A Day In the Woods Chapt 14

A Day In the Woods Chapt 14

Well all - here is the awaited chapter 14. I didnt put down all of the themes this time - I am hoping that this story has a bit more of a following by now and those arent necessary? Anyways ...

Chapter 14

Paul returned home later that afternoon. Ray was doing quite well. It would take him a week to recover fully, if not for his lycan abilities it would have taken three weeks. Paul was hoping Jess was doing as well as Ray. He walked into the house and could hear Jess upstairs. He walked up the stairs and looked in their bedroom and saw Jess lying there, naked, with her hand between her legs. She looked over at him and her response was short and to the point, “Fuck me!” Paul looked at her as he got undressed. Obviously she was aroused but he didn’t expect this when he got home. Jess had thought about the events of the night before, in doing so it ignited a deep primal passion. Being on the hunt brings all of the wolf’s senses to life. Jess had tried to suppress that the night before, but thinking about it now in the safety of her home, she was willing to explore it all.

Paul walked over to the bed, as he did Jess rose to her knees and pulled him to her,

“I want you! I want you like the first time with the pack, you as a wolf and me a woman!”

Paul was already hard, he pushed Jess back on the bed and she instinctively rolled over to her stomach and brought her knees under her. She looked over her shoulder and watched as Paul shifted forms. Maybe it hadn’t been long enough but she thought it was such a turn on to watch when he did that. Soon Paul was on all fours; his eyes practically glowed with the lust for his mate. His hard cock was now red and veiny as he leapt onto the bed. Jess could feel his hot breath and the brush of his fur against her bare skin. He licked her wet slit with his rough tongue. Worked it into her pussy and lapped at it unmercilessly. Jess cooed then moaned – pushing her hips back to meet Paul’s long tongue. She tightened her hands into the comforter, “Fuck me!” Her voice was husky as she demanded what she wanted. Paul didn’t deny his mate her desire. He mounted her. His front paws wrapped around her slim waist and under her stomach. Jess arched her back just a little; it lined up her cunt with Paul’s cock. A couple of stabs and Paul sunk his cock into Jess. She screamed out yes as Paul started pounding away at his bitch. His paws dug into her thighs as he pulled her into him. Jess could feel his knot growing and her blood boiling, she could change in an instant but held back. She was enjoying the fucking that Paul was giving her. Paul jammed his knot into Jess’s dripping cunt and howled as he did, spewing his wolf semen into her cervix.

Chuck Connors got off the plane at LaGuardia and hailed a cab. He went to the corporate apartment that Diamond security maintains there. He had only been there for a moment when his boss phoned, wondering why he was now willing to accept the job. He thought that he would never get him to leave Chicago having been there almost his entire life. Mr. Connors was vague though, didn’t give him many details – nothing short of that was expected actually. He said he would make arrangements for his office and house and then went over a few details of the office he was to be over seeing and who his contacts were and then hung up the phone. Chuck sat back in the chair, it was his fault that Justin was dead he thought. He had brought him in on this whole thing and knew he was young and inexperienced. He thought he could guide him but he also didn’t expect anything like this either. He thought about how they had planned to go to McCallister’s house and see what was up there. Obviously that trip will never be made now; Chuck Connors had no plans to ever return to Chicago. Someone will have to send him a pizza from Connie’s if he wants one now.

Eliot was hung up the phone after speaking with Mike. He couldn’t help but think how much he wanted to see Beth right then – he had wished she had spent the night with him. He called her and got no response. He called her work and she didn’t go into the office either. After the night before he was worried. He knew Mike would have told him if something had happened to her but he couldn’t stop his mind from wandering. He got dressed quickly and jumped into his car, he wanted to talk to Beth. He knew he couldn’t tell her everything, but just to have someone right now would be a relief. He didn’t drive recklessly but determined. As he pulled into the drive it occurred to him that he hadn’t been in Beth’s house. He walked to the door and knocked, loud and hard as if he were the police. He got no response. He tried the door knob except it was locked. Again he pounded on the door, rang the bell, finally Beth appeared at the door. She was angry as she answered the door, then she saw it was Eliot. Her demeanor changed as if flipping a switch,

“Wh … What are doing here?”

Eliot was flustered and a little out of breath, “I was worried about you. Something happened last night and …”

Beth cut him off as he gasped for a breath. She hadn’t had the television on or read the paper, obviously as it laid there on her porch and she was curious as to why Eliot was on her porch as well. He put his arm on her shoulder, hugged her and then bent over and grabbed the paper and walked into her house. He wasn’t exactly invited in but was she going to say – you aren’t allowed in here? Did she have something to hide? Some reason as to why he couldn’t be in her home? Was it another man or something else? Beth turned around as Eliot walked in, she almost wanted to stop him but the same questions were in her head as well and what would Eliot say if she did? Eliot stopped to look around the place now that he was inside. It was nicely decorated, designer everything, Beth had done well for herself over the years apparently. He was about to walk a little further when she interrupted him,

“Why don’t you have a sit and I will put something on and we will go out for brunch and discuss what has you so upset this morning?”

Eliot agreed and sat on the sofa, it didn’t look as if anyone had ever sat on this sofa since the day it was delivered. Then he thought, Beth was dressed, why would she need to change? He got up and walked down a couple of steps into the next room. The house was larger inside than it appeared outside. He looked down the hall and almost called out for Beth then stopped himself. He walked down the hall, spare bedroom in the first door and a bathroom in the next. The next door was Beth’s bedroom; she wasn’t in it though getting changed. He came to the final door, it was pushed closed but not latched. He pushed lightly on it, silently, and peered inside. After what he saw he pushed the door open fully.

“What the fuck are you doing?!”

Eliot couldn’t believe it and Beth stood there at a loss of what to say. She had a lab set up in her house. All of the work they had done she had duplicated and she had done worse than that; she had taken their findings farther. As she was working to put things in order for her to leave and go with Eliot, everything was out in the open. On one of the tables was a test tube baby, a baby from Tommy and Susan. Beth tried to explain everything to Eliot, about how this could change everything for them and for the world. The medical knowledge that could be gained and the possibilities for cures from the common cold to cancer; think of what they could do with the regenerative properties of the werewolf! She continued as to how this would assuredly lead to a Nobel Prize for them both.

Eliot couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He wasn’t in this for his own profit or glory. He wasn’t trying to sellout Mike and Jean and the pack. He took the same oath that Beth took to help people – it appeared as though she had forgotten her oath. He was doing this because of Katarina and the promise he made to her. As he tried to tell this all to Beth she scoffed when he brought up the name of Katarina. He looked at her quizzically and then she explained to him what she knew of Katarina. She was heart broken when they split up. Even though it was something they decided on she knew in her heart of hearts that Eliot would come back to her and that they would be together; that was until that bitch from Russia appeared on the scene. Beth had become so jealous that she had even followed them to the cabin that Eliot’s parents had in Montana. He had taken her there as well a couple of times. It was there that she learned Katarina’s secret and couldn’t believe it when she saw it.

“You knew! You knew all along!” Eliot couldn’t believe it as he uttered the words. He thought back to when he first approached her for her help. Something was different. She seemed shocked, but yet she didn’t. He hadn’t thought about it at the time, but now it all made sense. He asked her how she could do it and then she told him everything. About that final weekend and how she had followed them again. She went to the nearest town and had a couple of drinks. She met a man there and they started talking. As they drank Beth had an idea. She told the man about a cabin she had and that she had a wolf problem. The stranger told her that he couldn’t do anything about the wolf as they were protected. Beth came onto him though, promised him everything he could think of. As they kissed he agreed and they left together. They went to “her” cabin and then hiding in the brush the man saw the wolf. He drew his sights in and shot. Then he saw the wolf change back to a person, back into Katarina. When the hunter turned around Beth was no where to be found. She had thought that with Katarina out of the way they would get back together. She didn’t know the promise he had made to her and that he would spend his life trying to make it up to her. The hunter was prosecuted for murder and presumed drunk over the ravings of the woman being a wolf. Beth never said a word about it to anyone and never showed back up there again and let the man be prosecuted.

Eliot stormed out of the room and Beth followed him. He grabbed the paper and turned around. He grabbed Beth by the throat and pushed her against the wall. She struggled in vain against him.

“See this! This is what they are going to do to you when they find out about this!”

He shoved the paper in her face and she read the headlines and saw the pictures. She had never thought about what may happen if she was found out. After hearing about Katarina, Eliot was feeling no compassion for Beth McCallister.

“You are going to destroy everything! If not and if the pack doesn’t take care of you then I will make the change and do it myself, understand?!”

Beth nodded against the hand at her throat. Eliot released her and headed back to the room. She could hear the breaking of glass and knew that the first thing to go was the baby she had created. The only solace that Eliot took from all of this is he knew that Tommy and Susan could now have a baby. He continued around the room as Beth walked in. He told her that all the files she had were to be destroyed as well … and all of her back ups as well.

They spent the rest of the day destroying everything at her house and then they went to her work and did the same there. When they finished Eliot told her that he would come up with something to tell the pack that would be believable as to why they weren’t together any more. Beth got ready to say something and this time Eliot cut her off,

“Don’t ever come near me or say anything to me again! I am sure that you can find your way home. You had better hope that you never revise your tests!”

With that Eliot turned and walked away. He felt as anyone would, used and betrayed and knew that if it wasn’t for Beth that he and Katarina would more than likely be together. He couldn’t believe that he had fallen for someone that was so self serving with little care for others and that he had fallen for her twice. Beth stood on the steps of her work. She knew all those years ago that if she were to ever have a chance to exploit the werewolf that she had found that she would have to have Eliot Crane back in her life again. She liked that thought but didn’t count on things turning out like this. She went inside and called a cab. When she got back home she started to clean up the shattered remains of her Nobel Prize work. She also wondered if Eliot would tell the pack anything after he thought about it a little more.

Paul and Jess spent the rest of the afternoon and evening fucking in every position and combination imaginable. They had no idea what was going on across town. Tommy and Susan were doing much the same. They had heard the howl earlier in the day and when Paul and Jess didn’t answer their phone they knew what was going on. They were aroused themselves from the evenings events and took full advantage of the rush. Mike and Jean were the only ones not to participate. Mike was going over things, insuring everyone was safe and that everything was in order. He also was hopeful about Beth and Eliot being able to make things work for Tommy and Susan. Like Paul and Jess – he had no idea what had happened across town.

Well all there it is. I tried to put a lil sex in there for all us perverts out there - started out hot and steamy. As always - if ya got to this point take a couple more seconds and hit the yay or nay button please. If you wish to leave a comment that is great too!

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