Cross-dressing camper Part 2

Cross-dressing camper Part 2

So there I was still shaking and standing between John's legs with my hands on his knees and him sitting there with no pants on still catching our breath when we hear someone yell "John" and a flashlight comes our way. I'm sure we looked like deer in the headlights when the flashlight hits us and didn't move. "John! What the? Who is this?" as his pace picked up and he got closer to us."Uhh, Steven umm uh" John replied  "We send  you for firewood and you get some action in. Lucky Bastard." "I'm Steven" he said to me, not sure if we shake hands or what to do in a situation like this. I'm still speechless and he says "what are you wearing dude? That's hot". I introduced myself and grabbed my beer and took a big long swig. I'm Scott and yeah I come out here for privacy so I can crossdress. I guess I got caught... again. I stepped back out from between John's legs and stepped back over the bench. John quickly stood up and put his pants back on. Now I was hoping they would leave but Steven got closer and grabbed my ass and said I looked really hot in the satin and asked if he had missed all the action or if there would be more. I replied that I don't know. This is the first time I've ever done anything with a guy. Steven Kept feeling my ass and reached around with his other hand and rubbed my chest and toyed with my nipples through the satin cami just like John had that got me horny earlier.His hand on my ass slid deep into my crack and it was as if he was trying to push the panties up my ass. John told Steve that they should probably leave and let me be, but Steve Said "No way man, I'm really horny." "Are you game for more Scott?" As he pushed his finger harder into my ass. And I replied, yeah, why the hell not. Steven said he wanted to fuck someone all day so now I was going to get it. John told him that I could deep throat and if he had never experienced it, he ought to let me do it to him.  "Okay I'll fuck you throat but then I'm gonna use your ass good."I asked John to get my backpack from my tent and get the lube out of it for me as I laid down on the picnic bench  with my head hanging down. I had always wanted to try this position, I told Steven. "Whatever you want dude" he replied. I had seen Peter North face fuck a guy on a workout bench in the porn "The Bigger They Are" and dreamed about it ever since. Steven Dropped his shorts and stuck his semi erect cock in my mouth. He said "Don't worry, it will get hard." I loved feeling it grow harder and harder in my mouth and he moaned. He started slowly fucking my mouth and then John came from my tent holding the bottle of lube and my 8 inch dildo up and saying "this is why he can swallow cock so well. He's had a lot of practice I bet". That was enough evidence for Steven and he pushed towards the back of my throat and I tried to take a deep breath. He got past my gag reflex and said "Oh shit, I never knew what I was missing, no girl has ever done this to me." and he pulled back out. HE would fuck my face for a while and then poke his cock down my throat again several times. I love having his balls in my eyes and the base of his cock right against my nose. It seemed like forever but he finally stopped and said "I want to cum in your ass, so get up and bend over the table."John had sat the lube and didldo down on the table and grabbed himself another beer and was ready for the show. Steven lubed up his cock and pulled my panties to the side and stuck a lubed up finger up my ass. With one hand holding his cock and the other holding my panties and ass cheek to the side, he slid his cock up against my ass and I took a deep breath just as he pushed in . It was just like I had practiced with my dildo but better. this time it was a real cock in my ass and someone was doing all the work and I got to enjoy it and know he was enjoying it too.  My head and torso were laid out on the table as Steven started fucking me with his hand on my back and his fingers digging into the satin and my skin. He was humping me at a good pace and I looked up to see John there smiling and enjoying his beer. He stood where he could see Stevens cock going in and out of my ass. Only one thing could have made it better and that would be John's cock back in my mouth. I was getting hard again and I'm sure he was too.  But I didn't say anything, I couldn't with Steven's hand pushing down on my back. All I could hear was his breathing deeply with an occasional "fuck yeah" and his thighs slapping against my cheeks. Finally he groaned, "I'm coming and I'm gonna fill your ass full of cum" and then he grunted really loud and shoved himself as deep into me as he could. I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing as he unloaded all his cum into me. He was shaking and he lifted his hand off my back and laid down on top of me and gently slid back and forth with the satin between us. John was speechless. We all were. It felt so good to have Steven laying on top of me and breathing hard to catch his breath as his cock remained in me. I was hoping he would leave it in for a long time. Eventually he started to soften and pulled out and I could feel some cum exit with his cock and start sliding down my leg. You're a hot fucking whore he said and John laughed with him. We wiped his cock off on my panties and I turned around and sat down on the bench exhausted.and high from the ecstasy of what had happened.I said I'm thirsty, hoping John would grab me a beer. Steven said I can help with that. I always have to pee after sex and laughed as he walked up to me and started pissing all over me and then John put down his beer and undid his pants and pulled out his cock and started pissing on me. I put my hands over my face in shock. I had never fantasized about this before. I could feel their warm streams on the side of my face and up and down my body as they laughed. The wet satin clung to my body and felt nice and warm  and I removed my hands from my face and John gave me one last good shot near my mouth. I pulled my panties to the side and began pissing myself. It sprayed halfway up my chest. Steven finished first and pulled up his shorts and then got me a cold beer. John buttoned up and grabbed the firewood off the table and said thanks for the firewood and laughed. As they turned on their flashlights and headed back to their camp. I heard Steven ask John, "Do you think we should tell Michael?"  "Nah' john replied" I think Scott has had enough for one night". I sat there speechless and wondered if it were all a dream, but then my throat and ass reminded me. Then the piss started to cool off in the night air as the Satin clung to my skin. We managed to get almost all of it soaked. I Could taste the piss as I drank my beer and decided what to do next. I grabbed my towel off the clothesline and grabbed my flashlight and headed down to the lake in the moonlight.  My shoes squished from all the pee that had run down my leg. I  felt a big glob of Steven's cum eject itself onto my leg. Nothing was gross at this point. I walked into the calm waters of the lake and floated around and washed myself up.After 30 minutes or so, I headed back to my tent and peeled off the wet cami and tap panty and dried off and slipped into my long red satin nightgown that I intended to sleep in. Threw a few more logs on the fire and sat in my camp chair and enjoyed a few more drinks before heading to bed with a smile on my face wondering what if anything might happen tomorrow.

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