Did that really happen I thought to myself, a handjob from my own mother? Did I really just cum down into her shirt? And did she not even say a word after it happened? .......... Knowing that my interview was about to start, I got out of the car and went to room 21, what do I say when I get there? Is Mom even there? ......All these question ran through my head. As soon as I walked close to my room, I saw my mom waiting at the door for me, and as soon we made eye contact she opened the door to the room and I followed her in, I couldn't help but stare at her ass while she walked in...... What I would pay to grab a handfull of that ass, that ass was to die for, all my friends even joked about her, calling her a milf and what not,...... the last two days helped me to realise why she was my mom that I wanted to fuck.....

The interview was pretty ordinary , there were not many things to improve on academically, this was probabley because I either spent my time jacking of or studying. Mr Spaleney was a good teacher, but he was still a bit harsh when it came to my grades. After the short interview, all the parents were sent into the school gym where principle Franklin would talk to them, this meant that i had time to go talk to Oliver , long story short, Oliver wanted me to come to his house that night, and this was perfect, as this meant that I did not have to get into a situation with my mom where we had to talk about what happened earlier. Oliver is my best friends by the way

Me: Oliver invited me to his tonight
Mom: Ok
Boy was that a relief , this gave me time to think....... Think about what I would say to her when I got home the next day.

The next morning Mom came to pick me up, the car ride home was more Awkward than the one going to school. Not a word was said the entire ride , how long will this go on for I wondered.....Once we arrived home I went straight to my room and shut the door behind me,closing the blinds, I put on my headphones and drifted off to sleep. Images of the day before came into my head , Mom kneeling down in front of me, her blue eyes staring at mine, her cleavage on full display and most of all, her soft hand wrapped around my hard dick. After a short nap I ended up waking up at around mid day, walking down stairs, I could smell the sweet aroma of my moms famous chicken pie, "we need to talk", "come sit down" . She was wearing a tight buttoned up shirt, but the first three buttons were not done up, she was also wearing her favourite shorts which showed off her greatly toned legs, with her hair tied up .......she was one hot momma.

I followed her and sat down next to her. "Iam sorry" I blurted out "I should not have done what I had did" ......."you know that was wrong " she replied ...."even when I helped you out, you threw it back in my face and took advantage of me , honestley Christopher, why would you do that!!" she yelled, I felt bad and embarrassed at the same time. " I'm prepared to forget about what took place yesterday , along as this does not happen I make myself clear young man?" ....."yes mom" I replied. .....I can't believe that I had just got away with a free handjob and finished right onto my moms chest. She then stood up and said "now give me a hug" how could I resist, she then came in for motherly kiss, and that's when I realised something quite odd, she was wearing the same bra as yesterday, ...... Yep....... the one that I had finished into, no .., it couldn't be? Was she?..... Or was I just imagining things? ..............."Now come and try some of your moms famous pie" she said "I would love to mom" I replied.

After a having the pie, my mom ended up going supermarket shopping, "do you need anything from the shops" she said said before she left, "ye, just some energy drinks" I replied,....... "ok ........ Oh and hun , just make sure you take care of that before I get back .... you can go at your own pace this time, there's no rush" she said staring at my crotch and just laughed out loud, "I will be a hour or so, just txt me if you need anything " she yelled back as she walked off. I swear I stood there frozen for what felt like a eternity , I finally looked down, and realised what she was talking about , my penis was tenting out , it was so obvious, but how long had it been there for? I ran straight upstairs to my room , it turned me on so much knowing that my own mom had told me to go and take care of myself , I was horny as I ever had been. After a quick check of my facebook, I decided to get straight to it......... 10 minutes later I was still at it, vigorously going at , mom was going to be home soon, BEEP, my phone buzzed, it was a txt from mom.

Mom: Iam almost done, do you need anything else hun?

Me: no

Mom: They had the strawberry biscuits on sale so I just got a couple of those, and also the cheese for tonight's lasagne.

Me: Ok

Mom: what's with the short replies hahaha

Mom: oh... I know what your doing............. Really hun? It's been over 30 minutes and your still at it .. That would explain the short answers hahaha

Me: Dont worry, I will take care of it before you get home

Mom: good!!! There's some lube in the bottom draw of my bathroom , just put it back when your done you got 20 minutes haha

I ran straight into her bathroom and grabbed the bottle of lube, maaan mom was the best in the world, I couldn't help but notice a bra on the floor, I grabbed it and quickly returned to by room, WOW shes DD, no wonder her tits look so good . I quickly started getting right back to it, .... atleast 15 minutes had passed , at that very moment my moms car drove into our drive way, that's when I completely erupted.... Panicking I quickly emptied the load straight into my moms bra... " OMFG" I said out loud, what am I going to do with this , I quickly stashed the bra under my bed and ran downstairs to help mom with the shopping. " thanks for taking care of it" she said as we finished putting away everything. Did she mean the shopping ? Or ?........ The other thing.

The rest of the day was pretty much normal, I ended up getting done all my homework which meant that I had a lot of free time to watch TV and relax. Mom decided to have a early night because she had a few errands to run the next day.

I woke up on Sunday and Mom wasn't home , after the usual morning wank I went straight to my mates house and decided to have dinner at their place.

Me: Iam having dinner at Joshes mom,

Mom: ok sweetie, just be home before 10, you got school tomomorow

Mom: oh and where's the lube hun?

Me: oops, it's somewhere in my room

Mom: found it.............

What were the dots there for? She's the one who said I could use it, that was when I realised that I had left the lube under the bed, and you know what else was there..... My moms cum stained DD bra... Omg

" you know you can't just go around putting your semen onto my clothing right?" Was the first thing I heard when I got home.Once again, sorry was the only word I managed to mumble out. " that it? Mom asked, "tell me , does Josh go and cum In his mothers bras? Or does Jayden go and cum into one of his moms bras, oh what about Oliver...... Does he?!?..... " " what's wrong with you Chris ?".Tears started to roll down my cheeks, I just couldn't control it. " why do you do this Chris?"............ After a moment of silence I decided to be completely honest with her....... " mom, your beautiful, even my friends call you a milf, every time I see you, I just get an instant hard on, I can't help myself..... You turn me on so much"............ " that's very nice and all, but your my son , what happened in the car was a one off, it can't happen again hun.... It's just wrong".

" Every Time I tried wanking in the last couple of days, all I could think off was you one can compare to you ". ........... She did not say anything for a couple of seconds, eventually she said" I need to get some sleep I got work in the morning, and you got school too, good night ".

The rest of the week was pretty chilled, I didn't see mom much since she worked late some nights, and I had afternoon classes some nights too. It was Friday night, and after school finished I came straight home and fell into the comfy, " how was school babe? Mom asked " good I responded"...... "I can tell you've been hurting all week hun..... Iam sorry I can't physically help you, it's just wrong..... Is there anything else mommy can do for you which will help you to, you know, relive your stress hahah"..... "Mom, can I feel your ass ?"........... "Is it going to help with your problem? " she asked hesitantley"......... "Yes" i replied" ..... After a long think she replied" hmmm I guess itl be alright, just follow me upstairs, we don't want any of the neighbours knocking on the door and seeing me let you touch my ass in front of them.

With that I followed mom straight upstairs as she led me to my bedroom, I can't believe I was going to grab a handfull of that ass.... Finally .... The moment I had been waiting, the walk upstairs to my room felt like it took forever.... The way that ass jiggled from side to side as she walked, her black yoga pants did the trick as the view of her plump cheeks were to die for.

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