This is a true story name were changed. This story is long because I was raped or molested almost daily so I have a lot to recount.

Hi my name is nuffy this is the story of my life. I lived with my mom , brother and stepfather. My mom remarried my stepfather when I was a year old so we was the only father I knew. I was molested and raped all my life by my stepfather and it ruined my life . My first memory was when I was about 4 years old, I was lying in my parents room watch tv with my stepdad while my mom is getting ready to go sing. I was lying next to my stepfather when I could feel his hand slip from my shoulder to my hips. I was wearing a purple and white pajama shirt and pants. I could feel him turn to me and quietly tell me to be quiet. His finger carassing my untouched pussy. Slowly passing over my clit , I got strange tingle when his fingertip would glide over my pussy. This was the first time I was touch but as I got older the abuse became worse. My stepfather or daddy as I called him was very good at hiding my abuse. He would buy we lots of clothes and toys to keep me not realizing what was happening. Till I was around six it had only being touch he would grab my budding ass when I walked by or sneak into the bathroom while I showerd and watch me till I yelled loud enough for my mom. These little things continued all through life and bacme somewhat of a norm because I brushed it off everytime. The next level was about to begin. My dad drank a little but whenever he did he would always pour some down my throath ever since I was a toddler. The abused continued it grew more frequent becuase my mom and bother worked long hours. I was around 6 I had been touch a couple of times before and didn't really no what was happening I had no consept of sex,love,rape anything. This time I was watching tv home alone again till my dad comes through the door. He asked if anyone is home I shake my head no. He walks off to the kitchen while I watch tv my big brown eyes glued to Ytv. I jump realizing my dad siting next to me with a red bottle in his hands. He pours 2 cups he gives me one. He says its juice and to drink it. I do not know it is actually liquor. He keeps pouring me drinks and make me drink them by the 4 cups I was drunk. Being 6 ur tolerence to alchol is very low. I'm laugh at the tv when I feel his hand on my hips he pulls me toward him. I know what is comeing but my drunk little resistance is worthless. His hand is already down my pants pushing through my cotton panties into my little cunt. His finger start with the clit the other arm pull me toward him with no where to g . I stop try to fighting and just close my eyes. "Good girl" he whispers. My little hole is already invade by his big index finger, it hurts a little as it probes my virgin pussy. His breathing fastens as my pussy starts getting wet. Why am I wet? I hate this? I think to my self. Sudenly I'm throwen on my back my pink pants pulled right off before I even realize what happend. My pink hairless pussy and anus . Open, exposed I cover my face not kno what to expect. I feel a strong tingle on my pussy its wet and rough. I dare not look but couriosity got me. I open my eye to see my dad sucking on my pussy, licking every inch. Shocked I start kicking trying to escape but just end up fall of the couch onto my face. I start vomitting from the alcohol but my dad doesn't stop he pulls my ass upwards so my face is on the ground. Still vomiting he continues licking my cunt and asshole. I try to beg him to stop but I couldn't talk . I feel his tongue stop and him stand up straight. This when I first saw the sick man he was. He drop his pants his hard cock point at attention. He starts to masturbate, while watching his own daught vomit naked on the floor. His 7inch cock with veins all over, this my first time see my daddys cock. He laughs at me while still jacking is hard cock "That's my girl" he says. He starts jacking off harder till I feels a load of warm goo on my ass and back." This is daddys milk" he says. I'm still so drunk and shocked it seemed like a blur to me. He takes me up stair and starts to shower me washing the cum and vomit off before laying me in bed.
The next day I come down stair for breakfast not know if yesterday was just a bad dream. My dad acted as if nothing happened this how he kept me quiet. I didn't say anuthing to my mom cause I was to scared. Now thinking back my father always knew he was going to use me for sex. From young he would buy revealing clothes and would buy me make up. I developed early my breast first they were already a b cup when I was only ten. I had light brown mocha skin with long black hair and big brown eyes. When a sex scene would come on in a movie my dad always made me watch. I didn't really care for it yet I still though boys where gross. When I was 7 is when I learned what sex was. Again I was in my room it was about 11 I was sleeping until I heard my door open. It was my dad he sat by my bed and turned on my lamp. I knew that something was going to happen but not this. My dad comes under my sheets into my bed he hugs me with one hand on my breast. I start tp squirm"Don't move " he said firmly. I lie there as he exploers my breast pulls my little nipples. Slowly I feel my little cunny hole being rubbed and a spot of wetness grow. My dad jumps up and starts undressing. His cock hard as a rock point out my eye lock on it. He laughs" Touch it." I sit there not know what to do, he grabs my hand a places it on the shaft. " Hold it and stroke it" he comanded. I do as I'm told, my little hand around his cock I start to move up and down. I feel his cock twitch with excitement. His cock is so big I thought compaired to my tiny hand. I continued to strokes as my dad watches me.
"Good girl, now lie on ur back for daddy" I lie down expect to feel a finger or tongue b my father gets on the bed. He slowly pulls my pants off my round tiny bum. He hold my legs and says" This may hurt but don't yell or ill be mad". I nodded he spits on my cunny rubbing it all over. He leans over me I feel something hard press against my pussy. It starts to hurt more and more I can't hold in my yelp. My father quick covers my mouth and shoves the rest of his cock in. My muffled screams just get his more hard and rough he start to fuck my cunt. The blooding dripping, tears flowing I lie there endureing his cock pound my tiny virgin hole. I feel his cock hit the back of pussy where the entrance to my womb is. He fucks me harder punching my womb with his penis. Finally after a couple mintues he pulls out and shoots his huge load all over my tummy. He gets and yells for me to go shower and clean myself. This was the first time he penetrated me but not the last. After this I decided to tell my mom I wrote her a letter say how he touched me, I never told about the rape though. My mom came to me and said" Daddy probably thought u were me baby" and that was the end. I continued be raped more and more and as time got by it got worse. I would be forced to suck his cock in the morning, he didn't wash a lot so it smelled and tasted awful. If I tried resisiting he would slap me a couple times and shove my face down. Makeing me gag on his smelly penis was normal now I just shut up andd took it. Being a sex slave in your our home is just horrible and my dad was my master. I always tried to resist but that just got me beat. My mom knew what was happening but never tried to help.One time as I was sucking him one night my mom woke up and must have heard us. She creeped to the door. I saw her from the corner of my eye she didn't say a word. I was kneeing with my dad holding my head buring his cock in my throat. Vomit runing down my face as I gasped for air from the relentless throat fuck. My mom just watched, not even making a sound. I was crying so hard inside. As my face continued to be fucked by my daddys cock. feel it twich I knew he was gunna shoot his cum or milk as he told me to call it. He shoved his cock extra hard down my throat shooting his cum he held my head there till all the cum was swallowed. I gasped for air swallowing his thick load know that if I swallow I won't get slapped. My mom watched the whole thing but right as he finish cuming she ran back to her room." Your mother saw us eh?." I was shocked to hear this I didn't say anything my jaw aching and my throat burned from throwing up from his cock down my throat. He makes me shower and leaves to his room.
To be continued...

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