Auto Fellating Dad

Auto Fellating Dad


The tension in my belly is a hungry
gnawing feeling as I change, yanking off my
work clothes quickly, searching for the
sweat pants I know are buried somewhere in the
closet. The workday today seemed to last
forever, the dull twitching and pulsing in my
half-thickened cock driving me insane,
constantly, maddeningly urging me to rub it
through my pants -I couldn't think about
anything else all day. I kept fantasizing about
being able to take it out right there, stroke
it to a full, raging erection, feed it into the
warm, full lips of that cute little secretary
in the front office...if only I thought she'd
really go for it! I find the sweats, pull 'em
on, stopping to give my swollen dick a slow,
sensuous pull -a drop of clear pre-cum oozes
from the purple tip and I scoop it up on my
fingertip and lick it off with my tongue. I'm
getting so hot, I feel almost nauseous with the
need to cum in an explosive, blasting orgasm.
I sit down at the computer desk and power up
the system, waiting impatiently for it to boot.
It doesn't take long, but I'm in a hurry. A
double -click here and a filename there and
there it is.

A hot little GIF somebody sent me over the
cybernet last night, of a beautiful young girl
about -oh, fifteen or so I'd guess- with a
mouthful of big, grownup adult dick, which
she's gorging on deliriously, while lots of
thick, gooey sperm gushes from her lips and
runs dripping down her chin. An incredibly sexy
image in any case, but especially
ball-blistering for me. This hot young lady is
the spitting image of my own lovely teenage
daughter, Rachel. I sit back in my chair,
slumping a bit, reaching into the sweat pants to
stroke my straining prick. The eyes, the hair
-even the size of her breasts- the resemblance
is amazing...and those pretty pink lips
stretched wide, engulfing that rigid pink
shaft, the swollen, pulsing head hidden inside
her bulging cheeks, as it pumps jet after jet
of hot jim across her flickering tongue. The
thought of that sweet young tongue lapping and
licking makes my cock begin to twitch. Still
picturing the girl(my daughter)'s mouth and
tongue teasing and sucking, I push my chair
back a bit from the desk and, leaning over
until my forehead almost touches my knees, I
wrap my arms tightly around my thighs, leaving
my cock standing erect, held straight upright
by the waistband of the exercise pants.

The muscles at the base of my spine
stretch and complain as I grip my upper legs in
a bear-hug and pull harder. The head of my cock
jerks involuntarily as my face comes closer, my
hot breath puffing against the sensitive organ.
I stick out my tongue, still straining, and the
purple head glides across it, my lips closing
over the crown. I suck hard and squeeze my legs
tighter, easing the first half of the shaft
into my mouth. I can only get halfway down, but
it's enough. I begin to bob my head up and
down, feeling the puffy cockhead slide in and
out -all the way to the edge of my lips and
then back in again. My neck is aching and my
lungs are so squashed it's hard to breathe, but
the wet feathery sensation of my tongue on my
cockhead is so hot, the sight of my dick
actually sliding in and out of my own mouth,
covered in my own shimmering saliva, so
incredibly exciting, I can't even consider
stopping. From time to time I close my eyes,
imagining the girl(my daughter) is the one
giving me this delicious pleasure. The mental
image of my beautiful little Rachel swallowing
daddy's big dick, looking up at me lovingly as
she drinks my spurting cream turns me on

I can't get past the sensations in my own
mouth -of that thick, hard prick plowing back
and forth between my lips, the taste of that
fleshy pole filling my mouth, oozing slippery
cum that coats my lips and tongue and makes
them smack stickily alongside the shaft. The
two concepts -of sucking cock -and of being
sucked- distract from each other, and I find
both so exciting, I can't focus on either image
long enough to cum. There's a slight clicking
noise from somewhere above me and I can't tell
if it's the vertebrae in my poor spine becoming
misaligned, or I've bumped my head against the
computer keyboard. Drool runs down my
cockshaft, in a cool trickle along my scrotum
to tickle my asshole. "Daddy, that's really
fucking COOL!" Quietly, but emphatically. My
daughter's voice. Oh shit. My poor back
muscles are so stretched to their limits, I
couldn't react quickly if my life depended on
it. No way to just sit up and pretend this
isn't happening. 'Hell', I think, 'Maybe she'll
like it. You're about to have the most exciting
experience of your life, or the most
humiliating.' I sit up slowly, my aching back
gradually readjusting to the more normal
position. "Didn't think you were going to get
here till later." I grin sheepishly, turning my
sore neck to look at her.

Oh, shit! "OH SHIT!" The grin vanishes
instantly and I feel my face begin to burn.
Standing next to her in the doorway is a young
man, staring wide-eyed in shock at my sticky
face and my shiny, saliva-coated cock. I turn
my head away, humiliated, trying to think of a
way, ANY way to extricate myself from this
awkward scenario. There doesn't seem to be one.
"That's really COOL, Dad." Rachel says,
sticking her hands in the back pockets of her
Daisy Dukes, small hands seeming to cup the
smooth cheeks of her ass sensuously. My still
half-erect dick twitches. COOL?

" isn't exactly something
I ever intended to do for an audience." "I
didn't even think that was possible for
humans," says the young man, beginning to
smile, "I tried it once or twice when I was a
kid, but I couldn't even come close." When he
was a kid! This boy can't be more than
seventeen! "Me either," I volunteer, warming a
bit, feeling less embarrassed. "I read about it
in Penthouse Forum when I was about your age
-some guy wrote in claiming he did it all the
time. It sounded pretty hot to me, so I tried
it. Laid down on my back, threw my legs back
over my head and lay there wishing, with my
stiff dick dangling about six inches above my

"So how'd you figure out how to do it?" He
asks. I notice he's still throwing a glance
toward my exposed penis once in awhile and
oddly enough, it's kind of making me horny
again. "I didn't so much figure anything out,
as I just forced my body to learn the position.
At first I noticed that when you're upside
down, you can catch your feet under something
like a drawer or headboard ledge and force your
body to curl more tightly. That's how I learned
how to get the tip past my lips. Later, I
learned that if you loosen up the back and
shoulder muscles enough, you can do it sitting
down like this and get even more -sometimes
about half the shaft." I realize that I'm
sitting here with my hard dick sticking out of
my pants, explaining to a teenage boy how I
learned to suck my own cock, and surrealism
overwhelms me. I feel like I must be dreaming
this. "Wow." He says, now staring at my prick
in open admiration. It quivers as if he had
gently touched it. This feels really strange. I
almost want him to. "You mean you've been
doing this a long time?" Rachel says. She's
been staring at my cock, too, but looks up now
to face me eye-to-eye. her mouth is slightly
parted and her pink tongue glistens wetly as
she stares me down.

"Since before you were born, Babe." "Wow.
That's amazing. Does Mom know?" "Your mother
was never interested in anything so unusual. I
tried to turn her on to some different things,
but she just didn't want to know. She thought
things like this were perverse and disgusting."
"Perverse, maybe, but NO WAY disgusting!" She
steps over to me and kneels between my legs.
"Show me again, Daddy, that was really HOT!" I
look at her sweet, sexy face only a foot away
from mine, her lips inches from my thick,
swollen cock and I can't believe my good
fortune. I'd always hoped something like this
would happen eventually, but I never really
thought it would. I reach around under my
thighs again, pulling my face back down to my
crotch, the purple head of my dick popping
softly past my lips. I begin to pump my head up
and down, the fleshy shaft slipping wetly in
and out -the crown of the head all the way out,
to pull against my sucking lips, then back,
lips sliding all the way down to the middle of
my cock. It's delicious -and though I can't see
Rachel's hungry face from this position, I can
hear her breathing becoming more and more rapid
as she watches.

"Mmmmm...let me help," She says, close by
my ear. I raise my head slightly to see her and
she gently grasps my slick cock in her hand,
taking it from my mouth and engulfing it in her
own. "Aaaaah," I moan, raising to lean against
the back of the chair. The sight of my sexy
young daughter sucking my cock is the mostly
intensely erotic thing I've ever witnessed.
From the corner of my eye, I see the boy, still
in the doorway, fly unzipped, stroking a rather
large, pink dick of his own as he watches us.
I'm lost in the dreamlike unreality of the
situation, nearly hallucinating from
hyper-lust. I motion to the boy. "C'mere." He
walks over to stand beside us, still pulling
and stroking his rigid dick. With Rachel
slobbering and gobbling my own throbbing meat,
I take his hand and pull it away from his cock.
He understands my intent and steps close. I
grab his slim hips and impale my face on his
erection. "Oh, man." He groans, hands going
instinctively to the back of my head. I grab
his thick shaft at the base with one hand and
suck hungrily, pumping his dick into my mouth,
tasting another male's cock for the first time
in my life. I can't believe how delicious it
is, how turned on I am.

I don't know which is making me harder-
the sweet taste of this boyish cock, or my
daughter's slurping and drooling at my own
crotch. Rachel moves out to the center of the
room, pulling me by my stiff dick onto the
carpet with her. The boy's cock pops out of my
mouth, spittle slinging in tiny droplets as it
bobs in the air. She yanks off her shorts and
top, young supple breasts swaying softly as she
moves. "Somebody has gotta fuck me NOW." She
says, lying on her back on the carpet and
spreading her knees. I look at the boy to see
if there's going to be any bickering about who
goes first. "Been there, done that, bought the
T-shirt." He grins. "Go ahead, man." I kneel
over Rachel's prone body, leaning to kiss her
soft, sticky lips. She raises her neck, grabs
my head and plunges her slimy tongue into my
mouth, sucking and swirling voraciously. I
break away, running my mouth and tongue down
the side of her neck, her chest, mouthing her
nipples with my lips. She moans, writhing her
hips under me. I run my face along the smooth
flesh of her tummy, inhaling the scent of her
steaming pussy as I nuzzle her soft pubic hair.

My hands slide under her ass, and I pick
her tender bottom off the floor, to bury my
face in her fragrant crotch, tongue snaking out
to flick between her delicate labia. "Oh God,
Daddy!" She cries aloud as my fingers spread
her nether-lips and my tongue laps at her clit.
My face is slathered in her slippery juices, as
I paint her mons with my saliva, probing her
pink cunt. "Ooooh, Jesus, Daddy -put your dick
in me, PLEASE!" Rachel begs, reaching between
my legs to grab my cock. As I move into
position, she guides my rigid pole to her
slippery lips and I sink all the way in, in one
smooth stroke. Christ, she's so incredibly
tight and hot, I almost spurt my boiling jizz
into her clutching pussy on the spot! "Daddy,
oh God, DADDY!" She screams, wriggling her
little teenage ass against me, as if she could
pull my pulsing cock even deeper into her body.
The boy kneels beside us, naked now, at our
shoulders. As my cock slides snugly in and out
of Rachel's spasming cunt, he leans toward our
faces, offering his stiff prick, rubbing it
back and forth across her open lips. She laps
at it, tickling his cock with her tongue and I
move my head down to kiss her, trapping the
tasty prick between our mouths, pulling the
head into my lips, sucking the cum drooling
from the slit.

Rachel licks his balls, gently taking each
one into her mouth in turn. The boy groans,
his eyes closed. I can tell he's about to cum,
and it only makes my own orgasm grow
uncontrollably, my cock starting to jerk inside
my daughter's vagina. I pull out, quickly,
leaning on one knee, aiming my pulsing dick at
Rachel's juice drenched face. My cum blasts
from my rigid prick in huge, thick, steaming
jets, splattering Rachel's cheeks and lips and
dripping across the boy's swollen cock in gooey
ropes. He begins to spurt his own thick cream
now, covering the rest of my daughter's
enraptured face and spattering my own cock and
thighs with warm, sticky droplets. She scoops
it up with her fingers, eating the dripping cum
in gobs and mouthfuls, rubbing it into her
breasts and her face. The boy falls back onto
one arm, exhausted. I watch the debauched
tableau trembling. I've never cum so hard in my
life. I should be ready to sleep for a week,
but I'm not. My imagination is already running
wild with pictures of all the things we haven't
done yet. I only hope the boy and I have enough
sperm in our balls to decorate them all.

After we had all rested, Rachel reached
over and started stroking my cock again and
immediately it sprang to life. She slipped
just the head of my prick into her mouth as she
rolled her tongue all around the velvet crown
all the while looking at her boyfriend. He
moved closer to observe her sucking mouth on my
cock and there eyes met, knowing that they were
thinking the same thoughts. She pulled my cock
from her mouth and guided it toward his open
mouth and he hungrily swallowed the entire
length deep into his throat. She continued her
wonderful stroking motions on my shaft as his
head bobbed up and down over the engorged wet
knob. Rachel was literally jacking her Daddy's
cock off into her boy friends mouth. I started
to feel the warm sticky cream rise and spurt
into his sucking mouth. He sucked me as few
have ever done before and his cheeks began to
swell, holding the warm creamy load in his
mouth. When he had finished draining by
spurting cock, he moved over to Rachel and I
watched as his mouth opened and ribbons of
thick white goo oozed from his lips as he
directed the transfer of my jizz into her open
mouth. They looked at me as they shared the
precious cream and kissed each other passing
the liquid treasure back and forth.

The End

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