The New Desks

The New Desks

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The New Desks

It was very strange being the only male in an otherwise totally female office. I’m sure that in another situation like that I would be the boss not the secretary to the boss.

I had only been with the company for a month or so when we were moved into a new location. However, instead of a bigger area we were even more confined. Where the boss had a large office with her secretary right outside, she then had a smaller office with her secretary in her office with her. Beyond that it had been decided that instead of big flashy desks, that we would all get a six-foot folding table that most places use for weddings. Each office was assigned four folding chairs, two computers, and one printer. Needless to say my boss had a boss of her own that had made the current decision.

The room had been set up with the two desks facing each other with the printer on a smaller table between them.

Victoria twisted and turned constantly all morning and had sent me out for coffee three times.

Finally, she ordered lunch to be delivered for the both of us.

While we waited for it to arrive we were alone in our new office area. Everyone else had left to find new places to eat lunch in the strange location.

Victoria said, “Okay! Look! I’m not comfortable with an open deck front like this. You can look up my skirt and there is no way in hell that I can keep my knees together forever. So I have decided to just spread my knees and let you look. I assume that after a while I will become more comfortable with it and that you may loose the desire to look.”

I was grinning ear to ear by the time she finished her statement and then sat back and opened up.

I was treated to a pair of baby blue panties with white ruffles around the leg openings. There was a much darker spot right at the bottom of her slit. She had been excited and was dripping cum.

I automatically reached down to adjust the growing erection in my pants.

Victoria said, “I see that we have similar problems.”

Just then the delivery guy arrived with our deli order. We pretty much ate in silence with me staring at her panty-covered pussy.

After we ate, Victoria asked, “Since we have similar problems would it be too weird if we took care of our problems in front of one another?”

I asked, “Are you suggesting that we masturbate together?”

Victoria answered, “Yes.”

She slipped a couple of fingers into a leg opening, felt around, and then closed her eyes and got busy.

I unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out, and started stroking it as I watched her fingers twitch behind the thin material.

Victoria moaned, then groaned, and then let out a big gasp of air. She did that four times before I had to scoot forward and shot my load onto the tiled floor.

When I looked up Victoria was smiling at me and pushed her Kleenex box to the corner of her table. I took two out and cleaned my cock, my fingers, and then the floor.

Victoria said, “That was nice. If you don’t mind I would like to do that several times a day with you. I used to do it all the time when I was alone in my office but doing it with you was fantastic.”

So that afternoon we got a lot of work done and had a mutual masturbation party every couple of hours. Victoria had one of her own about every half-hour.

When it was quitting time Victoria stayed around and I walked out with a couple of the other secretaries.

I asked, “How did you like the table arrangement in your office?”

They laughed and one said, “The first thing we did was push the desks together. Neither one of us wanted to look up the other’s skirt. Besides, I think my boss plays with herself when she is working.”

The other one said, “I know that I do.”

The first one got a smirk on her face and asked, “How did you handle the desk positions? I mean table positions.”

I’m sure that I blushed when I said, “It worked out fine.”

They giggled and we separated to go to our own cars.

The next morning Victoria said, “You might have noticed that the other women have all pushed their tables together. Do you mind our arrangement?”

I smiled and said, “I like it just the way that we have it. What panties are you wearing today?”

With that said, Victoria sat down and opened her knees up wide, she scooted to the edge of her chair and said, “Today I chose the pair that I like to go out bar hopping in.”

I had to smile, they were red satin with ‘Fuck Me’ printed over her mound.

I asked, “Is that an invitation?”

To witch Victoria replied, “Absolutely.”

The door did not have a lock on it but I was able to jam the printer table between the door and my desk table. Then I asked Victoria to sit up on her desk table. I took her panties off and then I removed my shoes, my pants, and my underwear.

I got up on the table, placed the head of my cock against her moist fuck hole, and thrust into her. She had to stifle a cry of extreme pleasure. I got into a fairly rapid fucking motion that was not going to take very long at all. In just moments I could feel the cum swelling up in my penis, wanting to get out. I slammed into my boss for all I was worth. Her orgasm hit as I was splashing cum all over her insides. Then at the very end just as I was planning on pulling out, the table broke, sending us both to the floor laughing our asses off. I scrambled to get my pants on, hiding my underwear in my back pocket. I just managed to get my shoes on when ten people were banging on our door asking us if we were alright.

I moved the printer table back in place, opened the door, and said, “There was a spider on the ceiling so I stood up on her desk to kill it. I wouldn’t recommend any of you doing that though.”

They had their little giggle at my expense and went back to their own offices…all except for one the girls from the night before. The one named Emma.

Emma whispered, “Good thinking, letting him use your panties to kill the spider with.” Then she pointed along the floor near a corner.

Sure enough, there were Victoria’s red satin panties, right where I had tossed them. They had landed perfectly, so that she could read ‘Fuck Me’ from where she was standing.

Despite everything, our department continued to improve its efficiency.

Victoria and I never did push our tables together. However, sex on the tile floor became an every day affair for us during lunch.

Emma always stood watch for us, and then I would take Emma home with me every night. She became a great girlfriend, helping me fuck my boss. She was such a good girlfriend that I married her.

Victoria paid for our honeymoon and then went on it with us. We had wonderful threesomes every night.

The End
The New Desks

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