My Fun Family(revised)

My Fun Family(revised)

Jake woke up, groggy as usual, to another boring Saturday at home. His days always followed the same routine during the weekends, and they were especially worse during the summer; though he always did have one thing to look forward to.
Jake peered down at the tent formed by his bed sheets. His thick member stood as the center support with no reasoning behind its morning rigger. He reached down and squeezed it playfully then stood up out of bed to admire his pride.
Seven inches long and just near two thick; it was a good size for a young man of only 16. He wrapped his hand around it and beat a few times to ensure his hard-on would stay as he made his way to the bathroom.
His younger sister would be down stairs watching TV, his mom would be at work and his dad would be non-existent, as he had been for Jake’s entire life. So Jake walked casually to the door of the bathroom, slid off his boxers and hopped into the shower.
Though not to his knowledge, his sister Jenna had seen his hard member fully as he crossed the hall. The thick meat made her pussy tingle and dampness began to cover her pink lips. Curiosity flooded over her as she heard the shower come on; so carefully she tip-toed to the cracked door, hoping to see her brother’s cock again.
Jenna was only 14, but already had a full chest and supple curves. Her bra was a higher B and her hips gave her that always appealing hourglass shape. Many a boy her age and higher had tried to get into her pants. Though through sheer will she managed to keep it only to her chest, where they happily enjoyed themselves.
At the door she could see into the bathroom perfectly. The shower door was clear glass, though a little fogged. Fog or not she could see him just fine. She tingled with excitement once more and let a finger roam into her shorts. She gently rubbed her sopping muff and let out little moans here and there. But things really heated up as Jake soaped up his hand and began to rub it up and down his length. As Jake began to beat off, Jenna let a finger slip into her cunt. She silenced her moan and began to work it harder.
Behind her, completing the incestuous peeping and masturbation chain was Jake and Jenna’s mother. She was quite surprised to find her youngest peering in on her brother while fingering herself. But it was nothing she didn’t expect. And being single for years with only the occasional guy had left her aching for something real. So not wanting to ruin a good thing, Deb slid her hand down her pants and let two slip into her soaking cunt.
Jake worked his member hard, thinking about his hot sister on the receiving end of it. Although it always made him feel bad, he still loved to fantasize about her perfect body mounted on his; and that all seemed a dream until out of the corner of his eye he caught his sister peering in on him. This startled him at first, but soon fueled a new exciting ecstasy in his loins. He once again took up hammering on his cock.
Jenna was about to explode and couldn’t take much more. She needed that monster in her. A fire from her insides called for her to gobble it down and to ride it hard and fast. So without thinking she opened the door the rest of the way and walked in, straight up to the shower door. By this time, however, she was a little taken back but decided it was now or never. She opened the shower door and smiled as seductively as possible.
“Mind if I join?” And that’s all she said before Jake grabbed the back of her head and forced them both into a passionate kiss. Hot water ran all over Jenna’s body, stimulating her senses even more.
The kiss lasted longer than anyone the two had ever had and hands were far from stationary. Jake had one hand on her left breast, flicking her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The other hand was down the back of her pants, grabbing her ass firmly. Jenna had both her hands on his cock and she started to slowly stroke it up and down.
She broke the kiss and embrace. Jenna ripped off her top and dropped her shorts. White tan lines made a visible print of the shape of her bikini. She dropped to her knees and began to stroke Jake’s cock. While doing that she rinsed off all the soap. She licked from the bottom to the top and back again. Never once giving head, she tried to do everything she had seen in the porns she watched.
“Oh sis, do it.” Jake moaned as the tip of his dick slid past Jenna’s lips and into her awaiting mouth.
She gagged a bit at first but soon found the right rhythm for it. She loved the heat and swelled feeling of his cock in her mouth. She slurped on it loudly just to turn him on a little more.
“Oh shit! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum.” And sure enough he did.
She wasn’t expecting the hot, salty fluid that blasted into her mouth. She coughed it out at first, but then realized what it was and corrected her mistake. Savoring the white substance and the trembles her brother made as he shot his seed into her mouth.
Jake retracted his cock from his sister’s mouth and sat on the seat in the shower. He looked at her beautiful body, glistening with hot water and her gorgeous face speckled with his cum.
Perhaps the weekend wouldn’t be too bad after all.
Outside the door, Deb watched as her son shot his seed into her daughter’s mouth. Very soon she too would have to succumb to the fire inside her. Very soon indeed.

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