The extraction

The extraction

THE EXTRACTION - O_o stories

It was a Saturday morning and I was on my home from a friends birthday party. I had left at one o’clock, because people had started to throw food and empty bottles around the place. I felt drowsy. I had had too much myself and just wanted to go home. Passing the local supermarket I crossed the high street. There was white van parked a few steps in front of me. The street lamp above it flickered and made my eyes water in the semi-darkness. As I walked passed the van, the engine started and the side door opened. Two pairs of hands grabbed me and pulled me inside. I tried to free myself but it was no use. I was too tired to do anything. I just saw the two people who had pulled me from the street had masks and long cloaks on. Then I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and collapsed. The last thing I heard was a woman’s laugh.

When I woke up I didn’t know where I was. I tried to move, but noticed that my hand and feet were bound by ropes. I had been tied in a star shape onto a big mattress-like surface. Looking down I saw that I was naked. I tried to remember what had happened earlier. Just then as the memory of being kidnapped returned the 3 women came in through a door to my right. As my eyes got used to the semi-darkness I realised that I was lying in the middle of a very large room. It looked a little like a storage hall of some sort.

The women came towards me. They had taken off their masks and now I could see them properly. The all wore long gowns of black leather. As they came closer I saw that one was blonde, one had obviously dyed her hair the darkest of black and the 3rd had flaming red hair.

Then the black-haired woman spoke.
>> Name? <<, she asked bossily.
>> I’m not telling you! <<
>> Well, it doesn’t really matter, does it? <<, she said lazily. >> The people we work for require certain… samples. Samples of Sperm. The problem is that the samples have to be procured under certain conditions too. We have already injected most of the drugs, but one has to be swallowed and we can’t do that with you unconscious, can we? <<

>> What have you given me?! <<, I asked fiercely.
>> Nothing special. We have injected supplements to enlarge your testicles and penis, to increase your sperm production and additional drugs increasing heart rate and blood pressure. This last one here … <<, she picked up a small vial from a table. >> … Is a special invention of ours. It decreases your sense of free will, thus making you more… helpful. <<

She came right up to me, uncorking the vial.
>> Drink this. If you refuse, we will hurt you. <<, she said softly. I didn’t dare to disobey, so I drank the bitter liquid in a few gulps.
>> It will take a while to have effect. <<, she said and sat down on a simple chair next to me.
The blonde woman sat down on my other side, while the redhead set up cameras all around the mattress. After a few minutes I started to feel a little more relaxed. I completely forgot that I had been kidnapped and looked at the women surrounding me with polite interest.

>> Right, <<, the blonde woman said. >> The drug is having effect. We will now shave your genitals to allow us better access and make it easier for our milking machine. << This didn’t disturb me at all. I just nodded in agreement. The blonde and redhead sat themselves down between my legs. The redhead gripped my stiffening shaft, while the blonde woman took out a razor and foam.
>> It’s getting rather hot. <<, she said and loosened the belt on her gown. As it fell off her shoulders onto the floor her upper body was exposed to me.

She wore a black latex corset that looked to small for her and the top of her tits bulged out. She adjusted the lacy collar around her neck and returned to the job at hand. First, the women covered my now rock-hard cock in shaving foam and then began to slowly run the razor up and down it. After cleaning up the sides they also shaved above and below my penis right down to my anus, which they also freed of hair.

The black-haired woman just stayed seated with a satisfied smirk on her face. When the two other women had finished, they started, what they called “the milking process”. For this they brought along a large contraption on wheels. They manoeuvred it between my legs and attached straps around my legs restricting my movement even more. They insisted this was necessary, as the orgasm which would trigger the expulsion of semen into the machine could take up to twenty seconds and thus release extreme contractions of my muscles. The redhead oiled up my cock and brought a plastic tube up to it. The blonde turned on the machine and the tube sucked itself onto my penis. I gasped in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the “milker” sucked and released my cock in an up and down movement.
>> Turn it up another level. <<, the redhead commanded and the machine intensified its grip and speed. >> Get ready to milk!! <<

And then, as the machine registered the first contraction of my muscles the blonde turned it up to the highest level. I reached the point of no return and experienced and orgasm so intense that I was in danger of passing out. Stream after stream of sperm shot through the tube and into the “milker”. I screamed in pleasure and the women laughed as they watched spasm after spasm of red hot pleasure pulse through my body. 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 14 seconds my orgasm lasted. And the machine sucked every last drop of seminal fluid out of me.

As the machine was switched off and my cock freed from the tube I felt it. As if my balls had been sucked dry a dull sense of pain, getting ever stronger, spread through them and around my shaft. I groaned and the women stood over me giggling girlishly. >> That’s the price you pay for the pleasure. << The blonde said. >> We will be back in an hour to repeat. They switched off the cameras and left me in my misery.

After a few minutes the pain slowly became more bearable and started to fade as I felt my balls swelling slowly back to their normal size and beyond. They seemed to be producing new Sperm at top speed due to the drugs. I wondered what the samples were needed for and just then the blonde woman re-entered the hall.
>> The next extraction requires a certain mental state. We have three phases. The normal situation, situation after submission and situation after loving contact. What you just witnessed was the extraction after normal situation. I have the honour of creating a submissive atmosphere. <<

She was still wearing her corset. I noticed the thigh-high latex boots she wore too and felt mounting tension in my cock. She opened the bun she had bound her hair into and it fell down beyond her shoulders. Her long legs tightly covered by the shiny material moved gracefully towards me. The woman they belonged to stepped over me with one leg and faced me.
>> You will obey every order I give you. You will call me your mistress and you are at my mercy! <<

She turned around, her blonde hair swishing and knelt down over my face. Her hands found the latex slip she was wearing and pulled it to one side over her ass cheek. Now her pussy and asshole were only a few inches away from my face. The smell of her sex was driving me mad and my cock was now as hard as ever. She giggled as she saw my erection spring up and began to massage her pussy lips with her hand. I just stared up and longed to lick or at least touch her womanhood, but I was still bound to the mattress. Her hand vanished for a second and reappeared dripping with saliva. She ran her fingers up and down her inner lips and darted over her clit every few seconds.

>> Say you like what you see!! <<, she commanded and I nodded and expressed my approval.
>> Would you like to touch me? <<, she asked, her breathing becoming deeper by the minute.
>> Yes, I would like to very much! <<
>> I thought we had agreed that I was your mistress! <<
>> I’m sorry. I mean I would very much like to touch you, mistress. <<
She just laughed and said: >> Well, I’m afraid that won’t be possible… <<

Her pussy was slowly swelling and began to secrete juices of its own. She moaned and quickened her pace. By now I was pleading for her to lower herself only a few more inches so I could taste her cunt. She just laughed cruelly and ordered me to beg for it. I saw a drop of juice form at the bottom of her pussy. It ran down her crack and I had my eyes fixed on it. It got bigger and bigger and was about to drip onto my face. She looked down and saw me opening my mouth wide. She squeezed her lips together and procured more of her sweet nectar. It connected with the already existing droplet and fell downwards onto my pleading tongue.

>> What do I taste like? <<, my mistress asked looking down at me.
It didn’t really taste of anything at first. Maybe slightly bitter. But as it was the pussy juices of a wonderful woman it tasted lovely and sweet.
>> Excellent, mistress. <<, I answered.
>> Good boy. <<, she said and continued to masturbate in my face. She moaned and grunted with pleasure. Her fluids kept flowing out and down into my mouth. I lost the ability to think straight and was reduced to pure animal instinct. I panted in mounting pleasure, but was unable to cum.

>> Please touch me, mistress! <<
>> Oh no, I will not. You don’t deserve pleasure! <<
She dipped her fingers into her sopping wet love hole and began to slide them in and out, moaning. I could tell she was close to orgasm. Without warning she dropped herself onto my mouth and breathlessly commanded me to lick.

>> Make me cum!! Lick as hard as you can or pay the price!! *ooooohhh* Don’t stop!! Harder!! Faster!! *aaaaaaahh* Just like that!! <<
My purpose was to please my mistress. I obeyed and slobbered all over her cunt. I licked between her lips and up to her clit. She moaned harder and gave a little outcry of pleasure as I slipped my tongue into her hole. Rocking backwards and forwards she slid over my face leaving a trail of fluid from the top of my forehead to the bottom of my chin. Seconds later she raised her ass up and returned to beating her pussy even harder than before.

>> *aaaaaaahh* YES! YES! YES! << she screamed. >> I’m cummiiiiiing!!! <<
She arched her back and shuddered in silent ecstasy. A gush of love juice poured out of her slit and over my face. She collapsed onto my chest and gasped for breath, still shaking.
>> Thank you mistress. <<, I said in the hope of her helping me to cum in return.
But she just got off me and strutted away, readjusting her slip and wobbling her ass from side to side in an unnecessarily alluring way.

My cock ached again. I was so horny that the slightest touch to my genitals would have triggered orgasm. I fought against my restraints in desperation, but they were too tight. Only a moment later all three women returned with the milking machine. I was far happier to see it than the first time they had brought it in. The blonde was whispering to the other two and they all laughed together looking at me. I felt degraded and used, but I was still too horny to care.

After attaching the plastic tube to my cock for the second time I came after only a few seconds. The orgasm was mind-blowing. I shook so violently that one of the restraining straps tore and the women had to hold down my left leg. They nearly knocked over one of the cameras in the chaos. The process took a total of 18 seconds during which I yelled and writhed as if being tortured. I was so exhausted that I didn’t even notice them leaving the hall again. I just lay there panting, sucked dry once more.

I heard the echoing sounds of heels moving across the hall floor. I looked up and saw the redhead walking towards me, completely naked apart from a pair of deep red leather boots reaching up to her knees. She just stood at the foot of the mattress and let me take in the sight. She was beautiful with her long legs and slightly flat chest. Her hips and shoulders had perfect shape and her figure was that of an angel. She had long, wavy hair and as she came closer I could see that she had shaved herself clean apart from a triangle of hair above her vagina.

>> This is phase 3. <<, she said in a soft voice.
>> What was that again? <<, I asked.
>> You just lie back and relax and you can call me Sabrina. <<
She checked to see, if all the cameras were turned off and then came closer.
Sabrina bent over me and lay down on my chest rubbing her body against mine. Our eyes met and she lowered her head. She was now only a few inches away from my face and we took in each others breath. Her big brown eyes looked straight into mine as our lips touched.

The taste of her saliva hit my tongue and we kissed. Her full lips slowly caressed my own. She ran her hands through my hair and we moaned. She opened up inviting me in. I slowly slid my tongue between her red lips and explored the inside of her warm soft mouth. We swapped the role of “explorer” and spent what felt like hours passionately licking and sucking the time away.

She then raised her head and waved her hair out of her face. Slowly, Sabrina licked my chest, then moved down, down, down. She sighed and I felt my cock enter into heaven. She licked around the tip and then slowly brought her head down upon my shaft engulfing it entirely. She remained like that for a few seconds then resurfaced to continue pleasuring my cockhead. I moaned loudly and Sabrina giggled in satisfaction. She looked up and licked her lips. No words were necessary as we exchanged our silent wish. She placed her knees at either side of my hips and grabbed my Penis guiding in to her entrance.

She parted her pussy lips with her fingers and let my cock prod against them. A sharp intake of breath followed a moan of anticipation. She closed her eyes and slowly lowered herself onto my manhood. Very slowly Sabrina moved her body up and down, making circular movements with her hips. She let herself fall forward and gripped my upper body tightly with her arms, which she had placed beneath me. We continued kissing and fucking slowly and intensively. I wanted this to never end and it did indeed seem to last at least 2 hours.

Over time our breathing became quicker. Our moans became louder. Our speed increased. Our limits were reached. Our orgasms ripped through our entwined bodies. Our screams rang in our ears. I had ejaculated into her and as she raised her hips my cum dripped out of her.
>> *oooooh* thank you! <<, she said.
>> Th… thank YOU Sabrina! <<, I spluttered.
Then she laughed quietly:
>> I overindulged. My job was to make you feel passionate and loving and prepare you for the last extraction. You weren’t supposed to cum. It was far too hot to interrupt though. It was sooo gooood!! <<, she bent over me and gave me another deep kiss.
>> Please don’t tell the other two. Just pretend we stopped before you climaxed. <<
I nodded and she left, leaving a dripping trail of cum behind her.

I was woken as the tube was forced onto my cock for the third time. I smiled over at Sabrina and she smiled back. That was the last thing I remembered as I had fainted only 3 seconds later. Sabrina told me after I had regained consciousness that my orgasm had lasted 22 seconds.
>> The amount of cum wasn’t as large though. <<, she said and turned to the other two:
>> The drugs must be wearing off again. <<. She winked at me as they all walked out.

I was just wondering what was going to happen next, when the door of the hall opened again. It was the black-haired woman. She strode towards me and flung her cloak off revealing her body. She wore a corset similar to that of the blonde. This one didn’t cover up its owner’s chest though. Massive tits with big, stiff nipples shone with oil the woman was now rubbing onto them. She too wore thigh-high latex boots, but nothing to cover up her Pussy. She had shaved it completely. She was considerably bigger than the other two. She had thicker thighs and hips and from what I saw out of my lying position her ass was enormous. Her body bulged out of the corset and boots.

>> The other two completed the necessary phases for the extractions. Now I am here to use you for my own fair share of pleasure. <<
I was horny as hell anyway so I didn’t complain. She stood next to me and virtually emptied the bottle of oil onto me. She then positioned herself over me just like the blonde had done and rubbed her exposed ass over my body thus covering her ass and myself with the oil.
She turned around and let her tits fall onto my face. And again she rubbed her body over mine covering herself in oil.

>> Here. <<, she said, lowering her boobs. >> Suck on them. Just as I lifted my head to reach them, she pulled herself out of my reach laughing. She kept coming close and withdrawing, playing with me. She grabbed one of her massive melons and slapped it across my face. Then she sat herself down on my belly and started playing with her nipples. She lifted her tits up by them and then let them slap back down onto her chest.

She turned around and stuck her huge glistening ass out. >> Lick!! <<, she commanded and I stuck out my tongue to lick at her ass cheek. She moved her ass from one side to another so that both cheeks got their turn. Then she slammed her ass down onto my face.
>> I said LICK!!! <<, she shouted and I licked and sucked her pussy. Her lips were meaty and had a brownish colour very much in contrast to her pale body. A flow of oil and girljuice ran down her ass and legs. I noticed she had a piercing right through her clit.

>> Let me taste some of that! <<, she said, turned around and bent low over my face. She had the same dark black of her hair for makeup. She stuck out her tongue, which was also pierced and licked over my face. From top to bottom she slurped up her own juices and laughed.
>> Hmmmh, delicious!! <<, she exclaimed. Her maniacal behaviour made me sooo hot.
>> I think I will give you a little reward for being such a good boy tonight. <<
She turned around again and lowered her ass back over my face.
>> Like my asshole!! <<, she commanded.
It had the same colour as her pussy lips and also stood in beautiful contrast to her pale skin. I ran my lips and tongue over it. It was stiff, but slowly relaxed as I continued.

She moaned and gasped as my tongue darted and flipped over her exit. Suddenly her hands appeared and prised her ass-cheeks apart to allow me better access. As she did so, her hole opened a little. I stuck my tongue in and licked every part I could reach. I was tongue-fucking her asshole and she grunted with pleasure.

She lifted her ass up once more and moved it over my cock. She held it upright with one hand and prised open her asshole with the other. Lowering herself down she let my cockhead vanish within her. She paused and then slowly put her weight onto it. Her asshole parted even further and let my cock in. Bit by bit my Penis disappeared until it was completely inside her.
Very slowly she moved up and down my pole. Her ass was so warm and tight, that I nearly came there and then. But I forced myself not to.

She panted and groaned as she humped her ass up and down getting faster and faster. My cock slipped out and I saw her asshole stretched wide. She brought her ass back up to my mouth and made me lick again. When it was nice and wet she impaled herself on my cock once more.
>> Fuck, fuck, fuck!! <<, she gasped. >> This is so good!! *ooohh…* <<
She turned around, my cock still inside her. She was now facing me and I watched her huge tits fly up and smack back down with her every movement. Then she started fingerfucking her pussy fiercely. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, her tongue hanging out.

>> *oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ooooh* <<, she moaned. She raised her hand up to her mouth and stuck it in, sucking off her own juices. Returning it to her sopping wet hole she threw her head back, her eyes closed. Seconds later she screamed in ecstasy and I shouted out loudly as I let go and my cock started to throb inside her. She slammed herself down onto my cock a last time and pulled her hand out of her pussy as we orgasmed together. She slapped her clit and squirted over my chest and face as I pumped her ass full of my cum!

>> FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!! *aaaaaaaaaah* *oooooooooh* OH MY GOD!!! <<, she yelled!
She quickly stuck her had back into her pussy and beat it furiously. >> *AAAAAHHH* <<, she exclaimed as she squirted again. >> *oooooooh* YES!!! <<
Still shaking she placed herself between my legs, facing me. Taking her boobs in both hands she wrapped them around my cock, which had softened but sprang back up almost instantly.

She spat in the crack of her tits, where my cock was sandwiched between them. Moving her boobs up and down rubbing them against my Penis, she licked my cockhead with the tip of her tongue.
>> This tastes sooooo gooood!! <<

She then pulled her tits away and took my cock into her mouth. She licked it and I could feel her piercing flicking over my slit. Then she forced herself to deepthroat my cock. She gagged, but stayed down, licking at my Penis all the time. She wretched and raised her head. The makeup around her eyes was smeared from the tears she had produced. She rammed herself back down onto my cock, gagging and coughing.

>> CUM!!! Cum in my mouth!! <<, she ordered and buried her face again. I could feel the tightness of her throat milking my cock. Tears ran down her face, but she still sucked and licked, gone wild. It was all just too much. I came. And it was excellent. The first few shots of cum landed deep down inside her throat. She pulled out coughing and directed my cock at her face.

She was covered in cum. Her tits, neck and face were sticky with my jizz. She took some of it up with her hands and fed it to her open mouth….
>> You taste better than most subjects we’ve had here! Very nice!! <<
I had my eyes closed, savouring the feeling. Then I felt a sharp needle entering my thigh. I couldn’t even look down. I had already fainted.

My mom found me at nine o’clock, lying on the front porch, asleep. We all thought I had just had too much alcohol and had somehow made it home (shaved for some reason Oo), for no memory of the night I had experienced remained.

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