Pushing the boundaries.

Pushing the boundaries.

I had been married to Tina for 3 years. Right from the start she surprised me with the games she played. At first it was simply walking into the lounge naked knowing no matter what time of day or night I would immediately get horny and fuck her. She do it sometimes when the TV was on and I was watching my favourite TV show. She said she wanted to see if she meant more to me than a silly TV show. Just to make sure I was distracted she would insist I lie on the floor and she would sit on me face so I couldn’t see anything but her delicious pussy.

She saw a woman in the supermarket one day wear a short skirt that barely covered her arse and a top so low cut her boobs were almost falling out. “Look at that” she whispered “would you like me to dress like that?” Of course while happily perving on the woman in question there was no way I wanted my wife to show herself like that in public. Apparently that was the wrong answer because not two weeks later we were going shopping and she came out of the bedroom dressed almost identical. I told her no way were we going out like that despite the fact that had barred up. “Feel my pussy” she said. I did, though her knickers and they were soaked. “Let me dress like this and will suck you off afterwards” she said. Regardless of my displeasure I could not pass up her offer. By the time we got back home her pussy was super soaked and we fucked instead.

After that initial exhibition she did it regularly. Either in what she called her “slut outfit” or a conservative dress but with a bra or knickers. We were in a woman’s shoe shop (not my favourite thing to do) and this woman was serving her. Tina was dressed in a summer dress and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra was very obvious. The woman was showing her shoes and chatting but I could see she was looking at Tina lustfully. Like any guy I immediately barred up at the thought of them getting it on. Tina had never shown any interest in women but her cheeks were flushed and her nipples were plain to see. Was she getting turned on?

When we got home she was hot to trot. After a particularly vigorous fuck I asked her about what she was thinking in the show shop. She tried to change the subject which made me more determined to get an answer. Finally she agreed that dressing up got her turned on when both men and women perved on her. I asked again about the shoe shop and she admitted that she was turned on knowing that the woman serving her was getting excited. “Would you like to make out with a woman” I asked. She thumped me on the arm. “I am not interested” she said. I told her I didn’t believe her. She thumped me again. Then she said “I will make out with a woman the day after you make out with a man”. Boy, did that end the conversation.

She continued her little exhibitions and I could see that, yes, having people stare at her got her excited. Another episode in a woman’s clothing shop convinced me that she was thinking about it. I was sitting on a chair like a dutiful husband while she tried on a dress. She opened the door and asked the woman to help her do it up. As the woman approached Tina let the dress slip down revealing one of her boobs. The woman quickly pulled the dress up and helped her zip it up. She looked over at me and gave me this wicked grin. I was left in no doubt she had done it deliberately. Back home she admitted it. Tina said the woman was so attractive and she decided to tease her. Again I asked if she was thinking about making out with a woman and I got the same answer “You first”.

As I said, she liked to play games. One Saturday she said it would be fun to wear a blindfold and be teased, not knowing what would happen. She suggested I tie her to chair naked, blindfold her and then do things to her as a surprise. It sounded pretty lame really but I agreed. She got naked and I tied her up. Then I blindfolded her. She sat there all excited and I did nothing. “Do something” she yelled. I did nothing. “Come on do something” she was screaming now. I gave her little slap on the leg and she jumped. I slap again, this time harder. She moaned. My God she was loving it. I twisted her nipples and made her scream and then slapped her boobs. She was shaking all over and breathing heavy. I couldn’t wait. I untied her but left the blindfold on and then fucked her doggy style. She came so quickly I thought she was faking. I wasn’t as I came as well.

Once she calmed down she said it was so exciting and I should try it. I said ok but she said we had to have coffee first. A bit odd but I said ok. We had coffee and then she said I should get naked and sit on the chair. She tied me up and blindfolded me. She did to me what I did to her. Slapping my legs and squeezing my nipples. She twisted them and it hurt. Then she began to play with my cock, stroking it. I moaned and she fondled my balls. Then the bloody front door bell went. I heard chatter and then she walked back into the room and resumed stroking my cock. “Who was that?” I asked “Nobody” she said “wrong house”. Then I felt my cock being sucked. It felt so good. Normally she just sucked the first couple of inches but this time my cock went balls deep. I moaned and kept squealing “yes babe, oh yes”.

I was getting close to cumming and said so as she had never giving me a full blow job. But the sucking continued. I said it again and then my blindfold was removed. “Oh fuck” I screamed “what the fuck?” I was looking at this guy sucking my cock and my wife standing there smiling. I struggled and then my orgasm took over. This guy sucked my cock until I didn’t have a drop left and he swallowed the lot. “Fucking untie me” I screamed. My wife hurried the guy out the front door and then came back still smiling. “Oh darling you really were enjoying that” she said “I said you had to go first”. Then it hit me. “You cunning bitch” I said “you set me up”. And yes she did. She went to one of those personal contact sites on the internet and hired this gay bloke to suck me off. She admitted she had paid him to do it. Timed perfectly she watched the clock so I was tied up and blindfolded before the guy arrived. He took off his shoes at the front door so I didn’t hear him enter.

Of course the upshot of this was that Tina had decided to try making out with a woman. She found Leslie on the same site. On the following Saturday Leslie arrived at 2pm. She was lesbian and I was forbidden to touch her. However I was allowed to watch as my darling wife had her first lesbian encounter. I sat by the bed and watched two beautiful naked women make each cum several times. I have no doubt Leslie enjoyed watching me suffer as she had my wife squealing and moaning. Afterwards Tina was so turned on that we fucked three times that night. She was so wired. The next day she told me how she found Leslie and what they discussed.

Tina has had a couple more sessions with women since and she wants to contact a couple. A bisexual couple and she wants to watch me make out with a guy. I am not sure but I have no doubt that what Tina wants Tina will get. Maybe it could be fun. My mind is open to at least trying it – once.

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