Pervert Camp day 2

Pervert Camp day 2

Please read the first part. It has been years since I wrote the first part ...

By the next day, her hands had healed and didn't need my help at all. I had slept till late after fapping the fuck out of myself. I hadn't expected her to be such a perv. I knew I was one but did not know about her. She didn't behave different or surprised with what had happened a day before. I didn't even know what it was supposed to be from here on. I tried to test waters.

"how are your hands now mom?" I asked.

"I am good now." she replied coldly and left the tent.

There were no signs of her asking for more help or any mention about what happened. I realized that she didn't want to discuss about it any more and was supposed to be a one off incident. Yeah we got to know about each other but may be that was all. We were in camp and hence a bit of work to get things going. I went around to get some woods from the forest while she began setting up the table for breakfast.

While picking woods, all I could picture was fingering her. Her warm nice pussy overflowing with the juices I had touched and felt yesterday for as long as I wanted. I could not gather enough woods. Of course my mind was elsewhere and I could not stop thinking. Since I was hungry, I went back to the tent with whatever I had.

"Could only find few. Will get more in the afternoon" I told her while arranging the woods.

"It is fine" she replied. Again, literally no interest from her. It was as if nothing had happened.

She had prepared the breakfast. It was ham sandwich. She decided to tie the hammock and read a book and I, well decided to go back to the tent again. We were all alone there and I had nothing much to do. She was enjoying the nature while I just sat and again pictured what I had seen. It was soon afternoon. My job was to setup the barbecue. I hear her coming to the tent.

"Why haven't you setup the barbecue?" she asked coldly.

"On it" I replied and got up.

"You are nothing but lazy" she said while picking up potatoes from the sack.

We were going to have veg barbecue for lunch. I picked up the barbecue and placed it on a stable surface near the tent. I arranged the twigs at the bottom and poured some oil into it. There was no way I could have lit up those fresh twigs. Thankfully the lighter I had was doing the job. Had it been matches, it would have taken ages to light them up.

"I will be back!" suddenly she spoke to me and left for the woods towards the lake.

Was it? Was she going to pee? What should I do? I was still lighting those twigs. Should I follow her? While my mind was rushing through these thoughts when she came back and said " I forgot the tissues" and left again.

YES. I knew she was going for it. I didn't know if she wanted it again. Hell she was my mother, I shouldn't be doing it. For a moment I decided not to follow her. But I couldn't resist seeing her. I put on my slippers and took the path she took. She couldn't have been far away. There weren't many paths there and the one towards the lake was the only one.

The wind was blowing through the trees and there was the usual sound of the jungle with a bird or two making occasional chirps. I had to walk fast but without making any noise. I had to look towards the ground to step on the place with no sticks to avoid making any noise. I had to look in the jungle to see where she was. It was all very difficult. I looked left and right deep into the woods and then took steps. But I could not stop picturing her naked and peeing.

Suddenly I hear a hush sound towards the lake. There was a slight downwards slope with lots of small plants and bushes followed by a small clear ground and then the lake. This was not on the trail. I knew i had to look for her fast. I bent down and crawled into the bushes. I was under the bushes now and was not visible until someone got in. I had the perfect opportunity. It was like a video game where you had to do a mission. It was easy to hide in those bushes but I was getting scratched here and there. I was moving steadily so as to not make sudden noise.

THERE she was!. At last I found her. She wasn't facing me but the lake. She was doing it. I could see her stream, I could literally smell it even though I was at a distance. She was naked waist down and her ass was visible in all glory. Today I took my own time to see her ass. Her asshole was also visible but wasn't very clear as I was at a distance. She peed for may be 10 more seconds and she was done. I was late. I could only see her ass and hole while she cleaned herself. She got up, wore her pants and left while I was still hidden in the bushes watching her. Thankfully she took the trail and didn't venture through the bushes.

Once she left, I came out of the bushes and smelled her pee from the ground. I almost licked it twice while trying to smell too much. This adventure was all too much for me. I fapped on her pee and then buried it. I could not stop imagining her ass. Wow, she was great.

I couldn't stay long because she had expected me to be back there at the tent, setting up the barbecue. I took a different path and went back. I also picked up few twigs on the way.

"Wow, you look battered" she said when she saw me all in scratches.

"Yeah, had to get some dry wood." I spoke and went back setting up the barbecue. She hopped back into the hammock and started to read her book again while waiting for the barbecue to heat up.

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