My one sister, one wife & one mother-in-law

My one sister, one wife & one mother-in-law

Me and my sister Sally had been fucking each other for some years and to make it less obvious to other’s we were fucking l would allow her to go out with boys but under no circumstances was she ever to do anything with them, l would check her pussy to make sure she wasn’t wet or sticky. We had begun to experiment with bondage with me giving her a whip and slapping, we had quite a collection of toys, l would often call her my slut bitch; my sister would do whatever l wanted her to do. I was preferring bigger girl so told Sally to put on some weight, we also tried a M&S club and my sister really enjoyed herself she loved the attention of being tied and whipped in front of strangers, it was there we met a couple who invited us to their place, and boy was that an eye opener. The girls and woman had to wear pig noses and had to crawl some had collars while others were written on encouraging the men to use them. Although my sister Sally was now 17st she was the thinnest pig there then at one meeting a guy asked if my pig does tricks and got his pig wife to beg and roll onto her back, l would have loved to slide my tongue into her sagging shaven pussy, l gave my pig Sally a slap across the face and told her to do the same as the guys pig, Sally was up begging then lay on her back, I was so turned on and needed to get my cock into her flabby fat saggy hole so took my sister into the garden and fucked her on all fours. At that time l only ever let one guy fuck my sister at the pig meets because l saw her keep staring at his cock, it was long and very thick a donkey would have been proud to have it dangling under him. The pigs were not allowed to talk to other men so l asked if he would like to fuck my pig, we took my sister to one of the side rooms, l made her give his shaft a good sucking, Sally was taking his cock right to the back of her throat choking, but she carried on like a trooper. When the guy slid his shaft from her mouth l couldn’t believe the size of the head it looked like a clenched fist, he ordered Sally to pull her bum cheeks apart and rammed his massive pole straight into her arse, she let out an ‘ouch’, he gripped her chubby hips to pull himself into my sister and began fucking her, l’ve never heard her climaxing so loudly as he fucked her arse, he shouted ‘lm cumin’ ripped his hard pole from her arse hole and slammed it into her pussy to fuck her which wasn’t for long, l could see his fingers digging into Sally’s fat hips, he yelled ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’, my sister pushed her large rear against the guy as he flooded her inside with what she described later as a fucking great load.

I was now 22 and Sally was 20 when l met Trudy at an aunt and uncle’s anniversary, she was their daughter, my aunt introduced us and l asked Trudy out on a date, Sally was angry to say the least, but l promised l would never give her up. Things got more serious with Trudy and she seemed to know there was something going on between me and my sister Sally, she would ask if l tucked Sally into bed that evening or joke did Sally mind sharing me, l just knew Trudy knew l was having a relationship with my sister so l confessed everything, Trudy first went quiet then said because it was my sister l wasn’t really two timing her and added l could carry on the relationship with my sister, but she Trudy must come first. That evening after giving my sister’s bum a slapping then fucking, we lay together and l told her what Trudy had said, things can carry on as normal and because l had always made decisions and controlled what Sally did ever since she was a small girl it was easy for me to convince her she was only to have my cock filling her pussy as she was my toy, but emphasized it was alright for me to fuck Trudy and her.

It was working well fucking both girls because on the nights l wasn’t seeing Trudy then l would fuck my sister Sally, Sally didn’t bother what me and Trudy did, but Trudy would often ask what Sally and l do in bed or if my sister swallowed my cum. I tried M&S with Trudy, but it wasn’t her thing, l told her how Sally liked to be tied, slapped and whipped, and l take my sister to a pig meet where she has to wear a pig nose and the things l make her do. A few weeks later Trudy said her parents owned a caravan on the coast and asked if l would like a weekend away and my sister could come with us, l thought she wanted Sally to come with us so her parents didn’t think it was a dirty weekend which l hoped it would be.

We got to the caravan in the afternoon the place was lovely and Trudy declared the double bed was hers and mine pointing out Sally was in the room with single beds which l had to push together because of my sister’s size, she was now over 19st but still nimble in bed.

Everyone unpacked we went shopping then Trudy started dinner at the same time the wine was opened. The meal wasn’t much but everyone enjoyed it, Trudy told my sister Sally she could do the dishes because Trudy prepared the dinner, Sally said she will do it in the morning, Trudy didn’t answer she got up went to the bedroom and came back with a thin belt and ordered Sally to bend over, Sally glanced at me as if to ask if she had to do as Trudy ordered then leant over the bench seat and Trudy whacked her hard with the belt across they arse and repeated ‘wash the dishes’ then gave Sally one more whack with the belt. We left her to get on with the dishes while me and Trudy went for a walk, Trudy was telling me how excited she felt whacking my sister the power was exhilarating it really turned her on. We had to find a quiet spot so l could fuck her and by the moans and whimpers Trudy was making she was excited. We got back from the walk all the plates were done and Sally asked if we wanted wine, Trudy said she will pour the drinks because my sister did the plates as Trudy poured the wine l whispered to my sister she was to say ‘no’ when Trudy asked her to help out, Sally smiled and nodded, she got just as excited by being whipped as Trudy got from whipping her.

The next day Trudy would find any reason to give Sally a whipping on the arse with her hand or belt, she was now making my sister take off her knickers so there were red marks across her bum cheeks, l would suggest Trudy made Sally crawl on all fours, every time Trudy punished Sally l had to take Trudy to bed for a fucking because she got excited, she allowed my sister to watch us fucking then permitted her to suck my cock till l shot my load into her mouth, Sally would have to open her mouth to prove she swallowed all l shot. I got a shock one afternoon because Trudy told Sally to fuck her with a vibrator she brought along, l shot my load by just watching the pair of them on the bed. I would have to say the weekend was a complete success and was the start of much fun for the 3 of us. Trudy and l got married about 7 months after that weekend which didn’t stop the fun. Then mine and Sally’s parents passed away so she moved in with me and Trudy but Trudy insisted on ground rules.

1/ My sister Sally had to be on call for Trudy.

2/ I was only allowed to fuck my sister when Trudy said.

3/ Sally would be Trudy’s slave pig girl as well.

4/ My sister Sally could only wear what Trudy told her to wear, Sally would buy the clothes Trudy picked for her to wear.

There wasn’t a lot of rules but they covered everything and Sally was more than happy because she wasn’t alone and l loved having her with me and my wife who was building up quite a friendship with my sister. We had all been living together when my sister announced she was pregnant and obviously it was mine, so she had an abortion; l think Trudy really wanted Sally to have the baby and bring up the child as hers because Trudy is unable to have children.

One afternoon Trudy phoned me to say her father was in hospital; it wasn’t serious but the hospital said they were keeping him in for 7 or 8 days, we went to the hospital then took her mother home. On the way she mentioned her sink in the bathroom was leaking and the taps needed changing, Trudy volunteered me to look at the problem, l arrived the next day to fix the sink and fit the new taps. Trudy’s mother Hilary came into the bathroom to say she was going to the shops and wouldn’t be long when she turned to leave her skirt rose up and from where l was laying on the floor l could see the blue knickers holding in her bum cheeks and for a woman her age they look very firm, needless to say this got my cock twitching. The front door close and l went into her bedroom to go through her underwear there were some sexy knickers and the material got my cock harder, l heard the front door and Hilary shouted she’ll put the kettle on, l went back to fixing the sink but took a pair of her knickers for keep sake.

Hilary said she needed a pee, she thought l was down stairs and didn’t shut the door fully so l could see between her open legs, she had thick hair around her hole but it was trimmed to expose her pink pussy lips which were parted due to the stream of piss. I wanted to pull Hilary off the toilet spread her legs to ram my very hard shaft into her pussy and fuck the hell out of her. The stream of piss stopped, l watched her wipe her dripping pee hole, when she came out l pretended to be looking for something in my tool bag. She went into the bedroom telling me if l wanted anything then l would have to shout because she was going in the garden after getting changed. She came out the bedroom wearing a bikini top which held in her floppy saggy tits the baggy legged shorts gripped her bum nicely, Hilary looked very fuckable. After refitting the sink l decided to call it a day and come back the next day to fit the taps then went to find her, she was on all fours in the garage wedged between the car and wall trying to get something from under a bench, Hilary hadn’t heard me come up behind her the next thing happened so quickly, l lowered my shorts knelt behind her and pulled her shorts down to show off her white bum and fat pussy lips then slammed my cock into her inviting love hole to fuck the very pussy that my wife had come out from, Hilary tried to wriggle so l pulled her arms behind her back so she couldn’t move as l fucked her hard, she was asking in a raised voice ‘what did l think l was doing’, l didn’t answer just fucked her till l shot my creamy load up inside my mother-in-law then when l released her arms l let out ‘l needed that’ got up and told her l’ll be back tomorrow to fit the taps she stay on the floor trying to pull up her shorts. When l got home, Trudy said her mother had phoned to say she will be out visiting her father in hospital when l go to fix the taps the next day so l had obviously pissed her off by fucking her in the garage. That night l fucked Trudy extra hard pumping a full load inside her then asked if l could go too my sister’s room for her to give my cock a good sucking and clean.

I didn’t get to my mother-in-law’s till midday to fit the taps when l finished l loaded my van then checked to make sure l didn’t leave anything behind when Hilary came into the bathroom and said it was best we forget what happened in the garage, l grabbed the back of her hair and led her into the bedroom pushed her onto the bed, Hilary was struggling as l stripped her, next l took a photo of her naked with my mobile telling her to stay on the bed as l stripped. I got between her legs and slid my cock firmly into my mother-in-law’s dry pussy, so had to slap a fingerful of vasiline up into her hole before restarting to fuck her again. All the time l was fucking her Hilary was telling me to stop but hearing that just got me more excited and l gave her womb a sticky filling of hot creamy spunk then got another photo of her mouth around my cock, a nice close up then told her if she didn’t do what l said then her daughter and everyone will get sent the photos, Hilary began sobbing and l left.

One night me, Trudy and Sally my sister were in bed after having my balls emptied by them Trudy told me she wanted me to breed with Sally because she wanted to adopt the baby, Sally didn’t really get much choice in the matter as she had to do what Trudy wanted. Over the next month Trudy took charge of what my sister ate even checking her temperature so she knew when Sally was ovulating, l would have to fuck and fill her with spunk at all times of day or night then 8 weeks later my sister Sally was pregnant, l wasn’t allowed to fuck her while she was carrying but a blow-job was allowed and sex with Trudy was almost non-existent as she was spending all her time making sure Sally ate right and didn’t put on too much weight so l had to resort back to fucking my mother-in-law Hilary.

My father-in-law was now home from hospital but still bed bound and l was in need of a warm pussy to fuck and empty my sticky load into so phoned Hilary to tell her l would be around and wanted her in the garage at 10am no knickers at first she said ‘no’ so l text her the photo of my cock in her mouth, she text back 10am. I stopped outside went into the garage Hilary was standing in the corner, l got my cock out and ordered her over the bench lifted her dress slid my shaft into her pussy gripped her hips and started fucking her and because l was in a hurry my balls soon tightened and spunk ran through my cock to flood her womb, l kept my shaft in her warm hole then wiped my sticky cock over her bum cheeks and put it away, before leaving l told my mother-in-law l would pick her up Friday afternoon because we were going to a quiet out the way spot l knew of and left her over the bench with spunk dripping from her saggy pussy. I picked up Hilary on Friday and drove her to an old yard that my friend Josh no longer used, l gave her a piece of paper with what l wanted her to say while l fucked her, she looked at it and asked if she really had to say what l had written, l gave Hilary my answer by smiling at her, when we arrived l took her straight into the abandoned office where we stripped then took the opportunity to get a few more pictures of her, we began kissing and l don’t know if it was me but she seem to be willing, l didn’t have to tell her to put her arms around me when we kissed or take hold of my cock, Hilary just did it, ok she wasn’t doing it with a big grin on her face but she wasn’t lethargic either. Putting Hilary to her knees l slid my cock to the back of her throat held her head and began forcing it back and forth, next she was on all fours with my cock being driven hard into her pussy then to finish l put her onto her back lifted her legs and eased my shaft all the way inside her. As l fucked Hilary l told her to repeat the words l had written on the piece of paper at first she seemed reluctant so l prompted her by asking if we should send a few pictures to people then concentrated on fucking Hilary hard as she began telling me, l was fucking the cunt my wife came from and she wanted to tongue fuck her own daughter my wife, next Hilary had to keep repeating ‘lm a fucking whore, l want spunk, l want spunk, fill this spunk dump’ then what really did it for me was when she said ‘l am your fucking whore’ and that did it l began to shoot my creamy load up into her inside yelling ‘your my fucking whore’, we lay stuck together for a time then l lifted myself from between her legs, before she dressed l told her to shave the forest covering her pussy by next Tuesday when l pick her up for another fucking Hilary didn’t answer just carried on dressing, l took my mother-in-law home and reminded her to shave that forest.

It was a good weekend Trudy was in the mood to be fucked and as a treat she got my sister to use one of the rabbits they share, Sally was fucking Trudy so fast with the rabbit my spunk that was in her pussy was making her hole frothy then my sister licked Trudy clean. I wasn’t allowed to spend the night with Sally because Trudy didn’t want me fucking her till my sister had our baby, Trudy sucked and wanked me for most of the night and let me sleep in Sunday morning. In the afternoon we had another session where Trudy lay naked and Sally was licking Trudy’s pussy while l fucked my sisters’ lovely arse, l went to work Monday with my balls completely empty. At lunch l bumped into Josh in the pub, Josh is a coloured guy not 6ft plus with rippling muscles, but 5ft 7” and overweight, he was telling me about his bucket list and on the list was to fuck a white girl, l mentioned that l could help him with the white girl and confessed that is what l had been using his old yard for was to take a woman there to fuck. Josh smiled and asked if she would agree, l told him she’ll fuck anyone, but left out the fact she had to do as l said then told Josh to be at his yard Tuesday at 12am, he was so grateful he paid for lunch.

I picked my mother-in-law Hilary up at the local supermarket and drove to the yard, Josh was already there so l took Hilary inside to introduce her to Josh she had no idea what l had planned for her. Me and Hilary went into the office where l told her to strip and not to worry about Josh because he won’t be into fuck her till she was naked and on her back, Hilary refused, l got her to the floor and with a lot of struggling and shouting from her l got my mother-in-law naked and remarked how it was nice to see she had shaven the forest covering her pussy then brought up a picture of her on my mobile and told her l had just sent it to Trudy my wife her daughter’s old phone but really l had sent it to Josh outside the office he came in holding up his mobile showing the picture, l whispered to Hilary to open her legs or next time it will be to her daughter and husband she growled ‘fucking get off me’ and stay lying on the floor. Josh was naked in a flash and between her legs with his cock firmly wedged up inside her as he fucked Hilary l made her tell him she has always wanted a coloured guys cock, but what l didn’t make her do was start sigh and whimpering which my mother-in-law was doing even lifting her hips to meet Josh’s thrusts, he loudly announced he was going to spunk causing Hilary to cry ‘oh god’ and close her eyes. When Josh had emptied his load up into Hilary’s womb he got from between her legs and l took his place to fuck my mother-in-law’s spunk dribbling saggy pussy, Josh had certainly shot a great load of his spunk inside her because as l fucked her it was pouring out, it did feel good then l shot my contribution of spunk up into Hilary and got from between her legs, she sat up to reach for her clothes when Josh asked me if he could go again with Hilary l didn’t have to answer because she lay down spread her legs the spunk run from her bald saggy pussy, Josh got into position to start fucking her hard and fast, Hilary was getting into being used her cries became louder the longer Josh fucked her and this time when he was filling her Hilary rapped her legs around him and let out loud groans. She lay on her back long after Josh had gone and admitted she had a fantasy about having sex with a coloured guy, her pussy was running with cum, after Hilary dressed l took her home and arranged to pick her up the following Wednesday.

I got the chance to take my sister to Josh’s old yard because l had prepared some boggy mud for her to roll in so she could act like a real pig, but we had to keep our plans to ourselves as Trudy my wife didn’t want me fucking my fat pig sister Sally while she was carrying the baby. I was a bit naughty because l gave Sally a good fisting then she gave my cock a nice deep throat sucking, it felt so good to shoot straight down her throat and Sally enjoyed it as well, she really is a cock loving slut that is always up for swallowing all the spunk that is stored in my balls. On the way home l came up with an idea for Hilary, l would get her to book a room at a travel inn then take her to the pub next door so she will flirt with guys and maybe get one or 2 to fuck her, it got me quite excited thinking about it so l had to fuck my sisters stretched saggy pussy when we got home. At the weekend Trudy gave my sister a good whipping because she found crisp packets and chocolate wrappers in her room. Monday evening l text Hilary to tell her to book a room at the travel inn address l gave her, she was also too bring a dress and makeup, she refused but that changed after l sent a few pictures of her being fucked by Josh.

Wednesday l picked up Hilary and we drove to the travel inn then in our room she had to strip and put on the other dress which l redesigned the neckline to reveal most of her tits and tucked the dress in at the waste so it come just below her knickers which l told her to take off and she did before putting on her makeup, Hilary looked a proper whore. It wasn’t till she finished that she asked what were we going to do so l explained we were going to the pub next door and she was going to flirt with the men and let them chat her up. Hilary left for the pub before me so the men in the pub would see she was on her own, l actually had a coffee in the room before catching up with her. She had already caught the eye of a salesman who had brought her a drink, l sat with her and the bloke kept watching her, l said l was going to the toilet and if the bloke came over then she was to ask him to join us which he did, l came from the toilets and he was sitting next to her so l sat opposite of the table. We began chatting and the bloke was giving her one complement after the other and Hilary was loving it, his eyes all the time fixed on her tits then l almost made my mother-in-law choke on her drink when l told the salesman that l was her husband and we come out so she can have sex with other men due to me losing my sex drive his jaw hit the table when he realised he might have the chance of fucking Hilary and the complements were now how great her figure was and how she had fantastic tits at this point l remarked she hated wearing knickers and he asked to feel, his hand slipped between her legs and a big smile appeared on the blokes face he commented on how wet Hilary’s pussy was then the hints started, what sort of bloke was she looking for, what’s her favourite position which happened to be his favourite, doggy style, l interrupted telling the bloke she was looking to suck someone off, Hilary glared at me as the bloke said he would love her to be suck him off, so we all went to the back of the carpark he got his cock out and Hilary got to her knees l could see she was doing it under duress, but still sucked his cock anyway, the bloke didn’t take long to shoot his sticky load and l told Hilary to swallow it but she spat it out, l can’t explain why but that really annoyed me the guy thanked her and went back into the pub. I took Hilary back to our room and once she was inside l don’t know what come over me, but l backhanded her across the face yelling ‘l told her to swallow’ then ordered her to get dressed because l was taking her home, Hilary stood up to me and l pushed her onto the bed and began ripping her clothes to shreds as she was pulling my T-shirt over my head, we began kissing then l fist fucked her before we fucked doggy, next l deep throat fucked Hilary at the side of the bed and to finish rammed my cock into her gapping saggy pussy hole before filling her with a full load. After we lay on the bed and Hilary confessed, she got quite excited being chatted up with all the complements then asked if she could meet Josh again. I fucked Hilary one more time before taking her home, we still meet to fuck and every so often Josh turns up to give Hilary her bit of black cock.


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