Baby Steps Pt. 2

Baby Steps Pt. 2

Baby Steps

by Vanessa Evans

Part 2

I woke up early, probably because I was excited about the day ahead. At first I felt a bit weird when I realised that I was naked but the memories came flooding back and I felt good. I also remembered that I had decided to shave off all my pubic hair and my hand moved to it and I decided that I wouldn’t miss it. I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom.

Okay, I’d shaved my arm pits, arms and legs every few days but pubes was different. For starters they were thicker hairs and much longer so I had to go and get my sewing scissors to trim them right back before attacking them with my razor. I sat on the side of the bath, spread my legs and got started at the top. As I got to the top of my slit I had to be more careful, I didn’t want to have an accident and damage my clit which seemed to be bigger than the last time that I saw it in a mirror, nor my labia minora. There isn’t much of them but I imagined that it would hurt quite a lot if I accidentally cut them.

As I moved down to around my vaginal entrance I realised that my pussy was tingling and that it was wet.

“My pussy must be liking this.” I thought.

Then it was the shaving cream and the razor. Again I was very careful around my clit and labia but I finally finished the job and looked at myself in the mirror.

“Wow,” I thought, “I look so much younger, but I like it, I hope that Ethan likes it as well.”

I cleaned up all the hairs on the floor then got in the shower. That is where I normally shave my other bits and I had a quick wipe over my pubis with the razor to see what it felt like shaving there in the shower.

I had just finished in the bathroom when the doorbell rang causing me to have a quick panic. I assumed that it was Ethan and I didn’t want to keep him waiting but I didn’t have any clothes to put on and my long hair was still wet so I grabbed two towels, one to wrap my hair in and the other to wrap around myself. I was still tucking the second one in when I got to the door.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“It’s me, Ethan.” The reply came so I opened the door and looked round it to confirm that it was indeed Ethan and that no one else was around.

“Come in.” I said as I stepped from behind the door.

“Sorry, I’m not ready yet.” I said.

“So I see, but I’m early, my fault.”

“I’ll rush, give me five minutes.”

“No Claire, take your time, do you mind if I watch you get ready?”

My first reaction was to say not, that I had to get dressed, but then I remembered that he had seen me naked the previous evening so I said that he could. Just as I was about to turn to walk to my bedroom Ethan stepped right up to me, put his arms round me and kissed me.

Somehow, during the long kiss, the towel round me came un-tucked and fell to the floor. Ethan pulled me closer and I again felt that nice feeling of my naked body on his clothes.

The kiss ended and Ethan stepped back and my hands instantly moved to cover my tits and pussy but Ethan reached for my hands and held them wide apart as he looked up and down my naked body causing me to blush.

“You’re embarrassing me Ethan.” I said.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed Claire, I saw you naked last night and I came early hoping to see you naked before we went out. I like the new look. To me it makes you look more feminine, I think that pubic hair on a woman is ugly.”

“I’d better shave it every day then. Do you think that the other girls at work shave every day?”

“Those who really care about their appearance will.”

“Well I’m going to care about my appearance from now on, but that will be a struggle until I can sort all my clothes out.”

“Well we’ll try to do something about that today. Now, what’s next for you to get ready?”

“My hair, I need to dry it.”

“I can help you with that.”

And he did. Drying my long hair has always been a bit of a chore but with Ethan helping me it certainly wasn’t a chore. What’s more, sitting naked on my bed with Ethan blowing and brushing my hair was a nice experience, especially as he kept giving my nipples a quick rub or tweak.

When that job was done I went to my underwear drawer and pulled out my briefest pair of knickers and a bra. I turned to Ethan and saw the disappointed look on his face so put the bra back in the drawer and said,

“Baby steps.”

“Baby steps.” Ethan replied and smiled.

They might have been my smallest knickers but they were still big and as I held them to step into them I looked at Ethan again and saw that same disappointed look on his face.

“I can’t go out without knickers on. It would be too embarrassing.”

“Why, who would know, apart from you and me?”

“Do you really think that some of the girls at work don’t wear knickers?”

“I do, in fact Pete told me that Janice was a bit careless one day last week and he saw that she was as bald as you now are.”

“Well in that case, another baby step, but I can’t go without all the time, I need some knickers.”

“We’ll get you some of the type that most girls your age wear, thongs or G-strings.”

“I don’t know that I’ll like wearing those, my butt will be all exposed and that string in my butt crack will feel funny.”

“Your butt won’t be exposed, unless you are going to take your skirt off in public. Anyway, have you seen some of the swimsuits that girls wear these days, bare butts seem to be the fashion these days and I’m sure that some of the girls at work will wear swimsuit that don’t cover their butts and you have a cute little butt that you should be proud to show it to the world.”

“I can’t see that ever happening.”

“Baby steps.”

“Okay, I’ll go knickerless today, but it’s your fault if someone sees my pussy.”

“That would make some ones day.”

“Now, a skirt and top or a dress?” I asked.

“A dress.” Ethan replied, “I like to see girls wearing dresses. Do you have any jeans?”

“No, mother always used to say that women should dress like women, not like men, and at college trousers of any sort were banned so I’ve never got round to getting any jeans.”

“I know that it sound chauvinist and definitely not PC and I would never publicly say so but I agree with your mother.”

That didn’t bother me because I don’t wear jeans, not even shorts when it gets hot. I went to my wardrobe and got out my nicest summer dress. Like all my dresses and skirts the hem ends below my knees and this dress is one of not many that doesn’t have sleeves, just two straps over my shoulders that hide my bra straps, but that wouldn’t be a problem that day.

As I pulled the dress over my head and pulled it down I felt strange, the fabric was rubbing my tits and butt, all of which were bare and were usually covered by my underwear. As I pulled the dress into place I said,

“This feel weird Ethan.”

“I bet that in a couple of hours you will have forgotten that you have no underwear on.”

“I hope so.”

“Okay, shall I go and put the kettle on?”

“And a slice of bread in the toaster please.”

Ethan went off and I finished getting ready. I never wear makeup so that didn’t take any time up and I was soon joining Ethan in the kitchen.

“This is going to feel weird.” I said as I sat at the table.

“It’s a big baby step but I’m one hundred percent sure that in a couple of hours it will feel quite normal.”

“I hope so, I want to be like the other girls so I guess that a little embarrassment and feeling weird on the way is worth it.”

“I’m sure that it is.” Ethan replied.

Fifteen minutes later we were leaving my apartment. As we walked to Ethan’s car I said,

“Definitely weird, the cool morning air is blowing up my dress and tickling me.”

“Does it feel nice.”

“Yes it does, and look at my chest.”

Ethan did then replied,

“It’s to be expected, a lot of girls have pokies.”


“Their hard nipples making little tents in their clothes.”

“But it will be embarrassing if anyone other than you sees them.”

“It doesn’t embarrass Mary or Christine or Wendy, and theirs stick out just as much as yours Claire.”

“I never noticed.” I replied.

“I’m a man, we notice these things.” Ethan said just as we got to the car.

Ethan opened the door and I got in like Ethan had told me other girls do then I said,

“Did you see my knickers, I mean pussy.”

“No, see, you’re starting to forget that you haven’t got any knickers on.”

“Yes I did forget didn’t I?” I said to no one because Ethan had shut the door and was walking round to his side of the car.

As we drove along I realised that we weren’t going the same way as the bus did.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“The doctors is this way.”

“Oh yes, the doctor won’t want he to undress will she?”

“I don’t know, but I’ve heard that some doctors want to examine the girl before they will give you some contraception.”

“But I haven’t got any underwear on.”

“I’m sure that all doctors have see thousands of naked girls, sorry but seeing you naked will mean nothing to them other than a patient that needs examining.”

“I guess that you are right.”

We got to the surgery, went in and up to the reception desk where a middle-aged woman looked up and said,


Ethan answered her and I was glad that he did because she looked like a dragon and the tone of her voice supported that idea.

“I phoned and made an appointment for my girlfriend to see a doctor to get some contraception.”

“Oh yes, although I hardly think that contraception warrants an emergency appointment, condoms are cheap enough.”

“Claire here is new to town and she need to register as well.”’ Ethan replied ignoring her comment.

“Couldn’t she go to get old doctor? Oh never mind, here young lady, fill this form in.”

The receptionist gave me a clipboard and a pen and we went and sat whilst I filled in the form. As I was doing so I said,

“Are all doctor’s receptionists like that?”

“Mostly,” Ethan replied, “they’re employed to do their best to stop people from seeing the doctor.”

“That’s not very helpful.”

“I’m surprised that she did ask you half the questions that the doctor will ask you.”

It’s fair to say that I was quite nervous by then and when a male doctor finally came out and called my name I nearly panicked and ran out. My heart was pounding as I followed him into his consulting room hoping that he wouldn’t ask me to undress.

After a good five minutes of endless questions, some very personal, he did ask me to undress and I just stared at him.

“You can go behind that curtain, and when you have taken them all off can you climb up onto the table and lay down please.

“Oh my gawd,” I thought as I slowly went and did as I had been told. “Another man is going to see me naked, and I shaved my pussy this morning, he’ll see everything.”

Not only did he see everything, and I mean everything, he groped, prodded and pressed on a lot of my body. He did say that he was looking for lumps in my breasts but he was still groping me. And when he told me to put my legs up in those stirrup things I thought that I was going to die. Not only did he feel and look inside me, he put something inside me that spread my hole so wide that I thought that I could have given birth and then he shone a torch inside me. I’d closed my eyes when he told me to put my legs in the stirrups but I just had to open then to see what he was doing to me.

Just when I thought it was all over I felt him rubbing my clit. I was just about to tell him to stop when I realised that an orgasm was building inside me. I still wanted to tell him to stop but I discovered that the words wouldn’t come out and within a minute I was having an orgasm.

As soon as the orgasm started the doctor stopped and went back to his desk just like he’d been over to a drawer to get something out.

When the orgasm subsided and my mouth stopped moaning, I heard the doctor say,

“You can get off the table now Claire and put your underwear on but not the dress, I don’t want to risk getting any blood on it.”

“What the …… “ I thought, “what’s he going to do to me?”

Then I remembered that I wasn’t wearing underwear that day so I got off the table and went back to the seat that I had originally sat at.

Looking like he didn’t even register that I was naked he said,

“Put your arm on the desk and turn your palm up.”

I did.

“This swab will numb a small area ready for the implant going in.”

I closed my eyes and thankfully I didn’t feel anything and I opened my eyes when he said that he was all done.

“Leave that cotton wool and the tape on for the rest of the day and if it’s still bleeding when you take it off just put a band aid on it. You may get dressed now but take this leaflet and read all of it, it should answer any questions that you have.”

I put my dress on and left wondering if I was just coming out of a dream.

“Hug me please Ethan.” I said when I got back into the waiting room.

“Are you okay?” Ethan asked.

“I think so.” I replied as we left the building.

“That was, I don’t know what to say, that man made me cum, that’s your job not his.”

“I’m sure that he had his reasons.” Ethan replied.

“He said something about checking my responses before he touched my clit.”

“He did have a reason, he wanted to check that you were normal.”

“Hmm, okay, I’m not normal but you’re helping me to make myself normal, thank you Ethan.” I said as I got into the car with Ethan holding the door open.

“Did you just see my pussy?” I asked, “I felt the cool air on it.”

“I didn’t look, shall I come round there and we can do it again?”

“I’m sure that there will be plenty of other times when you can look.”

“I hope so.”

We drove into the centre of the city and parked the car. By then I had recovered and when Ethan opened my door I pulled the skirt part of my dress up to my waist so that he could get a really good look at my pussy as I got out then dropped the hem of the dress.

I giggled as Ethan told me that I’d done a good shaving job.

I held my hands on my thighs as we walked out of the car park which for some reason was a lot more breezy than outside the car park. When we got into the shopping centre I had mixed feelings, for starters I felt a mixture of slight embarrassment, fright and arousal because of my lack of underwear as I waked in amongst all those shoppers. I felt excited because I had a boyfriend and we were holding hands shopping together, and I felt apprehension about what I knew we were going to buy and that I’d soon be wearing skirts much shorter than the dress I was wearing.

“Right,” Ethan said, “where did we say we’d start?”

“That one,” I said pointing to what looked like a sore of a chain branch of a young women’s fashion.

In we went and started browsing. I soon discovered that their skirts and dresses were either ankle length or mini / micro skirts, and some of the short ones did look nice. I ***********ed three and Ethan ***********ed three. Unsurprisingly the three that I ***********ed were longer than the three that Ethan ***********ed.

We went to the changing rooms and discovered that Ethan couldn’t come in with me so I took my three skirts in, closed the curtain and realised that I’d have to take my dress off to try the skirts on. I stuck my head round the curtain and could just see Ethan so I motioned to him to get me a top, any top.

He was way ahead of me and he threw me the top that he’d anticipated I would need. When I put it on it was a tight fit, and it was semi-sheer, I could see the darker colour of the skin of my areolae and nipples. I was about to take it off and ask Ethan to get me another one when I realised that I could just cover my tits with my hands, so I left it and put on one of the skirts.

It was mid-thigh length and it did look nice but it was the shortest skirt that I had ever worn and I felt exposed, embarrassingly exposed. As I looked in the mirror I remembered that most of the girls at work wore mid-thigh skirts so I decided to see what Ethan thought. I opened the curtain and saw not only Ethan but two other men.

Forgetting about my top I walked over to him and asked him what I thought. He got me to do a 360 then he said that he liked it. I decided that it was on my probably buy list. Just before I turned to go back and try the second one I remembered my top. My hand flew to my tits and covered them but as I looked at the two men one of them gave me the thumbs-up sign.

“Oh may gawd,” I thought, as I walked back, “that’s the second and third unknown man to see my tits today and it’s only mid morning. Stop being so careless Claire.”

The second and third skirts were nice as well, and they were the same length as the first one. If we bought those three I knew that I would have to be careful at work, and everywhere else for that matter. I changed back into my dress then took those three skirts to Ethan and swapped them with the three that he had ***********ed.

When I got changed into the top and the first of the three skirts I quickly realised that it was shorter than my three. I looked at myself and thought,

“Oh my gawd, I can’t wear this in public, maybe Ethan chose it for me to wear at home, I could do that, it doesn’t matter if I bend over slightly and he sees my bare butt or I sit carelessly and he can see my pussy, I’d like that.”

I stuck my head round the curtain and saw that Ethan was alone so I walked over to him not worrying about the see-through top.

“Fantastic,” Ethan said, “It really does show off those perfect legs.”

“And a lot more if I’m not careful.” I replied, “I can’’t wear this for work, it’s almost indecent.”

“But it isn’t indecent and some of the girls at work often wear skirts that short.”

He was right, I’d seen quite a few skirts that short and the girls wearing them appeared to be oblivious to the chances of someone seeing their butts and pussy, with or without knickers. I’d never actually seen what was under those skirts but there again I’d never looked. I wondered if Ethan had seen any knickers or bare butts and pussies.”

I walked back to try the second one on only to find that it was just as short. And it flared out like a skaters skirt.

“I feel like I’ve got nothing on below my waist.” I said to Ethan when I went to show him.

“But you look great in it Claire, were getting that one.”

“Oh jeez, I’m going to look like a slut.” I thought as I went back to try on the last skirt.

Then I realised that you could easily say that most of the girls at work looked like sluts at times. I decided that I was going to have to redefine my version of what a slut looked like.

The last skirt was equally short and equally flared.

Jeez, Ethan really does like short skirts, maybe he lusts after some of the girls at work, I’ll have to do something to make sure that he doesn’t decide to dump me and go after one of the other girls. When I went out to show him he was equally appreciative and he said that that skirt was also on the list to buy.

As I turned to go and change back into my dress I looked and saw that he was on his own, so with my back to him I flicked up the skirt and displayed my whole bare butt for a couple of second. When I turned to see what his reaction was I saw that he was smiling and so was the man stood next to him.

“Where did he come from?” I asked no one as my face went red with shame and embarrassment I slowly got changed back into my dress. I didn’t want to go back to Ethan if that man was till there, it would be too embarrassing.

Three times I put my head round the curtain to see if the man had left and by the third time Ethan was starting to look annoyed so I gritted my teethe picked up all the clothes and walked out, straight to Ethan.

“Sorry about that, the top got stuck in my hair.” I lied, “lets go.”

As we walked through the shop to the sales counter I apologised to Ethan for lying and I told him that I was embarrassed by what I’d done and that I couldn’t face the man. Ethan hugged me right there in the store and told me that I’d get used to things like that.

After the hug I asked Ethan which of the skirts he thought that I should buy adding that I could just about afford two of them. He gave me a quick kiss and walked to the sales counter and handed over all six. As we walked out I told Ethan that I’d pay him back but it would take a couple of months.

“You’ve already paid me back Claire, just seeing you wearing them has already paid the debt. Now, let’s find a shop that sells tops.”

It was a very happy me that linked arms with Ethan as we walked to the next shop on our list.

We soon found the tops and did the same as in the last shop, me ***********ing three and Ethan ***********ing three. As we headed for the changing rooms Ethan got one of the new skirts out of the bag and gave it to me saying,

“This will make it easier for you to come out and show me the tops. Bring me the dress when you first come out and I’ll put it in one of the bags.”

“I’ll need it when I’ve tried them all on.”

“No you won’t you can wear one of the tops and that skirt, the sales girl can scan the tag on the top that you are wearing.”

“Okay, I didn’t know that you can do that.”

“Yes it’s not a problem.”

I took my dress off and again felt more naked than I was, if that was possible, and I quickly put the skirt on then wondered if Ethan had deliberately given me one of the shortest skirts.

I liked all three of the tops that I had chosen and Ethan said that he liked them too. I was pleased that my hard nipples didn’t make much of a dent in the fabric of them.

Then it was the three that Ethan had chosen. The first was made of very thin cotton and it clung to all the little contours of my nipples.

“I love it.” Ethan said when I went out to show him.

“These will embarrass me.” I said pointing to my nipples.

“You look great Claire, lots of girls have pokies like that.”

I had noticed pokey nipples on a couple of girl in the shop so I didn’t worry about it and went to change into the second one.

“Oh my gawd.” I thought, “I can see my areolae and nipples, I can’t wear this at work, I can’t wear this out of work either, do girls really wear tops like this? I guess that they must do otherwise they wouldn’t be in the shop.”

I went out to show Ethan with my hands ready to cover my tits if anyone else was there. Fortunately there wasn’t anyone and Ethan was full of praise saying that I looked amazing. When I thought that someone was coming I quickly retreated back to try the last one on.

If I thought that the last two were very revealing then I don’t know how to describe the last one, it was black and totally see-through.

“Definitely one for wearing at home.” I thought as I went out to show Ethan with my hands on my tits.

There was no one else there so I dropped my hands and let Ethan see.

“Now that was a brilliant choice even if I say so myself.”

“There’s no way that I could ever wear this for work.”

“You’re right but I’m sure that there will be times that I can take you out wearing it.”


“Baby steps Claire, baby steps.”

I wasn’t convinced but I would enjoy wearing at home when Ethan was there.

“Okay Claire, pick one of the last three, put it on then give me the rest.”

I swallowed as I realised that I would be going out into the main shop and the whole shopping centre wearing a skirt that was almost indecent, a top that was very thin and showed the shape of my nipples and even the little bumps on my areolae or a top that was slightly see-through, and no knickers.

“Baby steps.” I thought, “this feels like a giant step to me.”

I chose the thin top hoping that my nipples would go soft and not look so obvious. Stepping out I gave Ethan the other tops and followed him to the checkout feeling like I was naked. My face felt quite warm and I suspected that it was red.

As the girl came round to scan the barcode on the top that I was wearing I just hoped that she didn’t accidentally catch the skirt and pull it up. She didn’t and we were soon leaving the store with me still feeling my hot face and hoping that we didn’t go anywhere with a breeze.

We walked along and Ethan asked me if I was hungry. When I thought about it I decided that I was so he led me to the nearest fast food outlet. I kept looking around expecting people to stare at me but I didn’t see anyone looking and I started to relax a little and look around some more, but this time I was looking for girls around my age and I was pleased to see that there were a few dressed like I was. I relaxed some more and by the time we entered the fast food place my heart was nearly back to normal. It was then that I realised that my pussy was all squishy.

“Wow,” I thought, “my pussy likes me being dressed like this.”

We joined the queue to order and Ethan spotted some people leaving a table.

“Take the bags and grab that table.” Ethan said.

So I did and I got a little shock when my bare butt sat on the plastic bench. I tried to pull the skirt further down my thighs but it was going nowhere, I crossed my legs to make sure that the young men sat opposite couldn’t see up my skirt to my pussy.

Shortly after that Ethan arrived with the food and sat beside me. I wanted to ask him if girls really wore skirts this short but I knew the answer, they did. Although I’d noticed the girls in the break room and how they sat I’d never tried to look up their skirts for the obvious reason but I did remember that very few of them crossed their legs so I asked Ethan,

“At work have you seen up the girl’s skirts in the break room and seen their knickers?”

“Yes, there’s times that I think that some of the girls deliberately sit with their knees open to tease the men with glimpses of their knickers or bald pubes.”

“How often do they do it?”

“I would say that I’ve seen a pair of knickers or bald pubes on average once per week. It’s no big deal, everyone knows that girls have pussies and they know roughly what they look like.”

“So do you think that I should sit with my knees open and let people see my bald pussy?”

“That’s up to you Claire, I certainly like looking at your pussy and I’m sure that any red blooded man would like to see it; and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and my cock inside it.”

“Would you mind if other people saw my pussy.”

“No, but to show or not to show is your decision. If you want to show your pussy do it. What I will tell you is that if you want to, and you don’t, there’s a good chance that you will regret it.”

“But some of the other girls at work do.”

“Yes they do.”

I thought about it for a while then decided that I would, but only when I had got used to wearing such short skirts.

“Where next?” Ethan asked when we had finished eating.

“I need some new knickers and maybe some bras.”

“Are you sure about that or is it a case of ‘my mother said …….. ‘

“A bit of both I guess, I’ve decided that I’m not going to wear a bra again, what’s the point, but I think that I should have one, a nice one, just in case.”

“Okay, that sounds sensible, what about knickers?”

“Well not wearing them isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, in fact I’ve been aroused ever since we left my apartment, even in this belt that you’ve bought me.”

“So are you going to wear knickers ever again? You appear to have gotten used to not wearing any.”

“Yes, I guess that I have, you were right, apart from a few embarrassing moments I’ve felt good, my pussy has certainly like it, that’s one baby step that I’ve really taken to. Thank you Ethan but I’ve got a problem, I used to wear panty liners when I have my period but these last two times I’ve tried tampons and I think that I prefer them, but if I got back to panty liners I’ll definitely need some new knickers. I don’t know if I’ll manage with no knickers and the tampon string hanging down.”

“You could always push the string up you hole.”

“Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that but I think that I should have some knickers, just in case..”

“Fair enough, where do we go to get these?”

“I’ve not been to one before but I know there is a lingerie shop up on the next floor. I used to think that places like that were just for sluts and whores but not any more.”

“Okay, lets go.”

As we were walking there I remembered something that the doctor had told me so I said,

“Ethan, that doctor, after he’d put this implant in my arm, was telling me that one of the possible side effect was that my periods might stop, so if they do I won’t need panty liners or tampons so I’ll be able to go knickerless all the time.”

“And we’ll be able to fuck each other’s brains out every single day.”

“I can’t wait Ethan but I think that I should still have a couple of bras and knickers, just in case.”

“Okay, and if we get nice, skimpy ones you can wear them as a bikini when we go to the leisure centre or the beach.”

“I’m not sure about that, I’ll see what they are like, I’ve never worn a bikini before, only a one piece. To go straight to a skimpy bra and knickers will be a big jump.”

“We can get you there in baby steps Claire.”

“Do you think that any of the girls at work will have just worn skimpy knickers on a beach?”

“That’s quite possible Claire, after all, skimpy underwear and bikinis look very much the same.”

“Ethan, after we’ve got some knickers and bras can we go back to my apartment please, I need you to take my virginity.”

When we were going up the escalator we were followed by some young men and after we’d gone up a bit I turned and had a quick look at them and realised the view that they would be getting. Ethan was stood beside me and I moved closer to him and said,

“The guys behind us are looking up my skirt.”

“Do you want to stand with your legs open a bit so that they can get a good look?”

“Ethan, that would be even more embarrassing.”

But a few seconds later I did just that and I heard one of the men say,

“Fucking hell, look at that.”

That made my pussy tingle and as we stepped off the top I said,

“Ethan, can we go down and then come back up please.”

“Of course we can, but why?”

“I want to see if any other men look up my skirt, these baby steps of yours are working.”

When we got to the bottom we stood there for a few seconds then Ethan led me to the up escalator. I saw a middle-aged man follow us on to it and I stood with my feet apart. I heard nothing from the man and when I turned to see if he was looking I saw that he was right behind me so his head was level with my back.

I was disappointed and as we walked to the lingerie shop I thought,

“Claire girl, what has got into you? You never used to want to let men see your pussy. I guess that it’s because I want to be a normal girl.”

Then I said out loud,

“Ethan, do other girls like letting men see up their skirts?”

“I think that we’ve talked about this before, and yes, quite a few do, it’s their way of attracting and teasing men.”

“Oh, okay.”

In the lingerie shop we went straight to the bras and knickers section. Ethan picked up a crotchless thong and asked me if I’d like one of those.

“Too frilly for me.” I replied.

We looked at lots of knickers and bras, most of which were see-through and very small. Some of them didn’t even have any fabric, just the elastic, and I found it hard to believe that girls actually wore them but they must, a shop wouldn’t be selling them if girls didn’t buy them. We also looked at bras that had the cups made of very fine and very soft mesh and which wouldn’t give any support, not that I needed any, but if a big girl wore one of those she may as well not have bothered, but I guess that those bras are for show only.

“I can’t make up my mind Ethan, can you choose for me please, get something that you’d like to see on me.”

“That will be my pleasure Claire.”

I left Ethan to it and went to look around the store and couldn’t really believe women wore some of the thinks that were on display, I just couldn’t see the point of them. But then I remembered my sheltered background and wondered if I’d missed out on something else.

I was still browsing when Ethan came over to me and said that we were leaving and we did with me not seeing what he had bought.

It wasn’t long before we were back at his car and he was holding the door open for me to get in. I remembered what he had said and put one leg in first. That was the first time that I’d spread my legs that wide whilst wearing a skirt that short and not only did the car park breeze tickle my slightly spread pussy, as I turned my back and sat on the seat I saw Ethan looking and my bare pussy.

I didn’t lift my other leg into the car for a few seconds so that Ethan could have a really good look. When I did lift my leg in I said,

“I think that we need to get to my place as quick as possible.”

“Too right we do Claire.”

“Just don’t get caught speeding.”

As we drove the anticipation of what I knew was going to happen as soon as we got there was nearly overwhelming. My pussy was leaking onto the car seat and it didn’t stop when I squeezed my legs together. I thought about what my mother would say if she could see me right then and if she knew what I was about to do, and I was a little surprised that I didn’t at all feel guilty. As Ethan said, I have to live my life as I want, not what she wants, I am me, not a clone of her.

Ethan ended my train of thought by saying,

“You really have got used to being without underwear and wearing those new clothes haven’t you Claire?”

“Yes I have, you’ve helped me realise what I was missing, what the girls at work appeared to have that I didn’t. I’m starting to feel like a real normal girl, not one that was living someone else’s life for them.”

“Well you certainly look happy Claire.”

“I am, and I’ll be even happier when we get to my place.”

We still had quite a bit to go and the traffic was bad. After a couple of minutes silence I said,

“Ethan, the other day in the break room I heard Emily say that she had a purple clit, what did she mean, was it a euphemism?”

“Have you heard of blue balls Claire?”


“Okay, well if a man sees a naked woman, or even just one that he fancies a lot, he will get aroused and get an erection. If it happens a lot and he can’t do anything about it, like fucking her, his erection will give him a lot frustration and even pain. If he can’t relive his erection, for whatever reason, it is said that he gets blue balls. Similarly, if a girl sees something that arouses her for a long time and she can’t do anything about her desires, her lust, it is said that she has a purple clit. So I guess that Emily was getting very sexually frustrated.”

“So when I kept feeling your hard cock pressing against my stomach last night did you have blue balls?”

“I suppose that I did, I so wanted to fuck you right then but we are going to put that right quite soon. I’m sure that it will be well worth the wait.”

“Well if you get blue balls every again Ethan, you just let me know and I will find a way for you to fuck me as quick as possible.”

“And if you get a purple clit Claire, you let me know and I will find a way to give you some relief.”

“I’ve got a purple clit right now Ethan.”

Ethan took one hand off the steering wheel and put it on my bare thigh.

“That’s nice.” I said.

“How about now?” Ethan asked as he slid his hand up to my wet pussy and I opened my legs to give him better access.

“Hmm, you will never know how good that feels.”

Ethan moved his little finger between my lips and moved it up and down causing me to moan then say,

“You’d better stop doing that Ethan, if you don’t I will cum and I don’t want our first time to be in a car. Besides, you might crash.”

Ethan stopped moving his fingers but he left them where they were until he needed his hand for the driving.

As soon as the car was parked I started to get out. I didn’t need to wait for Ethan to open the door for me I would be naked in his arms in minutes. We both grabbed the bags and almost ran to the apartment. As soon as the door was shut behind us we started to take each others clothes off as our tongues fought a battle in each other’s mouths.

Once we were naked I jumped up on Ethan and wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me to my bed.

It was amazing, better than I could ever have imagined, better that anything that I had ever read. We fucked in positions that I could never even imagine. Ethan taught me how to give blowjobs so that I could revive his cock and he showed me the pleasure that his tongue can give my pussy. He also showed me the pleasure of having my pussy eaten.

We stopped around 8 p.m. to have a rest and order a pizza. We wanted something that we could eat quickly so that we could get back to our marathon. My sexual high was so high that I opened the door to the pizza delivery guy without putting any clothes on and it made me want more of Ethan’s cock.

I think that it was somewhere around 2 a.m. when we finally got to sleep with Ethan cuddling me from behind with his cock still inside me.


I woke up first and the only thing on my mind was Ethan’s cock. Due to my indoctrination by my mother and the nuns I had probably missed out on a lot of sexual fun and I intended to catch up with all the other girls.

At first I couldn’t feel Ethan’s cock but when I wiggled my butt a little I felt it on my butt, and it was hard. I wondered how that had happened but I didn’t dwell on it because I wanted that cock inside me. I slowly and gently moved my butt around until I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to my hole then I eased myself down and felt his cock slide inside me.

All those wonderful feeling from the previous night came flooding back. For a couple of minutes I just lay there savouring the pleasure then I started gently moving my pelvis so that I raise off his cock a little then sunk back down.

I’d only done this a couple of times when I felt one of Ethan’s hands cup one of my tits and start playing with the nipple.

“Are you awake?” I whispered.

“I am now, and what a way to wake up. Please do that to me every morning.”

“You don’t live here Ethan.”

“We’ll talk about that later, right now I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

And we did, almost a repeat of the previous day’s love making session. Just before noon Ethan carried me to the bathroom and into the shower where we fucked again as we washed each other.

It was as Ethan was drying me that I realised that my pussy was sore. When I told Ethan he said that he wasn’t surprised, that I’d been a virgin 24 hours earlier and we’d fucked so many times that neither of us had any idea how many times. Whilst eating the rest of the pizza and drinking coffee Ethan asked me if I’d like to go and live with him.

“Don’t you think that it’s too soon?” I asked.

“No, we’ve know each other for months.”

“True, but we only started being an item a couple of days ago.”

“Also true but I want to wake up each morning to the sight of that amazing, naked body.”

“How about a compromise for a couple of months to see how things go. You might get sick of the sight of me in a couple of weeks.” I said.

“No chance Claire, but if you want a compromise how about we spend alternate nights at each of our places.”

“That sounds fair, so tonight we’ll sleep at your place.”

“Fair enough.” Ethan replied, “so what do you want to do this afternoon?”

“I need to sort out what I’m going to wear for work tomorrow and the rest of the week.”

“You can wear what we bought yesterday.

“Some of them yes, but the ones that you chose aren’t really suitable for a workplace, even the girls at work never wear anything that short or that see-through.”

“Okay, so do you want to go shopping this afternoon?”

“No, you’ve spent too much money on me already.”

“You are worth every penny.”

“What I’ll do this afternoon is go through my wardrobe and sort out which skirts and dresses can be shortened and not look silly, and I’ll shorten them, I did tell you that I have my mother’s old sewing machine didn’t I?”

“You did, tell you what, after we’ve finished this I’ll leave you alone for two or three hours, there are a couple of things that I need to do, and you can do your thing, then I’ll come back and take you to a pub for a meal then to my place and you can spread those legs for me.”

“That sounds like a perfect plan Ethan.”

“Are you going to stay naked all day Claire?”

“I was thinking about it, you’re turning me into one of those naturist people.”

“What more could a man ask for?”

Ten minutes later the naked me was kissing Ethan goodbye at my front door. That was the second time that I’d stood in the front doorway totally naked and enjoyed every second of it.

I did what we had agreed and when Ethan returned half my dresses and skirts were a lot shorter than they had been, and a coupe of tops had had the arms cut off.

When Ethan returned I opened the door to him and he pulled me out into the corridor.

“Let me go Ethan, someone will see me.”

After he had given me a long kiss out in the corridor he let me go and we went inside.

“It’s a good job that the door didn’t close and lock us out.” I said.

“Talking about keys, we need to get keys cut for both apartments.”

“Yes, then you can come in when I’m asleep and rape me.”

“It wouldn’t be rape.” Ethan replied.

“No it wouldn’t. I’ve sorted out my clothes for tomorrow, do you want to pick something for me to wear to the pub? Or will you try to get me to go there like this?”

“I’d like that, would you?”

“No, that would be too embarrassing.”

“Baby steps, how about you get naked in the car then get dressed again when we get there?”

“Hmm, I might just do that, the chances of someone seeing me are next to none. Do you want to see me in the clothes that I’ve altered?” I asked.

“Yes please.”

I tried on each one and it turned out that I’d been a little over zealous and shortened one of my dresses a bit too much. It was somewhere between the two lengths of new skirts that Ethan had bought me. Ethan said that I looked great in it so I put it with the ones that I was going to wear for work.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when Ethan picked out one of the shortest new skirts and a top that was slightly see-through for me to wear to the pub and I hoped that it wouldn’t be very bright in the pub.

I did take my top and skirt off in the car once it started moving and Ethan had a hand between my legs nearly all the way to the pub. In the car park I quickly put my skirt and top on whilst Ethan walked round to my side of the car and opened the door for me. I lifted one leg out then lifted my pelvis so that he got a good, long look at my pussy.

“Are you trying to give me blue balls?” Ethan asked.

“Are you trying to give me a purple clit Ethan?” I asked.

I got out of the car and we walked into the pub, me trying to stretch the skirt to make it longer and not succeeding. The length of the skirt distracting me from the slightly see-through top.

I saw a couple of men looking at my short skirt as we went in but that ended when we found a table and I was happy that it was in an area that wasn’t very bright. I was sat opposite Ethan and our hands joined over the table. Under the table I felt Ethan’s foot parting my thighs and his sock covered foot teased my slit for some of the time that we weren’t eating.

When we left it was dark outside and Ethan suggested that I ride to his place naked and I quickly agreed to it. He also suggested that, if I wanted to, I could strip outside the car then go up to his apartment naked.

I looked around and seeing no one I quickly stripped and got in.

Ethan hand went straight between my thighs which automatically spread to let him in and I was close to cumming when the car stopped outside Ethan’s apartment building. The building was a lot newer than mine and as I looked at it and picked up my skirt ready to put it on Ethan said,

“My apartment is up only one flight of stairs and that door leads straight up to it so how do you fancy not getting dressed and running inside and up to the apartment Claire?”

“You are joking aren’t you Ethan?”

“Maybe not, I’m 99 percent sure that you can make it without being seen.”

“You are serious aren’t you?”

“It’s entirely up to you Claire.”

“That isn’t the main entrance is it?”

“No, that’s round the front, I only know of me who uses this door, I got a key from a maintenance guy who said that I shouldn’t really have it.”

I sat there with my skirt and top in my hand and thought,

“Did I have the courage to do it? What would I do if someone did see me?”

The thought of doing it was getting me wetter and wetter. I looked all around, then looked around again then said,

“You go and open the door Ethan.”

He did, and he took my bag and my clothes with him. I was left with no choice but to do it and it was causing my pussy to gush. I watched Ethan walk the short distance then open the door. He held it open and I looked around again then opened the door, got out, and slammed the door as I set off running.

It only took seconds but it seemed like hours until I threw myself into Ethan’s arms. I heard the car beep as the doors locked then I looked up at Ethan and said,

“That was fun. Was that a baby step, and if it was what is an adult step?”

“Running or walking through the centre of the city stark naked.” Ethan replied.

“Well that’s never going to happen, can we go up to your place before someone sees me.”

“The chances of that are virtually nil but come on. I’m really proud of you Claire.”

“So am I,” I replied, “if someone told me last weekend what I would be doing this weekend I would have told them they were insane.”

Ethan was right and we saw no one as we went up the stairs and to his apartment. It’s much bigger than mine and with two bedrooms, and it has a little balcony for when the weather is good. I wasn’t really that interested in looking around and when we went into Ethan’s bedroom I pulled him onto the bed and told him to fuck me.

We both took his clothes off and another marathon love making session quickly ensued.


I woke with Ethan spooning me again, but this time his cock was already going in and out of my pussy as I woke up.

“Hmm, nice.” I said as I moved one of his hands to my tits.

We made love but got interrupted by Ethan’s alarm clock. We showered together but it wasn’t as much fun because we didn’t have much time. When I was getting dressed ready for work I said,

“I don’t know if I can do this Ethan.”

“What do you mean Claire?”

“This skirt and top and no underwear for work, it’s so different to what I wore last week, people are bound to notice.”

“Ethan stopped tying his tie and came, hugged me and said,”

“I thought that it was what you wanted Claire, to be like the other girls at work?”

“It is, I do, but I ….”

“You’re a little nervous aren’t you?”

“Yes I am.”

“You’ll be fine Claire. Okay you may get the odd comment but I can guarantee that they will be compliments. Most people will be too scared to say anything just in case you complain to HR saying that they sexually harassed you.”

“I would never do that.”

“I know, but we do have a few politically correct, woke idiots, take Ms. Johnson, she thinks that the world shines out of her arse. If she even caught someone talking about the way she dresses she’d be on the phone to HR in seconds.”

“Yes, I don’t go anywhere near her.”

“I try not to as well, but you will be just fine Claire, I promise. If there is the slightest problem you can just say that I made you do it.”

“I would never drop you in it Ethan.”

“I know, but just in case. I know that this is a big baby step for you but you can do it, I know you can.”

“I love you Ethan.”

“And I love you too Claire, now get a move on, we don’t want to be late.”

We were still eating our toast as we left Ethan’s apartment.

Once we’d settled in the car and were heading for work I said,

“You do live on your own don’t you Ethan?” I asked.

“No, not really, I’ve got a girlfriend who is going to live with me every other day?”

“No not me, it’s just that I noticed that the spare bedroom looks like it has someone living there.”

“Oh that, that’s my brother Matt, his job has him working in this city every other week. His firm pay for him to stay in a hotel when he’s here but he stays at my place and pockets the hotel money.”

“You never told me you had a brother.”

“We haven’t talked about siblings on either side yet have we?”


“When you stop ravishing my body in bed we’ll talk about them.”

I giggled a bit then replied,

“ME! It’s you who won’t take your hands off me or your cock out of me.”

“Can you blame me?”

I giggled a little again.

We arrived at work just in time and I felt strange walking in wearing just a mid-thigh skirt and a top that was so thin that my nipples let everyone know that I wasn’t wearing a bra. Ethan was right, the only comments that I got were compliments and I was soon so engrossed in my work that I did forget what I was wearing.

In the break room I sat like the other girls, not crossing our legs and I hoped that no one looked up my skirt but I also looked at the other girls and I was sure that if I were sat opposite them I would be able to see if they were wearing knickers or not.

When Ethan legitimately came to see me he asked how I was doing. I just replied that I was fine. Then he quietly said,

“No, I mean without the underwear.”

“Oh that,” I replied, “you were right, I don’t even think about it now.”

Then he very quietly said,

“I’m going to fuck you brains out as soon as we get to your place tonight.”

I smiled and replied,

“You can’t because I will have already fucked your brains out.”

By the time we got to the end of the day I had forgotten about my lack of underwear. I only got reminded of it when I went to the toilet and hiked my skirt up to have a pee and found that I had nothing to pull down.

We had another great night, in fact everything was great from then on. On the odd occasion when I realise that someone is looking up my skirt I still get a little embarrassed but I have managed to do what I’ve seen the other girls do and not turn away or cross my legs and it always makes my pussy tingle. I’m still wondering if I should ask the other girls if they are the same.


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