I have always liked Hispanic women. There is something about them that
is very exotic and exciting. Maybe it's some kind of Latin fire; maybe
its the sweet color of their dusky skin; their dark eyes ... something
... whatever ... They turn me on!

So it is not surprising that my eyes are drawn to the swarthy sweet
young slender senorita sitting in the seat in front of me. I have been
watching her, off an on, ever since we took off. Night flight, New York
City to Los Angeles, on a plane that is only half full. So many empty
seats and the passengers have spread themselves out, leaving lots of
room for maneuvering.

Miss Latina is reading some women's magazine, maybe Cosmo, maybe some
other piece of fluff. I don't know. She looks engrossed in whatever
article she is perusing. I say "Miss". Actually I don't see any ring on
her finger although God knows, in the 21st century none of that stuff
has any meaning anymore the way it did when I was a kid.

I lean forward in my seat and have a closer look at the open magazine in
open in front of her and see that it is not a women's mag at all. It is
a well known writer's journal, leading me to assume that she is a writer

I get up from my seat and come around to the seat in front where she is
seated in the window seat of the 3-seat row. I gather up my nerve and,
putting on my most winning smile, I say, "Hello, I couldn't help but
notice that you are reading one of my favorite journals. I don't believe
I have seen that issue. Any interesting articles?"

She looks up. At first she appears to have a look of annoyance on her
face that I have broken in on her and disturbed her privacy. But then
after a few seconds of scrutinizing (appraising?) me, she relaxes and
gives me a wide beautiful smile.

"Yes", she says. "There are a few. Are you a writer?"

I nod affirmatively. "I have done my share of writing. Mostly short
stories. Mind if I sit down?"

"Not at all", she says. "I was beginning to get bored with reading. It's
nice to have some company. I hate flying, really I do, especially flying
alone. I try to avoid it when I can but the holidays are coming up and I
promised my family that I would spend some time with them during the

"Oh?", I say as I seat myself next to her. "Are you from L.A.?"

"Yes", she responds. "Spent most of my life there except for the last
few years, spent in the Big Apple. I've always wanted to see New York
and I have wondered what it is like to live there. Well I got my wish.
After my divorce, I figured that I would just make a lot of changes
before I let years pass and then regret not having done it. Quit my job,
said good bye to my friends, and made the big move. I haven't been sorry

She looks around as if searching for someone. I ask, "Is there someone
you are looking for?"

"I would like the flight attendant to come over and bring me a blanket.
It's gotten a bit cool in here."

"Wait", I offer, "I'll get her for you." I get up from my seat and walk
down the aisle. No sooner do a walk a few steps when an attendant asks,
"Yes sir? Can I get you something? "

I point to the lady who is becoming my traveling companion and say, "The
lady is cold. She needs a blanket."

The attendant smiles and says, "Right away,sir. I'll bring one right
over. Can I get you one as well"?

"No", I reply. "I'm okay. Thanks."

She smiles and nods, and I return to my seat next to my newfound

"She'll be right over", I say to the lady. "By the way, my name is John
Starling." I extend my hand to shake hers. She returns the gesture,
clasping my hand with hers in a nice firm grip, not that fishy way some
women have of shaking hands.

"My name is Susana, Susana Rios. Funny, I had this Anglo name when I was
married but after we split I couldn't wait to take back my maiden name.
Think I will hold on to it the next time."

"Oh", I tease, "So you are not sour on marriage?"

"Oh no", she smiles that great smile. "I just need to find the right
relationship this time. My husband was alright. We just didn't know what
we were doing. Just rushed right into it. Didn't take long to find out
that we were just not compatible. Not because in the difference in
cultural backgrounds, mind you. Just two people with heeads in opposite
directions. We weren't even sexually compatible. He was very vanilla. I
thought I could change him, you know, teach him a few things after we
were married. He just was not very interested because he isn't very
imaginative, if you know what I mean."

Before I have time to respond or say anything, she is blushing. "Oh look
at me. I am sorry. I don't even know you and I am blabbing all about my
personal life. I am really sorry. I didn't mean to assault you with all
that personal stuff. It just sort of came out."

I smile and waive my hand in a gesture as if to say it's ok, think nothing
of it. "Its quite alright", I say. I have been around the block and very
little embarrasses or offends me. In fact, I am quite flattered that you
feel comfortable with me, after only a few moments, to be open enough to
just be yourself."

"Well that's just the way I am", she says. "Very uninhibited. Must be my
Latina blood." She smiles again.

"Are you Mexican", I ask, checking out her delicious brown skin that
looks like dark velvet.

"No" she laughs. "My parents come from Mexico. I am as American as apple
pie!' She winks at me.

A minute passes and just as she begins to rub her arms to keep warm the
stewardess shows up with the blanket. "Sorry I took so long", the
attendant says. "I was in the midst of helping another passenger."

"It's ok", Susana says as she takes the blanket from the attendant and
wraps it around herself.

I smile and ask, "Is that better? You getting warm under that thing?"

She shrugs and says, "It's gonna take a few minutes for me to warm up."
She continues to tuck in the ends of the blanket behind her to get the
maximum warmth.

After a few seconds she turns to me and says, "Well, you know something
about my history. What about you? You married?"

"Divorced too", I reply. We were married for quite a while, had two
children who are pretty much on their own now. We had some exciting
years but eventually I guess we just outgrew each other."

"In what way?", Susana asks. "What made the excitement vanish?"

I look at her and say, "Can I be candid with you?"

"Oh course", she answers. "I like it when people open up and are honest.
It them more interesting when they don't hold back." She smiles. "Go
ahead", she says. "I am all ears."

"I guess for some people, it's easy to speak to strangers. I know I am
like that. Guess there is just nothing to lose when you reveal yourself
to someone who doesn't have a history with you."

She nods in agreement.

"Well", I say, "in our younger years we were quite sexually active in a
swinging way. That was mostly back in the day when you could be free
without worrying too much about getting sick. Nowadays, as they say, you
have to sterilize people to have sex with them."

Susana laughs, and I find her laughter exciting, a deep throaty laugh,
very feminine.

"I'm happy that you appreciate my sense of humor", I say.

"Yes I do", she nods. "But I couldn't help thinking that in my own
marriage, it might have helped keep us together. But then, my husband
would not have gone for that sort of stuff."

"Well", I say, "Swinging is no guarantee that it's a cure all for a
boring marriage. As I said before, we had some exciting years in the
beginning but then, in the end, after too many long nights and too many
bodies which became interchangeable, and too much coke and heroin, the
excitement wore off for me. But my wife could never get enough of that
life. I wanted to stop after a few years. After all, we had kids to
worry about. But her own enjoyment took priority with her, more than
anything else, more than our family. She is just like a little kid."

Susana asked, "Is that what you meant when you said that you outgrew
each other? That you outgrew her?"

I give an embarrassed nod and add, "I really should not be too hard on
her. She means well but I just guess that she will always need a daddy
to cuddle her. I have always had a suspicion that there was just too
much closeness in her own family when she was growing up, if you know
what I mean."

Susana nods but does not say anything. It occurs to me that nothing, or
practically nothing, shocks this attractive sophisticated woman.

"Of course she never made any mention of any funny business in her
family and I never asked. But still I have my suspicions. Anyway it
doesn't matter now. I have not seen her for quite a while. Now that the
children are independent, we really have nothing to say to each other."

Susana asks, "Well John, so are you still in the life? I mean, are you
still part of the swinging scene?"

"Oh no", I answer. "There are several reasons why that life just doesn't
interest me anymore. Among them is the fact that as I have matured, my
tastes have become more directed. It's no longer exciting to me to just
lie down with any body that happens to be there. No, now the person that
I bed has to be someone who is real, who has a name and a personality."

Susana nods again and says, "I understand. I also have my share of
experimenting in my history. For a while I thought I was lesbo. I just
went to bars and found that I was happy to get it on with other women.
But that was just a phase. I soon got over it. I guess nothing beats
doing it with someone who has a real penis!' She bursts out laughing and
I join her in the laughter.

Then, more seriously, I add, "Well but I am sure that it would be very
hot to watch you with another woman. You are really attractive, and with
another hot female, I know that I would get off."

"John!", she says mockingly, "I am shocked! Really?"

"You? Shocked?", I ask in a similar joking manner. "I would never
imagine it. I thought you were a woman of the world."

"Well maybe. But no one ever watched me when I did it. The idea just
never came up. But hmmmmm now that you have mentioned it, let me think
about it", and she smiles that devastating smile again.

Watching her and talking all that sex talk is beginning to get to me.
After all, I found myself attracted to her even before we began to speak
but this conversation we are having is getting me all excited. My eyes
must be glassing and I must be staring at her too intensely because she
is giving me a quizzical look. Maybe my body language is showing how
agitated I am becoming.

"John, are you alright?", she asks.

"Yes, yes", I laugh. "I guess all this talk about sex is making me a bit

Susana raises an eyebrow and smiles at me (seductively?). "Really John!
Is it nervousness, or something else?"

"Well", I reply, "I'm kinda getting, you know, a bit worked up." I laugh
nervously. Now I AM nervous as well as excited, wondering what is going
to happen with this sexy woman.

It doesn't take long for Susana to save the day.

Beneath the blanket, I can see her hands move. She is rubbing her arms

"You know", she whispers conspiratorially, "This blanket is not all that
warm because my skin still feels cold, especially where it's exposed."

"Oh", where is that?", I ask.

"Well", she replies with that winning smile, "My arms and legs. And my
neck and chest. I don't know why I would do this since I am feeling a
bit of a chill but I have just opened several of the top buttons of my
dress. I really could use your help here."

I lean close to her and whisper back, "What would you like me to do,
dear? How can I be of help?" My heart is beating really fast now.

"Well, you can put your hand under this blanket and rub my exposed skin
where I'm cold. That would help warm me up."

"Oh!", I say, as I slip my hand slowly under the blanket. "Well I
simply cannot refuse a lady's request!" Of course my hand is trembling
with anticipation, a fact that does not escape Susana.

"Why John!', she teases, "Your hand is shaking. Poor baby! You must be
cold too. Here now. Let me take your hand and warm it under here."

I look around for a moment to see what the other passengers and crew are
doing. Are they watching us? No, thank heavens. Most are asleep,
reading, or looking out the window. The stewardesses are not near us

"OK!" I say. "DO it. Take my hand and warm me up."

I reach my hand out and she moves the blanket, allowing me egress under
it. As soon as my hand is underneath, I feel her hand on mine, moving it
where she wants it. She looks at me and sighs as she places my fingers
on her chest, near her collarbone.

"Here", she whispers. "Rub here".

I begin to rub her chest where she has indicated, along her collarbone
and then down a bit towards the sweet cleavage between her ample
breasts. She closes her eyes and whispers, "Good, John! That's good!
Only a lighter touch. You can caress lightly and it will make me warm."

"Oh!", I say. "Ok, I got it. How's this?", I ask as my fingers go into
caressing foreplay mode.

"Mmmmmmmm. Wonderful!", she exclaims, smiling and moving slightly so that
my hand can move more freely under the blanket.

My fingers move softly and slowly over her exposed throat and chest.
Then they begin to seek out the point of entry inside the dress where
she has unbuttoned. They move inside the material and across the sweet
mounds of mammary flesh, edging closer and closer to the nipple. I touch
the right nipple and play with it. Susana begins to moan softly and her
body begins to twist slowly, her head falling back against the seat. her
eyes are closed and her lips parted slightly.

"Oh John, baby, you have such a nice touch. You are such a sweet man to
warm me up like this. I am really beginning to feel the heat." She gives
a quick sexy laugh and sucks the air into her throat as my fingers work
her tits.

Meanwhile my own cock has hardened into an incredible bulge, pressing
against my pants, and I am sure that if I have not begun to leak out
pre-cum, it will only be a moment before I start to do so.

Susana suddenly grabs my hand and moves it down, away from her breasts.
"Here!", she whispers excitedly. "Here! Go for the gold!" I get the
drift. She wants my hand on her .... between her thighs. "Johnny baby!
Warm me up! Now! Please!", she begs.

I am so damn excited that my trembling has increased. I am hoping that
no one passes by and notices anything but the plane seems to be quiet. I
can't hear anyone speaking. As I said, most people are asleep, so we are

My hand feels the insides of her silken brown thighs and she parts her
legs slightly. Her head is rolling from side to side and she has an
incredibly hot look on her face as her mouth opens and her eyes close
once again. She is breathing hard and I am going crazy!

I move my hand up her thigh and I can feel that she is not wearing any
panties, and she is WET! I move my fingers over her pubic hair and try
to work them into her labia. She is beginning to moan louder, and I am
afraid that someone will hear, and come over to see what's going on.

I move my hand away from her private parts and say, "Susana, this is not
the best thing to do right here. So far, no one has come by but I am
worried that one of the flight crew will walk down the aisle and see

She blinks and looks at me, and asks, "Well what do you want to do?
You've gotten me very hot! I NEED to do something about it!" She looks
down and can plainly see the bulge in my pants. She smiles and says, "Oh
John baby, I see that you also need to do something about that thing
between your legs. It looks so yummy. Got any suggestions?"

I think for a minute and say, "Listen, I have an idea. It's risky but if
you are as really as hot as I am, and you're willing to take a chance,
I'll tell you."

Quickly she takes up the challenge. "What? What is it? I feel very
daring!", she smiles.

I whisper to her, "Let me get up and go into the toilet room. Then you
wait a minute or so and you come back there and come in with me."

She looks back in the direction of the lavatory and says, "Those rooms
are so small. You think we can both fit in there?"

I reply, "Yeah, I know it will be a tight fit but I am sure, given that
we are both fairly slim, that we can make it work."

I get up and look around. The passengers still seem to be either
sleeping or reading. The stewardesses are pretty much into their own
thing. My greatest worry would be that as I walk back there, someone
might notice that I have a huge hardon. But right now, with the lighting
subdued, that really does not appear to be a problem.

I look at her and ask, "You ok with that?"

She nods affirmatively and says, "Go ahead. I'll be in a minute."

I wink at her and begin my walk back to the lavatory. No one seems to be
paying attention to me and I am relieved. I get there, open the door and
enter, closing the door behind me but not locking it. "God! It really is
cramped in here", I laugh to myself but we've got to make do with what
we have, and the hardon that I have is finally allowed to free itself
and spring up to full attention as I let down my pants and sit down on
the cold seat.

A minute passes, and then another, and then another. I am beginning to
worry because Susana isn't here yet. Just as I am getting ready to get
up and see if she is ok, the door opens and she comes in. Most of the
buttons of her dress are already opened and as she closes the door, she
unbuttons the last ones. I see and remember that she is not wearing any
underpants. she bends down to me, putting her arms around my neck, and
lifts herself up so that her knees rest on the sides of the metallic seat
and, without saying a word, she slowly lowers herself down on to my
waiting cock.

I gasp and she moans as I fill her up. Her sweet, wet cunt feels like
heaven. Her body, wrapped in my arms is so delicious that I hardly mind
the discomfort of the cramped space. She is kissing my face and I am
rubbing my hands up and down her back. She nibbles my ear and kisses the
side of my neck, all the while moaning and whispering my name. She does
not even seem to be concerned that I am not wearing a condom. I guess
she doesn't believe that I need to be sterilized to fuck me.

"John! Oh Johnny baby, it's been so long! Oh you sweet man, your cock
feels so good and thick inside me! Fuck me,baby! Fuck me! Please! Thrust
that wonderful swollen prick into me! Oh, shove it up my cunt! Give it to
me, hard!"

I am holding her and pumping up into her hungry fuck hole, and caressing
her beautiful hair and skin. I am moving the dress off her shoulders so
I can get to all the nakedness that is beneath it. I can feel her, taste
her. My mouth is on her throat, then on her shoulder, then on her chest.

"Oh Susana! Oh my darling! You are so beautiful! You are so wonderful!
Let me love you, baby!"

"Oh yes!", she whispers in my ear, while she caresses my neck and ears.
"Love me! Fuck me! Fuck your love into me, John! I want you so bad! Your
cock is driving me crazy! FUCK ME!" I can feel myself beginning to cum
and my fingers are biting into her skin as she begins to moan more
loudly. Neither one of us is considering that the people outside may be
hearing us because by now we are making noises louder than a whisper."

Suddenly Susana gasps, "John, I'm cuming! I'm cuming! Hold me, baby!
Hold me! Oh God!"

At that moment, the moment that I am joining her in an incredibly
intense climax, I can hear voices outside! They are getting close to the
door. But there is nothing I can do! The cum is shooting out of my cock
up into her cunt! Then, as the passion flow out of us, I can hear the
voices right on the other side of the door, several voices!

"There's two of them in there, marshal."

"That woman is dark skinned. She looks like a terrorist to me."

"Marshal, quick! They may be setting a bomb off in there!"

Too late I realize that Susana did not lock the door when she came in.
It swings open and we turn and stare into the barrel of a very big gun!
The surprise on the people's face would be comical were this situation
not so serious. As Susana and I look out at them, still locked in our
sex embrace, I am wondering if they would rather have encountered
terrorists. At least, then they'd know what to do to handle it!

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