A new day, a new me part 1

A new day, a new me part 1

This is a repost from my first profile that was not approved, this one is approved and i took a comments advice for format, enjoy again.

It’s amazing how things that seem so important can change in the blink of an eye or in my case in one moment. I’m just starting my sophomore year in high school, Guy Donnelly is my name, supposed to be pronounced Gi but I liked Guy better. I’m 5’11”, weigh about 165 and have pale skin and blue eyes, I keep my hair short cause of my father but standard it’s dirty blonde. That’s what I get for Irish decent. My dad former military moved out west after the divorce, he met my step mom but I call her Mom. Sadly however I got a step sister in the deal, Elizabeth. 5’8” and that wonderful dancer build that comes with weighing less than 130 pounds.

Well let me get back to where it started, I’m a decent student, planning on going out for baseball this spring, and I got a girl. Heather, great student and a sophomore too, 5’7” and a little heavy set but it gives her this set of high c breasts that I play with when we’re making out.

Tuesday morning and we’re in fifth period Math class, and I’ve got my buddy Derek with me, 6’ white guy with a slightly bigger build than me and no brains what so ever. “Hey Guy, so what are you doing after class,” Derek asks. “Final period is my studies time and I’m gonna get all my work done before I head home” I reply. “You’re going to be busy anyways Derek, I have to tutor you next period for your English class”, Heather chimes in. The bell rings and I grab my bag, “See you two after school” I speak as I head out.

Fifteen minutes into my homework I realize I left my coat and phone in my pocket in Math class. I get a pass from my Teacher and head back. I get to the class and my coat is there but Derek and Heather aren’t. I ask the TA where they are and am told they left about a minute before class started. Half way down the hall I run into Margaret, one of Heather’s friends. “Hey Margaret, do you happen to know where Heather went?” I asked,” I didn’t see them in the math room.” And that’s when I see it, never noticed it before but something like fear just swept across her face. “Umm well I though they went outside to study,” She stammers and starts to walk away. I cut around in front of her,” Maggs, where did they go?” “They went to the Music room,” she mumbles and rushes off.

I start to walk over to the Music room and it was closed but not locked, the lights were off and the blinds closed. I crack the door and hear breathing and slapping. I slid slowly into the room and there it is right before me, my girlfriend on her hands and knees and my only “real” friend with his pants down plowing into her. I’m stunned then I hear her, “Keep pounding me Derek, keep fucking me.” “Oh yeah you like that don’t you?” he pants slamming harder into her.

That’s when the temper kicked in, I’ve been raised by a military man to be calm, handle my emotions and never lose my cool. Now here I am and I’m watching my best friend and my girlfriend fuck like pigs. I slap the lights on “What the fuck is this!” I yell out to the slightly captive audience. And there I see it again, that fear. That pure ‘Oh My God’ fear. They both stare at me shocked and she’s the first one to speak. “Guy it’s not what you think.” she starts. I cut her off, “Really cause it looks like my girlfriend is a cheating whore and my best friend is a back stabbing douche bag!” “Hey man it wasn’t like that, we just started…,”Derek tries to explain but I’m done listening and I walk out the door.

The next hour is a blur to me, I get my bag, I leave school early and I walk home. As I hit the edge of the school grounds I hear Derek’s car start to pull up alongside me, “Guy, I’m your ride home man, just hop in and I’ll at least get you home.” I ignore him and keep walking, “Guy please just stop and talk to us for a minute, “Heather calls to me from his car. “You two do me a favor, take the car get on the freeway and crash it into the divider going 90 first,” I holler and pick up the pace.

Three hours later I’m home and my step sister is the only one home,”Hey Guy, did you hear that a couple people got caught having sex at school today.” And that twinge of rage just comes flooding back. I barge into my room and slam the door. I dress in polo shirts and button ups, slacks and khakis, not anymore. I toss my whole dress, every drawer of khakis, all the polo shirts and button ups. I grab them all and put them outside on my dad’s gas grill. I fire up the propane and strike the match.

I don’t know how long I was standing there but I do remember my Elizabeth trying to talk to me or ask me what was going on. I hear a big lecture from my Dad when I get home about burning all my clothes but no grounding. I go through my now limited clothing options, T-shirts and flannel shirts, blue jeans, one pair of work boots and one leather hooded jacket I got from my Grandpa last Christmas.

That night as I lay in bed about to sleep I look at my phone, Heather is trying to call me again, she only tried 4 times so far and Derek 6. I start to read the text messages, standard ‘I didn’t mean to’ and ‘we weren’t trying to hurt you’ along with the ‘I’m still your friend’ and the ever popular ‘I hope you’re okay’. Last thought before crashing out, ‘just don’t try to talk to me’.

Next morning went fairly normal, Dad heading out the door to work, Mom making sure I’m okay with wearing ‘work clothes’ to school, my sister living on her phone with the constant harem that online friends gives to her. I however needed to leave early to catch a bus since my one friend would probably want to talk if he gave me a ride to school and I’m really not looking to get into a fight in my parent’s yard.

At the stop I’m there with 4 freshmen who are in their own little worlds when a horn goes off and I hear a girl call “Guy!!” I glance over to see my sister’s friend, Korinna hanging out the passenger side of a car with my sister in the back and the muscle of the operation Tracy driving her 4 door Sedan. Korinna is a white girl about Liz’s height but with a nice curvy build and short brown hair, Tracy on the other hand is black standing at 6’2” and the athletic build that comes with someone whose dad coaches the girls and boy basketball teams.

“Guy what are you doing here, Derek is at home waiting for you,” Liz calls to me from the car. “Not talking about it Liz,” I call back into the car. Korinna gets out and Liz follows,” I wanna know why you’re avoiding you best friend and your girlfriend”, Liz asks? “My business, back off it now,” I growl. Now I’m getting stares from all parties involved,”Hey get his skinny ass in my car cause I gotta get to school right now bitches,”Tracy yells. Now I’m stuck, Korinna shoves me in the back seat and follows me in with my sister getting in the front and Tracy peels off to school.

“So what happened?” Korinna asks. “Seriously not talking about it.”I reply shortly while pulling my hood down over my eyes. “Okay now this is interesting, so we know you were late coming home cause you walked. You burned all your nice preppy clothes for the old street trash look and you’re willing to take the bus to school because getting a ride from your friend isn’t what you want to do today. I wanna know and I get what I want.” Korinna leans in and asks. “He’s not gonna talk,” Liz chimes in,” he wouldn’t give me up last summer when he knew we’d snuck out to that club downtown.” I groan, snuck out poorly, dad grounded me for 2 weeks cause I didn’t know where they went. “This is a conversation I’m not having with any one of you at all,” I mutter from inside my hood. “Okay skinny boy,” Tracy says watching me from the rearview,” what do you want to talk about it?” Now I’m confused,” you want to bribe me for my story.” Korinna wraps her arm around me and I can feel her breast up against me,” I like the idea, we get to ask a question each. No lying and if the answer is a no you get whatever you want from the person who asked the wrong question. Deal?”

Now my head is swimming, I’ve got my step-sister’s two hot friends and they wanna play a game where I can get whatever I want and I’m not really waiting for my ex girlfriend to cough up her virginity anymore. “Fine, you’re on and only 2 questions each and only yes or no.” I throw down the rules, hoping they won’t bite. “One rule from me,” Liz says,” we don’t get any right you have to dump the full story for all 6 favors.” At this point I have to outwit all three of them,” Done. Who’s first?”

For the next minute they feud about who gets the first question finally it comes down to Tracy, Korinna then my Sister Liz. “Okay, is it about homework?” from Tracy. I shake my head. “Okay, me now, did you have a fight with Derek?” comes Korinna. I shake my head again. “Bad questions girls, did it happen outside of school?” I get from my sister. “Three up and three down, only three questions left, make it count,” I tell them pulling my hood back, now Korinna is leaning against me and I can see down her shirt, her breasts are squeezing together and I can see purple down her black top. “Okay, did it happen after school?” goes Tracy again. Another shake of the head and Tracy is out. “Well this is shitty, ummm. Okay, did you discover that you’re gay and you can’t wait to tell Derek the news?” blurts Korinna. She gets silent when everyone in the car is staring at her with the world’s most obvious ‘What The Hell’ looks on their faces. “Well it’s down to me or you get to tell us a story,” Liz pipes back in,”alright, you do something to cross Heather and Derek?”

I sit up straight and I feel my cock start to strain against my pants thanks to Korinna rubbing her breast up against my chest. “And for the last time no,” I look at Korinna,” you seriously think I’m gay?” She shrugs and now we’re in the back parking lot of school,” Thanks for the ride,” I start to get out but Korinna grabs the nearest thing to her, my crotch and pulls me back into the car. “No, you got a story and we get to hear the whole thing or you don’t get the favors,” she says. “Maybe I don’t want the favors, people screw me outta things all the time cause it favors them, Liz has and both of you have cause you’re with her,” now I’m getting heated,” I ask for something in the favor and you don’t deliver. Then you get what you want and I get screwed over, no deal and don’t worry about a ride home I’ll take the bus,” Again I try to leave but Korinna is holding me in place on my crotch and the only thing I can think of aside from getting out of the car is getting out of my pants.

“He’s right,” Tracy comes back into the conversation,” he walks we don’t have to do shit for him but if he tells us Liz will stay on the safe side of things and Korinna will just walk away cause she doesn’t keep a deal unless she has to. Problem is I want to know, I made the deal I will keep the deal. And if you don’t neither of you ever talk to me again cause I was raised better I give my word and I keep it.” She turns around in her seat and looks at me,” In or out I owe you 2 favors, they stay they owe you 2 each also. They walk I owe you 6.” I look at my sister then Korinna, and then back to Tracy. “Okay,” I pull my hood off and recap yesterday from the time I went for my phone and coat, to running into Margaret and finally to the music room and Heather and Derek cheating on me. All I get is silence for about a minute, I’m a fool and I start to get out for the third time but now I have hands on me all three of them are holding me in the car and just staring at me like I’m a injured puppy. Finally Korinna looks to Tracy,”Hey can I have the keys? I need to talk with Guy.” Tracy grabs her bag and hands the keys off to Korinna,”I want them back by lunch. My sister just stares at me then leaves the car.

We sit there for a minute in silence for about 2 minutes. “So I need to get to class but we can talk later if you,” I’m cut off by lips slamming into mine and a body pressing me into the car door for a minute I don’t know what to do then I just don’t care. I grab Korinna’s hips and pull them on top of mine. She breaks from kissing me for a second,” this isn’t a favor this is for the pain.” She lunges back onto me again and I pull my hands up her shirt grabbing a hold of her breasts. She leans back yanking her top off and only breaking the kiss to unclasp her bra. I grab the back of her head and pull my face straight to her right breast, latching onto her nipple with my lips. “Ahhh shit, it’s gonna be easier to do this with your pants off,” she gasps grinding her hips into mine and grabbing the back of my head as I suck her nipple harder.

Korinna shoves me off her chest and pushes herself onto her back and starts taking her capris pants off, I follow suit and start getting my jeans down. As soon as I’m down to my underwear she pulls herself back forward and goes straight to my crotch, pulling my only friend left free. I don’t like to think I’m much considering most of the guys in my school are either black, from the islands or the minority white, which is where I get to be. “Oh god, you’re big Guy,” she says as she’s looking at my now free erect 7 and a half inch penis. “I always kinda thought he was the little Guy,” I get out as she smirks and starts working half of my cock in and out of her mouth. I groan under the new sensation of one of my sister’s friends giving me a blow job, the warm wet sucking action of her mouth, I look down to see her pull all the way back and look me in the eyes. “Heather never gave you a blowjob or nothing?” she asks licking the hole in the end of my cock. I shake my head no as she grins wickedly,” you watch porn right?” I mutter a yeah in response as she runs her tongue along my shaft. “Okay, I didn’t like Gi, he was preppy and boring as hell, he’d probably want to just sit here and talk, maybe even have me hold him,” now she’s gripping my cock and looking me dead in my eyes with her steely greys,”now I’m here Guy seems real interesting, harder look, kinda angry, and he’s got me in a thong in the back of a car missing class. What is Guy gonna do with me in a thong in the back of a car?”

I reach out and take her by the head shoving my cock back into her mouth till she starts to get to the 5 inches. Third time in days I see that look, that wonderful feeling, fear. But not just fear, hunger. I take my cock out 3 inches and slam the whole thing back into her wet warm throat. She gags and I feel her tongue along my shaft as she tries to breath, she slaps the car seat and struggles for a bit but I hold her head with both hands for a little longer as she adjusts her throat. I take my hands off her head and she pulls me out of her mouth slowly and leaves a trail of spit from my cock to her mouth. I slid myself down and she starts to straddle herself over my cock, pulls her thong aside and presses my member to the entrance to her pussy. “I almost came while you fucked my throat, we should hurry,” as I enter her pussy for the first time. I take a moment to feel the soft flesh wrapped around my cock, warm and fresh and then cold as she pulls up and slides back down slowly. She gasps at me,” Give me a second to adjust to the size,” I don’t let her finish as I slam her hips down and mine up and the same time. I see her arch her back and she grabs the front and back seat with either hand and starts to grip the seat tightly. I latch my hands tighter on her hips and start slamming my cock in her pussy hard; the car begins to fill with a wet slapping sound of our hips colliding together. It takes me a minute to regain my senses to notice she’s matched my hammering of her pussy by trying to pound herself down harder on my member. Then I get that feeling when I would masturbate but didn’t want to cum just yet,”Korinna I’m gonna cum.” She doesn’t miss thrust,” On the pill and about to cum again, so dump a load in me Guy.” Needing no prompting I slam my cock as hard as I can grunting, shooting my load in her wet pussy, about the same time I finish my peaking I catch her flooding my balls with sweat and fluid, biting her lip.

Spent and wide awake, I hear Korinna for the first time since she finished,” Give me your underwear.” Not caring I take them off and hand them to her, she pulls me out of her and starts using my drawers to clean the cum that’s oozing out of her. I pull my pants back on and we both get dressed, me now going commando. She gets all her clothes back on and we exit the car. As we start to head to school it’s now starting second period and I just realized that I’ve got 6 favors and my sister’s friend’s ass on call.

As we reach the school doors I grip the hair on the back of her head with one hand and her hips with the other slamming her ass against my groin. “I know that I don’t have to call in a favor for next time but when we do,” I whisper,” I own your ass and you don’t try to stop from moaning.” I can see her smirk as she says “Deal.”

Hope you like the first part of my first piece, constructive criticism please and any real feedback from appreciative readers and writers would be nice.

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