grinning.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Suzi getting on the cushions farther down from us. I said, "Hook, line, and sinker, Joe."

I called for Sandra and the others, and then called for the entertainment and food. As people started to get very busy below us, Suzi decided that our show was over, but the real one was about to begin. So she crawled over and sat on the other side of Joey from me.

"I take it you two were getting tired of boy talk?" She said as she laid back against the man's smooth chest. She ran her fingers across his chest, and smiled warmly to him.

Joey replied, "Nah. Couldn't you tell? We got hungry."

"Yeah, but hungry for what," Suzi said, grinning.

She had recovered from her horniness, and as I spotted our first course walking up, I knew I had to act fast.

"Hungry for this," I said as I crawled over to Joey. I began licking the bronze coating off his tummy, while I took hold of his bronze dick and stroked it a few times. I heard them both gasp, and then Joey's hands came up to help. I checked Suzi's progress, and saw that her oven was almost finished preheating. In a single motion, my tongue traveled up from top of this tummy, through the valley of his chest, and rested my sucking lips on his neck. My body was lying on top of his, his hardon pulsing against my tummy. I couldn't help but to sloppily clean his neck before I stopped and got back to my seat before either of them knew what happened.

"Okay, you two, snap out of it. The grub is here. And I don't want to hear any complaints about the china, because these people have been preparing since last week."

"Huh?" Joey asked, looking around.

There were five women and a man waiting to join us on the cushions. I signaled them to proceed, while below us the cooking carts and servants filed in like a circus. The first three women who joined us on the cushions each sat down beside one of us. They were shockingly overweight compared with the rest of the women seen, their jugs even more so. We were automatically laid down a bit more, and the heavy women took a position slightly behind us and swung one of their heavy breasts across the shoulder of our 'seats'.

"No way!" Joey exclaimed in delight.

"Timmy, I am not going to do this!" Suzi said harshly.

"Suz, like I said. These people have been preparing for a week. Someone has to, otherwise they will be in pain tomorrow. I didn't have anything to do with this. I only learned of it when I check to see what the entertainment was. I promise, if you don't like it, I will make sure my father doesn't do this again. I know how it seems to you, but everything these people are doing gives them pleasure. Do you want to keep that from them?"

"Don't try and make it sound like I'm the one doing something wrong! This isn't right and you know it!"

"Suz, talk to Tanya, the woman who is offering you her breast. Yes, all these people have had their lives taken away from them by my father. That's what's wrong, and I despise him for that. But these people are innocent. They only can be happy by doing what my father wants, and right now Tanya would be emotionally devastated if you didn't accept her breast. The damage is done, Suzi. You can only make it worse by not going through with it.

"My father has set all of this up to corrupt us. We can't let him do that, but we can't hurt these people either. Please, trust me, Suzi. Just accept what they offer you. The only way we can beat my father is by getting to know each one of these poor people he throws at us. As long as we see them as the people they are, and not some.... possession, we will be doing what is best. All right?"

Suzi was quite for a moment, then asked Tanya about it. After several minutes of chatting with not just Tanya, but with Terry whose chest she was laying against, and Chris, the man who had also joined us on the cushions to serve Suzi her food, she sighed.

"All right, Tim," she said a moment later. "But I wish you would explain these things BEFORE you shock us with this kind of stuff."

Joey piped in, "Yeah, but it isn't as fun."

I spotted the twins finally arriving. I had sent someone to inform them what had happened right after Suzi left the bedroom. They wouldn't go anywhere without being put on leash and having someone hold it as they lead the way here. And since they never rush anything, they just had arrived. They were about to take their usual places when the two men I had called arrived and offered their chests.

"What?" I said when the twins disapproved. "Come on girls.. Just once... Hrrrr.. okay. fine. But I'm fine just the way I am, and so is Joey. And so is Suzi, so don't even ask her."

"What are you three arguing about?" Joey asked.

"What do you think? They're just a couple of stupid slave girls, and they will never be anything else... I've been so STUPID! I wanted to give them something that my father would never give them: free will. But they will never be more than a couple of well trained bitches." I got up, shaking, I was so angry.

"They want to fuck us so they can go and fuck their Master. Well, I don't fuck animals. So fuck off. All of you. FUCK OFF!" I said to the entire household.

Then without waiting for a reply, I stormed off. I left the study, went straight to my room, jumped in the shower to rinse off, then got dressed. I was about to leave the room when the twins showed up, a servant holding their leashes.

"What the fuck are you two doing here? I didn't call for a blow job. Get the fuck out."

They didn't budge. I knew my plan wasn't really working because they just stood there emotionless. I had expected them to be upset, but they were only mildly concerned. I dropped my anger which I was feeding using every teenage trick I knew.

I said, "Look... I don't accept you two as being people when you wear a leash just to walk around the house. If you two can't get it through your heads you have just as much right to do what you want as I or my father do.. Go fuck a slave, because that is all you'll ever be."

That did upset them, mostly because I had truly meant it. They were throwing all sorts of mixed emotions at me, begging me to stop.

"You're not listening. I don't want to hurt you two. I want to help you. But you're part of my father's plan. He knew I would try and break his hold over you two. You're his slaves, that's all you know how to be, and that's all you want to be. You don't want to be freed because you're happy to be his. I'm sorry, but I can't free you. You have to do it yourself. And I am not going to play this game any longer.

"I'm going home. No, I'm not coming back. Not while you two are wearing collars, refusing to be treated as the princesses you two are. You should have your own rooms, bigger and better than this one. You should have friends! No, not slaves that you bathe with! You know, people your own age, who like you, and you like them. NO! Not because your father told them! They tell themselves!"

Suzi and Joey popped in, and were about to speak, but I cut them off. "Get dressed. We are leaving. I came here mostly because of these too. But they're just as mindless as the rest of my father's slaves."

"But, I thought..." Joey started.

"Shut up Joey. Get dressed and let’s go home."

"Why! Come on Tim! You keep making decisions for all of us with out talking to us first! You said the twins can't be controlled."

"I was wrong, okay? Look Joey. When they walked into the study wearing those leashes, it all fell together. My father is using them to get me. When I couldn't take them away from him last time, he knew I wouldn't give up. And he was right. If we stay and take their virginities, he's won. I don't make love with slaves."

"Timmy," Suzi started, "I think you're making more of this, just like you did with your dream and everything."

"What? You want proof? Okay. Fine. Do you really think they are free to do whatever they want?"

"Well, yes, within reason."

"Okay. My father made me Master while he was away. If they are really free, then if I give them a command that they really don't want to do, they wouldn't do it, right?"

"Well, only if they haven't been taught differently. You can't expect them to have the same values, you know."

"I know. Okay. Tell you what. I'll fuck the twins if they can refuse my next command. How about that."

I turned to the girls and said, "You want something, you want it very badly because you love my father. Yes.. I know you love me too. But this isn't about love. This is about free will. Me and Joey will go through with all of this fucking if you can show me you are truly free.

"I am the Master of this household, and I command you two to suck and lick my dick as hard and fast as you can. That's what you are. Suck slaves. Come suck your Master's dick, slaves.."

With tears in their eyes, they obeyed. They hurried over to me, pulled my shorts down, then began to worship my dong. I started crying too. They really were slaves. But I continued anyway.

"Thats it. You are property. My property. Suck and lick you Master's dick. That's all you want in life. To suck and swallow his cum. Everything you are is to please your Master. His cum, his balls, his dick. That's all your world will ever be. Suck your Master. Suck him good. That's a good slave. Good fucken suck slaaaave?"

I couldn't stand it any more. I started bawlin', all the while they sucked and licked. And yet I exploded in Honey's mouth.

Before she could do anything with it, I yelled "Spit it out!"

She did. Joey and Suzi had gotten dressed very unhappily.

I pulled my pants up and said, "I guess I named you two wrong. You should have been Suck and Lick. Goodbye Suck and Lick. I will never see you again," and walked out the door carrying my suitcase.

Joey and Suzi followed, not saying a word. We reached the main doors, and they began to open. Another limo I had requested was waiting to take us home. I asked Fanny for my coin, then said goodbye to Sherman and reached out and said goodbye to the rest of the slaves I knew. I was streaming with tears by the time I got in the limo, and once the door was shut, I was bawling out on Suzi's shoulder for a good five minutes. When I worked enough of it out, I realized we hadn't started to move yet.

I issued the commands to the driver, then whispered "Goodbye, Joy and Honey. I'm sorry," as the limo was put into gear.

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The extraction

THE EXTRACTION - O_o stories It was a Saturday morning and I was on my home from a friends birthday party. I had left at one o’clock, because people had started to throw food and empty bottles around the place. I felt drowsy. I had had too much myself and just wanted to go home. Passing the local supermarket I crossed the high street. There was white van parked a few steps in front of me. The street lamp above it flickered and made my eyes water in the semi-darkness. As I walked passed the van, the engine started and the...


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My one sister, one wife & one mother-in-law

Me and my sister Sally had been fucking each other for some years and to make it less obvious to other’s we were fucking l would allow her to go out with boys but under no circumstances was she ever to do anything with them, l would check her pussy to make sure she wasn’t wet or sticky. We had begun to experiment with bondage with me giving her a whip and slapping, we had quite a collection of toys, l would often call her my slut bitch; my sister would do whatever l wanted her to do. I was preferring...


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Summer at Pond Cove - Chapter 01

Walter has just finished college and is spending one last summer taking care of his weird uncle’s cabin located on Pond Cove, a secluded area surrounded by a government nature preserve. All of the other owners, except one, have been bought out by the government which wants to turn Pond Cove into a frog sanctuary. Walter meets his neighbors for the summer– six sorority sisters who are spending one last summer together. Things get a little warm... and a little weird... as Walter learns about his submissive side from the hands of some expert teachers. This story stands on its own...


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