The Slave_(1)

The Slave_(1)

Chapter one
The finding of the slave
It had been several months since anyone had ventured out of the kingdom in search of new slaves. But since the war had finally ended Princess Devania sought it upon herself to go out and find herself one. She searched town after town going through hundreds of young men but none of them peaked her interest. Then after weeks of searching just as she was about to give up she heard a small commotion coming from a near by jail she just had to check it out. And there in the court yard taking on five men stood the most beautiful man she had ever seen he was the one. She jumped out of her carriage and rushed into the jail and demanded that the young boy be brought to her at once. The guards did not hesitate as they rushed outside ended the squabble and dragged the boy in to her. She looked him over from top to bottom. “Undress him.” She said to one of the guards. “As you wish my lady.” The guards replied to her as they cut the fighting boys clothing off from him. She then examined him again from top to bottom running her gentle hands up and down his body.
“Who the hell are you?” He said to her.
“Show some respect boy.” One of the guards snapped as he slapped him in the back of the head.
“It is alright I am your new mistress, and the future queen of this kingdom that is who I am.” She replied to him with a small smile.
“My lady I do apologize but what are you doing in an awful place such as this?” The boy asked her curiously.
“Well I have traveled a great distance in search of something and I think I may have finally found it. Leave him naked and tie him to the roof of my carriage for display I wish for all of my kingdoms to know that I have the one.” She said to them leaving the jail and climbs back into her carriage. The boy put up quite a fight before getting himself knocked out. When he awoke he found himself tied to the top of the carriage naked for the entire world to see. Before they left she opened the door and looked up at him.
“You are now my slave and I am now your mistress you do as I say when I say it. Is that understood?” She asked him he just shook his head in agreement and kept silent.

The day was Tuesday and the streets of old London were as full as they had ever been for today was the return of there Princess Devania with her newest slave. The whole town was up in a roar and rumors were flying about her new pet and how she came of him. But nothing would be better than seeing it for them selves. Then it began the trumpets sounded the villagers bowed there heads at the sight of her carriage. And there displayed on the top of it for the entire town to see was her newest little pet. He was very well built with a farmer’s tan that covered his entire naked body. His long wavy auburn hair glistened in the sunlight he didn't open his eyes. He was too afraid to. All around him he could hear people talking and whistling at him reaching up and touching his naked skin. He didn't know what to think of this he wanted to pull away from them but wasn't able to.

"Open your eyes let them see you boy." He heard the coach of the carriage call out to him. He hesitated at first until he felt the smack of a whip on his skin he then quickly opened his eyes for all to see they were a unique violet color nothing anyone round these parts had ever seen before.
"Good boy she will be pleased with you." He heard the man say with a small chuckle.
"Why am I here?" The boy asked softly.
"Because the lady has chosen you and what the lady wants she gets. Consider this a blessing to be chosen by someone in the royal family. Don't be so ungrateful if it weren't for her you'd still be in prison." The young man just looked down at the ground quickly passing beneath his naked body.
"I guess you are right I should be thankful, that she decided to choose me over the rest of those serial killers and raping bastards." He muttered. This continued through every town they traveled through people staring, talking, touching. After several days of traveling they finally reached the Castle of the Princess. The coach of the carriage climbed down from his seat and opened the carriage door and held out his hand for her. She grabbed his hand and stepped out of the carriage wearing a long silk red gown her bluish black hair blowing in the cool breeze her crystal blue eyes shimmering in the sunlight.
"Take him down and bring him to my chambers." The man did as he was told and untied him from the carriage and pulled him by a rope used to bind his hands together. He pulled him into the castle past the dinning hall where people sat feasting looking at him and then they walked up two sets of marvelous marble stair wells and down a long hall where the young man heard screaming coming from the adjacent room.
"Would you like a look?" The man said to him as he slowly opened the door to reveal another young male being bent over a Pedi stool. There standing behind him with a whip in one hand and a soft rounded plastic thing in the other stood another man a prince maybe. He then brought the whip down hitting the boy hard across the back. Then taking the object in his other hand slowly shoved it into his anus.
"You see what happens when bad little boys misbehave here? He won't be getting any pleasure tonight it'll be all about his master. You are no different then they you shall be punished the same as they are."

"Why don't we let me decide the punishments?" She then turned around and smiled at her new slave. They finally reached her chambers the man opened the door for her.
"My lady." He said then he shut the door and walked back down stairs.
"It has been a long week for us both why don't you get some rest and we'll start your lessons first thing in the morning?" She smiled at him and said with a low gentle voice. She then removed her dress corset and panties then crawled into bed. "Are you coming to join me or would you rather stand there all night?" She pulled the blankets down for him.
"I don't know if I should my lady." He found himself unable to look at anything but her beautiful naked body laying there in bed. Before he could control himself he was hard as a rock. "Well it looks like someone disagrees with you tonight. Come join me I'll make it worth your while I promise." She then padded the bed with her hand motioning for him to come to her. He hesitated for a little longer then climbed into bed with her. She snuggled with him for a while at first then he felt her hand slowly moving up his leg. Lightly caressing his soft tan skin making her way higher and higher until his throbbing penis lay wrapped in her grip. She heard him moan quietly this pleased her so she began to move her hand up and down his long hard shaft he began to moan again only this time a little louder.
"You like that don't you?" And before he could answer she had gone under the blanket and placed his throbbing cock into her mouth. His moans were even louder now and his hips slowly began moving up and down.
"We can't do this I don't even know you." He gasped.
"Then I shall stop." She came back up from the blankets and laid her head onto his chest and fell asleep.
He didn’t sleep that night he laid there awake lost in his thoughts on how it was he came to be here? And what was to become of him now that he was here one hell and placed him in another. Several days went by and he quickly learned the ways on how he was to stand and always be on his knees when his mistress was around, to always look down at the floor never up at mistress. And a few times while he was being bathed he though that he had seen his mistress with other slaves around the castle. He noticed how hard she was on them and couldn’t help but think that that could be him one day. But yet things remained rather peaceful between them until one morning.

"Well now where should I start with you this morning? It has been a few days I think your training should start now don‘t you?" She said to him with a sly smile on her face.
"Where ever you would like my lady." He replied to her in low and trembling voice.
"Where ever you like."
"That's what I thought you were going to say. Now come and dress me I have a lot of things to attend to today." He obeyed her at once he ran to her side and began dressing her clumsily at that it took him a few tries but none the less she stayed patient with him. He then began slowly putting on her panties, and then her corset this no doubt was his biggest challenge. His hands trembled so much that he dropped it a few times before he managed to get it on right. And yet she remained patient with him never getting angry she just smiled at him.
"What would my lady like to wear today?" He asked his voice still trembling.
"Why are you trembling my pet? Are you afraid of me?" She ran her fingers through his hair.
"No my lady." He answered but she knew he was lying to her. "You know I don't like asking you these things twice now answer me honestly this time. And we shall see about reducing your punishment.” She placed her hand under his chin and lifted it so she could look into his violet eyes.
"Yes my lady I am afraid of you." Trying to pull his head away from her.
"But why? Why do you fear me I have not given you any reason to fear me I have done nothing but love you and care for you?" She let go of his head and turned away from him towards the bedroom door.
"Please forgive me my lady I meant no disrespect by it. It's just that..."

"That what?" She snapped.
"That I have seen you with some of the other slaves and I can't help that think that you will be soon doing the same to me. You are so much harder on them than you are me. And I guess I kind of feel bad for them." He said to her and then began backing away from her in fear of her turning around and striking him. "Come to me! The person you saw was not me but my sister." She said in a way that he did not recognize. But despite that he did as she said and rushed to her side his head down so that he was staring at the floor.
"Yes my lady." He said softly. She turned around so that she was now facing him and again placed her gentle hand under his chin.
"Don't you ever be afraid of me my pet? That would kill me the most knowing that you fear me. You are different than the others you belong to me and me only. Unlike them who belong to anybody and every body here. Now finish dressing me and let us be on our way I am already running late which you will have to be punished for. Now go and get me my favorite dress and finish dressing me." He did as she said and quickly rushed to her closet and grabbed her favorite dress from it and finished dressing her.
"Now go back into the closet and grab me the collar and leash hanging from the door." He hesitated a little this time before he went and grabbed what she had asked him to. He brought it back to her and placed them in her hand.
"Good now I wish for you to be on all fours like a dog." She said grinning as she placed the collar around his neck.

It was metal of some type heavy maybe iron. And it had several little barbed spikes coming out of it so that if he tried to remove it he would be cut badly. She then attached the leash to his collar and with a violent tug she yanked him to the floor. She then opened the door and stepped out of her bed chambers. "COME!" She demanded in a bit harsher voice than what he was used to hearing from her. But none the less he did as he was told and followed her gracefully on all fours down the great hall.
"Now pant for me like good doggies do." He again hesitated until he felt her hard tug on the leash again and began to pant. He could see a slight smile come to her face and that pleased him a little. After several minutes of walking they finally reached the Queens chambers.
"Open these door for me you useless bitch." She demanded and with another harsh tug she pulled him to his feet again. His knees were red and swollen from them being on the hard stoned walk. But with a smile he obeyed her and opened the doors. "Mother." He heard her say.
"I have returned and with a new pet."
'Pet?' He thought.
"I see my dear bring him to me." The queen said to her daughter in a harsh fierce tone.
"Come now and whatever you do don't look up." She whispered to him. But why should she care he thought she was going to be punishing him again anyway. Was it because she wished to be the only one to punish him?
"Ah yes he is a handsome one isn't he Devania?" So that was her name? She had never told it to him.
"Of course he is mother. You taught me never to settle for anything but." It was then he noticed that it was now her voice trembling. For what reason did she have to be afraid of her own mother? He wondered. But he did not look up at her once he kept his head and eyes low to the floor.
"Bring him closer so that I may examine him further." He heard the queen say.
"Now mother is that really...?" Before she could finish the queen stood up from her thrown walked down to Devania and slapped her across the face.
"You dare to question me?" She said angrily.
"No of course not I just hoped that you would trust my judgment." Her voice trembling her eyes filling with tears. The queen then walked over to the boy on the leash and lifted his head with her hand. So that he may see her now she looked as though she was not much older then Devania herself. But that was not possible. "Well it looks like you have done very well for yourself this time. He is very handsome indeed and he looks very strong as well. How is his sex though?"
The boy couldn't help but blush at this question and neither could Devania.
"You mean you don't know yet? Well in that case then I shall have to try him out unless…”

"He is very good." He heard the princess say.
"Perhaps even the best. This is why I wish to keep him for myself." She snapped her fingers at him and he instantly fell to all fours. Why did she just do this? Why did she just lie for him? "And as you can see he is also very obedient. He still needs some work of course they all do but he has learned very fast." She looked over at him and smiled a little.
"Well then you may keep him I get no pleasure out of touching spoiled meat." He didn't understand what the queen meant by this and he wasn't about to ask.

"Thank you mother." She said giving the women a small smile.
"Get out of my sight before I change my mind." The queen turned around and walked back to her throne.
"Come my pet and this time walk before me so that I may glance upon you." He did as she wished and walked before her his head down but he found himself smiling and thinking the whole way back to her chambers.
"Come to me my pet.” He heard her say in a low voice and he did as she asked and went to her side.
"Stand up." She said.
And without hesitation he stood up beside her still looking at the floor.
"Carry me to where it is I need to go." Placing a hand on his head.
"My lady." He said placing a hand on her side gently.
"I am fine my pet. Just do as you are told." She placed her hand onto his and held it tightly. He squeezed her hand back and quickly picked her up.
"Where is my ladies destination?" He asked her. He now found himself unable to look any where but down at her. Her rosy red lips, her bright crystal blue eyes sparkling up at him, her soft pink breasts begging to be released from her tight corset.
"Take me back to my cambers I wish to rest for a moment." He quickly carried her back to her chambers and gently laid her down onto her bed and then dropped to all fours again.
"Please I gave no command." She said gently. "Now go and lock my door I wish for no one to disturb me for the next several hours." He nodded his head and did as he was told to do.
"Now come and lay with me." He crawled into bed with her and she laid her head on his chest and fell soundly asleep. He stayed awake playing with her hair and watching her sleep.
"How beautiful you are when you sleep." He whispered softly.

Several hours had passed and she was still sound asleep he was growing a bit worried about her wondering whether or not he should wake her or continue to let her sleep. When suddenly there was a great commotion outside her bedroom doors that made her jump out of the bed and fly to the doors and open them. To a servant chasing after a young woman with long red hair, pale skin, and emerald green eyes. The most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.
"What may I ask is going on out here that has just woken me from my slumber?" She demanded.
"Forgive me my lady I was tending to a run away slave who has gone out of control." He grabbed the young girl by the hair and proceeded to drag her down the long hall way by it.
"Wait! Who does she belong to?" He heard her ask with a bit of concern in her voice.
"She belongs to his highness your brother my lady. Would the lady like a meeting with the prince’s new toy?" The servant said with a smile.
"Bring her hear let me get a look at her." He obeyed at once and dragged the woman back over to the lady Devania and forced her down to her knees at her feet.
"What is your name slave to my brother?" The young lady did not answer.
"I asked you a question do not make me ask you again slave. Or I shall make my brothers punishments seem enjoyable." The young woman looked up her with tears in her eyes.
"There is nothing worse that you can do to me that my master has not already." Her tears began to fall down her face.
"What do you mean by that child? What has my brother been doing? He knows the laws none of them are to be harmed."

"Yes well dear sister I never was the type to follow laws very well. And what I do with my toys is of none of your concern they belong to me not to you. You just worry about your own little plaything there." This is the first time that he had ever seen his ladies brother. He was a very beautiful man tall with hair as white as the moon, and eyes as blue as the ocean. Never in all his years had he seen anything like him before.
"What have you been doing to this poor child? You know better." She said to him angrily.
"Yes well that is my business not yours now come to me at once." And to the ladies surprise she obeyed rather quickly.
"You've been a very naughty little slave girl." He said to her and then grabbing something from his hip he struck her with it almost knocking her out.
"What has she done to warrant such punishment brother?" She asked him firmly.
"That is none of your business. Well he's a good looking boy there sis you'll have to let me have a go at him one of these days." He laughed then grabbed the women by the hair and pulled her away down the hall into a room on the left.
"What is going to happen to her my lady?" He asked shyly. "Well to be honest my pet I just do not know. Come we have much to do there is plenty for you to see." She turned away from him and began walking down the hall.
"May I have some clothes at least?" He muttered not thinking she could hear him.
"Well you are a brave one aren't you? I like that and no you may not you must be naked at all times is that understood?" She stopped and waited for him to answer her.
"Yes my lady. What are we doing now?"

"You know you ask an awful lot of questions we are going to the great hall where you will be presented to the rest of royals in this castle. And do not under any circumstances look at another female pet or else my punishment for you will not be pleasant. I am very jealous and you are mine." He nodded his head and followed her quietly the rest of the way to the hall. There sitting next to the queen was the prince her evil brother how he hated this man for treating that poor woman that way. And yet he couldn't get over how quickly she continued to obey him. What the hell was going on here? And that boy that he saw a few nights before what had he done to deserve such abuse? Would the same things really happen to him? Why did he stop her from pleasing him last night? His head was filled with these questions and she must have known because he felt her hand on his back.
"Relax all of your questions will be answered in time my pet." They walked into the room and past all of the tables where there were people dinning and laughing the music was playing and people were dancing on the floor. But he couldn't help but feel like as soon as he walked by the whole world stopped as if everyone was looking at him.
"Why are they all looking at me my lady?" He gasped lightly. "Relax they are just admiring what I have they will do this a lot. And when they come to examine you just stand there and smile do you understand?"

"Yes my lady." He stayed close to her side as they continued to walk through the room.
"Well dear sister it is good to see you tonight. How are you feeling after your nap hopefully better?" Another voice said but it was not the same voice from earlier this evening it was another women’s voice.
"Leandra how are you my baby sister?" A woman standing about 5'4 came rushing through the room and held her sister tightly. She looked almost exactly like her sister only a little younger and with red hair instead of black could this have been the women he was talking about? But all the same just as beautiful.
"And who is this?" She asked softly looking him all over.
"He is mine dear sister." Devania quickly replied.
"Well I figured that sister what is his name?" She ran her hand over his stomach gently. "It's Dryden my lady." He said with a smile.
"Well he's not very well behaved now is he? Are you not doing a good enough job training him dear sister or shall I take over for you?" That voice he knew it was her brother.

"No dear brother I think I can handle this one on my own thank you." Then she looked over at him with such a look that he immediately fell to the floor at her feet.
"You see he's fine. He's still new it's going to take some time for him to adjust he'll be just fine." She then began running her figures through his hair.
"Yes he will." The lady Leandra whispered.
"Really little sister then tell me why is your pet not hard like he is supposed to be? Have you broken him in yet my dear sweet sister?" He then began to walk towards her. The room went silent as so they could hear everything that was going on.
"She told me earlier today that she has already. Were you lying to me child?" The queen said in an aggressive tone.
"No mother of course not I have broken him already it's just he is still so very new and I didn't have much time to train him after I got him. We had to leave in a hurry you know that." She explained calmly.
"Yes this is true my son leave her be she will have two weeks to train this boy. And at the end of those two weeks if he is not fully trained he shall belong to you my son. Am I clear Devania?"

"Yes mother." She bowed her head to her mother and looked down at the naked boy at her feet.
"Is there anyone here who wishes to have a gander at my new pet?" The whole room began to roar as people flocked around the young boy poking him and pulling his hair. Pinching his nipples and groping his penis making it hard for all to see. And it was a sight to see all nine and a half inches of it. And he just sat there as he was instructed to do and let this happen. He couldn't help but think how in some ways he would rather be back in prison right now. At least there he was allowed to wear clothing and was able to defend himself against attacks like this. After about a half an hour or so they began to take there seats once more and go on with there conversations as though they had never been stopped, and she just looked down at him smiling how beautiful she was when she smiled.
"How about we get this training lesson really started shall we?" The horrible prince said holding his silver goblet high in the air. And the crowd all cheered and waited for the princess to reply.

"Alright let the training begin." She then walked away from him and took a seat on the other side of her mother. He then heard a loud bell ring as a large group of naked young women and men came into the room holding pitchers of wine and plates with more food on them. Taking away the emptied plates and restocking the table and glasses.
"I'll show you the ropes don't you worry love." He heard a woman say to him as she grabbed him by the arm and dragged him over to the counters where the pitchers sat.
"Here grab this and go and fill up those goblets on that table over there hurry up before one of the other girls get's it first." And with an amazing grace that no one had ever seen before he scurried over to the table and filled there goblets careful enough not to spill a drop even with them playing with his penis and pinching his nipples again.
"He is a beautiful creature." He heard one man say.
"Yes indeed where she ever found him is beyond me he won't be hard to train not hard at all." Another woman said.
"Ah yes but if the prince has his way he'll own him by the end of these two weeks just you watch." He heard another older woman say. His hands began to shake with anger at the thought of the prince owning him that he dropped the pitcher of wine. But luckily enough was able to catch it before it hit the ground. "Where did you learn to move like that?" One man asked him.

"It's okay boy you may answer my question." Before doing so he looked over at lady Devania who nodded her head in approval.
"I used to be a thief my lord and you need to have quick hands when you’re a thief." Dryden then lowered his eyes and filled the gentleman’s cup.
"Well then I guess so. And where did the lady take you from boy?" He again looked at her and she again nodded in approval.
"She saved me from the gallows my lord. If it were not for this woman in whom I now owe my life I would be dead." The room again went silent.
"And what was your crime my dear boy?" He asked.
"Well sir I was stealing food for my family because the harvest didn't go so well this year as you may know, and I was caught. The soldiers that arrested me killed my wife and two children in front of me and then threw me in a cage to be hung the very same day that Lady Devania came to my aid." The man was at a loss for words he just stared at Dryden.
"I am sorry to hear that my dear boy." He heard the queen say. Then again Dryden felt the gentle touch of his mistress on his lower back.
"Come I believe that is enough for one night." She led him back to her chambers where he would stay for the night.
"Undress me pet and make haste I am tired and wish to rest."

"Yes my lady." He then obeyed and undressed her untying her dress and letting it fall to the floor then her corset and then her panties until once again she stood before him as naked as he was.
"You must be tired from the days events turn down the blanket for me and then come and join me." He did as he was told he turned down the blanket for her and watched her climb into bed her breasts swaying free from side to side and he could not help but watch them.
"Well it looks some one is enjoying me being naked." She was right he was hard as stone yet again. Something about this wasn't right it hasn't even been a year since his families death he shouldn't want this stranger so badly. He shouldn't have these feelings for her to want every inch of her to feel her against him to be inside of her all of him deep inside of her.

"Come to bed my pet. Tomorrow is going to be even worse for that is when the real training begins." He joined her in bed but did not go to sleep he stayed awake for a long time thinking and watching her sleep on his chest running his fingers through her beautiful hair. Until finally he dozed off dreaming of his family his wife and two daughters how they were telling him it was okay. That they were okay not to be afraid to let himself be happy again. He then awoke with a jump to find the Lady Devania still soundly asleep in his arms then he decided he had to be bold. He rolled her off from him aggressively waking her up climbed on top of her and roughly pushed himself deep into her.
"This is uncalled for you know that don't you?" She gasped.
"So punish me for it."

He said back to her as he thrusts himself deeper into her, her hips lifting and pressing against him.
"I thought you said we couldn't do this my pet?"
"I changed my mind." He smiled.
"Yes well I didn't say you could did I?" She then pushed him off of her and grabbed the studded paddle that was next to the bed. "And what is that for?" His eyes widened.
"This is your punishment my pet." And without another word she gave him a hard smack across the bottom. He jumped back a little and just looked at her.
"Bend over the bed and don't move until I tell you to." She barked and he did as she said he bent over the bed as blow after blow came down across him harder and harder the smacks became he could feel the flesh on his ass beginning to swell and welt his flesh burning he tried not to yell out. Instead he found himself holding firmly to the blankets on the bed his fists clenched tightly. Once she was done she placed the paddle back down onto the floor and leaned against his arched body over the bed her pussy rubbing gently against his sore buttocks.
"There will be worse punishments to come if you ever step out of line like that again am I clear?" She said to him coldly and then reached into a small bag under the bed and pulled out a small leather strap and placed it around his hard penis then tightened it so that it felt as though the circulation were being cut off.
"You will sleep with this on for the reminder of the night am I clear?"

"Yes my lady." He answered back.
"Good now get some sleep your training begins in a few hours." She then rolled over to the farthest side of the bed and went back to sleep. He did not sleep the rest of the night all he could think about was this ring around his cock keeping his erection from going away and what he had tried to do to her. He had to make it up to her some how he just didn't know how yet.

Finally morning was here and Devania rolled over yawned and stretched, Dryden’s penis still hard and longing for her warmth again.
"Didn't you get any sleep? You won't be much good today if you got no sleep." She then grabbed the leather strap around his penis and removed it.
"There now as long as you can keep that up all day today we'll be just fine." She then hoped out of bed and went to her closet. "Come you must learn how to bath me properly today. This is going to be your first lesson of the day. And if you do a good job I will reward you. Now go and grab a bowl of warm water and a damp clothe and be quick about it." He scurried to do as she had asked still trying to think of a way to make up for his actions last night. He returned quickly with the items that she asked for.
"Here we are my lady." He said to her softly. Then placing the bowl beside her on the stand. "Now pick up that clothe and wash me down."

"Yes my lady." He answered quickly then picking up the clothe from the warm water he slowly began to wash her down taking his time memorizing her every curve her wonderful scent. Everything about her was perfect to him.
"You really wanted me last night didn't you?" She blushed as she said this. "I can't explain it my lady I have this painful yearning for you that will not go away." He brushed against her gently with his hard penis.
"It only wants you now my lady." He whispered into her ear then kissed it softly. "Yes well that still does not change the fact that you were very out of place last night and had no command." He then forced her against the wall and kissed her deeply.
"The hell with commands and you can punish me all you want for saying that but I want you to let me have you." He kissed her again to find her kissing back this time her arms around his waist pulling him closer to her he could feel her heat against him. How he wanted her so. Then before he knew it that little leather ring was around him once more.

"You have guts my little pet I will say that for you. And maybe one of these days I will give in to you and let you dominate me but for now you get it when I say. Now finish washing me you have much to learn today if you wish to stay mine. Or I could just give you to my brother now and save us both the trouble." He held her tightly in his arms then once again softly kissed her ear.
"I do apologize my lady. It's just that." She placed a finger to his mouth.
"I know its okay you can make it up to me by becoming the best pet in this place." He nodded his head and finished bathing her then placing the clothe back into the bowl he walked over to the closet.
"And what is your outfit for the day today my lady?"
"I am going to let you choose that one my pet and choose well."

Chapter Two
The training of the slave

And choose well he did and the princess was very pleased with his choice and rewarded him with several tiny kisses all over his face and neck.
"Come it is time for your real training to begin." She said to him coldly. She then placed him in leather shackles on both his hands and ankles that allowed him to only move on his hands and knees.
"What is going to happen to me?" He looked up at her and asked.
"Well that is not a question that a slave should be asking now is it? You are to look forward to your punishments not wonder what is going to happen next. Am I clear?" She then smacked him across the face just hard enough to get his attention.
"Yes my lady." He answered her back.
"Good now crawl in front of me so that I may admire you on the way." She then placed a leather bit tightly into his mouth and attached a set of reins to it, grabbed a riding crop and hit him in the buttocks with it. He hesitated to move at first until she hit him again then he was ever so eager to move ahead of her. "You'll have to tell me why you were really in prison one of these days my pet." He didn't dare try and look back at her he just kept his head down and crawled forward.
"Head up let every one know that you are proud to be my slave." As she jerked the reins back arching his head up high. They walked for a very long time around the castle both inside and out as all those around stopped to stare and admire her new toy. He could hear people whispering and whistling at him just like in the town and the dinning hall in front of the queen. It was almost as if she were doing it on purpose trying to show him off. Until he saw the beautiful man that was her brother standing before them once again.

"Well now isn't he delightful? I really can't wait to taste him." He said and his voice made Dryden shutter.
"Yes well unfortunately dear brother you will not get the chance he is mine and only mine. So leave him be." She began petting the top of his head.
"Well now aren't we confident little sister you will loose this challenge and he will be mine and when he is I will make you watch every little thing I do to him." He then leaned down lifted his head a little more and kissed his mouth where the bit was gently.

"Until we meet again, my delicious one." He then stood back up scoffed at his sister and walked away.
"Do not fear my pet he will never have you as long as you do as you are told you will be mine understand? That bastard who does he think he is touching what is mine?" She then kneeled in front of him and kissed his forehead.
"Come we have much still to do today now this is going to be a little scary for you at first I will be there with you for most of it but not all. There are something’s that you must learn to do with out me being around." She then struck him again with the riding crop but this time it did not bother him he was happy to be struck by her. 'Better her than her brother.' He found himself thinking. He couldn't help but wonder why he seemed to be always competing with her. Finally after a while they reached a large coliseum filled with many more slaves just like him self. Both man and women alike all shackled the way he was on his hands and knees unable to get up. The bleachers were filled with other lords and ladies watching the events laughing, talking, cheering and drinking.

He stopped quickly in his own tracks and the princess not noticing this tripped over him but was able to catch herself. "What do you think you are doing I gave you no order to stop!" She then raised the crop and began to hit him violently with it. She had not yet done this to him before and he couldn't even think. He tried to run away from her but was pulled back by the reins still attached to his bit. She pulled this back with such great force that he fell onto the ground landing onto his stomach. She then walked over to him placed a foot onto his back and summoned for a paddle to be brought to her at once. He could hear the crowd cheering and laughing at him. Another slave then handed her a large leather paddle with small steal studs on it. She then drew her hand back and hit him across the buttocks and thighs with it very hard. He couldn't stop himself from crying out in pain his eyes quickly filled with tears. Never in his life had he ever felt this much pain before. Even the death of his family was nothing compared to this. He then felt her strike him again harder this time hitting a little lower on him than before.

This one made him try and escape from her again but she just pulled him back and hit him even harder than before. This time swiping the paddle across his testacies. He dropped and did not move after this as she continued to beat him growing more and angrier with every swat.
"Chain him up and teach him what it means to be a real slave. I will be in my chambers when you are done with him." She then tossed the paddle onto the ground beside him and walked away. A few moments later he felt himself being lifted off the ground and being thrown over someone’s shoulder and carried off to another part of this huge arena. He was then tossed violently against large marble slab and chained to it. His hands above his head his legs as far apart as they would go, the bit removed and a leather gag was put in its place. Then a leather blind fold followed.
"Well now boys it looks like we have our selves another toy to train." This voice he did not recognize. How stupid he felt for stopping in front of her like that what was he thinking? Was he even thinking? All he knew was that he wanted to be in her arms apologizing to her anyway he could. Not here chained and helpless to this wall.
"Well now looks like you've really done it this time now haven't you?" This voice he knew it was the same voice that had made him shutter so earlier.
"You'll be mine soon enough. I knew you couldn't be trained, that's alright though I have enough slaves you will be my sex toy. I haven't had the pleasure of having one of them in a long time. Don't get me wrong I have seen plenty of handsome men but none of them catch my attention none of them have that fire that I've been looking for. But you, you are a wild one and I like that you have that fire that I have been looking for." The prince then removed his blind fold and the gag from his mouth. "But my Lord your sister said for us to train him." A young man dressed as a farmer said to him.
"Yes well my sister is not here now is she? She is to know nothing of what is going on am I understood or it will be you here in his place." The boy shook his head in agreement with the prince bowed and walked away.
"Do you see the power I have the fear I strike into people? Let me ask you something and please do not be afraid to answer me do you fear me?"
Dryden found himself looking deep into the princes deep blue eyes.
"No my lord. I am not." He replied.
"Well then we'll have to change that now won't we? Let me ask you another question. Do you fear my sister?" Folding his hands behind his back and pacing back and forth in front of Dryden. "Yes I am I am very afraid of my lady. But I admire her so and miss her. I feel horrible for upsetting her as much as I did to get myself in this position."

"Believe me she is not the one you need to be afraid of I am. I could do so much worse to you right now than she could ever do. I believe you now that at this point." He walked over to him and placed his hand onto his penis.
"It hurts doesn't it?" Running his hand up and down it gently. "Yes but I am willing to wait for my lady." The prince then stopped stroking him and looked up at him.
"You mean you have not engaged in sexual relations with my sister yet? Well this is a beautiful day."
"Really and why is that?" Dryden asked.
"Because that means she lied to my mother when she said that she broke you in which brings me one step closer to owning you." He then grabs Dryden’s penis again and begins to stroke it hard and fast. Despite his efforts Dryden couldn't stop himself from moaning out loud and getting hard.
"Very nice now you must be like this at all time no matter what it takes. And you may think that this is impossible but it is not. You will get used to it after a while. My suggestion to you is learn to enjoy your punishments look forward to them." Just before Dryden was about to climax the prince stopped and removed his hand.
"You must never be pleased unless told to be. You must be willing to please your master or mistress at all times no matter what it is they ask of you. Including sleeping with other lord’s ladies and even slaves. Sometimes even in your ladies presence. Even in her own bed as she either watches or decides to join. You see while you are here you are nothing but a toy to us. And that is all nothing more and anything more is forbidden you must never fall in love with your Lady or Lord and they must never fall in love with there slave. It only complicates things." Folding his hair behind his ear.
"You speak from experience then?" Dryden asked calmly.
"Yes I do but that is nothing to you. Now shut up and listen to me and do not speak again unless told to do so." The prince then smacked his hard penis. As Dryden cried out in both pain and pleasure.
"Now I understand that you are in here do to the lady taking pity on you. Why do you think that is Dryden?”

"Yes my lord. And I do not know I did not ask all I know is that I am great full that she did or else I would be dead at this very moment. I owe my Lady my life." He then lowered his eyes as the lady had taught him to do.
"Well then let me tell you why she did it."
"Yes brother why don't you tell him and while you are at it why don't you run and get mother as well." It was Lady Leandra how beautiful she was to him. As he looked at her he found himself wanting to be in his ladies arms even more.
"Well now sister what are you doing here?" He walked over to her and folded his arms behind him again.
"You there boy untie him and place him in my chambers at once and if the lady Devania asks send her to me. I will take all blame for this." Leandra said.
"I am saving this poor boy from you that is what I am doing." The boy rushed over to Dryden unchained him then placed him onto the ground.
"Come now boy at once and make haste." He did as she said and rushed to her side his head still looking down at the ground.
"He is not yours dear sister. You know the punishment for this."

"As do you brother as do you. Touching what does not belong to you and sexually for that matter what would mother say to this?" She then looked down at Dryden and slapped his ass gently for him to move on and began walking away.
"Are you alright pet?" She asked gently. He did not answer her all he could think about was what the young prince had said to him.
"I asked you a question." She said again this time cuffing him in the head.
"I am sorry my lady I just can't stop myself from thinking of about the young prince. And yes I am okay." His head still hanging low.
"That is good and pay no attention to my brother he will do and say anything to turn you against my sister he wants you for himself. And the more I look at you the more I see why. But you needn't worry I have enough pets of my own to keep me busy I have no use for one of my sisters." She said chuckling a little. "One of my lady?" He asked quietly.
"Why yes of course she has dozens of slaves at her disposal you did not know this? Well then she has kept much from you indeed. But I think you are different for her. I think she may have fallen in love with you."

"But I thought that was forbidden my lady?" He then looked up at her.
"Well now it looks like you are a little more educated than I thought you were. Look it is not forbidden it is just frowned upon around here but you can't help who you fall in love with right? Come we'll go this way to avoid being seen by the others." She then lead him around to the outside of the castle and down a long walk into the rose garden where she stopped and sat down on the water fountain.
"Come kneel at my feet I will teach you to be a proper slave with out all that abuse." He did as he was told he went and knelt by her feet feeling like a wounded puppy begging for forgiveness. "You needn't fear me boy." She then began running her fingers through his hair gently.
"Do you love my sister Dryden?"
"Well I am not really sure my lady I haven't had the time to get to know her really."
"Let me ask you this then do you miss her right now slave?"

"Yes more than you know." He sighed.
"Then you are in love with her. You are beginning to break which is what you need to do if you are going to survive here. You must look forward to your punishments. Because whether or not you obey you will still be punished. Either by the paddle or the cock strap or even just pleasing your lady and being left unpleased yourself for days at a time. You must learn how to control all of this. Like right now you are aching and would love nothing more than to be pleased yourself. And I bet if I were to play with you right now you would burst. Am I right?" He did not answer verbally he just nodded his head.
"Good then you shall be pleased and then taught to get hard again almost instantly or be punished for it." Leandra then pulled him onto his knees and began stroking his hard penis slowly at first. Her soft hands felt so amazing to him.

"Go ahead you know you want to let it go." She whispered into his ear. And upon that he let himself be released into her hand. "Good boy now get hard again come on now." She continued to play with his wet cock stroking it hard and fast until he was hard again and still aching for more.
"Good boy you learn quickly. Now you must stay like this. Now you will not feel relief again until your lady is ready to give it to you which may take days with as angry with you as she is. Now come we must get you back to your wall." She then stood up rinsed her hand in the fountain and began walking ahead of him. He quickly caught up with her on his hands and knees and began walking in front of her his head down.
"Very good I am pleased with you already there is hope for you yet." When they returned to the arena lady Devania was waiting for them there.
"Sister what a pleasure." Leandra chuckled softly.
"Why is he not where I put him sister?" She said angrily and he did not dare to look up her instead he rushed to her side and knelt before her placing his swollen bottom in the air.
"Well now isn't this a surprise very good. But this changes nothing for you."

"Come now sister be easy with him he is trying after all he is only trying to apologize for his actions earlier today." Leandra said. "Yes well I did not ask you to get involved." She snapped back. "My lady may I speak?" Dryden asked frightened.
"What is it?" She barked.
"If it were not for the lady Leandra who knows what your brother might have done to me." He then kissed her feet,
"What?" She looked down at him confused.
"He speaks the truth sister I saw the whole thing myself. He was trying to turn him against you and even touched him sexually." Lady Leandra stated. "Really now I will deal with my brother put him back where I had him until I summon for him." Before they could come and retrieve him Devania began coughing again and once again fainted falling into Dryden’s waiting arms.
"Bring her to her chambers I will send for a Doctor at once." Lady Leandra said rushing away back to the castle.

Dryden carried lady Devania back to her chambers with two other slaves guiding him. They opened the door to her chambers and he placed her into bed gently noticing blood on her lip he wiped it off quickly he then sat down beside her and ran his fingers through her hair. Caressing her face gently down to her breasts popping out of the dress that he had picked for today. "Why are you so sick my Lady?" She then began to sweat heavily.
"Where the hell is that damn Doctor? Hang in there my love help will be here soon."
"Yes well then there she goes again." He heard her brother say from behind him and he didn't even think of his next actions or the consequences behind them he stood up from her bed turned around and punched the young prince in the mouth knocking him out. He was quickly seized by the princes guards placed under arrest and brought to the dungeon where he was shackled to the wall of the jail cell.

"Well then how did that one feel Darien?" Lady Leandra said laughing.
"She is in here Doctor." The Doctor then entered her room and closed the door behind him. Several moments later Darien began coming to.
"That little bastard wait until I get my hands on him."
"You will not touch him. You probably deserved it anyway." She smiled at him.
"Yes well that is not the point he struck a royal what if he does it to her. This can not go unpunished." He said angrily.
"Nor will it Devania will deal with it as she sees fit when she is feeling better right now she needs him to be there for her when she wakes up," She looks over at one of the guards and motions for him to go and get Dryden. He did as he was told and went back down to the dungeon to find one of the other guards playing with him.
"Well now you are daring aren't you to hit a royal." The guard said to him.
"Yes well he deserved it." Dryden answered back.
"Yes well whether he did or not you were still out of line and I am sure you will be punished severely for it. But for know you are needed at her Ladies side." He then unchained him from the wall and dragged him by his penis back up to Lady Devonian’s chambers. A few moments later the Doctor walked out looked at Dryden and shook his head. Dryden then rushed into the room to be by her side.
"What is wrong with her Dr.?" Leandra asked.
"Well in all honesty my lady I do not know I have never seen anything like this before in all my long years of being a Dr…” He said to her.
"Well then what should we do for her?" Darien asked.
"Like you care what happens to her Darien." Leandra snapped. "She is my sister also of course I care."

"Well she is very weak and must stay in bed for the next several days if possible? The more rest she gets the better off she will be."
"Yes well you do not know our sister there is no way she will be willing to stay in bed for that long."
"Are you sure of that?" The Dr. asked.
"Not unless Dryden can talk her into it. This means he will need to be by her side at all times for the next several days. Which means his training must wait." Leandra whispered.
"Well that is to bad I was enjoying him in the arena helpless."
"You are lucky he is not here to hear you or he would probably punch you again." She snickered.
"Yes well he is lucky I do not kill him for that."
"Yes well then it looks like I am no longer needed here good day to you I will be back to check up on her in s few days." The Dr. said and then turned and walked away. Lady Leandra then slowly opened the door to Devonian’s chambers to see Dryden on his knees beside her bed praying for her to be spared. She then shut the door walked over to him and placed a hand onto his shoulder.
"She will be alright she is strong she'll pull through this." She said trying not to cry.
"I have seen this before in my village and it never ends nice. All of those who have had this have died I am wondering if she may have caught this in my village when she released me. My lady I can not lose her as well she is all I have now." He then placed his head onto her bed and began to weep.

"Don't worry my pet I am not going any where just yet." He heard her say. "My lady." He said as he then sat onto the bed and held her tightly. Sobbing into her long hair.
"Where you worried about me my pet?" She asked him.
"Of course I was we all were."
"Yes we all were even Darien acted a little concerned. But there is an issue I have to bring to your attention dear sister. Your little pet here struck your brother for what reason I do not know but he knocked him a good one putting him out." She looked at Dryden.
"Is this true Dryden?" She struggled to say.
"Do not worry about this now I will explain it all when you are well. There are also a few other things on my mind that I wish to speak to you about as well." He then kissed her forehead and laid down on the floor next her bed.
"We will discuss this later Leandra now leave me to rest." She said to her softly.
"Yes of course dear sister you get well we shall talk later." She replied back and then left her to rest.
"Well what is to be done with the little bastard?"
"They are going to discuss it when she is feeling better and stronger to deal with him in her own manner. Come now brother they are both asleep." She then walked away leaving Darien in front of her door. He stood there for several minutes just staring at it before he finally walked away blood still dripping from his nose and lip.

"Dryden come to me." He heard her whisper.
"Yes my lady what is it?" He asked as he rushed up to her side. "Come and sleep with me hold me let me know that I am safe and that you will never let anything happen to me." She then placed her hand in his and held it tightly.
"Never my lady I will never let anything happen to you." He squeezed her hand back and then crawled into bed beside her. "You should not be sleeping in these clothes would my lady like for me to undress her?" He asked smiling at her. She then looked up at him smiled back and nodded her head. From there he proceeded to undress her removing her dress then her corset, her panties and stockings. So that when he was done she was as naked as he was. "How are you feeling?"
"Better actually thank you again for being there for me. Not just with this but my brother as well. Yes I know about it I was awake for a short moment earlier. But you will still have to be punished for it and not only by me. But by him now as well. When you placed your hands on him you gave him full right to do to you as he pleases and I can not do anything to help you. Do you understand this?"

"Yes my lady but it was worth all the punishment that I am going to receive. As are you." He kisses her gently.
"Well then let us get back to your training then. Guards come and take him away he is my brothers now until I wish to have him back." At once they entered the room and hurried him away from her before he could tell her that he loved her.
"Well now you belong to the prince." Dryden then spit in the guards face.
"I belong only to my lady." The guard then threw him against the wall and pinned him there by his throat. But did not hit him. "You are lucky you are the princes or else I would hand you over to the slave hall." He then knocked on the prince’s door. The prince opened the door and smiled at the sight of Dryden.

"Well then it looks like my sister has given in."
"Not exactly my lord she said she will come for me when she is ready and that you must be the one to punish me. Though I would gladly do it again." Dryden said glaring at the prince. "Yes well that was your first mistake." The prince then grabs Dryden by the balls and drags him into his chambers and kicks the door shut in the guards face. He then walks him over to a hook hanging from the wall.
"Do you know what this is used for slave?"
"Is it for all of your failed attempts to kill yourself?" He said back sarcastically.
"Hmmm...A wise ass I like that." He chuckled a bit and then punched Dryden in the stomach knocking the wind out of him. "But sadly you are wrong this where I hang my slaves for there training. This is where you will be pleased when told to be pleased and so on. You are mine now and you will not enjoy this I am not you precious princess."
He then grabbed another pair of leather shackles placed them on Dryden’s hands and locked his hands above his head onto the hook from the ceiling. He then grabbed the chain that the hook was attached to raised the hook up until Dryden was on standing on his tip toes.
"Are we comfy yet you dog?" Darien asked.
"Sure why not, not the first time this has happened to me." Dryden said back.
"Well then how about this?" All Dryden heard was something open then a sharp, hard and painful thrust as something was jabbed into his anus. He screamed out in pain.

"Yes that's it take it enjoy it there is more to come of this." The prince continued to move the object in and out of Dryden’s anus slowly at first then he began to thrust it harder and deeper into him. As Dryden continued to scream in pain. But for some reason despite all of the pain he found himself in he was hard as a rock maybe it was do to the cock strap still on him or he was really enjoying this.
"That's right get hard bitch enjoy it you know you do. Do you want more? Answer me or I go for something bigger." Dryden did not answer him. So Darien pulled the object out and lowered him so that he was level with Darien’s waist as he thrust himself into him. Dryden again cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. After a few good thrusts into him Darien released himself. But this did not stop him he kept going until he was hard again and once again was able to release himself. Dryden’s moans had gone from pain to pure pleasure. His penis so hard and throbbing how it wanted to be touched to feel some release like it had done with lady Leandra in the rose garden. Darien then pulled himself out washed himself off and put his pants back on. "Guards!" He called as one of them entered the room.
"Yes my lord."

"Have someone come and clean him up at once I am going to supper I want him clean and ready for me for when I return. And if any of you touch him I will make it so you never touch anything again am I clear?"
"Yes my lord." He then rushed to find one of the groomers and have them come to the prince’s chambers at once to ready him for his majesty. After a few moments of being alone and recovering from what had just happened to him a lovely young lady dressed very nicely in an emerald green silk skirt and gypsy shirt.
"Well now you are a lot better than some of the others that I have had to clean." He looked up at her and was at once lost in her beauty.
"Yes well I don’t feel that good looking right now." He whispered back and then hung his head again.
"Yes well you are now. No more talking I must get you ready for this evenings events." She said to him as she walked back out into the hall and wheeled in a cart with a bowl and bucket of water along with a strange device that he had never seen before. "What's that for?" He asked her.
"This thing right here is for cleaning you out. Can't have you dripping the prince everywhere now can we?" She laughed and began washing him down.
"My name is Ren and I am your groomer." She said to him.
"My name is Dryden what do you mean my groomer?"

"I belong to you as you belong to the prince only I wash and take care of. And do not be afraid to talk to me what is said between the two of us stays with us. Normally I would be doing this to you in the slave hall but you haven't made it there yet. Consider yourself lucky on that one with as bad as you have been." Moving from the front of him to the back examining him before washing him gently as to not hurt his already swollen buttocks.
"Well then it looks like you have had a number done on you already. That is nothing though if you keep this attitude up. Why fight it so much just give into it you know you want to I know you want to I can see it in you already. Let yourself be broken." She began to wash his ass as he flinched with pain. "Not to him I will not break to him. My lady yes I will break for her with pleasure but never for him." He said a little irritated.

"But you do not get it as long as you are here you must learn to break for everyone. Not just one mistress. You belong to everyone in this castle do you not understand that? And if you don't then you are going to have many more days like this one. Now tonight’s events are going to be very hard on you." She then moved back to his front again gently washing his still erect penis. He moaned a little when she touched it.
"So teased already I bet it wouldn't take much for you to go right now would it?" She then smiled and then began suckling his penis in her mouth. And again before he was able to be released she stopped and continued to wash him.
"Why what is going to happen to me tonight?" He asked her still shaking from her teasing him moments ago.
"Well you are about to be put through the training course which is a series of tests to show how obedient you have become and can be. Now keep in mind that you are not doing this for him but for your lady. For if you fail this so does she and she loses you to her brother." He looks up at her.
"But she was given a two weeks to train me it has only been barley a day."
"Yes well the queen has changed her mind after the stunt that you pulled earlier when you hit the prince. Do not worry though you will do just fine. I'll help you prepare and walk you through what is going to happen to you."

"Thank you for your help." He said and smiled at her.
"Yes well I would rather see you with Princess Devania than Prince Darien." She finished washing him then filled up the device with water and walked behind him.
"Relax yourself it will make this easier." He did so to the best of his ability and she gently placed the device inside of him and used it to flush the prince out of him. As she was doing this she heard him moan a bit so she took advantage of this and began moving it in and out of him slowly.
"Well it seems as though you've taken to this quickly."
"I can't take much more of this teasing. How do you do it?"
"You get used to it that is one the many things your body is going to be trained to do. Learn it quickly it will be easier on you." She finished with his anus and then released him from the hook he was hanging from. As she was unchaining him the prince walked back into the room.
"Well you look a little better now that you are clean but before we finish getting you ready you must be ready for everyone else tonight. Ren you know what to do." He then took a seat on the bed as Ren pulled her panties down and pulled her skirt up revealing her swollen wet pussy to Dryden.
"Fuck her relieve yourself before you go it will be the last chance you get for some time now." He found himself unable to move all he could do was stare at her lo

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My MILF Village

Fbailey story number 776 My MILF Village Uncle Charles left me his huge farm on the outskirts of town. It was six hundred and forty acres or what they call a section. It is one mile by one mile in size. My father had left me his section and they joined of course. On the backside of my land was a steep cliff into a wide riverbed. That made the back center almost invisible to anyone outside of my property. I had a small business making and selling prefabricated homes. Essentially double wide trailers. When my sister got a divorce and...


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Four Poster Bed

It had been a small gathering in Jinx's studio apartment. We had been sitting on Jinx's large four poster bed. When the ohers left, I stayed behind to say my goodbyes to Jinx, because this was the fist time I had met her. The four poster had been intriguing me. I had been looking at the carving at the foot , and I was intrigued. Er---ropes? I asked.. How did you know? The marks on the bedposts. Nice four-poster bed, by the way. Thanks. You're pretty observant. You into bondage? I hedged a bit. Not exactly into it. I've read some...


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My days in Thailand part 4

As waitress brought a bucket filled with ice and bottles of beer and champagne, I turned to Mia and Pannai: “You, two, you understand English?” They looked at each other and nodded. It was Pannai who spoke: “Understand….speak no.” I laughed a evil laugh: “Good…..I love bitches who don’t speak too much…. Lie down, both of you! And spread your legs, so I can see your cunts!” As they lied down, I took two handfuls of ice and started to press it onto their tits, tights, all over their flat young bellies. Goosebumps rose all over them, and their nipples got...


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