The Branded MILF

The Branded MILF

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The Do-gooder MILF
The Do-gooder MILF -2
The Do-gooder MILF -3 MILF Meat
The Do-gooder MILF -4 BASTARDS
The Do-gooder MILF -5 She is Mine

Oh this is so sweet, my Tommy has her tits in his hands and I am grabbing them too.
Oh shit, we are working together. I can actually feel him throbbing inside her.
I can feel him cumming. Ah the Bitch is moaning. She likes it.

Tommy shot his load in Joan’s ass. Come on, one of you guys, fuck my ass.
It was hard to tell if she really wanted it or she was just trying to game us but
what the fuck difference did it make. Terry was in her now. He was fucking
the ass filled with his brother cum. Barry’s dick was in her mouth.
Pussy fucked, Ass fucked, Mouth fucked Milf.

I wondered how long she could keep this up. She had been through a lot
and we were good for two more rounds. I reached back and pulled down on her full
Ass. Terry had his hands all over her tits. Nice MILF tits and a nice MILF ass.
Very full, very fucakable. Stupid bitch.


Two Hours Later:
We were exhausted fucking the MILF. She had kept her word. Hoping to be set free
she screwed the hell out of us.

We laid back on some chairs and we even let her lay down on the couch.
Please I just want to go home. I’ll never say a word. It would be too embarrassing.
I just want to go home, PLEASE.

Are you sure, you won’t talk?
No, never that would be too embarrassing, I promise.
HMMMM, OK, lets go get you cleaned up and changed. We got some old clothes.
OH Thank You, you won’t regret it.
Through here is the shower. The MILF showered and put on some new cloths.
Good, out this way to the car, we will put a blindfold on you so you don’’t know where you were.
Sure, OK, Thank You.
Are you sure you will be quiet . Yes, Yes, you can trust me.

We put a blindfold on her and led her through the door. Midway in the room we started to laugh.
What’s wrong, What is going on?

I ripped her blindfold off.
NOOOOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOOO. You can’t do this. No Please. You said you would let me go.
I promised to stay quiet.
The Do-gooder MILF looked around the room. There were chains hanging from the ceiling, straps on the walls . There was a wooden horse, crosses of different types, several stocks, a chair with electrical
cords, a rack, water tank, barrels, and many other delightful items.

The MILF dropped to her knees in shock.
Stupid Bitch. You thought we would let you go? Fuck NO, we got lots of fun for you.
We dragged her to the stocks. It was two upright beams with a split crossbeam with cutouts
for the head and wrists. We put on leather cuffs and a neck restraint to be sure she could not pull out.
The neck restraint made for a very tight fit for her neck.

Joan put up a good struggle but with four guys we were able to hold her in place and lower the top
half. We held her legs and attached ankle cuffs, chaining her ankles to the floor, wide.

The MILF was bent at the waist with her arms and head immobilized in the stocks. Her legs were
chained down wide. Stupid MILF, what should we do first. Dad, I know what I am going to do.
Barry nestled in between her legs and pushed his cock inside her pussy. The MILF was completely helpless as he began to screw her yet again.

We had even better plans for her.
Why are you doing this? I did everything you wanted. Look, you can keep me, I’ll do what you want.
No this. Please. Let me out of this.

Ha, yea, we can do whatever we want. I grabbed her hair and made a pony tail with a small part at the back of her head. Joan was red in the face and crying, blubbering. I enjoyed looking at her stupid face.

Terry used a scissors and started to cut her hair down to the scalp.
What are you doing. What is happening. No. OH NO.

The hair fell off in clumps. Terry sprayed her shortly cropped hair with shaving cream and took his shaving razor and started to shave her bitch head except the small pony tail I held. Barry kept fucking her pussy enjoying our hair removal. Terry shaved every bit of her hair except the pony tail cleanly down to the scalp. I ran my hand over her smooth scalp. I pulled the little pony tail and she looked up at me
Begging, helpless, wondering what I would do next. HMMMMM, what next?

Tommy gave me a pair of leather gloves. I ran my gloved hand up and down her face. The tears were streaking down her cheeks, she was shaking. I was laughing teasing her.
I whacked her shaved Bitch head. There was horror in her face. She was shaking more now.
I faked another hit and watched her flinch. Barry was still fucking her.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHh. NO. She felt her left nipple being pierced with a ring.
What are you doing, what is happening to me.
I pulled her hair up by her pony tail and looked into her red puff face and smiled.
You are being pierced with metal rings, wait til we get to your pussy.
She broke down crying some more.
I smacked her across her bald head.
There is something to cry about.
AHHHHHHHHHHHH she screamed as her other tit was pierced.

Two Hours Later:
The Bitch hung on the cross. She had been pierced and all of us had another good fuck.
Ropes held her securely to the cross. A 2 x 6 studded with finishing nails gave
her a place to rest her ass. Her arms were secured to a cross beam and her ankles tied wide apart to
another cross beam. Weights hung from the rings in her tits and pussy. Her big MILF tits hung
low pulled down by the weights. Her pussy lips stretched under the weight.

The boys brought a charcoal grill with a branding iron and set it between her legs. As she felt the heat she began to twist desperately trying to escape the increasing heat between her legs. Tommy kept working the branding iron stirring up the coals. Red hot he let her see the end of the iron.

Blazing red, the Branding Iron spelled out MILF.

Tommy moved it close to her face and up and down her body, even brushing against her.
She screamed in fear.
Again he put it back in the coals, increasing the heat as he stirred the coals.

He took the iron and held it close to her face so she could feel the heat.
NOOO NOOO Please. Not that, you will kill me. It is so hot. You can’t do that.
I’ll do anything, don’t touch me with that.

The desperate MILF was screaming, pulling away. She was overcome by panic.
He pushed the iron against her right ass cheek.
There was smoke and the smell of burnt flesh.


She went limp. Passed out.

Tommy gave her a shot and she jerked back up, screaming her MILF head off.
The pain had to be horrific. Her face was completely contorted.
Her body twisted and turned out of control.

Don’t worry Bitch, we are gonna brand that other cheek later and then fuck that branded ass.

The Do-gooder MILF was facing the reality of her new life.

Humiliation Abuse, Torture, Pain, Rape.


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