Days in the Dorm-Part 1

Days in the Dorm-Part 1

Well I live in a college dorm so you can imagine that I see, hear about and have a LOT of sex. I've never been a whore but I do appreciate the male body. One of my favorite fuck sessions actually happened in the first month of college with my best friend, Mike. I've been friends with him since my freshman year of high school and our friendship is one I highly value. I came up north (to northern California from southern California) to go to school in August of last year. I was pretty lonely in my dorm since I didn't have a room mate so I called Mike and asked if he would like to come up for a weekend. To my pleasure, he said yes. At the beginning of high school I had a mad crush on him and thought he was the hottest thing with two legs and a dick. He didn't feel the same about me yet but he would in later years. It wasn't until two years later that I found out he liked me but since I had a boyfriend that I loved I wasn't about to cheat on him and have sex with Mike so eventually we just stayed really close friends and accepted it for what it was. I always thought that it was totally possible to have a platonic relationship with someone from the opposite sex but boy was I wrong.

Mike was working 3 jobs at the time I asked him to come up for a visit so it took him a week to figure it all out. I remember he came up on a Thursday and was staying until early Monday morning so we had all weekend to hang out. We decided when he got here that Thursday was close enough to the weekend an we wanted to have a we did. I only have a few girlfriends because I like guys a lot better so it was about 4 girls and 8 guys. Hmm...I don't know how but that worked out perfectly with 2 guys for every 1 girl. Since there was a lot of alcohol involved we were all pretty tipsy when we decided that we needed more fun than just drinking and dancing so we decided to play a few games. It started out as a friendly game of spin the Sky bottle until my bottle landed between a guy and a girl and since I couldn't decide which to make out with...we decided on a 3-way. I don't remember much of the game but I do remember that that's when we all figured out how we split up evenly. I ended up with my friend Mike and a guy named Sean that I go to school with. Although I would have loved to have sex with them we only got a couple of make out sessions in before the fire alarm was a horrible wake up call I know but I promise the story gets better. After that all of my friends decided to call it a night until tomorrow since the next day was Friday.

If any of you have ever been in a college dorm you know that the beds are very narrow and hardly big enough for one person never mind 2. Since my friend Mike and I are so close we decided that sleeping in the same bed wouldn't be at all awkward since I frequently slept in his bed at home with no sexual tension between us. Boy were we wrong. Whenever I slept in his bed we'd always kiss was just a normal thing for that night when we kissed goodnight who would expect something to happen?? Well, he was sort of leaning over me so when he kissed me he slipped his tongue in my mouth and we just went at it hard core. It seemed like we were kissing for hours but in reality it was only a few minutes before he started slipping my nightgown over my head. He was pleased to find that I don't wear underwear to bed and before long he was playing with my tits (which happen to be a very nice 36DD). I couldn't take it anymore so I ripped his boxers off (since that's all he was wearing) and began massaging his cock and balls. His fingers slowly moved from my breasts down to my clit which is always covered nicely by a thin-shaven, downward pointing arrow. It was only seconds before I was wet enough for his fingers to slip in and out at quick pace. Meanwhile, I was jerking him with just enough pressure until I was milking pre-cum out of him. It was then that I decided bring his throbbing cock to my mouth.

That was the first time I had ever been mouth fucked so when he grabbed my hair and started pounding my mouth I can't say it was an unpleasant surprise. After a few minutes of me sucking him he came in my mouth and I swallowed every bit of it. Then it was my turn. I was the more experienced in this episode but I have to say, I have never been eaten out like that before. I loved what he was doing, taking turns with his tongue and sent me over the edge after only a minute of it. I couldn't get enough of him though...I wanted, no, NEEDED...more. I wanted all of him. Since we were still a bit tipsy I thought it would be a great idea to break the whipped cream and chocolate syrup out of my mini 'fridge. You haven't had dessert until you've had whipped cream and chocolate syrup on a cock. It was amazing. Then Mike smeared it all over my chest and licked it off...focusing on my already hard nipples. I was so horny I needed him right then. He took his cock and shoved it into me and we ounded away for a good 3 or 4 hours. We tried almost every position imaginable that night. We started out missionary, moved to the floor, then he was fucking me from behind while I leaned over the bed, then we fucked standing was orgasm after orgasm for both of us. Then we moved to the showers where we massaged each other and fucked and got all soapy and slippery. Then we went back to the bedroom for a whole lot of lovin'. I had a couple of belts on the back of my door that we decided to use to tie each other up with. First he tied me up and he fucked me hard with my arms above my head. Then it was my turn...

I tied his arms above his head and told him he wasn't allowed to touch or move. I then tormented my way down his body. First with my hands and body oils, then with my tongue. I traced my way up and down his anatomy, taunting the inside of his thighs and getting a very big raise for that one. I then circled the base of his dick with my tongue giving some extra bits of attention to his balls. I then used my hands and mouth at once to deep throat his cock and massage his balls at the same time. He was thrusting his hips toward me to get deeper when I pulled off him and began softly scratching his legs. I then came up and straddled his cock. I rode it until I was pleased and he couldnt get enough. When I finally reached up and untied the belt his arms flew up and grabbed my tits. He then rolled me onto my back until he finally came and unloaded in me. After that long night we were finally ready to sleep. We rolled onto our sides and he wrapped his arms around me from behind. We slept for a whole 2 hours before I had to get up and go to school. The unfortunate Friday AM classes...

When I finally got to class at 8 I walked in and my teacher told me, "you look like you have a hangover but you also look content." Then he sort of winked and smiled to himself before continuing on with our class. After class I went back to my dorm and crawled in bed next to Mike (who still hadn't woken up) and began blowing him under the sheets. Of course he woke up immediately and we had a good hour of fucking before we finally crashed again and didn't wake up until 4 in the evening. The whole rest of the weekend was spent in bed fucking and we have been the closest friends since that wonderful weekend in September.

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